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  1. You are an extreme Bills fan when:
  2. Dolphins in 2006-2007 Season
  3. Capton this pic!
  4. Aren't you guys tired of hearing Joey harrington Cry about his days with the Lions?
  5. Buffalo Bills : "Camp Marv / Turbo Charged!!"....
  6. Doctor Visit
  7. Split from "coolest shoes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" thread
  8. fark buffalo bills photoshop thread
  9. Must READ!
  10. Picture for all my fellow Finfans!
  11. How does a team go 12-4 ...
  12. Split from "Anyone notice how much better Ricky looks??"
  13. SPOILMAN on "Total Access": "We really liked Brad Childress last year down in Miami"
  14. Bills Season Ticket Holders
  15. Kinzua going to the game.
  16. help me
  17. Overhyped Teams
  18. How canada show america to play football.lol
  19. On with the future.
  20. You know your a Bills fan If
  21. Who is the 16% that believe Rick S will do better????
  22. Billz fans Amusement park
  23. A Few Facts to Ponder
  24. word bills
  25. Your Ugly Girlfriend
  26. You can watch...
  27. We finally got some love from ESPN
  28. Kinzuas sugar daddy
  29. hilarious qb discussion....
  30. Good Luck with Culpepper.
  31. Teams Dolfans Love to Hate
  32. Check this out!
  33. Split from: "Great Sunday Minicamp!!! 6-11-06"
  34. Andy Cohen: Impressions From Mini-Camp
  35. Season opener
  36. Split from: "Bennie Anderson RG signed by fins"
  37. Tom Brady getting smashed
  38. Whatever happened to Kidzoo/Justaspaznut's righteous indignation?
  39. wow, y'all are still here....
  40. Vikings Board states untruthful Rumor about Culpepper!!
  41. Big Bens facial injuries worse than we thought
  42. Should the Fins trade for Michael Strahan?
  43. The sound of Blurch
  44. Hot off the wire...
  45. Jets fan here....
  46. person who hit big ben!
  47. pti
  48. U Dolphins should ashamed!!!/super Kerry
  49. Trash/Smack the Magnificent
  50. History of Jets Draft Picks
  51. Caption this pic!
  52. It's become more apparent...
  53. Just ignore this thread for now... give me a few minutes
  54. Hilarious Tom Brady video
  55. PFT power rankings, Bills number 32
  56. That old rant thread....
  57. Say It Ain't So!!!
  58. NY Jets Draft Blunders.
  59. Does Itokemhomie have a "mancrush" on like2god???
  60. jags vs. phins
  61. A heartfelt plea from the American Kidszoochosis Association
  62. The official Jacksonville jags are overrated garbage thread
  63. Caption this pic!!!
  64. This is really ridiculous!!! Daunte hate video.
  65. I'm sorry Justa...
  66. I cant believe...
  67. Sorry Dol-fan (this is blasphemy)
  69. Finsrclowns birthday
  70. Congrats are in order--Kinzua got married
  71. Urgent Message.
  72. Jason Allen Hi-lite Reel!
  73. Steelers back-up QB
  74. What Happened?
  75. Yeah, let's hope Daunte repeats 2004!!!
  76. Caption this pic!
  77. Bills Zone
  78. Another Carp Behaving Badly!!!
  79. What if Tom Brady got hurt?
  80. Miami Dol-Felons strike again
  81. PFT...Belichik caught in the middle of a nasty report
  82. Los Lonely Boys
  83. Staff Meeting with Marv Levy
  84. Well, there WAS a discussion about football going on... and then look what happened
  85. You can all go to hell......
  86. Note To Kinzua
  87. Too stupid to be true ... but it is!
  88. New Helmet in Buffalo
  89. Well, *%#!!#&^%... and geezuz Too!
  90. Kinzua I have a favour to ask you.
  91. Buffalo Bills
  92. Buffalo Bills, A Season Summary in Limerick
  93. Los Lonely Boy Sign up Thread
  94. Afc East
  95. Those who have fallen--in memory of you trolls
  96. Buffalo bills
  97. Finally a beauty contest for the women of Buffalo
  98. Split from Dolphins forum.
  99. caption this pic!!!
