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  1. Bills and Dolphins fans unite...
  2. Which AFCE team do you hate most?
  3. [Title violated TOS; next such gets you banned]
  4. Keith Traylor "I have nothing in the tank" -- Misquoted by a troll!
  5. Picture of Finsrclowns 1st "FLAMING DRAGON!"
  6. Bills fans in here actually Closet Dolpfans
  7. Meet The Depths Bouncers
  8. [Title violated TOS; next such gets you banned]
  9. Circle The Wagons!!!!
  10. Ace Ventura
  11. Dan Marino, Heart of a Champion on NFL Network
  12. How Finsrclowns won the respect of everyone at BILLZONE
  13. jim Kelly
  14. Jussasportssfanny has entered into Treatment
  15. The New Randy Moss??
  16. Whoa!
  17. poll: who will injure the most qbs?
  18. So anyway....
  19. Buffalo sure...
  20. Why the Fins will be better than the jills
  21. Tinkerbell Tes
  22. Jessica Alba Sig
  23. 1st round Bust!
  24. The man in my avatar....
  25. We need to purify Dolphins Stadium
  26. Reaons why we hate the Bills
  27. Feeley,Feeley,Feeley
  28. LMAO, Bills fans have lost it! Check this out...
  29. Putin must be a Bills fan...
  30. Jussasportssfanny is moving back to her Motherland!
  31. Enjoy the 4th of July....
  32. I would like to congradulate Brady,Penington,and Losman
  33. bills fans...
  34. Happy 4th to all, especially poor Bob's dad
  35. Prisco's Over/Underrated by team
  36. Run away, run away!
  37. Anti-Pat Thread
  38. Gil Brandt View On Miami Offseason
  39. Reality Check-Dolphins not a play off team
  40. Brilliant idea!!! Trade a pro bowler for....
  41. Get to know the Queen of the Depths
  42. USA today ranks DB's
  43. He Has run out of money for his.......
  44. Sporting News Report
  45. don't under estimate the dolphins this year.
  46. bring it on nfl
  47. Bills fans are at it again...
  48. 5 Reasons Ronnie Brown will be a bust?
  49. ............You might be a Bills fan
  50. ............You might be a Bills fan
  51. if the bills have a better record than the phins...
  52. unbelievable....
  53. The Randy Mac Mug Shot.........
  54. Some possible McMichael options for Saban
  55. Fin fan gets owned trying to start trouble at BZ
  56. So with Randy going through...
  57. Happy Birthday finsrclowns
  58. Where is Tiny Timmy
  59. Offensive Line: For Dominzzzzzo
  60. Belichick, Wife are Seperated
  61. Jokes
  62. Bunch of Idiots
  63. The worst FAns In the NFL.......
  64. Out of the Closet Fans?
  65. This is funny...Bill fans will LOVE it...
  66. Without a doubt! Bills fans are the best....
  67. THenry is a now a ......................
  68. Every Team Has Players Arrested: Bills List
  69. once again......
  70. Dear Buffalo Bill Fans
  71. Hurry And Open This
  72. Dumbest AFC East FANS!
  73. To all you unemployed Bills Fans.
  74. What is all of your guys problems?
  75. Why the Dolphins will Finish last in the AFC EAST
  76. Who will win the AFC East?
  77. Ricky Williams will be gone after 2k5
  78. Why are Bill's fans talkin so much Smakkk??
  79. Why are Bill's fans talkin so much Smakkk??
  80. No shortage of bull from the Buffalo Chips
  81. Hey Jill Fans ! Is this part of your playbook ?! LOOL
  82. Dolphin cries at practice...ROFL!!
  83. Cryami Dolphins.
  84. 9 year old Bills fan
  85. What Can't Brown Do For You?
  86. Why does
  87. Video of Wright crying
  88. The Greatest Smack Thread EVER!
  89. Stupid Bills
  90. Bills Camp Day 1
  91. Jets Training Camp
  92. upcumming season...
  93. check this one out..
  94. A sad day for the Buffalo Sisterhood
  95. what about gordon???
  96. A Fortune Teller told me.....
  97. Patriots Suck
  98. Why NativeFin is the house...
  99. J.P. Losman is a fairy...
  100. couldn't handle stats huh koz
  101. jp losman
  102. McKinny
  103. O.J.'s Innocent
  104. LOL!!!! Hillarious!!!
  105. I've been quiet.
  106. Jets Secondary
  107. Breaking News!! J.p Losman Is Gay!!!
  108. Another sad season
  109. Berman's tie
  110. Condolences
  111. Did ne one watch green bay v.s. buffalo
  112. law to jets Vs dolphins
  113. Marino is still...
  114. Jay a HOFer??
  115. My Fellow Americans/AFC East fans
  116. Heres the funny part....
  117. The way Feeley is going
  118. when all is said and done
  119. AFCE Predictions
  120. Some Enjoyable Reading
  121. jim kelly didn't want to play in buffalo...
