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  1. Boomer
  2. F*ck J.p Losman!
  3. Slightly less than favorable posters.
  4. Jason Taylor has 1.5 sacks on the year!!!
  5. Farve is overated
  6. Remember this.......
  7. What do the Dolphins and Marlins have in common
  8. LOL @ Dolphins fans thinking they have a chance...
  9. Have you guys seen this one?
  10. Why does everybody hate the JETS here?
  11. The Franchise..
  12. Sick of Jets Fans
  13. Jets fans have arrived here gays!!!!!
  14. Hey ESPN, C'mon man!
  15. Let's Go CHIEFS!
  16. whats up with this..........
  17. Jet idiots
  18. hey brett
  19. Merry Christams Fin Fans
  20. Get hyped up for the game by watching this!
  21. The Bills suck
  22. John Denney is a piece of ****
  23. CBS sucks balls!!!
  24. CBS sucks balls!!!
  25. Who wants to hate on Ginn now???
  26. Ginn Naysayers, Bring 'em out, Bring 'em out...
  27. A Holiday gift for the Pats, Jets and Bills fans
  28. Dolphins....
  29. Banned for life from Pats site
  30. **** the Jets
  31. thank you jets!!!!!
  32. Ravens Fans giving Fins no respect
  33. Congratulations.
  34. Lets Get The Facts/Stats Straight
  35. The Ravens Smack Thread....
  36. You guys are funny
  37. No racial slurs
  38. PAts Fan rooting for the Ravens!!!!!!!
  39. WOW the ravens are very cocky...
  40. Anti Crows Thread!
  41. We must create rules for dolfans who dont know how to act
  42. How to intimidate the Baltimore fans...
  43. The Patriots are still the better team
  44. Fins fans can't hack it
  45. OMG you team sucks!
  46. Ted Ginn Sucks
  47. You just found out why Chad isnt the MVP
  48. Breaking News!!! Reality Hits Miami!!
  49. Breaking News!!! Reality Hits Miami!!
  50. Cam Cameron is a looser
  51. Chad looked like he was going to cry
  52. A Jets Fans Thoughts On Chad Pennington
  53. The true Pennington Has SHOWN UP
  54. Id bend ed reed over..
  55. Congratulations To The Baltimore Ravens!!!!!!!
  56. Joke front page story
  57. How Do you Know Henne has a rocket arm?
  58. The offical Robert Horry nomination thread
  59. One and Done
  60. Screw the Ravens
  61. HAHAHA Ravens
  62. John Beck: What do we have?
  63. Does anyone have the clip of Wes Welker getting hit by Crowder?
  64. Vick Maybe?
  65. BETTER not translate to more than a rumor!
  67. jason allen sucks
  68. Beat Writer for Miami Dolphins suck
  69. Fin fans foolish over Free Agency
  70. to all the Republicans on the board
  71. Uh Wth?
  72. Would you buy a Fagg Jersey?
  73. 99.99% of cops are crooks
  74. White Nation
  75. 9 Reasons Why Beck Threads Blow
  76. Watch now...Buffalo will get about 54545 primetime games now
  77. unbelievable.....
  78. which scrub do we sign?
  79. Parcells is a GENIUS but he didnt think Bodden was worth 750k a year
  80. Carbon Monoxide?
  81. Who would have you drafted?
  82. Protests greet Bush's first speech as ex-president
  83. time to trade ginn
  84. John Beck has " No Future With Miami "
  85. Miami already looking for John Beck's replacement
  86. where's all the bills fans
  87. Should I be concerned?
  88. Why did Beck fall out of the teams plans so quick?
  89. Jason Taylor
  90. If we draft Pat white...
  91. Henne video
  92. I can't wait.
  93. just thought i would vent
  94. Seeking Finheavens Finest
  95. Patriots can go suck a D
  96. Cant wait to see Roth or Porter break Dirty Sanchez' face
  97. Stupidity is today's word
  98. Merged: Beck just got cut!!!
  99. The John Beck memorial thread.
  100. The official John Beck is gone with the wind memorial.
  101. Tom Brady came out of the closet???
  102. Where is ftp?
  103. Land Shark - The Truth
  104. Cheney: "We Weren't In Torture Business"
  105. ----- Shut your mouth when we struggle this year
  106. Jets Fan Here
  107. Miami Dolphins New Player...
  108. Just Curious...
  109. What kind of city gives a city key to somebody who has been there for 10 hours??
  110. Do You SERIOUSLY Think the Dolphins are a SB Contender?
  111. Mark Sanchez GQ Photo Shoot..What a queer!
  112. WVdolphan is a Douche Bag
  113. happy thoughts..
