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  1. Inmate Admits He Shot Tupac, Names Jimmy Henchmen, Diddy
  2. Jury Awards $95 Million To Victim of Workplace Weenie Wacking & Semen Streaming
  3. Saggy pants lead to arrest at airport
  4. Happy Birthday to Tupac...
  5. From The "Teachers Gone Wild" Girl-On-Girl Collection Vol 15
  6. Quiz: Do You Have Adult ADHD
  7. Star Wars characters dancing to modern music
  8. Up and Coming Musicians
  9. Ten Albums You Need To Listen To: Hardcore
  10. Favorite Vocalists
  11. Saxophonist Clarence Clemons Dead at 69
  12. MERGED: Happy Father's Day!
  13. Anyone here have AT&T as thier cell phone carrier?
  14. KanYe West's 8 Most Ridiculous Quotes
  15. The reason why Bumpus is getting drunk today...
  16. RIP Ryan Dunn of Jackass
  17. Dating site bans 30,000 'ugly' members
  18. What flashy cars say about male sexuality
  19. one random fact about yourself
  20. man literally sets himself on fire on the courthouse steps
  21. My fish died this morning....because he got hit by the car
  22. Heads UP: Best Buy 49cent Sale On Selected Music CDs
  23. Man robs bank for $1 to get medical care in jail
  24. Spelling Errors Found On High School Diplomas
  25. What's The Over/Under On The Life Of This Marriage?
  26. This Day In History
  27. Your Favorite Cereals
  28. "Schadenfreude" > Word Of The Day With Perfect Visual Example
  29. Man allowed to fly wearing women's underwear
  30. Dooshbag OJ Allegedly To Finally Confess To Oprah
  31. It must be nice to hate money ...
  32. Meth Lab Found in Suspect's Pants
  33. This Day In History June 23rd
  34. Boston mayor wants Nike shirts out of window
  35. Vanilla Ice starts real estate website
  36. Flesh-Eating Cocaine Found in N.Y., L.A.
  37. How to Troll a Dating Website
  38. Which Spice Girl would you bang first? 2011 not 1996
  39. Kim K. gets X-ray to prove her butt's real
  40. 'Dead' woman wakes up in a coffin at her own funeral, then dies of heart attack
  41. Peter Falk dies at 83
  42. Eight iconic cars making comebacks
  43. 'Green Mile' Actor, 51, Marries 16 Year Old
  44. Kermit the Frog trolls chatroulette
  45. Restaurant blogger jailed for criticising salty noodles
  46. Time for a 5,000 party!
  47. Brady Bunch Mom Caught Crabs From Former NYC Mayor
  48. besides careerbuilder...
  49. Jet Fan Accused Of Having Sex With Animals Sparks Calls For Harsher Bestiality Laws
  50. Wrong winner named at BET Awards
  51. 'Sexpresso' Stands
  52. Ohio woman, Stephanie Robinette, sprayed police with breast milk
  53. World's dirtiest old man? Doctor has porn collection of 350,000+ items
  54. Florence Henderson got crabs from ex-mayor John Lindsay
  55. these porno guys are messing it up for us fellas..
  56. anybody ever knocked on the door/walked in while you were beating your meat before?
  57. Ten Albums You Need To Listen To: Hard Rock
  58. Had to trade my truck in today *sadface*
  59. TSA Makes 95 Year Old Cancer Patient In Wheelchair Remove Diaper Before Allowed To Bo
  60. Charges dropped againts WV man farting on cop.
  61. For These Newlyweds, "Til Death Do Us Part" Should Come Sooner Than Later!
  62. We want football
  63. The real face of fame: Stars caught without makeup
  64. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
  65. Ten Albums You Need To Listen To: Southern/Stoner/Groove Metal
  66. Man plants camera in elderly mother's nursing home, captures brutal abuse by caregive
  67. JFK flights delayed because of sex-starved turtles
  68. Stars who age badly
  69. barbecue recipes...