  122. About Mondays game................
  123. How will Ricky gain the weight back?
  124. The Cheif gives up
  125. Fiedler Throws an INT on 1st Drive!
  126. Theme Songs for the Fishies
  127. Bears lose after all!
  128. aj feely
  129. Hey chicago want AJ?
  130. Berlin has that something
  131. the "does aj feeley suck?" poll
  132. Dolphin's looked horrible 2 me
  133. How Bout them Dolphins!! LMAO
  134. Dolphins QB Good News / Bad News
  135. A very important Fact bout Dolphins Future...
  136. The question every Bill fan MUST be asking themselves!!
  137. Quick question.
  138. Brady Looks at Farm Animal Porn!
  139. Scott Norwood
  140. Everybody, Lets Cast a Spell on the Buffalo Bills
  141. Miami vs. Barfallo
  142. Isn't it funny
  143. sell out?
  144. Tim Couch lacks mental toughness....
  145. The JETS suck
  146. The Nictator a flaming ****?
  147. Be Careful What You Wish For
  148. Billy's & Patsy's
  149. Whose the gayest Bill or Jet fan?
  150. "Koz and the Klown"
  151. Hey Justa
  152. Is it true?
  153. is it true?
  154. Funny: No pictures of any Bills at Don Shulas Restaurant
  155. you guys suck..
  156. I smell fish guts..............
  157. yeah yeah, i know it's still preseason...
  158. Repeat of last year?
  159. "mup list"
  160. Game By Game... This is what miami will do
  161. Reality Smack
  162. out come Buffalo!
  163. Is finsclown not in probation anymore?
  164. w/l opening day
  165. What would you Dolphans do if you saw these Bills or Jets fans outside in the street?
  166. Saban's PC
  167. well well well....
  168. Miami's O-line Should Shut Up?
  169. No leadership ahahahaha
  170. This Is Hillarious!!!....
  171. Who would you rather have starting for your team...
  172. There's a Celebration going on!
  173. I'll miss yall
  174. Madden 06
  175. Jets Suck
  176. FoxSports Preseason Power Rankings..... Bills at #5, the Dolphins....well....
  177. Bills Theme Song?!
  178. Is it the truth?
  179. hot off the press...
  180. Open mouth insert foot?
  181. Here we go again!
  182. Fox preseason rankings
  183. Fins D VS Bills D Argument
  184. Hey homopimpson!
  185. Attention All Teal Kwarrs
  186. Below the Mendoza Line!
  187. Bad News for the Bills and Jets!!!
  188. Renaming the outsiders!
  189. Attention All DUMB bills and jets fans in MIAMI
  190. Real football smack talk?
  191. Who would you like to pi$$ on?
  192. Wagon Circler
  193. Frerotte being shipped to Iran and N. Korea!
  194. So, y'all are a few steps from the edge of the cliff now
  195. if you were coach
  196. J P Losman Trick play
  197. Dolphins 8-8 this yr
  198. The Dirty Dozen
  199. Welcome back MORONO............
  200. A.J. Feeley officially out
  201. Those Bills fans make me laugh
  202. 250 reasons why the Bills suck...
  203. Every fan in the world....
  204. Kunta Kinzua.
  205. Sean Salisbury Sh*ts on the Dolphins
  206. David Boston Is A Changed Man?
  207. new celebration in miami?
  208. Football Smack.
  209. Once Again, my Buffalo Female Dogs ...
  210. Congrats Finheaven!!
  211. The Circus has come to town!
  212. Some AJ Feeley Highlights.......
  213. Isn't It Ironic!
  214. Gus is sad
  215. Fins Fan has obviously taken up Ricky's bad habits!!!
  216. Greatest moment in bills history
  217. I have located Finsrclowns
  218. I'll say it first
  219. Guess Who were having a blast watching the fins last night.
  220. No joke here!
  221. Losman just pulled a feely
  222. Does anyone have addition theories????
  223. Jet fans show their collective intelligence once again...
  224. Which list has more names?
  225. Bills Fans
  226. I'm about to make BILLIONS!!!!
  227. Bills Fans, do yourself a flavor.
  228. Xxvii
  229. Anyone? Anyone?
  230. This just isn’t fair.
  231. MMQB: Peter King
  232. Losman Blows
  233. Pick the Dolphins record.
  234. Predict Ronnie Brown's Stats vs Broncos! (smack)
  235. Number Of Denver Wins In Miami (smack)
  236. denvers front 7
  237. Number Of Denver Wins In Miami
  238. WTF is with these Bronco Trolls?
  239. willis 21
  240. Broncos Going To Give The Fins A Beating
  241. hi i'm nativefin...
  242. I am going to be PISSED if.........
  243. Is it true the Home Opener didn't sell out?
  244. Its gut check time...
  245. To the Denver "My Little Pony" Trolls .....
  246. Memo to denver
  247. Ashley-Ashley
  248. Caught on photo! ... The Clown 1st time buying Crack!!!
  249. Just so we understand...
  250. Broncos Defense primed for Championship run now!