  100. Did you run away again, OWNED??????
  101. 7 (Or So) Highly Irritating Habits of Extremely Unintelligent Trolls
  102. You better hope to heaven
  103. This ought to RAP it up!
  104. Do You Jills fan honestly think that Jauron will save your franchise?
  105. Joe Montana, Big Ben, and Tom Brady as 2nd stringers?
  106. Saban says no thanks, Bills Levy surprised
  107. Sounds like Daunte is performing poorly lately
  108. Like2Dogs ... more cheap clown tricks.
  109. Hey Like2God
  110. You got to love this Bills' fans' enthusiasm
  111. like2god stalker sign ups
  112. HA HA can Bills do anything rite
  113. Here fishy fishy fishy !!!
  114. First NFL Mockdraft for 2007 is Out
  115. I'm Back ...
  116. Patriots Bruschi breaks wrist
  117. Hey guys.
  118. Brokeback Brady
  119. The Official "Just because your f'in team does not have a half decent site like...
  120. The Pats Fans' Guide to Smack-Talk!
  121. Ty Law Shows Up Fat at Chiefs Camp
  122. I'm Sick and Tired of all this Tom Brady is Gay Stuff!
  123. Rival team MB's
  124. Rodney Harrison Back To Kick Some tail
  125. Who's paid more fines?
  126. Miami QB Better than Brady ... at Something!
  127. Kin-soo-ie,Don't leave out Cleveland
  128. Pics of Brady with Moynahan, Truth has come out!!!
  129. The Grinch 2 - The Jets Stole Christmas
  130. WorstTrollEver Brilliant Ignorance
  131. Los Lonely Boys Are On Their Knees!
  132. The Secret Lives of Los Lonely Boys ...
  133. WorstTrollEver's has been found out.
  134. Eagles fans suck
  135. Even with the help of worst case scenario...
  136. A Question For All the Trolls That Complain About FinHeaven....
  137. HAPPY OWNED DAY Kinzua....
  138. Happy You Lost The Smack Competition To A Bengals Fan!!!!
  139. Manny Wright Poster
  140. Frank Gore Is Better Than Ronnie Brown-
  141. Does the Manatee Wright situation make you
  142. What do Dan Marino and I have in common?
  143. What's the difference between the Steelers Waterboy and Dan Marino?
  144. Whats The Difference Between John Elway And Mr Ed
  145. Here's a Good One: What's the difference between Marino and Elway
  146. What does Lance bass boy george elton john and George michael have in common
  147. I hate the Red sox thread!!!
  148. AlWilsn91 wants a new count--let's give it to him
  149. Funny Joke!
  150. A tribute to Alwilson....
  151. Is the WorstTrollEver a........
  152. The difference between a Golden Retriever and alwilson91
  153. Message to Trolls...you know who you are!!!
  154. A must read for all trolls
  155. Fact or Fiction...Chad Pennington
  156. Time to introduce myself!
  157. Top 10 WhiniestTrollEver-icisms.
  158. Buffalo Bills joke that I found funny
  159. Joey SUCK!
  160. Daunte hehehe
  161. Aqua4Ever@PATSFANS
  162. QB Stats for 1st preseason game.
  163. Espn Page 2 Fantasy winner's circle
  164. Urban Legend - Patriot Games
  165. The Patriots Dubious Dynasty
  166. Fins at Bucs!
  167. Is Patty Right, After All?
  168. Mythbusters Special Edition: "LLB only talk smack and know nothing about football"
  169. Icey the cheerleader
  170. ThePats the idiot
  171. Hey patsies how bout this?
  172. Six Keys that Lead to a Carp Flop
  173. Talk about going to extreme lengths
  174. Hero Ben Roethlisberger Won't Let Face Injury Affect His Throwing
  175. I have a strange feeling it was Kinzua.....
  176. Bills Defense = Contradiction
  177. Serious question
  178. This Sounds Familiar ....
  179. Reality Check
  180. Ronnie Brown is a BUST
  181. No Respect!
  182. Flash backs
  183. This Is Troll Jeopardy!!!!
  184. Win A date with kinzua
  185. answer the posts?
  186. Trilogy Of Terror on Finheaven
  187. ***The Depths Football Pool***
  188. Patriots players
  189. bash my opinions here!
  190. Dolphins vs Panthers (place your bets)
  191. Patsie fans--there is hope!!!
  192. please explain...
  193. Eat Crow, Carppie!!!
  194. D'Bustashaw Ferguson
  195. The Eagles > Dolphins
  196. just a pic i would like to share with you guys..
  197. those gayfers
  198. Caption This Pic
  199. Its offical Steeler fans have a lower IQ than Jill and jet fans.
  200. "The official yo those gayfers thread"
  201. Bills cheerleaders hahahaha!
  202. Just Telling Us Something we Already Knew...
  203. My final Danute stats of doom
  204. Loss-Man officially named starter!
  205. Can someone pleae explain to me how the Patriots are still a SuperBowl favorite?
  206. Hey, Mr. Internet Tough Guy!
  207. Yo Those Gayfers
  208. Bgof We Need An Updated List
  209. yo those gayfins.
  210. How r those phins gun be better den dose Bills
  211. I'm tired forgive my lame topics
  212. Will somebody please save us!!!!!!
  213. Pinkston is a *****.
  214. WTE=Owned!
  215. *** Official Matt Leinart Pregnancy Thread ***
  216. Only 7 more shopping days....
  217. Let's breakdown the Steeler's "championship"
  218. the new jets chant
  219. Miami Dolphins...dumbest team in NFL??
  220. hey look at this
  221. Ohh Trollllsiiieeesss..come out come out...
  222. Five Reasons the Carp Don't Make the Playoffs ...
  223. Just Why Does Kidszoo Keep Calling the Dolphins "the Carppies"?
  224. "Stealers" forums Hilarious
  225. how much will miami lose by on thursday??
  226. How Much will the Dolphins WIN by.....
  227. Steelers SUCK!
  228. why the dolphins suck
  229. I'll say what Saban and the Dolphins can't!
  230. Bills and Jets slammed by Football Outsiders
  231. HAHA! Pittsburgh BLOWS!
  232. Flood warnings issued for Miami Dade and Southeast Florida....
  233. Split from: Week 1 Injuries, Who ready whos not/Suggs News
  234. Hate to say it but Steeler fans are right
  235. Bills Comedy
  236. Hmmmm ...
  237. Come late tonite all of the WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  238. Theory on why we have Culpepper
  239. Bettis Should Have Rode In....
  240. Welcome to Miami Culchoker!
  241. Sooooo thats your savior and leader to the superbowl huh?
  242. Merged: Ronnie Brown is not a Starting Caliber back
  243. BATCH vs Culpepper, LMAO
  244. Bunch of crybabies
  245. Vintage "Pep"
  246. Ants to the picnic.
  247. Where's all the Playoff Talk now Dolphins Fans?
  248. Cry Me A River
  249. Steelers 28 fins 17
  250. breaking news: Ben Roethlisburger made a deal!