  70. Chris Hansen Caught CHEATING...
  71. O.J. McDuffie rolls Perfect Game
  72. New Meaning to "Rick Rolled"
  73. Worst Celebrity Hotel Guests
  74. Filed Under: "Yet Another Reason To Favor Pets Over Humans"
  75. Octomom unloads on children: I wish I 'never had them,' older kids are 'animals'
  76. Singing Penis Insect Proves "Size Does Matter"
  77. Sold My VA House!
  78. Ten Albums You Need To Listen To: Melodic Death Metal
  79. This Day In Humans ...
  80. Opium in Afghanistan
  81. Time to blow crap up
  82. Some awesome music
  83. NY Motorcyclist Dies On Ride Protesting Helmet Law..
  84. 5,000
  85. Now that's a whopper!
  86. Prisoner attempts suitcase escape in Mexico
  87. Recovering After Rodent Chews Off Foot
  88. Casey Anthony Trial Verdict
  89. The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen
  90. Angry Grandpa Reacts to Casey Anthony Verdict
  91. What is your Browser?
  92. Casey Anthony the Victim — A Different Perspective
  93. Woman accused of stealing $110k of bull semen
  94. Larcenous Seagull Steals Camera Videtaping Him
  95. La Toya Jackson: My ex-husband offered to sell me for sex to Mike Tyson
  96. 10 Best/Worst Paying College Majors
  97. Sports look-alikes in Hollywood, entertainment and politics
  98. Caption This Photo!
  99. 3D Printing
  100. The "Guess Who This WAS" Game
  101. Judge arrested for taking photos of man at urinal
  102. Google+
  103. J's avatar..
  104. TSA worker stole $50,000 in electronics - stuffed iPad down pants
  105. Dancing kid is a "Thriller" at the ballpark
  106. Horrible Bosses - Official Trailer [HD]
  107. Man Arrested for Filming Police from His Own Yard
  108. Some Upcoming Wacky Summer Festivals To Look Forward To
  109. For Men Only: Cancer Symptoms You're Most Likely to Ignore
  110. white van speaker scam
  111. ZeroStar - 72 Dolphins (hip hop song)
  112. FIVRR - The place for people to share things they're willing to do for $5
  113. Stabbing at a Pool Party Caught on Video
  114. This Day In History > Week of July 11
  115. "Human Barbie" Mom Gives 7 y.o. Daughter Voucher For Breast Implants
  116. d-day beware!
  117. Gonorrhea super-strain that resists antibiotics discovered by doctors
  118. Joe Flacco's New Bride > Good Sport and a QT
  119. Michigan woman faces jail time for vegetable garden
  120. One-Armed Man Arrested For Clapping
  121. Quiz: Myths & Facts About Heart Health < How Savvy Are You?
  122. Florida woman suing Chase bank for declaring her dead and ruining her credit
  123. Chiseled female boydbuilder launches monthly wrestling matches between men and women
  124. Teen girl dies after drinking vodka at sleepover
  125. Irvin on cover of Out magazine to support equality
  126. The NEW MFCEO of K-Swiss
  127. KanYe Throws Beiber a Bone
  128. Woman cut off husband's penis, put it in disposal, police say
  129. Your POV > Is Hacker's 18yr Sentence for Terrorizing Neighbors Overkill?
  130. Mom jailed for raging on TSA agents over daughter's pat down
  131. What should I have said?
  132. Drunk Kid Falls off Escalator
  133. 50 questions that will free your mind
  134. Bus 62...Like a BOSS!
  135. The Staggering Size of the Internet
  136. Google+ vs Facebook.
  137. Sleepwalker Acquitted Of Pedo Sexual Assault
  138. Forcing Your Kids To Play Yahtzee Can Be Harmful To Your Health
  139. 20 Most Amazing Microscope Shots Pictures !!!!
  140. Now this is how you quit your job
  141. Ohio St. fan cheers from his casket
  142. What Are The Odds? Father/Son Killed By Lightning 48 Yrs Apart
  143. Reality Check: Mega-Sexy? Or Is It Just Me?
  144. Coat of Arms
  145. Girl, 10, dies after locking herself in box while playing hide and seek
  146. bang bus porn star has been arrested for animal cruelty
  147. Dog On The Menu In Korea, Supposed To Help You Cool Down
  148. I'd Like This Graphic To Go Viral - Any Social Networking Suggestions?
  149. Breaking Bad Season 4 coming up
  150. This Day In History > Week of July 18
  151. morrr treee huggrrs...lol...jus wut wee niid...lol
  152. Fruity Pebbles Treats
  153. Godsmack drum battle from live show in Denver 7/17/11
  154. Paralyzed bride to marry...
  155. Teen Murders Parents; Throws House Party
  156. Guy *CLAIMS* $300K House for $16 in Texas
  157. Rikers officials let 65,000 POUNDS of meat spoil and consider serving to inmates
  158. Breast-feeding doll raises eyebrows
  159. Who should pay on a date?
  160. Bride arrested for identity theft, return to wedding
  161. Texting while walking means $120 fine
  162. Pot donated to Goodwill
  163. Captain America: The First Avenger - Trailer
  164. Pamplona bull gores streaker.
  165. Woman attacks cop with used feminine hygiene product.
  166. feces-coated motel room.
