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  1. Jason Allen Making A Play Wooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. Why The **** Do You Blitz!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Please Saban release Will Allen.... PLEASE I DONT WANT HIM PLAYING FOR THIS TEAM EVER
  4. Omg Go Fish!
  5. Kooch has no heart
  6. At least now
  7. Bills Win, Dolphins remain doormat of the AFC East...
  8. We won, but you guys are horrible fans.
  9. Nice win Fish!
  10. Fire Mularky??
  11. where all you saban and brown haters
  12. Miami just needs luck to win.
  13. Can't we give Cleo a shot?
  14. Culpepper Likely Done for the Season
  15. Patsy fans booing Adam Vineteri, no class!
  16. Where are the Caddy lovers now??
  17. Only 2 Wins... Still Sucks
  18. Never thought I'd read these words in The Herald!
  19. Props to the fish
  20. Too funny not to share
  21. Bears = ??
  22. What a KILLER Quarterback he's going to be!!!!
  23. Leftwhcich/ Calvin Johnson
  24. With Miami Winning Sunday
  25. I have no where to post.
  26. The 3am Treefort
  27. Great Article from SI regarding Saban
  28. Could Cleo Lemon have won this game for us?
  29. Culpepper biggest flop by a landslide
  30. Could Huard have been the man all this time?
  31. Another Chiefs fan's take on the game
  32. Randy Mueller
  33. Caption this picture
  34. Fun Fact
  35. The Official Patriots Dynasty Thread
  36. Hold on if we had a.j. feely
  37. Which dolphin gets the most action?
  38. To all the Phinfans that hate the bills
  39. No more JH Threads!
  40. Donte Whitner's best hit of the year
  41. Saddam Escapes!!!
  42. where can i get...
  43. Blurch must be cold.
  44. Don't be fooled by these Chiefs
  45. Huard Suggested Pats Sign Marino When Brady was Injured
  46. 3 Games Out
  47. no more joey
  48. ENUFF!!!!!! with the Trick plays!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Bell will be a probowler one day
  50. The kick is on its way...
  51. well well well
  52. our new OC candidate
  53. Where's all the smack?
  54. Congrats to the Jets
  55. The least the Cheifs fans could do
  56. For everyone that hates the Pat's!!
  57. What everyone wants to do to Pats fans
  58. What about the JETS
  59. DolfanTom v. Blurch Bet Thread
  60. You Guys Are Not Going To Believe This One...
  61. pic of belichek cheating on wife
  62. 4000 posts! - Thank you
  63. Jimmy Cefalo is the worst play by play...
  64. A point to ponder!
  65. the new Jets Mascot
  66. Bandwagon?!?!
  67. Why have we not resigned JT?
  68. i forgot about larry chester
  69. Ronnie Brown workout..
  70. I knew it....
  71. ~! Ok if Ronnie/Chambers bust post here!~
  72. Big News!!!
  73. Pats to unveil new uniforms
  74. Steelers Ike Taylor Interview
  75. Depleted Patriots' Samuel, Wilson out against Packers
  76. Favorite fans to smack....
  77. same old team
  78. Our Defense Sucks Today!!!
  79. Accepted: Fins have NO, Nada, None, field goal kicking ability
  80. What would have been hilarious....
  81. Bye Bye Blurch
  82. Can we finally all AGREE!!!
  83. Shut Up John Mellencamp!!!!
  84. Ding Dong the Blurch is Dead!!!
  85. Haha our offense kinda stinks
  86. Pats have their own Haynesworth
  87. Pop the Champagne Boys!!!
  88. brain surgeon tailgate party
  89. So long GOMERS!!!
  90. Los Angeles and Orange County poker players...
  91. Kinzuna and other buffalo fans on Jerry springer
  92. Happy Thanksgiving Depths!!!
  93. Lavar was on ESPN and said he would have a decision by THIS AFTERNOON
  94. Gore Is better then Brown
  95. Why did we do this????
  96. I don't like this AJ Feeley acquisition
  97. do players fart on the field?
