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  1. Study: Husbands who do 'her' chores have less sex
  2. 10 Credit Card Perks - You Likely Didn't Realize You May Have
  3. Free copy of photo cyber link Photodirector 3 software for PC
  4. Friends, your prayers are needed!!!!!
  5. Elton, the ‘Gay’ Dog, Spared the Gas Chamber
  6. $68,000 whale vomit: British man strikes ocean gold
  7. Is this Super Bowl ad kiss too steamy for TV?
  8. People shredding on guitar
  9. BK admits selling horse meat burgers
  10. Top quality American sprinter tries Rugby, is good at it
  11. Happy Groundhog's Day
  12. Hey Nubs, Jurassic Park meets Metal
  13. did Ray Lewis kill those guys
  14. Free advance movie screening passes.
  15. Donald Trump Sues Bill Maher for $5M
  16. Put down the remote: TV can lower sperm count
  17. Fla. woman, jailed after flipping off judge during court hearing
  18. Husband, 78, allegedly stabs wife to death after she refuses to make him a burger
  19. Dollar Store Clerk Whipped Unruly Boy
  20. Just Directed my 2nd Short Film..Thoughts
  21. Pa. Mistrial Declared When Prosthetic Eye Pops Out
  22. Baby Wakes Up to 'Gangnam Style'
  23. Black parents claim Disneyland character refused to touch their kids
  24. 10 Jobs Where You're Most Likely To Hook Up With Co-Workers
  25. Teen signs $200 contract with dad to quit Facebook until summer
  26. Survey on Multitasking
  27. Seals Ain't Takin No **** Anymore
  28. Who drinks coffee here
  29. Watching porn is bad for your smartphone
  30. Report: Fugitive alleged killer is target of police drone
  31. Irish County Legalizes Drunk Driving
  32. Drunk, hit-&-run? Don't Facebook...
  33. Weed cannon.
  34. Dumb broad robs bank, brags on youtube...
  35. Jodi Arias story...
  36. Famous birthdays for Feb. 13th
  37. Pa. Grad Student Sues, Says C-Plus Cost Her $1.3M
  38. Mom’s Death Linked to Coke in Coroner’s Report
  39. Matt Damon Goes On ‘Toilet Strike’
  40. Avenged Sevenfold Fans
  41. Famous birthdays for February 14th
  42. 10 Years in a Basement for $10M, What are you Bringing?
