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  1. i'd rather have ricky then mueller!
  2. sdgfgsd
  3. Who does Itokemhomie root for?
  4. Peyton's Monkey
  5. dolphins set to hire colts def.quality control coach diron reynolds
  6. Will Chambers ever be trade OR we got stuck with him until he retires?
  7. Shula was, still is GOD!
  8. take seau back
  9. ABC's The Bachelorette's Jen Schefft Talks Football, New Book
  10. If I say "Jets" off the record, is it less filthy?
  11. Werid Question
  12. Bills Fans: Did you watch the Super Bowl?
  13. Darkmistress
  14. Peyton to Media (and Marino)
  15. Why didnt Levy...
  16. The 2007 NFL's #1 Defense
  17. Why Is It............
  18. QBs for 2007???
  19. New Dolphin Uniforms?
  20. Predestination?/Matrix?
  21. Gang Green draft blunders
  22. Help me get rid of my other fear
  23. Juan Huron... Where are you?????
  24. "But it could be worse. The Steelers could be the Dolphins."
  25. B-lo's Education Level - You decide!!
  26. Wow, this is strange....
  27. Why/How....
  28. Free at last!!!!
  29. Brady Quinn- Wikipedia
  30. I don't know whats tougher when Bills fans watch America's game
  31. wrong forum
  32. I have very important news
  33. Maybe Cameron Should Hire Marty To Be Head Coach!
  34. Best thing I've read in weeks
  35. VIP membership = Stupid
  36. Fire Cam Hire Marty
  37. Highly coveted and hugely successful list of PatsR Guarantees
  38. dont reply just to get in arcade
  39. Who do you hate more?
  40. What I Love About Valentine's Day
  41. Since y'all are resurrecting dead threads ...
  42. Tom Brady must be devastated!
  43. Questions for Mr. Kinzua...
  44. Mic
  45. Who's the gayest?
  46. Oh the memories...
  47. What if Ronnie Brown...
  48. Hey Philter25...
  49. What is your favorite sign of the apocalypse?
  50. breaking news good for us
  51. maverick is in town so lets talk dolphin football.
  52. Joe Toledo
  53. Jack Hunt & Norman LeJeune-ex LSU
  54. Cam tried saving marty
  55. Happy B_day WharfRat
  56. Official PatriotDynasty Off-Season Thread
  57. The Da Finny Code revealer.
  58. The Depths good deed: Helping the functionally illiterate
  59. Opie its your B-Day
  60. The Official smile of Bills fans
  61. BAD phinfan!! or whatever he was...
  62. Dolphins can upgrade their QBs ... no picks required!!!
  63. Per Schefter: Dielman will command Hutchinson money
  64. I have found B-lo's homepage
  65. What 1 team in the NFL?
  66. Offseason fun for Bills fans?
  67. Weekend Prediction
  68. i think we are getting randy moss (part5)
  69. Need a new name for
  70. Levi brown...man is he old/ugly looking!
  71. pacman...consider the man? or no?
  72. Some things never change.
  73. Did Ray Lucas ever crap his pants onfield?
  74. Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick.
  75. fustration with our organization...the raiders in the making.
  76. Why Replacing Chambers Should Be Top Priority
  77. Players we MUST sign this offseason!
  78. Post here if ya Think Kinzua is a Loser!!
  79. Weekend Forecast!
  80. You guys want Brian Griese from my Bears...Rightttttttt?
  81. The Old Guy Strikes First!
  82. Deion Sanders & Jamie Dukes on NFL Total Access. (I ain't ever been to jail!!!)
  83. Breaking News: Pats sign Adalius Thomas - Phins 07-08 campaign already over!
  84. Off season reality
  85. Dolphins desperately finding players to play for the team
  86. The real reason to this
  87. My thoughts on whats going on...
  88. Pats plan to sign Wes Welker
  89. Official "Dolphins are a non factor" thread
  90. I`ve got over 3000 Phin Dollars...
  91. Carpheaven is back!!! Yowzah! Yowzah!
  92. Muller is a THIEF! hahaa
  93. booker a possible june 1st cut (sorry can't find the link)
  94. Patriots = Yankees??
  95. Dolphins in complete rebuilding mode
  96. cameron seeming a bad choice
  97. B-Lo has a commercial
  98. thanks for the pics!!!
  99. Thanks for trading Welker
  100. You're not screwed, you're "B-loed"
  101. My prediction...
  102. Official Mod Appreciation Thread
  103. That Impressed?
  104. Joey Porter = Bad move
  105. Complete Garbage
  106. In true honesty..
  107. Adam "Pacman" Jones
  108. The "Official" How Long will CarpHeaven Last This Time? Thread
  109. Post here if you think like2god is a loser
  110. Blo isn't the only troll who is in desperate need of help.
  111. Official Troll Appreciation Thread
  112. Mcgahee Deal Seems Weak
  113. Dillis McGirlhee
  114. Na na na na, na na na na
  115. Caption this pic!!!
  116. Ok pats fans even you have to admit this is funny
  117. It appears Cam can talk the talk ... hopefully he walks too!
  118. New Pats board
  119. Hey Dolfans, Brady's got a new target...
  120. don't sign..., don't trade for...
