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  1. Teacher allegedly taped visually impaired 9-year-old student to his chair
  2. woman dies of alllergic reaction after sex with dog
  3. Favorite Memes Thread
  4. Strip club donation helps Little League survive
  5. Red meat raises risk of dying, risk higher with processed meats
  6. Kim Kardashian fires back at Jon Hamm for calling her stupid
  7. Tide Detergent Being Stolen From Stores Across the Country
  8. Man on ‘Jeopardy’ penalized for mispronouncing Wimbledon
  9. Sittin' in my Garage
  10. I Would Like To Pay A Little Homage, If I May....
  11. Radio Shack Receipt: Customer ‘Ugly Itch’ From ‘Ghettohood,USA’
  12. man gets 6,060 years in prison for 1982 massacre
  13. Reminder: Steak & BJ Day Today!
  14. Funny Japanese girl prank
  15. teacher 32,busted for threesomes with 13 and 14 yr old boys
  16. Bean-uh oh!
  17. School sports waivers: Have you signed away your kids' right to 'enjoy life?'
  18. Meteorologist swears, walks off set in middle of weather report
  19. Bear bites Florida woman in rear end as she walks her dog
  20. why do people say "Congrats!!!" when a person is having a child out of wedlock?
  21. Where White Man Went Wrong
  22. ahhhdeeyoos!
  23. Cows worldwide to mourn superstud Jocko the bull
  24. Micheal Bay set to ruin another of my childhood favorites
  25. Has rob moved to Rasquera, Spain?
  26. man urinates on baby after drinking 4 loko
  27. New British Study: An Aspirin A Day May Keep Cancer Away
  28. 20K Posts
  29. TearJerker: Rescue of Blind Flea Infested Dog Living In Trashpile
  30. man flies like a bird with home-made cyborg wings
  31. mr.shoenice drinks an entire bottle of vodka in under 15 seconds
  32. Giant *** Bat
  33. Atheists use "unholy water" to "unbless" Florida highway
  34. Two Pics Of My Son In OSUT.
  35. "You Get What You Deserve White Boy!"
  36. high schooler asks porn star to prom,she accepts,school does not allow porn star
  37. Oh Ooohh Ooooo Canada!!!
  38. Starbuggs? Strawberry Frappuccino Colored by Insects
  39. To any beer fans
  40. Weapon of choice
  41. Are There Any Linux Users Out There...?
  42. Some 'Hunger Games' fans upset that character of Rue is black
  43. Dangerous Teen Craze Whip-Its Making a Comeback?
  44. Hurricane experts: Stop taping windows for storms
  45. "Screwed up" parenting: Ill. couple accused of forcing boy to eat screws
  46. Nobody Likes a Quitter!!
  47. National Anthem Mixup...Borat Style
  48. Mega Millions jackpot grows to a record 500 million...
  49. World's Tallest Man Remarkable Dunk
  50. Army sergeant gets 10 year sentence for setting wife's legs on fire
  51. There Will Be an............ANCHORMAN SEQUEL
  52. car gets 3,000 MPG
  53. lottery winner loses $114 million in four years
  54. Bengals Cheerleader charged with sex abuse
  55. Congratulations To Roadrunner!!
  56. Arrested Drunk Guy sings Queen
  57. Another Sequel in the works......"Twins"
  58. Direct Tv and AAA
  59. Some Great News
  60. Canada gets rid of the Penny
  61. bench press fails...
  62. Woman gags on maggots in in-flight snack
  63. Jennifer Lopez Looks Like She’s Having a Mid-Life Crisis
  64. Even winning Mega Millions can't make all dreams come true
  65. The Official I’d Bang Sarah Jones Thread!
  66. My 5,000th post
  67. They mostly come out at night...mostly.
  68. Car flips and almost crushes guy
  69. The Symbiosis between Loneliness and Poverty
  70. Report: Rihanna Won’t Stay Away from Chris Brown
  71. Police: Man in underwear threw orange at construction worker
  72. Wrestlemania viewer kills cousin
  73. Parents: Ban ice cream trucks
  74. lisa ann (pornstar),extends a cordial offer for BJ's and SEX to UK players
  75. What is a good TV Series to buy?
  76. Rocker gets rabies shots after bat urinates in his eye
  77. Sperm: America's most renewable resource?
  78. Woman Offered Sex for two McDonalds Dollar Menu Burgers
  79. 1 leg tango dancer
  80. Navy Jets crashes into apartment
  81. Sid Rosenberg arrested on DUI charges
  82. 6000th post
  83. California Student in Relationship With Teacher Moves Out After Sexual Assault Arrest
  84. Baseball cheap hit
  85. Britains got talent video
  86. Stand-Up Comedy thread
  87. Boy Finds Live Hand Grenade on Easter Egg Hunt
  88. 'Bully' film finally gets PG-13 rating
  89. duck dynasty...