  43. Meteor hits Earth, more than 1,000 injured
  44. Future Business Leaders... You're dicks
  45. * * * OFFICIAL Harlem Shake Thread * * *
  46. Question on vehicles
  47. Robbers snatch $50 million of diamonds off Belgium plane
  48. Famous Birthdays for February 19th
  49. Body found in water tank of Los Angeles hotel
  50. March Madness gearing up ...
  51. Famous birthdays for Feb 20th
  52. Famous birthdays for Feb. 21
  53. Best "job" is a "BJ" ...
  54. Is your mom this cool???
  55. Homeless Man, Sues Parents For Neglect
  56. Famous Birthdays for Feb. 22
  57. Slavery math questions spark uproar at NYC school
  58. Walmart Employee Hit With Felony for Snacking on Store Oreos
  59. "World's Worst Tattoo" Finally Fixed
  60. FRun & Games with the Fake Text Creator
  61. Woman decides to cheat on Husband
  62. **Official Oscar Thread***
  63. Famous birthdays for Feb. 25
  64. Famous Birthdays for Feb. 26th
  65. Burglar calls 911 on self ...
  66. Is this not a cheeseburger delivery service?
  67. Geico's 'bestiality'
  68. Miss Delaware Teen does us all a favor by doing porn
  69. Dog Shoots Owner, Dog not Arrested
  70. Famous Birthdays for Feb. 28th
  71. She'll Swallow ya Whole!
  72. Mother Kills 9-Year-Old Son For Having Small Penis
  73. Mississippi Baby "Functionally Cured" of HIV
  74. New York City Woman Addicted to Eating Deodorant
  75. Charlie Sheen: 'Lindsay Lohan Needs A Mentor
  76. Nigerian bank scam ...
  77. Famous Birthdays for March 5th...
  78. Zimbabwe tryst turns deadly when lion mauls woman in midst of sex romp
  79. Dumbass of the Week Thread
  80. Applebee's waitress asks for ID, gets shown her own stolen driver's license
  81. The Filthy Whore - Vol. XVI
  82. I just fired two people on the spot
  83. Porn stars without makeup
  84. Sex-filled SXSW gets app for hooking up with strangers
  85. Happy Days Are Here Again!
  86. Woman flashed security cameras
  87. FH March Madness
  88. Save Mr. Waggles
  89. Draw A Line In The Sand Against Animal Cruelty
  90. Happy saint patrick's day
  91. Luke's Change: An Inside Job
  92. Anyone here do graphic design?
  93. Favorite car make and model?
  94. TIA 4 Your Computer Expertise (por favor)
  95. Kate Upton gets asked to prom by boy on YouTube (and responds)
  96. Our Newest Dolphin Fan
  97. 500 pound "thief" decides to start a fire in Walmart
  98. Bhutan: Gross National Happiness
  99. Richard Branson to Give Away Half His Fortune
  100. PETA Euthanized 90% of Animals Taken to Shelter
  101. Anyone own a blu ray player and is it worth buying one?
  102. A Drunk, Passed Out Drunk Infantryman
  103. My Anus is Relaxed
  104. Help
  105. Airline 'fat tax': Should heavy passengers pay more?
  106. I wish you could do this in this country
  107. Hugh Hefner's Sex Life: Playboy Founder Slept With More Than A Thousand Women
  108. 8000
  109. Dolphins Gear - When to Buy Old / New?
  110. anyone know a site that i can watch the game of thrones
  111. I may have ruined easter
  112. Where do you rank as a finheaven poster
  113. Justin Bieber To Be Prosecuted For Spitting On Neighbor
  114. Magic Johnson’s Openly Gay Son Grateful for Dad’s Support
  115. NBC to give Jay Leno $15M to leave 'Tonight Show' before contract expires
  116. Man Sells Name, Uses Face as Billboard for Porn Sites
  117. I was involved in a verbal altercation at lunch today
  118. Women's Roller Derby ...
  119. 15 Ways To Invite An IRS Audit
  120. *** Famous Birthday's for April 9th ***
  121. The Top 10 Biggest Breast Implants in the World
  122. Complaint about genital shaped pasta gets man transferred.
  123. 21 foot+ wasp nest.