  114. Kerry Rhodes is a Douche
  115. I Found Ftp!!!
  116. The New York Jets
  117. A history lesson I liked
  118. Jets fans really hate Channing Crowder...
  119. Tom Brady
  120. Let's Just Forfeit The Season
  121. dlockz and goonboss
  122. Check out the Jets Championship Gear!!
  123. Immm Baaccckkkk!
  124. New Thread on new rule just to tick you off
  125. Bills vs Fish '09
  126. Any captions for this picture? :P
  127. motivational posters
  128. LOLZ, Even Hitler is a Bills fan
  129. Rex ryan=Douchebag
  130. More funny Vick rants...
  131. HENNE....i could care less.
  132. Prediction - Pat White will be cut
  133. Official Smacktalking thread
  134. BREAKING NEWS falcons secondary stars in movie
  135. What are some good Falcons forums?
  136. Florida's exodus
  137. Just 4 more days...
  138. Hey Phinphucks- come get educated!
  139. Sparano is worse then wanny could ever be
  140. Merged: Jake Long's struggles
  141. J.L. vs. M.R.
  142. Thank you dolphins fans
  143. miami coaching staff and parcells failures exploited
  144. Brokeback Phins
  145. The NFL Sunday Ticket Ripoff...or...SUCKERS!
  146. Can we just give credit where credit is due??
  147. Video: Bills = FAIL!
  148. Coulda shoulda... JUST STOP IT
  149. The Trade Chad Pennington Thread
  150. Week 7
  151. I'm licking my chops for when we play you guys...
  152. You fans are pathetic
  153. A Message To All the Posers
  154. #1 Player the fins should trade for in order to turn this thing around
  155. Hitler responds to Miami's MNF loss to the Colts
  156. Hilter reacts to Colts over Miami
  157. Pennington and the 'noodle arm" BS
  158. Chargers in serious trouble
  159. lmao watch this video!
  160. I come in humor kill me if you must...
  161. I'm watching N.E and the Jets and I have come to a conclusion.
  162. 0-3: It's over
  163. J E T S... Happens in two weeks, I can't wait!
  164. Pat White should start ahead of Henne
  165. ** CALLING OUT ** All the - "Save the 1st Round Pick" Clowns
  166. Hi we're the fins...
  167. Is it me or is Henne just freaking awful?
  168. Official Chad Henne Hate Thread
  169. I was just banned for nothing.
  170. I have a good feeling about Henne!
  171. True Or False: If the Dolphins win the next 2 games...
  172. Why arent you all at the game?
  173. Where Are All The Haters??
  174. Where you at, Ginn defenders?
  175. cam wake and chad henne
  176. Remember Monday Night Miracle?
  177. Donald Thomas
  178. Rixon Question???
  179. Dolphins thinking Jets
  180. Wow, I have never seen a bigger collection of homers in my life...
  181. Fins fans quit being dumb (you know who you are)
  182. Dolphin Fan Cleo Lemon?????
  183. Even if Braylon had no arms and no hands...
  184. The BS club
  185. Play maker babeee!!!
  186. All Jets fans read!
  187. Jets @ Fins
  188. Dont worry Dolfans, they'll all be gone tuesday morning
  189. you guys still proud of holding the bills to 7?
  190. Jets Suxs
  191. Anyone else think we are gonna get thrashed tonight?
  192. Feel the Thunder
  193. Jets Fans = Scum
  194. Why I hate Jets fans.
  195. NYJunc, RevisChrist, Jetsattack....
  196. dolphins team good but nowhere near Raiders
  197. Bills fans rent a Billboard
  198. Rex Ryan
  199. Good game,but...
  200. NYJunc, JetsAttack, JetsDefense. RevisChrist, where art thou ?
  201. J*e*t*s ?
  202. Jet Fans Quotes
  203. The Statline of the Super Bowl 43 MVP God-King behind center, Mark Sanchez
  204. The Jets remind me of "Cougar"
  205. Jets fans guaranteeing win against Miami
  206. I be honest with you guys - I want Dolphins to lose on Sunday
  207. Lookout Fins
  208. Minnows lose
  209. Be Prepared. Your Going Down
  210. Saints Ain't That Good
  211. I have to be honest.....
  212. If I am Ross I clean house!
  213. You are who we thought you were.
  214. I have to be honest....
  215. Jets Fan Here: Dolphins Season is OVER
  216. The Fish suck but please beat the Jets next week
  217. Hello...Why we will demolish Jets Sunday
  218. Senator Slams Goodell and the Dolphins on Capital hill
  219. Channing Crowder Update?
  220. can someone remov waterlog stauts
  221. Bart Scott has bullseye on his knees $$
  222. The Official Sick of Ted Ginn Jr thread
  223. that cb smith is trash
  224. To All Jets Fans
  225. congrats on the sweep.....
  226. tomorrew is my birthday
  227. Can i speak my mind in finheaven?
  228. Belichick may be a tool, but at least he has class.
  229. I figured out how to get Ginn to be a better WR
  230. Porter:"Brady has his own rules"
  231. Jamie Dukes: I think the Patriots will try to score 100 Points
  232. Attention All Pat White HATERS Congratulations This Thread Is For You!!!!!!!!!!!!
  233. I dont care what any of you say..
  234. What Is Wrong With You People?
  235. Thou shall not run on the Raiders anymore begin next yr
  236. Trifecta regime MISSED on team philosophy and style of play
  237. Down with da colts
  238. Freeman had better numbers than Henne!
  239. Sean smith gettin Toasted once again
  240. How many of you idiots get your world news [sic] from Fox News?
  241. once al davis draft jerminane greasham next yr offense comnplete
  242. If They Score Here Sporano Need Fired !!!!!!!!!!!
  243. this is why we should've got Chris Chambers !!!
  244. bellicheat is and brady suck!
  245. It's nice having a board with...
  246. Is it just me or
  247. These article iilsutrate y AL davis is Genious
  248. Can we start Pat White now?
  249. Season over dolfans!
  250. why raiderteam n al daviss whiff on Michael Crabtree