  90. Woman Charged With Faking Cancer for NY Wedding
  91. Houston funeral costs point of contention in Newark
  92. Jorge Sedano quits 790
  93. Sid Rosenberg fired
  94. Girl gets Blasted by Jet wash
  95. Who remembers this knockout?`
  96. Chocolate, vanilla or pot? Ice cream truck driver busted
  97. Nude Maid Service Draws Police Scrutiny in Texas City
  98. Skip Bayless caught lying
  99. Man commits 10 crimes in 9 hours
  100. Question for any experienced travelers
  101. Phony Old British "MD" Prescribes Daily Breast Sucking As Cure For Cancer
  102. 'Miracle' baby found alive after 12 hours in morgue
  103. Gay worker claims Facebook 'like' got him fired
  104. Marc Anthony files for divorce from Jennifer Lopez
  105. Kanye West is still a "jackass": President Obama
  106. Beer makes men smarter: study
  107. The Three Stooges Official Trailer
  108. Batman runs on field opening day at Camden Yards
  109. Think Like a Man Official Trailer
  110. life sucks
  111. New York's newest subway hero: 'Snackman'
  112. Man vs Baseball-Bear Grylls throws fireball at Dodgers game
  113. Best cities for raising a family
  114. Sammy's Summer Ale is on Sale Now!
  115. 34,000
  116. pot legalization could save U.S. $13.7billion per year, 300 economists say
  117. Dick Clark is Dead.
  118. Kid Siphons Gas from Police Cruiser
  119. 4 teens charged with killing homeless man who had just $1 when robbed
  120. 22ft, 2,500lb Crocodile caught in Africa
  121. stacie halas,aka tiffany 6,oxnard school teacher, fired for performing in porn videos
  122. Happy 4/20!
  123. WTF is wrong with music today??
  124. You got knocked the F out!
  125. Looking at a new car, and you can help...
  126. scientists say 'prostibots' could replace hookers by 2050
  127. Crazy Shiitake - Can't wait to see what it was over
  128. You can lead a horse to drink but not pull them when iis in heat
  129. Bored
  130. For Florida Residents A "Do Not Call List" Heads-Up
  131. New Godsmack-Rocky Mountain Way (Remake of Joe Walsh Classic)
  132. New Linkin Park-Burn it Down
  133. Mrs. Irrelevant Wants to Bang Mr. Irrelevant
  134. Heroism: Dad Wires Up Autistic Son To Uncover School Abusive Treatment
  135. New restaurant in downtown WPB....
  136. Woman Starves to Death on Sunlight Only Diet
  137. Dude Dresses as Burglar; Scares Girlfriend & Friends
  138. Babysitter Charged After Hairbrush Handle Breaks Off In Child’s Rectum
  139. 11 Year-Old Boy Takes Expensive Piss
  140. Grandmas Watch Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape
  141. Eli Manning will Host Saturday Night Live...
  142. speeding for some *****...man caught going 111 MPH says he was rushing to go have sex
  143. Framing signed jerseys
  144. $25/Pound for Meat Glue?