  124. Cookie Monster beats kid up.
  125. Eel Removed From Man After Getting Stuck, Chewing Through Colon
  126. *** Famous Birthdays for Aprill 11th ***
  127. Weekend plans
  128. An entirely different aspect of dolphins...holy sh*t
  129. Hermit In Maine Woods Doesn't Speak for 20 Years
  130. Prayers for the victims in Boston!
  131. Grounded for LIFE! Michigan 6-year-old takes family car out to get Chinese food
  132. My solution to the Westboro Baptist clowns ...
  133. Texas Schoolteacher Too ‘Prejudiced’ to Touch a Black Student
  134. Happy 4/20
  135. Joe Flacco supporting a lost friend of mine
  136. Happy 4/21!
  137. Marijuana pill may be better for relieving pain
  138. Michael Shannon reading sorority letter. Funny Stuff.
  139. Truckload of Bud Light delivered to home of Miami Heat’s Shane Battier
  140. Gun porn
  141. When your child walks in during Sex
  142. Mars rover makes a dirty picture.
  143. Met Tony Gonzalez in Quebec city !
  144. Twinkies (the real ones) back on store shelves in July
  145. The Greatest Play In Baseball
  146. The Whore: Vol. XVII
  147. Tool-Third Eye (fan made video)
  148. Going on a Diet.
  149. Charles Barkley vs Shaq - Bench Press Contest
  150. Evan Longoria stops ball from hitting reporter
  151. Rob is gonna love this story ...
  152. How much is your 1913 nickel worth?
  153. Official Random Thoughts Thread
  154. New button-downs last for 100 days without washing, designers say
  155. Plane passenger allegedly detained in Phila. for not flushing toilet properly
  156. Pick Axe Death
  157. Female high school teacher allegedly rapes student, a teen girl, in Utah
  158. Couple turns to prayer instead of medicine - 2nd kid dies.
  159. He Wasn't An Athlete That Came Out Of The Closet Or Anything.....
  160. Minocycline Reduces Men's Tendency to Trust Attractive Women
  161. Soccer Ref Dies After Punch to the Head by Player
  162. Baltimore Inmate Makes 15k Monthly, Impregnates Multiple Guards
  163. Air Force's Sexual Assault Prevention Officer Charged With Sexual Battery
  164. Dumb broad gets DUI after celebrating end of last DUI.
  165. Man arrested after in-flight fight
  166. It's National ______ Awareness Week
  167. Hopeful Cop Denied b/c He's Too Intelligent
  168. Charles Ramsey, Ohio Man, Helped Free 3 Women Held Captive (VIDEO)
  169. A Possible Cure For Gray Hair
  170. Escaped Colombian convict CAUGHT — had surgery to look like a woman
  171. Brenda Lowe - former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader
  172. Bypassing MickeyD's To Grab A Healthier Subway Sub?
  173. $120 bacon & egg sandwich
  174. Party in a closed grocery store
  175. What would you do if you won the $600 million Powerball ??
  176. Heather Locklear's Anti-Aging Secret? Semen Facials!!
  177. Orangutan Learns to Spearfish by Watching Humans
  178. The fight for 4th.......
  179. Sea fishing out of San Diego
  180. Transformers The Ride-3D
  181. Is "The Master Troll's" Idol A Switch Hitter?
  182. Scarface vs Pulp Fiction
  183. Ohio man commits 20 break-ins while wearing ankle monitor
  184. Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey gets free burgers for life
  185. Iron Man 3 Trailor
  186. TGI Fridays nailed for doctoring booze
  187. Man of steel trailor
  188. porn hoarding...
  189. Incredible video of oklahoma tornado.
  190. Liam Neeson Movie - The Grey
  191. New tapatalk
  192. DOL PHAN Needs Your Help!!
  193. Newborn Baby Rescued From Toilet Pipe in China
  194. Just saw the movie "Mud"
  195. | HOF RB Eric Dickerson and Keyshawn Johnson confront Justin Bieber | Ferrari Chase |
  196. After Earth Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Will Smith Movie HD
  197. 'Mermaids' Mocumentary Stirs Big Ratings for Animal Planet
  198. Michael Douglas Blames Oral Sex for Throat Cancer
  199. Man Molests, Urinates on Woman in ER: Police
  200. My Dogs bayed a fawn last night.
  201. Ohio teacher awarded $171K for wrongful termination
  202. Chinese tourists behaving badly.
  203. 'Game Of Thrones' Sex Scenes And Nudity: The Complete Third Season NSFW Collection
  204. N.J. man burns down house trying to kill bed bugs
  205. Bird collector gets into shoot-out after threatening cops with toy gun
  206. Miami woman, 28, dies after getting $2,300 butt implants
  207. Japanese teens risk vision with weird new eyeball-licking craze
  208. UK man busted after calling cops to complain of ‘ugly’ prostitute
  209. Dear America
  210. *** A decade at FinHeaven ***
  211. Florida man beaten, robbed, and stripped naked on first date.
  212. 700 lb Snake Found in NC
  213. Men's Wearhouse icon won't like the way he looks -- he's out!
  214. James Gandolfini dead at 51.
  215. Hey Phinz. The Dude of Thrones
  216. Happy 150th Birthday WEST VIRGINIA!
  217. Kim Kardashian's baby name: North West
  218. Update on FLOOD in Southern Alberta
  219. How about Images of you then?
  220. John Wayne Bobbitt: I slept with 70 women after ex-wife Lorena lopped my penis off
  221. I. Hate. Driving.
  222. Administrators doing a great job today
  223. We want the new finheaven logo!!!!!!!!!!
  224. Hernandez / Buffalo Bills team up for Marketing Campaign!
  225. Major, life threatening heat wave expected for the Western US.
  226. Stage 5 clinger discovers secret ...
  227. That Metal Show-Carmine Appice, Queensryche, and Dave Mustaine
  228. Teacher has 16-year-old student's baby
  229. ak-47 or ar 15?
  230. 36 Cheap American Beers Ranked
  231. The 4th of July
  232. Patient Wakes Up as Doctors Get Ready to Remove Organs
  233. Fla. mom gets 20 years for firing warning shots
  234. Peeping Tom hid in Tulsa septic tank to watch women using water-park bathroom
  235. Teacher busted on surveillance camera stealing her students' lunches
  236. Justin Bieber Pees Into Restaurant Mop Bucket, Curses Off Bill Clinton
  237. Tenn. woman takes nude swim to distract neighbor from robbery
  238. New Yorkers are officially nuts...
  239. NFL Agent Drew Rosenhaus Wrestles 6-Foot Shark (Video)
  240. 'Pothole Robin Hood' Steals Asphalt, Fixes Potholes'
  241. An interesting take on the US gov, spying scandal
  242. Private Eyes...They're Watching You...
  243. Long Haired Redneck
  244. Cowtastrophe
  245. Tennessee woman diagnosed with 'ghetto booty' after complaining of lower back issues
  246. With All This Talk Of Leadership.....
  247. Happy Birthday Nintendo
  248. Apple made me addicted to porn
  249. Doggy Progress
  250. Live In The South? Your Life Expectancy Is Shorter