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  1. Why do you believe in God? (First 1000 post thread in the PoFo!!!!)
  2. Did God Intervene?
  3. Religious identification in the US
  4. Papers show Isaac Newton's religious side
  5. Vatican issues 10 Commandments for drivers
  6. Rumors in Physics Blogosphere Test Faith in 'God Particle'
  7. Taxes make you feel good but voluntary Charity gives even more pleasure
  8. How the West Really Lost God
  9. Is Mom More Merciful Than God?
  10. True meaning of Jihad
  11. Should doctors be allowed to refuse treatment because of their religious beliefs?
  12. Christians. Good, Bad, and Charity
  13. MERGED: School Bans Girl for Wearing Chastity Ring
  14. Obama says some have 'hijacked' faith
  15. Homosexuality Still Divides Christians
  16. Some more intolerance and lies.
  17. Science of the Soul? ‘I Think, Therefore I Am’ Is Losing Force
  18. Awesomest YouTube religious clip ever?
  19. Heaven, Hell, who cares — I pick Earth
  20. Is Atheism a Civil Rights Issue?
  21. Scary Bible Quotes
  22. Floods are judgment on society, say bishops
  23. Teacher Told to Pay Dues or Change Religions Wins Court Victory
  24. Mathematician Proves the existence of God
  25. How Archaeology Proves The Bible
  26. Pope Revives Old Latin Mass
  27. Is Money Evil?
  28. Pope wants to deliver Jews 'from their darkness'
  29. Pope: Other denominations not true churches
  30. Hindu prayer in the Senate draws protesters
  31. How the Democrats Got Religion
  32. Catholicism: Born, Bred, and Living deceit
  33. LA Church to Pay $600M for Clergy Abuse
  34. 'Nobody Goes to Hell': Minister Labeled a Heretic
  35. The Christian Nation Myth
  36. Best Christian rock song ever
  37. saying, "God damn it".
