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  1. Sory Dolphens you blew et singing gibril wilson
  2. Hello from CT
  3. Username TB12 i have been saving this thread just for you.
  4. Are Jet Fans stupid, ignorant or racist?
  5. burce godwisiki doin good job fileing in jamarcus russel
  6. After seeing the pats on ESPN for the 272457245th time today
  7. the ganggreen forum
  8. Exclusive Photo of Patriots Mascot getting BUSTED
  9. dairus heyward bay wil be best wr form 0-9 drarft class
  10. Ginny is scared of CJ
  11. moment of silence...
  12. Why was I banned u ****ing ******s?
  13. The voices in my head
  14. I'm getting sick of Chad Henne playing Byron Leftwich
  15. My Personal Apologies for Today's Game
  16. raider team should go 3 man QB rotation
  17. Pat White
  18. Quinn out, Ginn haters owned!
  19. im leaveing four vacation tomorriow
  20. New Character Idea
  21. Some fans just need to quit being fans
  22. Crazy Fans Please Read
  23. The Official " I can't stand the main board when the fins lose " thread
  24. Whats on the menu?
  25. J-E-T-S suck suck suck
  26. Dolphins Starting To Look Like The New York Mets Organization- Bunch Of Idiots
  27. Regarding Pat White and unacceptable comments
  28. Rixon should be reinstated
  29. Anyone see me in aqua cam wake jersey on Sunday????
  30. Andre "the Hawk" Dawson
  31. dolphen fasn tim to find a qb
  32. if there is fa charger team is socrewed
  33. hey any mod outthere can u remov waterlog stauts and pink sn
  34. Sparanstedt
  35. HahhahahahHAHAHahhahahahaha papa johns commercial
  36. Alright I'll Admit it
  37. Would any of you do this??
  38. ***attention Dolfans***
  39. jets excuses in three two one......
  40. Dan Marino
  41. If Miami made the right choice...
  42. R u a teabagger?
  43. Talking Smack to a JETS fan...Anyone want to help??
  44. Marriage is tricky
  45. Socialism vs. Capitalism
  46. The Joey Porter Memorial Thread
  47. Armando from the Herald was right
  48. I like man lovers
  49. A list of things in that can catch a football better than Ted Ginn
  50. Rex Ryan's offseason plans revealed
  51. The offical Pat White SUCKS Thread!
  52. Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl
  53. Armando is a real piece of ****
  54. Who really cares about free agency..
  55. Can we please stop with all the Ridiculous threads
  56. Free Agency Finz<jets
  57. Rough Seasons in store for Dolphins & Canes...
  58. Jets school Fins on Art of FA and Draft
  59. Wanstash
  60. Ricky Williams Dolphin curse?
  61. Not a frequent poster but...
  62. Talk about a Dolphin/Henne hater...
  63. Is Sparano newest Fins' BUST?
  64. Rex Ryan Photographed Leaving Meeting With Jt
  65. As much as I hate the JETS Im about to switch teams...
  66. Anyone Else Getting Sick of Whiney Know-nothing Fans?
  67. The "Gibril Wilson Watch" Thread
  68. The Ginn Family Memorial Thread
  69. Anyone See Me in my White Brandon Marshall Jersey?
  70. Jets fans starting on us already LOL!!!!
  71. I hate the jets
  72. Rumor Ronnie traded to Lions today?
  73. *The Official Jason Taylor Memorial Thread*
  74. Hey Ryan Clark?
  75. Wtf Was That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  76. *** Official "I Hate the Guy We Took at #40" Thread ***
  77. No one on this forum will be alive when...
  78. Epic fail in the 4th round!!!
  79. So which lamer FinHeaven poster is this?
  80. DOLPHINS are the new draft day JETS
  81. Shame on Ted Ginn Haters
  82. Terrell Owens says he is " Miami Bound " on his twitter account
  83. Miami Dolphins: 4-12 Football Team
  84. Dol-Fans Enjoy...this is PRICELESS!
  85. Dolphins will win 6 games next year-- i looked and researched next year's schedule
  86. Mark Sanchez and Lance Bass are best friends
  87. OT: Jets Bonding by Cornholing with One Another
  88. Good thing
  89. Glen Beck makes fun of Malia Obama on his radio show...
  90. Lets have an offseason edition of player look alike..........
  91. Fans rankings are in :)
  92. Ryan Takes Shot at Crowder (Again).
  93. Tom Brady is a Bieber fan? Picture's say 1000 words!
  94. Why does every1 here hate the Jets?
  95. Article: Jason Taylor not torn on Fins-Jets QB's
  96. Santonio Holmes Talking Smack!!
  97. "karlos Dansby sucks!!!!!!!!!!!"