  98. our playing sucks !!!!!!!!!!1
  99. just because his name is c pep you guys think he is going to start next year
  100. Dolphins are famous for losing after getting 10 day rests.
  101. "Typical Bills Fan"--T-Day
  102. Sammy Morris no Sammy Smith
  103. I'm ashamed to see people in here think that Daunte is our future. It's just funny...
  104. Nolan is going to be a better coach then Saban
  105. Who's More of a Moron!! Millertime49 or DEEp2Evans!!
  106. Ahh, MM sucks!!!!!
  107. bigbry = bigcry
  108. If a team were to play in LA wouldn't they have to play in a dome
  109. Woooooo yeahhhhhh
  110. Neutre Dame Sucks
  111. Strangest war of words/tauntfest/back and forth between fans of opposing players
  112. Captain Eo
  113. Big Dent
  114. Rex Grossman sucks
  115. Ted "melon head" Bruschi's questionable hit of Farve.
  116. Honest Saban questions
  117. HAHA AJ FEELY Wut a Joke!!!!
  118. Did Kinzua and BwanaZulia...
  119. MERGED-Saban offered coaching job at Alabama.
  120. Dolphan Tom's official goodbye thread!
  121. Hey Blo....
  122. Least Favorite Harrington Overthrow???
  123. Fire Saban
  124. Who do the players/coaches think is better; Culpepper or harrington
  125. Least Favorite Ronnie Brown Overthrows???
  126. Keith Traylor listed as BACKUP QB
  127. Hey, Remember Those Urlacher vs. Thomas threads...
  128. An Open Letter to Nick Saban
  129. A troll riddle for you
  130. Eagles Vince Papale Interview
  131. Culpepper attends practice today(Nov 29)
  132. Oh My God
  133. Merged /Check Out The Jag's Message Board!
  134. How Many Overthrows For Harrington This Week
  135. Jag Fans: Will you still root for your team when it moves to L.A.?
  136. BZ's Welcome Back Party
  137. Post Your Favorite Joey Harrington Picture
  138. DT's official "I Hate CBS" Thread
  139. Yatil Green
  140. Joey Harrington Font
  141. I Warned You...
  142. video
  143. In order to become a TRUE pats fan.....
  144. How Quickly We All Forget......
  145. Is That The Thumping Of a Heart beat I here??
  146. Dolphins Pep Rally Thread
  147. "Warm succulent *****"
  148. Joey Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  149. **** This Team
  150. Our Receiving Corps has more dropped balls than.....
  151. Congrats to Jacksonville
  152. Get rid of 'me all!
  153. Fire Mularky Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  154. The most likely place you would find a Mare FG attempt is.....
  155. Any thread in regards to possible playoff scenarios @ 9-7 should be...
  156. Jason Allen and Derek Hagan officially are both labeled....
  157. We looked real small out there today.
  158. Dr. George Caldwell
  159. saban maybe the problem? sorry to say?
  160. We're Spoilers Now!!
  161. dfgh
  162. Go DOLPHINS!!!!
  163. You sure gotta love this board..
  164. Marcus Vick anyone? The talent is there but we dont have the guts to groom it...
  165. Does This Team Have The Guts To Beat The Patriots?
  166. Big news for Patriot Fans!!!!
  167. Dan Marino Records Bio
  168. Travis Daniels is garbage
  169. Shower Rankings: Week 13
  170. Man some of the OSU fans are crazy
  171. B-Lo needs an avatar
  172. Rocky IV Interview with Actor Dolph Lundgren
  173. how many of us could beat c pep- in a foot race?
  174. Are you ready for the pain on Sunday?
  175. Kooks and Malcontents
  176. Tom Oliva
  177. DolfanTom v. B-lo Official Bet Thread
  178. Brit-spam
  179. Bama reaches again for Saban.
  180. I'm a Dolphin fan (this week)
  181. Blo`s attempts at smack....
  182. NewEngland @ Miami
  183. Patriot Haters
  184. Here we go again!!
  185. Merry Christmas Depths
  186. Thread for MR NFLFAN and the crew
  187. BradyOwnedByFish or TaylorGodOfBrady??
  188. Patethic team
  189. **** ********!
  190. Just think if JOEY started all year?
  191. Difference Of Opinion
  192. Offensive Line-Obviously not as bad as everyone makes it out to be
  193. Thank You Olinde!!!
  194. Where was stinkin' Brushi today???
  195. Only fitting that Buffalo ends Miami's season
  196. Where are the Fire Saban Enthusiasts?
  197. No loud mouth pats fans now
  198. Attn: Pat Fan Smack Talkers....
  199. You're next!
  200. Where did the Patsie fans go?
  201. A Patriots Christmas Carol
  202. First place in the AFC with homefield if....
  203. Dolphins did turn around the season
  204. Just for you B-Lo
  205. we're playing wannyball!
  206. Official Dolphins are going to work the Bills thread
  207. Breakin News
  208. Shula and FinKat
  209. Bring Your Snowpants!!!
  210. delete this thread
  211. Mother Nature Letting Down the Bills!
  212. Rocky Balboa Movie Interview with Antonio Tarver
  213. Negative as to Stop!!!!!!!
  214. Buffalo is a dump
  215. Observation of Saban on NFL Network
  216. MERGED-Bills game blacked out? NY-Can fans respond
  217. So How many of you Bills fans plan on staying?
  218. 5,200 Tickets Remaining For Sundays Game
  219. Mike Moolarkey
  220. Bigger nose Matthews or Fiedler
  221. looking at the bills
  222. Hey Finhaven
  223. Brady's Bad Day
  224. The OFFICIAL "Adopt A Troll For the Holidays" Thread (Ice's Idea)
  225. The results are in!!!
  226. Spam
  227. Fins hit brady so hard, they broke his marriage
  228. Tip the Cows!!!
  229. what you think dolphins record
  230. Bills fans are in denial...
  231. Merry Christmas B-low!
  232. Phinz420 Please Read
  233. Gametime!!!
  234. Bring Back Jay Fiedler-He is Better than Joey...
  235. Worst DB this decade?
  236. Jauron owns Saban!!!!
  237. I tried To Warn you!
  238. DolfanTom = Owned
  239. Congrats Jills fans.
  240. madison, williams, or culpepper?
  241. My CONGRATS to every...
  242. JP LOSER-MAN huh?
  243. JP or Joey
  244. Good game.
  245. Fire The Darned Mascot!!
  246. Good game fins
  248. pissed OFF! damn man
  249. I give no props to the Bills
  250. BILLS fan here