  121. In shambles....
  122. "The Official Negativity Thread"
  123. Where's the o-linemen??
  124. Negotiation 101
  125. I guess Stallworth didn't want to play for you scumbags
  126. Why Dolphin fans are better than Patriot fans
  127. Phins sign a fullback!
  128. After all this time!
  129. The Troll News
  130. Moss leaning toward signing with Miami?
  131. I guess Washington didnt want to play for you scumbags
  132. Say it ain't so!!!
  133. WTE is a very powerful man. Dont mess with him.
  134. Where Have All the Draft Picks Gone?
  135. I stole 1100$$$ From Kinzua~~
  136. Do you like
  137. DolfanTom joins the 3K club!!
  138. B-lo
  139. Cam and randy on 790 the ticket now
  140. * The official non-smack, make it smack thread!*
  141. Phinfan Q&A
  142. To all the ignorant prognasticators on this site
  143. The Greatest Plan Ever To Be Proposed On The Internet
  144. A Campbells Moment
  145. Admins... help a brotha out!
  146. MERGED-Joey Porter in trouble/Classless act/Best news in years
  147. Joey, Joey, Joey ...
  148. Mr. Loveboat
  149. Joey Porter a perfect fit in Miami!
  150. No wonder the Bungles underachieved last year
  151. Manny Wright
  152. Joey Porter#5647993217
  153. Chris Chambers at Safety...
  154. You wanna know what truly sucks if we don't win the AFC East this year?
  155. Marino a Jet??
  156. Why do Bills fans enter the depths?
  157. Marino!!!
  158. Dolphins Hottest Cheerleader
  159. We lie to ourselves every offseason?
  160. *** Breaking News *** There's a new QB candidate for the Carp!!!
  161. Thug Bowl I - Coming to South Florida in 2007!!
  162. Fins' should of given up first rounder for Schaub?
  163. Dumb, Dumber Dumberer
  164. CAUTION: Racial slur ahead....
  165. Green Vs. Culpepper
  166. Where in the World is JustaLoserFan?
  167. Random I hate the Jets Bills and Pansies thread
  168. Is Az Hakim this years David Boston
  169. Dolphins should trade 1st round pick for Carr
  170. I dont FREAKING get it!
  171. well guys
  172. Thank you, Kinzua
  173. this website
  174. Someone has to say it...
  175. Lets trade Mare to the Patriots for......
  176. I found us a QB
  177. Serious question...
  178. Extremely important
  179. McGahee might not want to go back to Buffalo
  180. Rumor: Trade up to #1???
  181. The Dolphins are following the Knicks old blueprint with the quick fix
  182. Yet another fine move the BIlls are making
  183. From the great minds of Billszone.
  184. The Mystery of Kinzua Revealed...
  185. Come on people
  186. Stories about Jerk Phin Players
  187. Wikipedia Humor
  188. Funny pic
  189. Is Joey Porter a punk?
  190. Check Out this Encyclopedia: Warning, its long
  191. look at this
  192. Identity report: Britain
  193. Nothing to do with football but f*king funny
  194. Official I'm sick and tired of the offseason
  195. thomas retiring
  196. CB Solution?
  197. Best starting linebacking core in the league... hands down!!
  198. April 28... oh no!
  199. The Official "Cut Dan Wilkerson" thread..
  200. CPep + Zack for Lions 1st!! LINK Inside!!
  201. Dolphins Great= Stat Machines
  202. Strahan>Taylor
  203. Here you are Fin Fans maybe Philly would trade for Culpepper.
  204. Randy Moss to Miami April Fools Hoax (Merged)
  205. Fin get QB, Release C-Pep
  206. What station is My cousin vinny on
  207. RUMOR: TRADE TALK with Oakland and MIami are steaming
  208. UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMOR MIAMI neogotiating for Moss
  209. Aqua4Ever owns himself, Patsfans CLASSIC
  210. Jay Feely= Dilema?
  211. This might cause some Jills fans to defect to the Broncos...
  212. Speculation: We Never Went to the Moon
  213. Jokes about rival teams
  214. Barfalo Snaps
  215. The Top 10 things that Bills fans find in their Easter Basket
  216. This idiot needs some hate mail
  217. Happy Easter
  218. Venting the way some ppl act on thsi thread i guess...
  219. Deadslow a Carp???
  220. Great video
  221. Biggest blow
  222. The Stupid@$$ ugly Buffalo fans.
  223. Brady Quinn Takes a Dump - Implications?
  224. Free Perogies inside...
  225. Simply put...C-Pep...to stay or go!
  226. December 9, 2007 ...
  227. Over/Under on Barfalow Games Blacked Out?
  228. The truth about Tom Brady
  229. ... And the Search Goes On ...
  230. A Raiders fans views on Bills fans.
  231. 1991-1994 The cost.
  232. Bowling and Bills fans?
  233. Friday the 13th...
  234. Weekend Predictions:
  235. Daunte Culpepper = Chad Pennington?
  236. Stop Bashing Culpepper!
  237. marino should never have Gotten a chance to wear #13
  238. Pick a nickname for Culpepper.
  239. Head, shoulder, knees, no toes yet
  240. Official Ohiobryan: Quinn/QB topic thread
  241. Trent Green
  242. Does Trent Green scare you trolls?
  243. The Crow List ... or Too Stupid to Be True Predictions
  244. Did you know????
  245. Ronnie Brown is a Bust...Or is he???
  246. things you dont want to hear os see next season.
  247. Good Article on Ronnie Brown & our RB situation
  248. The Official Bills Draft laugh thread.
  249. you guys all need a pep talk
  250. its that time so here it tis