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  1. Well Steelers fans....
  2. Truth be told...
  3. Saban throws like a ****
  4. Not smack, just a ?
  5. Well, well, well.
  6. Let me just say this about Daunte:
  7. Get your roll on
  8. The broiled crow could taste good, waiter what other ways can you prepare it?
  9. None
  10. I Said It Before, I'll Say It Again
  11. Football pool.
  12. Where the heck are you now!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. ThePats--busted
  14. Culpepper
  15. Only one week left of bills trolls
  16. Lol At Gangreen
  17. anyone want some hot sauce on their buffalo wings?
  18. I am sorry for everything that I said about the Phins
  19. Brady's so good, he gets a score on the first play of the game!
  20. Well, now that my arse is no longer
  21. Hey FinsKlown...
  22. Heres a link or two.
  23. game prediction
  24. Is Barfalo actually good, or are the Patsies that bad?
  25. And Brady throws to .... D'oh
  26. Grandpa Brad 1-0 / Elite Daunte 0-1
  27. Goooo Bills!!!!
  28. Free Football Pool
  29. How many of you Bills fans plan on staying here if the Miami wins?
  30. Don't be surprised if Troy Vincent ends up back with the Dolphins.
  31. Charlie Batch.....
  32. Exactly HOW do you expect to stop Ronnie Brown?
  33. The evidence is really piling up
  34. How do you like your buffalo
  35. Converting to DOLPHINS
  36. Heads Up!
  37. Very good read on Dante Culpepper being overrated
  38. So When Is Losman.....
  39. Mayby its not too late for Gus to come back?
  40. We told you about Mularkey
  41. bills fans, vikes fans, nfl fans...
  42. Raiders, Packers better than Dolphins
  43. Gimme my GD Crow
  44. Hey Guys!!!
  45. As much as I hate to say it....
  46. Always next year.....B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. When the Bills beat the Dolphins, the whole city of Buffalo beats the Dolphins
  48. Hey Dolfelon Fans!
  49. Whatup Digggz
  50. Name that player
  51. How's that Super Bowl run going?
  52. Ko Simpson > Jason allen
  53. I hate to say I told you so...
  54. So how's that great LEADER working out?
  55. The story of the day...
  56. A silent thread for the Miami Dolphins
  57. On the bright side of things...
  58. Fins will be no worse that 4-4 at season's midpoint
  59. Happy Belated Woodshed Whooping.
  60. Congrats Bills
  61. wow!!!!!
  62. I sould have warned you about Daunte
  63. Well, look at the bright side of things Finfans
  64. When the dolphins cry
  65. Ain't Gonna Fret Just Yet!!!
  66. Marv Levy comes back from the dead
  67. So ... Nick No Longer Walks on Water!
  68. Why so quiet Chokepepper fans?
  69. Woo Hoo!!!
  70. Saban
  71. Nick Saban is SOFT
  72. Mularkey needs to Change His Ways...Fast!
  73. Bills fans - will you still root for the team when it moves to Los Angeles?
  74. Hypocrits
  75. I'm sorry
  76. Apparently WTE is a fan....
  77. The 3 biggest are gone?
  78. Fins 0-2, Bucs 0-2
  79. Bahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
  80. Culpepper can't cut it, he will soon be
  81. Stupid SIG
  82. Los Lonely Boys Club???
  83. What happened? Poll
  84. What happened? Poll
  85. What happened?
  86. I Hate Yuppies and Hillbillies get on my last nerve!!
  87. 3 dub and Mouldsy
  88. What does a loss to TEN mean?
  89. Bring It SpongBobs!!! SpongeBob#1...SpongeBob#2...SpongeBob#???
  90. Okay listen up Ladies.
  91. Offensive Line
  92. Okay, Let's talk QB
  93. This says it all.
  94. Lost Lonely Gay Boys
  95. Scores for the game 2morrow
  96. Would you all please shut the hell up?
  97. get it off your mind
  98. For the fans that boo and cry about being 0-2...
  99. Culpepper is doing better today
  100. For you Bill's fan's that were running your mouths!
  101. Redskins suck
  102. Way to go Dolphins
  103. Hear Ye Hear Ye
  104. Trade: Culpepper for Chris Simms' Spleen?
  105. Ronnie Brown is GETTING BETTER EVERY WEEK...
  106. I love you all
  107. What Tom Brady listens to after a loss
  108. Dudes??
  109. Day 1 of the dolphins horrible horrible win.
  110. Hey Like2god
  111. 3w = ???
  112. Saints would be 0-3 with Culchoker
  113. 3W, you are a...
  114. Pats losing faith in Tom Brady?
  115. Hello!
  116. No worries Dolphin fans
  117. Congrats on the 1-2 start and last place in the AFC East
  118. For all you guys that bashed the pick of Donte Whitner
  119. the deadfins blow
  120. Hey *******, Redskins Own
  121. Everyone QUIT Booing Daunte
  122. this board is quickly becoming a clone of KFAN's board
  123. Daunte sucks
  124. Superbowl Predictions
  125. Bills fans
  126. Redskins Fans
  127. Philly has such an easy scheduel
  128. haha
  129. Any Brady haters?
  130. Any one else hate Belichick?
  131. hagan , allen???
