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  1. NYC Teacher Alini Brito Fired After Alleged Naked Romp with Female Co-Worker
  2. farves sister busted for running meth lab
  3. first dead birds, then dead fish ... now crickets
  4. Conan OK With Letterman, Not So Much With Leno
  5. Funniest and most honest video I've ever seen (must watch)
  6. Your Fart Stories
  7. Idiot in Firebird
  8. Down syndrome football player scores TD in Washington game
  9. Mom Brawls on Bus, Kids
  10. cali highway patrol nabbed for knocking off husband
  11. A fun way to see what everyone likes to listen to.
  12. The Zeitgeist movement
  13. Anyone afraid of heights???
  14. bit of fun.........we need it.
  15. ***Official Firearms thread***
  16. 4-Pound Chihuahua Survives Owl Attack
  17. job application question
  18. Traveling To Japan? Here's The Most Direct Route
  19. Gay Birds Eat Mercury
  20. He'll meet the tossed salad guy...
  21. Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin
  22. Fox shoots hunter...
  23. Anatomically correct snowman
  24. Moron behind the wheel
  25. Nurse Has Sex with Dying Patient, Loses License for 20 Years
  26. Tucson Restaurant To Offer African Lion Tacos
  27. Can you text and walk at the same time?
  28. 14 Year-Old KILLS Family with .22 Caliber Rifle
  29. Teen Burglars Snort Human and Dog Ashes; Fla. Cops Explain What Happened
  30. MTV's "Skins": Group Calls for Federal Child Porn Probe
  31. Whew! The Only Way This Day Could Have Turned Out Better
  32. Cold Weather in Northeast today.
  33. Marleys all day -- not dial up friendly
  34. A great day in History ...
  35. Police: S.C. Woman Burned Dog Who Chewed Bible
  36. Stay Away: Site Ranks America's Dirtiest Hotels
  37. Fast Driver, Slow Learner: Ohio Woman Ticketed Three Times for Speeding...in One Hour
  38. philly doc accused of killing babies with scissors
  39. Cell Phone Stuff...
  40. "Bottoms Up" Beer
  41. Grand Piano Found on Sandbar in Miami Bay
  42. Calif. girls hospitalized after eating pot cookie
  43. Man Fired After Wearing Packers Tie to Work?
  44. "What!!! Taco Bell beef isn't meat?"
  45. Flava Flav chicken shack fry-up
  46. man killed by own ****
  47. "Bridal Train" An Interesting Hiistory-based Aussie Folk Rock Ballad By The Waifs
  48. Woman Falls 23 Stories, Lands on Taxi, Survives
  49. Mom Jailed For Sending Kids to Better School
  50. Gorilla walking upright...
  51. Beware Virgo drivers, Allstate data warn
  52. New Rock-Stryper "The Crossing" out 2/15/11
  53. "Butt Drag" Wrestler Won't Face Sex Charge
  54. Woman Runs Over Cousin after She Facebook "Friend Requested" Mutual Love Interest.
  55. Time
  56. need resume help, drawing a blank.
  57. Bumpus, the whore ...
  58. Mother Kills Kids "for Talking Back"
  59. Credit Cards to Become Obsolete?
  60. Man Dies getting Traffic Ticket
  61. Need some help
  62. Terry McMillan: Willow and Jaden being 'pimped and exploited'
  63. New Era Coming for Breastfeeding in the Workplace?
  64. 10 Best Cities To Rent Rather Than Buy A Home
  65. these guys are coming to my town!!!
  66. Buy Versus Lease? An Objective Analysis
  67. Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Early Spring
  68. "Raji Burger"
  69. "Hot Sauce Mom" Charged with Child Abuse
  70. Health Police Strike Again? NY Bans Smoking OUTSIDE
  71. Poll: Women rate Super Bowl better than sex
  72. Incredible skill...incredible stupidity
  73. Rod Woodson: "The Best Quarterback... is Dan Marino"
  74. Anti-Fart Law Stinks, Whoopi Goldberg Says: What's Her Fix?
  75. Beavis and Butthead Are Officially Back!
  76. Any Health Experts or Docs on here?
  77. Haha
  78. Arested Development fans REJOICE!
  79. Online Sportsbooks?
  80. Miami - 2nd most miserable city in the USA
  81. fergie is such a bad singer!!!!!!
  82. Joe from Wyoming to be featured on TV?
  83. hey guys check my friends band out
  84. 1994: "today": "what is the internet, anyway?"