  145. Top Ten MCs
  146. Sittin' in The Sky Lounge
  147. Man brutally bites women's lips off
  148. RIP Beastie Boy MCA
  149. The Avenger Trailor 2012
  150. Shaky Cam Downloaded Movies
  151. FinFan Needs Help!!! (off-topic) Ed Sabol King of Football Movies?
  152. So I Know...
  153. Brain Scans May Provide Insight Into The Minds Of Man's Best Friends
  154. "Too fat to fly" Woman Sues Southwest Airlines
  155. Inside Octomom's Porn Shoot
  156. Unda da Sea
  157. Star Studded Beastie Boys short film
  158. Most Overrated Songs
  159. Orlando is rated the smuttiest city in America
  160. Scottish woman mauled by cheetahs while husband is snapping photos
  161. Why do we have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom?
  162. tanorexic mom action figure
  163. One Of The Greatest, Most Emphatic Quotes Of All Time
  164. 800lb Bride To-Be
  165. Cone of Shame
  166. Has Time gone too far with it's graphic breast-feeding cover?
  167. Cool video on robot transforming into a car
  168. 10 Dollars says this kid grows up to be a killer
  169. 7 Signs That You're Watching Too Much Porn
  170. Gold Bond on Your Balls
  171. The Peace Train
  172. Toilet paper foils robbery in Wheeling, WV
  173. Potty Humor
  174. Hero Rescue Pitbull Risks Life To Drag Tipsy Owner Off RR Tracks
  175. Mass Cancellations: Networks Clean House
  176. Wait till Sparano hears about this.
  177. Happy Mother's Day from JCane....
  178. Funny Troll Thread
  179. Shopper bitten by rattlesnake in Walmart
  180. Teen beaten by his mother's boyfriend for not flushing
  181. Steak and Bacon Sandwich
  182. Movies you wish you could un-see.
  183. John Travolta -- Accuser says he found him "very experienced" in bed
  184. Man stabbed in a NY Library for watching porn
  185. Study: coffee drinkers are a little more likely to live longer
  186. Last Dance For Donna Summers :(
  187. Teen finds finger in Arby's Sandwich
  188. Watch a Douchebag
  189. Man jumps into live news broadcast
  190. RIP Robin Gibb
  191. Houston's sister-in-law tried to have boyfriend Ray J physically removed
  192. WTF is wrong with some parents?
  193. A&E To The Dawg: "Adios"
  194. Donald Driver wins DWTS Competition
  195. Lolo Jones: Keeping her virginity is harder than training for the Olympics
  196. Protein "Over-Load": Student Feeds Semen-Laced Cupcake to Classmate
  197. Student has diploma withheld after Tebowing at graduation
  198. Six people arrested for torturing roomate with power drill
  199. man in theater charged with slapping tooth out of loud mouth kids head
  200. what are you expectations for the season..
  201. Manl Dumps Girlfriend's Stuff Onto Vegas Strip
  202. Fast food burgers have tripled in size since the 1950's
  203. Coach loses post after taking a team member to prom
  204. RIAA Suing Limewire for $72 TRILLION
  205. Hard Azz Loses Fight To Karate Kid
  206. A Brooklyn high school plans to give out condoms for prom night
  207. Japanese man cooks, serves own genitals
  208. Bartender moving to south beach ! Need my peers here !
  209. Naked man killed by Police near MacArthur Causeway was ‘eating’ face off victim
  210. Pretty sick baseball catch
  211. In Saudi Arabia, car drifts you.
  212. Feminist broads plan to streak Euro-2012 soccer tournament ...
  213. Beer-guzzling cows crash backyard party
  214. Jilted groom suing for $61K
  215. American cage fighter 'rips out still-beating heart of training partner
  216. NJ man stabbed himself and throws intestines at police
  217. Taco Bell Rage
  218. man pees on woman during an argument!
  219. WV preacher dies after snake bite
  220. X-rated clips plays during video presentation celebrating gradutes
  221. Five Wives Vodka banned in Utah state liquor stores
  222. New Blues Music by Joe Bonamassa and Tedeschi Trucks Band
  223. 36 year old chick marries herself....
  224. Death of a Georgia man who was involved in a threesome, family awarded $3 million
  225. Military moms breastfeeding in uniform stir controversy
  226. Yet Another Teacher-Student Sexcapade At "Horndog" High
  227. Manhattan high school student wins $500 bet for bedding teacher
  228. Student eat's roommate's brain and heart
  229. In defence of a non fin fan. Junc
  230. Help ASAP
  231. Cool Dolphin Pic
  232. Pinning On My Son's Infantry Blue Cord
  233. MLB team themed internet browser
  234. Mother Drives With 5-Week-Old on Top of Car
  235. The Whore: Vol. XV
  236. Best Dessert?
  237. Employee caught spying on female pumping breast milk
  238. 9 year old kid receives his PHD
  239. KanYe West Air Yeezy II
  240. Owner Turns Dead Cat into Helicopter
  241. A mother is arrested for yelling to loud at a graduation
  242. Man sues hospital over erection treatment
  243. Five Weird Habits or Things you Do?
  244. ``If Lurking - Yo WeVie!!``
  245. Mother lathers daughter with vaseline and encourages her to fight another student
  246. Florida couple googled ways to kill people minutes before strangling a girl
  247. Joe Rogan and The Madness of Excellence
  248. best 3 posting in the forces
  249. A Primer On Dumb Passwords NOT To Use
  250. Model Melissa Stetten Trolls Actor Brian Presley via Twitter from 30,000 Feet Above