  132. Joe Rose, Kim Bokamper slam Dolphins
  133. 49ers > Dolphins
  134. We need to play a local Highschool team, maybe that will
  135. Lmao
  136. Our offense is like 3W - We can't Score!
  137. Dolphins going down in flames with Daunte
  138. So how about the 2007 draft?
  139. One way to think about it.....
  140. Bye Bye Postseason !
  141. It isn't happening is it guys?
  142. embarassing!!!!
  143. This is not good
  144. Malarky&Saban
  145. Saban SUCKS!
  146. So who are the fish going to take with the #1 pick?
  147. I see Mularkey is still Mularkey!!
  148. Sorry guys
  149. Don't worry, your team will still go to the Super Bowl!
  150. 49ers still > then dolphins
  151. Join the Patriot Bandwagon while you still can
  152. Forked: Was Ronnie Brown a Bad Draft pick?
  153. Dolphins offense one of the worse in the league
  154. Top 5 worse teams 1 being the worse.
  155. The Image that Says all thats needs be said.
  156. Den of the beast... who do I root for?
  157. Greatest signing in history of sports
  158. Let's hear it for Inspector Gadget!!!
  159. How's that madden07 playbook holding up?
  160. Will The Dolphins lose in the bye week??
  161. Merged 5x: Start Harrington
  162. If you're going to flame the guy.....
  163. Has the fin Offense looked so bad that no one sees how poor their Defense is?
  164. Saban=Spurrier
  165. Fins need to pass more
  166. Enough already.....
  167. Uh-Ohhhhhh ...
  168. Have the Dolphins contacted the United Way?
  169. Just a question....
  170. A NEW Six-Game Winning Streak Starts Sunday!
  171. Dolphins will beat the Patriots
  172. ATTN: Dolfans - Come prepared for the next home game!
  173. Better?
  174. 'Pepper sits out practice?
  175. Saban says 1-4 season=in the toilet!
  176. Fins are TERRIBLE!!!
  177. Daunte is not the one...
  178. Here's a good Daunte story
  179. Lets talk trash
  180. Allen still not ready
  181. Jack Hunt- saban is a jerkoff
  182. i knew this was going to happen
  183. Artwork for the Pats
  184. The Patriots
  185. Quote this pic:
  186. I'm Baaaaaaaack!
  187. A-Rod looks in mirror after Yankees' loss: 'I sucked'
  188. why is this board so insane...
  189. for everyone who thinks Joey should start...
  190. Rasheed Sallem=Ronnie Brown
  191. Saban Is A Loser....
  192. Congrats Pats fans
  193. Told you guys Niners are better then the Dolphins?
  194. OMG, THAT PI was BLATANT!
  195. dee dee dolphins !
  196. Saban is looking like a fool........
  197. Thank you fins!
  198. My Poor Dolphins
  199. A Question for C-Choke fans
  200. Harrington or Cullpepper?
  201. Daunte = 2nd String
  202. My Patience Ran Out!!
  203. Jets will beat the dolphins
  204. How Come We Suck So Much?
  205. A week of smack?
  206. Brian from Ohio on 790...
  207. Saban Facing Media Feeding Frenzy?
  208. Culpepper, Saban Caught In A Catfight
  209. Dolphins absolutely blow.
  210. Hahahaha!!!!
  211. Saban is in Over his Head!!!
  212. Dolphins will beat the Jets
  213. Frank Gore Best Hb in his draft class
  214. It'll take years for the Phins to catch up to the Pats
  215. Once and For all! Daunte is finished!!
  216. hm.......does daunte use this when he parks his car?
  217. co-worker bet
  218. Predict Dolphins vs Jets Score
  219. Wow are Fin's fans gullible!
  220. Joey "Ballgame"
  221. A Jet fan here
  222. Predict how many games the dolphins will win this year.
  223. Dolphin fans who do you blame for the team being so bad?
  224. We wont beat the Jets !!
  225. Jets record for season
  226. A rant..with a little common sense
  227. Which do you like better?
  228. Reasons the Jets are a terrible team.
  229. NCAA & NFL wagering
  230. How disappointed are you with the dolphins this year?
  231. Funny video of the Jets
  232. like2god:check your PM's on JI
  233. U of Miami
  234. For all you Dolphin Fans
  235. Patriot Lore
  236. For all the Bills fans.....
  237. dear Miami
  238. No doubt about it....
  239. 1-5 Woo Hoo!
  240. were still here
  241. One Jets fan and his thoughts on the game.
  242. The Official "They should have kept Mare on the sidelines and went for the TD" Thread
  243. Good Game Yesterday
  244. 1-5
  245. Sunday was a great day ... till the Dolphins game
  246. Congrats Jets
  247. Props to Ronnie Brown
  248. Anyone having problems listening to 790 over the internet?
  249. Wow, The Dolphins really suck!!
  250. Jason Taylor?????