  85. Christina Aguilera to Sing Do-Over of Anthem?
  86. Police: Woman Allegedly Hit Man With Frozen Steak
  87. Lohan to be charged with felony grand theft
  88. police video shows how drug raid turned deadly
  89. i need someone to talk to
  90. Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off Stage
  91. MERGED: WrestleMania 28 coming to Sun Life Stadium
  92. woman dies after butt implant procedure..
  93. preggo woman given abortion drug instead of antibiotics
  94. Jimi Hendrix: West Coast Seattle Boy
  95. cops bust woman with 50 condoms of cocaine in her tummy
  96. maybe this guy should be our qb
  97. german guy has 7 kiddos by his step-daughter
  98. Something to always be aware of at the Apple Store.........
  99. Brain Surgery Patient Sent Home in Cab Ends Up on Street in Hospital Gown
  100. So the last week and a half has been hell....Long vent
  101. Surgery w/o drugs: Patient told to "man up"
  102. Semen in yogurt linked to store worker
  103. Man steals $314 from stripper's garter
  104. World's Loudest Alarm Clock
  105. Fast Food Sushi
  106. funny pic's
  107. Wear Sunscreen
  108. Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy Found Dead in Hotel Room
  109. Will IBM's Watson Beat The All-Time Jeopardy! Champions?
  110. 100 People Sickened At Playboy Mansion
  111. Dirty truth: Bachelor pads have 15 times more germs
  112. Groupon users find FTD Valentine's deal smells
  113. reverse cowgirl is the best position if...
  114. Are the People on 'Jerry Springer' Real?
  115. A song for all the Valentine's Day couples out there
  116. Don' You Go Rounin' Roun to Re Ro
  117. The Rock is back!
  118. I Shouldn't Be Alive
  119. a stroke on live TV?
  120. Billy Ray Cyrus claims "there's no doubt" his family is under attack by Satan
  121. what is the xfer survivor '10
  122. Mashup The Matrix, Terminator, Transformers, Power Rangers, make it in India..
  123. Tara Reid, A.K.A. Bunny Lebowski, claims Big Lebowski 2 is one of her upcoming projec
  124. Will Ferrell Helping Steve Carell's Exit From 'The Office' With Four-Episode Arc
  125. Grammer's wife: Kelsey and I 'didn't mesh sexually' because 'he was too busy watching
  126. Sheen is doing rehab...AT HOME, where he can be close to his coke, porn, and porn sta
  127. Justin Bieber On Health Care: U.S. System 'Evil'
  128. LeBron James: 'Not To Rub It In, But Do You Sort Of See Why I Left The Cavaliers Now?
  129. 130 year old Auburn trees poisoned
  130. Man with headaches had knife in head for 4 years
  131. Man accused of sexually assaulting dog
  132. 29-year-old charged with murdering 77-year-old boyfriend with his cane...
  133. Perception is Selection
  134. Better Show Last Night?
  135. The first couple gets a royal wedding snub
  136. Employee Suspended for Call From Marine Son
  137. Tampa Mom Humiliates Son For 1.22 GPA
  138. National margarita day 2011's Flavorful History
  139. Gatorale? No-alcohol beer touted as sport drink
  140. Is that a chainsaw in your pants, or are you just happy...?
  141. Why you may not be able to trust your waiter
  142. Cell phone radiation alters brain activity, study shows
  143. Flexisexual: Girls Who Kiss Girls, But Like Boys
  144. Chris Brown can get near Rihanna, but 'just can't bother her'
  145. Deadliest Catch Crew Member Dies
  146. Oral sex now main cause of oral cancer: Who faces biggest risk?
  147. Lady GaGa gets Naked...
  148. Breast milk ice cream
  149. Charlie Sheen is my hero
  150. clooney: i've done too many women and drugs for politics
  151. "Wal-Mart of weed" set to open
  152. an update from my problems a month ago
  153. Man sues strip club over dental injuries
  154. Need some weight training advice...
  155. whats up w/ the new screen from espn?
  156. Jane Russell dead at 89 years old
  157. Hungry drunk guy breaks into Pizza Hut, fries some chicken
  158. Pizzeria owner dumped mice on rivals, cops say
  159. LOL: Baby laughing hysterically at ripping paper (VIDEO)
  160. what's march madness
  161. Your Turd Stories..
  162. Teacher rattles table in class, student calls 911
  163. psychologist holds nude sessions to soothe patients...
  164. "Euthanized Oklahoma puppy, Wall-E, rises from dead!"