  38. So... what is your religion about...
  39. Tammy Faye Messner Dies at 65
  40. The Return of Jesus 'Could Be Any Time'
  41. Harry may 'help devil enter kids' minds'
  42. Are high-profile evangelical leaders endangering victims of domestic violence?
  43. Doing God's Work By Killing Gays
  44. Only God can cool a non-believer's anger
  45. New Da Vinci code wreaks Web havoc
  46. 2 charged in thefts from collection plate, poor box
  47. Man Arrested For Throwing Koran In The Toilet
  48. Wow...Scariest. Site. EVER.
  49. Does Scripture teach that Jesus is God?
  50. So who is our God and where does he reside?
  51. Scientology secret documents reveled.
  52. A Little Fanatical Fun
  53. If we really want to stamp out religious extremism...
  54. zeitgeist
  55. Wow...all I can says is wow.
  56. Political Correctness and Religious Belief
  57. Simon Greenleaf, Testimony of the Evangelists
  58. For the love of God, get it on!
  59. For the Bible Tells Me So
  60. Many In U.S. Drop Their Childhood Religion
  61. Basic diffrences between common religions?
  62. A video for my Christian friends
  63. Intelligent Design Thread
  64. Arab-American psychiatrist Wafa Sultan
  65. To Tithe Or Not To Tithe
  66. Om my: Are Buddhist monks flirting online?
  67. Moses high on drugs?
  68. Vatican lists "new sins," including pollution
  69. Obama and his church...
  70. Happy Easter!!
  71. Obama and Israel
  72. The Stone Box And Jesus' Brother's Bones
  73. Who wrote the Bible, and When?
  74. Does Obama believe muslims will go to heaven with Christians?
  75. Recombine the pofo?
  76. My bible
  77. Florida Senate bill allows teachers to mention religious theories about origin of lif
  78. Christian photographer fined for not filming homosexuals!
  79. ACLU 1, Jesus O
  80. Florida Lawmakers Debate Offering a Christian License Plate
  81. Religion a Figment of Human Imagination
  82. Is there any great US Philosophers?
  83. How Scientology Destroys Families
  84. Einstein's View on Religion
  85. Question on the 10 Commandments
  86. Good Riddance
  87. Church reverses plate offering
  88. Satan
  89. Sex-in-church couple repent and are forgiven
  90. Is Cave World's Oldest Christian Church?
  91. Was Barrack Obama raised a Muslim?
  92. The path is narrow; will you enter?
  93. Will gay rights trample religious freedom?
  94. Iranian opponent of Islam
  95. Survey: More Americans dropping dogma for spirituality
  96. Dobson accuses Obama of 'distorting' Bible
  97. Report: Two-thirds care for environment because it's God's creation
  98. Why Don't Jehovah's Witnesses Vote?
  99. "Practice Tolerance"
  100. Odd Creationist Teacher in Ohio
  101. Vatican 'regrets' female bishops decision
  102. Just Like Other Planets We Have Observed Doing This, The Earth Changes It's Equatoria
  103. Atheist soldier sues Army for 'unconstitutional' discrimination
  104. Has Rev. Sun Myung Moon Purchased The Top Right-wing Evangelistic Leadership Lock-sto
  105. Be Here Now/Fierce Grace
  106. Chemical weapons pose threat to Israel
  107. Evolution or Creation?
  108. Cant wait for the new Bill Maher movie.
  109. Son of Hamas Leader Embraces Christianity
  110. Papers expose Obama's "infanticide".
  111. cool video
  112. Interesting religious life survey
  113. Palin's Church Promotes Conversion Of Gays
  114. Prayer Requests
  115. Priest Accused Of Dealing Coke From Church
  116. What Does Palin's Faith Mean for U.S.?
  117. Man Denied Communion for Endorsing Obama
  118. Survey: 4 in 10 say clergy should endorse candidates
  119. Where in the New Testament....
  120. Suit Against God Thrown Out Over Lack Of Address
  121. Vatican suspends bishop who adopted woman
  122. Anyone here a Freemason
  123. The best case for God I've seen yet
  124. Pope, Hawking at evolution seminar
  125. What is science?? religion?
  126. Monks Brawl At Site Of Jesus' Tomb
  127. Baptism Of Holocaust Victims Sparks Anger
  128. If you die young???
  129. Communion For Obama Voters? Yes We Can!
  130. what do people think of religion?
  131. More college students believe in aliens than in God.
  132. German churches find 'chocolate Jesus' tasteless
  133. Does God Run Homeland Security?
  134. Poll: Calif. gay marriage ban driven by religion
  135. Exorcism
  136. Do Angels Exist?
  137. On Christmas, Pope Decries Selfishness
  138. Faith-based programs to help shape Bush legacy
  139. The Beginning of Time?
  140. Does god have children on other planets?
  141. An inaugural first: Obama acknowledges 'non-believers'
  142. Bumpus-ism (tongue-in-cheek)
  143. For Catholics, a Door to Absolution Is Reopened
  144. Sexes' Battle of the Sins
  145. Abortion
  146. The Shack? Has anyone read this book?
  147. Verichip. .
  148. Claims Of Clergy Abuse Rose In 2008
  149. Creation 6 days or billions of years?
  150. Pope: Condoms not answer in AIDS fight in Africa
  151. God sends a sign through a derriere groove?
  152. Christian view on suicide
  153. Bill Maher's Religulous
  154. The President's Commencement Controversy
  155. My Problem
  156. Texas may end school anti-evolution requirements
  157. The jefferson bible
  158. Deformed Jesus Toy Has Pastor In Hot Water
  159. G-20/Obama
  160. Newsweek: The End of Christian America
  161. Blessing the sun
  162. Gang of Juvenile Dinosaurs Discovered
  163. China's Gobi desert source of rare dinosaur find
  164. Happy Easter!
  165. Belief-O-Matic
  166. Prophesies of Jesus/Messiah in the OT
  167. Miss California stands up for God.
  168. THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM ( the truth is is the skys )
  169. Survey: Half of U.S. adults have switched religions
  170. I have a question about Christianity
  171. Poll: Most Catholics opposes celibacy rule
  172. Vatican defends pope from Israeli criticism
  173. Former fundamentalist 'debunks' Bible
  174. A black woman's journey to the rabbinate in North Carolina
  175. Priest who broke celibacy vow joins Episcopal Church
  176. Obama Invokes Jesus More Often Than Bush
  177. Bill Clinton explores politics & religious values in a sermon at Riverside Church
  178. God cannot be considered "loving" if he sends his children to "hell"
  179. anyone like christian hip-hop?
