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  1. Miami Picked the Wrong Year to Suck
  2. What?!?!?!
  3. Interview with Boxing Historian Bert Sugar
  4. where was chambers at today?
  5. i was at the game...
  6. Ahahahahahahahahahaaa
  7. Joey Harrington's favorite NBA player when he was growing up
  8. The Official "All Bills fans were right, all Dolphins fans were wrong" thread
  9. The fish are officially squished
  10. Let's GO DOLPHINS!!!
  11. DT's Temporary Goodbye Thread
  12. J - E - T - S, Suck! Suck! Suck!
  13. Jason Taylor acting like the little ***** he is
  14. Jets 28 Dull fins 12
  15. The agony of being a Fin Fan
  16. JetNation Wants You!!
  17. Hey College footbal MODS..
  18. Do Jets Fans Always Suck This Bad?
  19. 21 - 0
  20. Happy Holidays To All From Gang Green!!!
  21. Dolphins Suck
  22. Nick Saban = Steve Spurrier
  23. A Christmas Carol
  24. Damn....Just...Damn.
  25. 5 years of nothing to show for it
  26. This is embarassing
  27. Ronnie Brown is a bust
  28. HUGE mistake by Saban
  29. We need to fire Saban!
  30. Zach Thomas gets london fletchers probowl spot
  31. Shower Rankings Week 15
  32. Another side splitter game!!!
  33. Cleo!...cleo!...cloe...cleo....
  34. Beat the JESTS!!!
  35. Well Dolphins fans
  36. Defensive Player of the Year Analysis: GREAT READ!!!
  37. Free Dolfan Tom!!!
  38. Bills Confuse Dolphins By Not Using Patriots’ Audibles
  39. Free Blurch
  40. We Are Marshall Interview with Director McG
  41. Ouch! This Kind Of Stings
  42. Was it just me?
  43. Out coached in Orchard Park
  44. Saban and the 'Tide
  45. For all of you chambers bashers out there....
  46. Another NewEra8 drunk spam thread...
  47. Jason Taylor,
  48. Squish those...
  49. 100 best to worst all-time QB`s......
  50. Saban Translated!!!
  51. :ri:
  52. Famous Movie Quotes and the Teams they Relate To
  53. Here in NYC the radio stations are saying
  54. What happened to the "past threads/posts" feature.
  55. R.I.P. Pete Rose
  56. Who's the Hell is Vonnie Holiday?
  57. I'm bored...Hey Smizzy
  58. Morris to Start/ZT hates NYers
  59. times 2
  60. At the Ralph...
  61. Merged: LoL at the Bills!! Season over!!
  62. BillsZonedown!
  63. Playoff bound in 06': Here is how fin fans!
  64. Guess I was right about Joey.
  65. Lets go Phins!!!
  66. Bills Fans-ANSWER this
  67. AFC East- Hardest division in NFL.
  68. merry christmas depths
  69. Go Finsssss!!!!! - Nt
  70. Good Game Folks
  71. Congrats Jets Fans
  72. Twas the nite of the laugher!....
  73. Saban is not a good coach!!
  74. The official sign Mularkey to an extension thread!!!
  75. Jets Won!
  76. Bring it
  77. Jets
  78. I just got banned
  79. Hey Espn Is Looking 4 Analysts
  80. Hey, Dolphins, Want to make a trade?
  81. Happy New Year Trolls!!!!
  82. Ima Make A Text Bashing Movie
  83. Fins Did what the Fins Do
  84. Peta Called
  85. Chad was sick Monday night
  86. Starting in 2010
  87. There must be a Bills fan
  88. my new favorite soon to be walk on is..........
  89. Did Anyone See The Dolpfan That Ran Across The Whole Field On Monday Night
  90. Important Question Everyone Read Please
  91. Saddam will be swinging in a few hours.
  92. Anyone watch the Bills game?
  93. Norman LeJenue and Jack Hunt promoted
  94. Jim Kelly is soooo DUMB...
  95. Brown needs 107 rushing yards to 1,000
  96. Off topic tax question originally asked in the Ask Brett Tessler Thread
  97. Honestly, I hope Nick Saban stays in Miami...
  98. Such a Shame
  99. We Officially Suck!
  100. For FinFans eyes only...
  101. BwanaZulia
  102. Happy B-Day FinMadness!!!!!!
  103. IMPORTANT!!! One last thing
  104. i have something very tragic to say
  105. What the Deuce Feeley???
  106. ONE TIME props to the Jets thread
  107. To Ricky or not to Ricky??
  108. If "Saint" Nick leaves ....
  109. Goodbye 2006-Not a moment too soon-Hopes for 07
  110. Hey F-IN losers We'll take Saban!!
  111. If Saban stays......
  112. Croation Sensation
  113. chat with ricky
  114. Thanks Nick for setting us back two years!!
  115. Famous Lies ...
  116. Mularkey for HC
  117. I nominate....
  118. Dear H. Wayne - I'm ready to take the job!!!
  119. Fin fans: Look at the bright side
  120. Nick screwed Wayne!! Joe Baily is the savior!!
  121. Remember it's the Process;
  122. Better place to live
  123. Prick!
  124. nick saban sucks donkey balls- NT
  125. Finheaven Staff for new Coaching Staff
  126. Saban, the one true god.
  127. We just lost the best coach in the world.
  128. I Guess It Wasn't a "Media Creation"
  129. I told you so
  130. Even Saban thinks the Dolphins stink!
  131. Could a group of fans collectively have more incorrect predictions than Miami fans?
  132. New Head Coach: This Just In
  133. head coach? Lets be serious folks...