  165. Bus driver yanks a six-year-old to the floor
  166. The end is near ...
  167. Sex toy demo at university class raises questions
  168. New Game: Sheen, Beck or Qaddafii < Who Said It?
  169. Itsy bitsy spider causes Mazda recall
  170. FAIL: Girl can't shut eye, talk coherently after wisdom teeth removed
  171. Off-Season Diversion: Create A Limerick
  172. 2011 Fishing thread
  173. Why does Victoria's Secret hate the Miami Dolphins?
  174. eye wss heerrr...lol
  175. Charlie Sheen waves machete on rooftop [VIDEO], declares "Free at last"
  176. Mom charged after tot walks into NY road with pot
  177. Showering home invader calls 911 on owner
  178. Need Grammar Help!
  179. Craziest Political Rant ever.
  180. Are Audi's good cars?
  181. woman, 23, becomes world's youngest grandmother
  182. King Of All Media Charlie Sheen - Winning Recipes
  183. 8.8 Earthquake in Japan
  184. Charlie Sheen
  185. Teacher quits after students learn she was porn star Rikki Andersin
  186. Attn: JCane: Lindsay L on eHarmony: "Can You Handle A Crazy Redhead?"
  187. Some dude just wandered into my house
  188. No Country For Old Men turned into a Sad Indie Drama
  189. Who said this ****?
  190. Ultimate constituent of matter, particles or waves?
  191. Pa. police say man left boy home asleep, to play Ninja warrior games
  192. Man Arrested Over Vulgar 911 Call About Viagra Overdose
  193. Your Highness
  194. Aflac axes Gottfried for tasteless Japan tweets
  195. The next wild Youtube sensation is here
  196. Nate Dogg Goes **** Up
  197. Italy's Berlusconi: I'm too old for so much sex
  198. Tibetan Mastiff, "Big Splash," sells for $1.5 million, world's most expensive dog
  199. Woman Allegedly Pays for Babysitting Service with Weed
  200. If Not Around 4 The Next 3 Days < FYI
  201. Vegas tomorrow ...
  202. bully gets pUnKed
  203. Man Has Unsafe Sex Just Before Donating Kidney, Gives HIV to the Recipient
  204. NFL Lockout Threatens Chicken Wing Business
  205. 17000th Post
  206. man beaten for accidently running over dog
  207. 4,000th post
  208. Hotel Manager Kicked in Groin, requires surgery
  209. Rebecca Black
  210. New: Blues- Joe Bonamassa "Dust Bowl"
  211. Steve Sabol Diagnosed with Brain Tumor
  212. A little WeVie update
  213. For Bragging Rights - How Fast Is Your Internet Service?
  214. Men Can Fix Anything!
  215. What is your Pirate name?
  216. Teen 'Sexting' on Rise as Phones Get Smarter
  217. Anyone have any LUCKY Numbers?
  218. Calling my computer bros
  219. Vote for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  220. Elizabeth Taylor is dead at 79
  221. When sex can cause heart attacks
  222. Emerson - Mommy's Nose is Scary!
  223. Beaten Child Dies While Family Eats Pizza
  224. California mother arrested for encouraging son to fight
  225. Woman, 92, Goes Ballistic After Being Denied Kiss
  226. UFC Champ Jon 'Bones' Jones catches thief hours before winning title...
  227. 5 Situations where it's okay to say FU**!!!
  228. Chris Brown: I Wanted to Release 'Anger Inside Me'
  229. Next up for Kiefer Sutherland: An internet series!
  230. Medical marijuana becoming blockbuster drug
  231. Perfection of the nail gun
  232. Teacher Admits To Slapping Girl For Kissing Boy
  233. Bikini-clad mom has a beef with BK, ransacked the restaurant
  234. I need advice
  235. man receives oral sex,ordered to pay child support
  236. Grenade Game
  237. I want this car!
  238. 12-Year-Old Devolps Own Theory of Relativity
  239. 15 of The Worst Mistakes Women Make Trying To Look Attractive
  240. Mans Worst Nightmare
  241. Poisonous cobra on the loose in Bronx Zoo
  242. High School secretary suspended for being porn star
  243. Fat Ho Burgers opens in Waco, but not without debate
  244. Mistake leaves Ohio man with $16M cable TV charge
  245. OMG! Oxford English Dictionary adds new words
  246. 10,000th Post!!!
  247. 5,000th Post
  248. The Movie Test
  249. Top 10 Reasons Why Football is Better Than Baseball
  250. Fla. Police: Teen pistol-whipped mom over car