  180. Do you believe in God, Gods, A God...Higher Power?
  181. Have you had an experience in your life that MIGHT have required Divine Intervention?
  182. Get Married and Baptize Your Child at the Same Time
  183. Image of Jesus in a Frying Pan
  184. not a judeo-christian nation
  185. A scientist who's a Christian asks, 'Are we crazy?
  186. Judge: Ky. cant legislate dependence on God
  187. What Do Children Understand About God?
  188. Translators announce 2011 update of popular NIV Bible
  189. Was Jesus a real person?
  190. "The God Who Wasn't There"
  191. "Why I Love the Church"
  192. Kentucky High School Coach Gets Players Baptized
  193. Robert M Price
  194. What is the big deal about Evolution V.S Religion? + New evidence of our orgins
  195. I have a few questions.
  196. Is Jesus skinny and pathetic or is he built more like Jake Long?
  197. entertainment value only
  198. Marriage/date people of different faith
  199. Biblical Anti-Obama Slogan: Use of Psalm 109:8 Funny or Sinister?
  200. If Jesus was a Dolphins WR, how many drops would he have?
  201. Corduroy Skirts Are A Sin: Student Protest Gains International Attention
  202. Sexy Nativity scene draws chorus of critics
  203. "God" Honored As One of Man's Most Important Inventions By The Onion
  204. Joseph and Mary in Bed Poster Causes Stir
  205. Tiger Woods must become Christian to be forgiven
  206. the problem with science
  207. Survey: Muslims face more bias than other U.S. believers
  208. Religious folks may not be healthier, after all
  209. Atheists & Agnostics By Nation
  210. when pigs move in
  211. Study: Young Americans less religious than their parents
  212. Elton John: I think Jesus was gay
  213. Meet The Flinstones
  214. Chicago Father Faces Jail for Bringing Daughter to Church
  215. Atheist Bibles-For-Porn Swap Riles Campus
  216. faith healers get 16 months for son's death
  217. Pope's Exorcist Says the Devil Is In the Vatican
  218. 'Is God dying?' Questions on morality, evolution and the mind
  219. Glenn Beck Vs. God: The Bible Speaks For Itself
  220. Laminin
  221. TV presenter gets death sentence for "sorcery"
  222. Pope failed to defrock U.S. sex abuse priest
  223. NASA & The Bible
  224. Pope's No. 2 blames homosexuality, not celibacy for pedophilia
  225. Finding Noah's Ark: Hong King Filmmaker Claims to Have Found Biblical Treasure
  226. Christian leader caught with male escort
  227. Does science prove God exists?
  228. No free speech for Islam?
  229. Church Ousts Nun Who OK'd Abortion to Save Woman
  230. Vote for your favorite God. Yes, this is relevant to the Dolphins.
  231. No public school graduation ceremony at megachurch: Judge
  232. Evangelicals: Oil Spill sign of the apocalypse...
  233. Teacher Fired for Becoming Pregnant Out of Wedlock
  234. Westboro Baptist Protesters Get 'Owned' by Comic-Con Fans (with video)
  235. Empire State Building Rejects Request to Honor Mother Teresa; Catholic League Plans P
  236. God
  237. Shana Tova- Yom Kippur Is Here
  238. Newt calls for Federal ban on Sharia law
  239. Who Knows the Most About Religion (CNN)
  240. Survey says agnostics/atheists know more about religion than anyone else...
  241. Obama: 'I'm a Christian by Choice'
  242. Truthism?
  243. Reverend: If Heaven is integrated, why not churches?
  244. Man saved by God, and by dog who says grace
  245. husband found wife sexxing priest...
  246. Panic Strikes Trinidad and Tobago School After 'Devil Attack'
  247. Giving Thanks
  248. Freemason
  249. atheism:what if it were the worlds primary belief?
  250. Pope Blames Child Abuse Scandal on Society