  98. MERGED: Crowder done for the season - UPDATE: False News By Dumb Jets Writer
  99. Antonio Cromartie's new nickname- AlCROtraz?
  100. This may be the funniest Video I have ever seen
  101. Jets (and some Dolphins) fans need to eat crow here...this is classic LOL
  102. Wanny vs Cameron
  103. Clayton on Dolphins
  104. ummmmmmmm...........
  105. Why the Jets won't win the Super Bowl and I'm glad Sparano lost 55 lbs
  106. The Official Throw the Rookie Under the Bus Thread
  107. I hate the jets
  108. Gibril Wilson
  109. JT made me throw up in my mouth
  110. anyone watch hardknocks?
  111. Jets vs dolphins, The breakdown
  112. If you think the Jets are over-hyped nationwide...
  113. PhinsPhan11...lol
  114. Ginn KNOWS Phin Fans HATE him
  115. As football starts, the more dead JT is to me!
  116. This Just in...Miami Sucks
  117. Revis scared to play against Brandon "Beast" Marshall
  118. To dred or not to dred. That is the question.
  119. The title of this thread can not be placed in the title area
  120. Who Stays/Who Goes?
  121. Henne, Pennington or Thigpen, who woul you go with....?
  122. The Rex Ryan has a Fat Mouth and a Fat Body Thread.
  123. How great would a Revis press conference be tomorrow if it went like this..........
  124. Tom Brady praises Dolphins or how junc and vaark like golden showers
  125. Marino backs Brady ripping Jets
  126. Remember what happened to the last white reciever with good hands we traded away???
  127. Dolphins + Cowboys + Chargers THREESOME
  128. Dolphins need to stop getting rid of their warriors:starting to look like the ny mets
  129. Tony Dungy meets with Rex Ryan LOLZ!!!
  130. mark sanchez likes justin beiber
  131. Henne should be benched in favor of Thigpen
  132. Week 1
  133. Get ready
  134. Try to have some class.
  135. *The Official Pat White Memorial Thread*
  136. HEY!!! The ball will still be in Sanchez's hands more than Revis
  137. At one time i loved Parcells,but
  138. I still say trade for Greg Oden !
  139. THE OFFICIAL Bill Parcells Memorial Thread
  140. U guy aren't fans
  141. Whos banned?
  142. AMEN to this article about Tony Dungy
  143. Cj spiller!!!!
  144. I Have Seen Enough
  145. The Sean Smith/ Vontae Davis Bet
  146. lmao
  147. Why Finheaven is better than TheGangGreen
  148. Jests TROLLS/NYJunc................
  149. 6
  150. NYJUNC Post Bashed on TGG
  151. Henne was not Good
  152. Just thought you should know
  153. Dear "Stop the Wildcat" Clowns ... An Open Letter
  154. I hate Braylon Edwards!
  155. CedarPhin...I hope I meet up with you one day you stupid fuk...it won't be pretty.
  156. Joel Broughton's
  157. ***The Arnold Rozon Memorial Thread***
  158. Random observation
  159. Hai guyz
  160. Thanks Pats* for that BEATDOWN! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!
  161. Enjoy your 7 game losing streak Miami
  162. **** JCane
  163. The John Bonamego Memorial Thread
  164. I'm Drunk and I can't Believe I Ate....
  165. TebowChrist.com, New Website I started up. Feedback please!
  166. Fin fans: Need your help. Being offered lots of $ to miss last game of the season.
  167. The female Finfan
  168. Sick of FH- Week 6
  169. I Hate Trent Dilfer
  170. McQuistan not as bad as fans make him to be
  171. 0-3 home 1-3 conference unacceptable 1-2 home 2-2 conference acceptable
  172. Dolphins Medical Staff Sucks
  173. Did Chad Henne grow up a steelers fan?
  174. Win or lose Sunday, I hope Ricky....