  134. Guess who seen celebrating the news that Saban screwed over the fins?
  135. Pat yourselves on the back Dolfans!!!
  136. A girl was walking on the sidewalk....
  137. Super Bowl: Eagles Vs Chargers
  138. Scott Pioli for new head coach
  139. Let's start some draft talk!
  140. Your thoughts about Huzienga asking for suggestions at the PC....
  141. Fin fans: Keep CNC off the buses or this could happen to you
  142. One Decision Finished Saban, Fins
  143. 2000 posts later..
  144. Mrs Saban (what a joke!!!)
  145. The Fins Need To Hit A Grandslam
  147. Here's what dolphags have to look forward to next year
  148. Wayne H makes us look clueless!!!
  149. Merriman wins award after all........
  150. I couldn`t do it...
  151. OMG... Inside Information...
  152. Do you miss nick saban?
  153. the answer to the traveling question
  154. Tonight will be a sad night in Florida...
  155. I feel bad for BZ today, but you others ...
  156. Remember the Carroll "choke"?
  157. Where's the Jets-Pats smack?
  158. Offseason fun
  159. Tusca Loser
  160. Could Ohio State beat the Dolfellons?
  161. Florida Gator Fans....Get to ESPN.com RIGHT NOW!!!
  162. Wayne Fontes???
  163. How 'bout them Patriots?
  164. Every other letter is an "a" in this word
  165. B.S. RUMOR-According to A Bills Fan Jim Mora new Fin HC -Proven False
  166. Hmmm... is the problem really H. Wayne?
  167. Rocky Balboa Interview with Actor Burt Young
  168. Whisenhunt will be a Dolphin
  169. Quick somebody tell WH
  170. Bills | McGahee sued for paternity
  171. Wayne Meeting With Son Of Marty
  172. test
  173. New Forums
  174. Damn! This Sux We Have Until This Day For The Dolphins To Win A Superbowl!!!
  175. To the people who complained at me about the CAPS
  176. Football Guy
  177. After 1/2 bottle of Crown, and this is how I feel..
  178. The Best Dolphins Scenario!
  179. Miami should pull trigger and hire..........
  180. Did Anyone See The Nicktator's Press Conf Today?
  181. My IDEAL COACHING SCENARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  182. New Candidate for Fins Coaching Job Emerges
  183. radio said jimmy johnson is a private rumor regarding head coach position
  184. A little more for ya'll
  185. Why has Mike Mularkey not been named head coach yet?
  186. Anyone thought of this?
  187. Hey Low Key, empty your mailbox man!
  188. Art Shell as the Dolphins Head Coach???
  189. Wow
  190. Wayne your a idot !!!!!
  191. My *** itches
  192. **** The Nfl!
  193. SICK of this New England LUCK
  194. Dolphin Fan forever but Wayne H. is a rich idiot
  195. Caption this pic depths!!!
  196. Actor John O'Hurley Interview
  197. Jim Kellys, "man-plan" Haaaaaaahahahah
  198. Your new head coach is none other than
  199. Do you think Saban left because he couldn't beat Buffalo?
  200. Chan Head Coach
  201. Fyi
  202. Don't Think We're The New "bungles"...
  203. SERIOUS question for Patriot "fans" - SERIOUSLY!!
  204. What in the name of Marino is going on?????
  205. My DarkHorse.....My DarkHorse.
  206. Scott Norwood is starring in a new movie.
  207. The problem: the search itself!
  208. Old Boy Network 1, Hope for Future 0
  209. Your reaction if Cam-Cam is the new coach
  210. Need your POV depths
  211. Ray Handly?
  212. Saban goes to Alabama
  213. Forget about Cam Cameron...we need Nick Saban back
  214. Does anyone else use Tivo to watch the games??
  215. please, no coaches run out of IU!
  216. Rumor: On Cam
  217. who will become our DC when Capers bolts town?
  218. Remember, It's press conference not "presser""
  219. What differentiates Cam from Norv Turner
  220. dfd
  221. 2007: A New Hope
  222. Official bye bye patriots you stink thread
  223. spreadin the word. GPC
  224. Fer Sure .... there is a GOD!!!
  225. Tom Brady has cameltoe...pics inside.
  226. Miami in Super Bowl
  227. DT's thoughts on Cam Cam
  228. 76, 76, 67, 59, and 80
  229. Who will take the AFC East next year.
  230. CBS11 in Dallas Reports: Nick Saban is NOT interested in the Dallas job
  231. What happened Pats Fans?
  232. Saban Planning a Jump To The Big D???
  233. Mularkey returning to the Dolphins in 2007
  234. Now that we have a coach, i'm freakin' bored!!!
  235. Who should I become a fan of next?
  236. Scott Pioli
  237. tuna for gm anyone?
  238. Tuna timing w/ Dolphins (no pun intended)
  239. The Pats will be back with a vengeance next season
  240. T.O is a *****! and a *******
  241. 2007 mock seriously
  242. Free Kinzua
  243. OPINION-Cam Cameron QB
  244. More of "Mularkey" For The Dopes!
  245. Culpepper stats in 2007????
  246. A Round of Applause To The Jacksonville Jaguars
  247. Posts in SPAM
  248. Bwahaaahaaaahaaaaaaa!
  249. Attn. Everyone
  250. Who else is going to FIRETOWN this Sunday like BIG TRAG? GEAH!!!