  167. ... about 10 beers too many.
  168. Chrysler suspends workers caught drinking on TV
  169. marreeejoowanna...lol
  170. How to confuse an Idiot
  171. Atlantic City
  172. Inside Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony split
  173. Not so fresh: Summer's Eve 'Hail to the V' ads blasted as racist
  174. designer drug 'bath salts' behind wave of medical emergencies and fatalities
  175. garage sale nightmare: woman refuses to sell to homosexuals, muslims and immigrants
  176. netflix streaming dilemma: too fast, too cheap
  177. Any car gurus in here?
  178. Merged: NEW KanYe West & Jay-Z Album :: Watch the Throne
  179. Is your computer a male or a female?
  180. Top 10 Movie Killers
  181. Two women and a baby: Brawl over seat
  182. Indiana couple busted for allegedly having sex in public pool in front of children
  183. MIRACLE! This boy survives having stick impale his neck
  184. Man severely cut son trying to remove cast with saw
  185. buying a new car
  186. Amy Winehouse found dead
  187. World's first dual screen laptop.
  188. 23 Brilliant Logos With Hidden Messages!
  189. Woohoo! My New Android Tablet - Heads-Up If You're In The Market
  190. Couple in their 70s aim to visit 722 burger joints
  191. McDonald's manager accused of punching customer with service dog
  192. BJ Etiquette and FAQs
  193. Ghostface Albums
  194. Mom convicted in 4 year old son's jaywalking death
  195. Turtle gets his nut off on a sex toy!
  196. Wanna buy JoeR's house?
  197. South African man wakes after 21 hours in morgue fridge
  198. My Myrtle Beach Vaction
  199. Accessing NFL.com Game Rewind in Europe?
  200. Hes labeled a sex offender for sleeping with his own wife
  201. California man gets stuck in manhole with legs in the air
  202. The Graphic Information Thread.
  203. Is casual sex worth it?
  204. Minn. senior jailed after oil is mistaken for heroin
  205. Cheerleading granny
  206. Wanna buy your own town?
  207. South Carolina woman faces trial for fake testicles
  208. Florida murderer caught 32 years after prison escape
  209. What does the Yellow light mean?
  210. Merged: Xbox addict 'dies from blood clot'
  211. Ten Albums You Need To Listen To: Black Metal
  212. two smokin hot bulgarian chicks find small hidden cameras in their tampa apartment
  213. Could you guys do me a huge favor??
  214. 50 things everyone should know
  215. Easter egg in google
  216. Ten Albums You Need To Listen To: Power/Speed Metal
  217. ITT We Post Country Music
  218. The $6800 Android Smartphone
  219. Hotmail Turns 15
  220. Fugly Harmony Dot Com?
  221. Drunk Texts
  222. The Whore: Vol. XII
  223. Joe Rogan Podcast
  224. Restaurant bans kids: Is it fair?
  225. Messing with your Mind
  226. *** KanYe West, Jay-Z Announce LEGENDARY Tour ***
  227. where's the 3am thread????
  228. Trooper found cocaine in prosthesis
  229. DannyBoyCane's Latest...
  230. Have a look at these drawings
  231. Global Markets taking a pounding!
  232. Sister stabs brother during fight over TV
  233. 'To Catch a Predator' host Chris Hansen caught cheating again
  234. This is why I could never live in a large city
  235. 14 Yr Old Boy Lives The Dream
  236. Man Who Likes To Look At Penises: "Smile You're On Candid Camera"
  237. HEY EVERYONE, You're Invited to my first annual pizza party.
  238. How fas can you type?
  239. ohio teacher fined $200 for squirting cops with her lactation
  240. What tree did you fall from?
  241. Skydiver survives dual chute fail
  242. Yet Another Sister In The Bumpus Fellowhood Succumbs To Temptations Of The Flesh
  243. The West Virginia Derby
  244. PDA: How much is appropriate, and how much can you stand?
  245. Bongzilla
  246. DannyBoyCane...ARRESTED!
  247. Aviation engineer dies after being sucked into airplane engine
  248. Utah woman sues over 'No bra Thursday'
  249. Dead shark found in woods
  250. World Wide Web Turns Twenty