  175. Never HATED Dolphins fans so much.....untill yesterday.
  176. Photo of Dan Henning's Playbook
  177. The rest of the story - Sparano's shades.
  178. Breaking News: Tornado Warning in Dallas....
  179. Chad Henne sucks!
  180. jets lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolol
  181. Moss on tues.
  182. The Official "Express your hatred towards Dan Henning" Thread
  183. Demented but funny image I saw
  184. Does skipping Moss = little confidence in Henne
  185. I thought this site was alot friendlyer.
  186. Anybody on the Michael Vick to Miami bandwagon?
  187. Thank you Cowboys
  188. How long until Brandon Marshall demands a trade?
  189. So Who Did LeRon McLain Spit On Today?
  190. Stop by Kwikie Mart
  191. You guys got your wish...
  192. GOD Is A Jets Fan
  193. Good news and bad news/get Henne off the team
  194. I look at this whole QB situation as DIVINE INTERVENTION
  195. Hey Joe Theisman....Shut the **** up!!
  196. Thigpen Sucks
  197. NoWan Good, Youpik University
  198. Replacement for dan henning
  199. It's time to ban Nazi Death Squads X-pacolypse
  200. No premature Jets lose!!!!!111!!!! thread this week?
  201. raider fan k.o.'ing dolphins fan video
  202. Jet fans At TGG calling us fans ''pathetic''
  203. I love Finheaven so much I want to spurt its babies out of my vajayjay!
  204. Tonight's Game Is Really Cheering Me Up...
  205. We'll I guess the Jest's are happy the Dolphins are coming to town.
  206. I'm a silly pats troll and I would literally suck Brady's weiner
  207. Rex Ryan....
  208. this is our superbowl!
  209. Attention Ines Sainz....
  210. New Dolphins shirts
  211. henning you ****!!
  212. Classless!! Jets are the epitome!
  213. Did you see that Jet piece of crap coach trip nolan!
  214. I need that GIF of Fire Man Ed Face
  215. Hey guys can you help me out?
  216. That's right. **** THE JETS!
  217. Hey NYJUNC, you are closer to who?
  218. A few facts forJests fans/Let the Jests bashing begin!
  219. But the Jets had Revis, Pace, Holmes...We lose for sure...??
  220. TRASH from top to bottom!!!
  221. Jets Fans Are Classless Homers
  222. mods please let us have fun for one night
  223. Anyone?
  224. Play like a Jet!
  225. report:crash and burn :fins over jets 4 out of last 5
  226. What happened FH GMs? I thought the Jets were everything the Dolphins AREN'T?
  227. Congratulations
  228. What are you guys doing to tease the Jets fans that you go to school/work with?
  229. Tony, I Have Lots Of Extra Cardboard Boxes
  230. Dear Dan Henning,
  231. Game on the Line: Wildcat on 2nd down
  232. You Suck Chad Henne
  233. Henne is the dumbest QB in the league.
  234. Morono supporters
  235. Things to do on Sundays?
  236. Miami needs to start giving away tickets to the KIDS, in the inner city..............
  237. Who else can't wait until Jan. 3rd????
  238. A new poll EVERYONE PLEASE VOTE
  239. THIS!!!!!!!!! A must read for all Jests haters!
  240. Is Anyone Else Getting Infractions On The Regular?
  241. How empty was stadium today?
  242. Lol
  243. buttbngrr...lol
  244. The Miami Meltdown...
  245. Do you people think Mr. Ross, is a good owner now?
  246. Can you morons making posts about "Class" please stfu?
  247. The Official Tony Sparano Memorial Thread
  248. thats it im done, gone to New England cause if u cant beat em join em'
  249. FAKE FANS CAN GO. Real fan's reside here.
  250. LETS ALL UNITE . . . F da JETS!!!!!!!