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  1. If you saw Tony Sparano in public, and nobody else was around...
  2. Hate the jets if you want...
  3. The AFC Threast
  4. Hire Belichick
  5. Dan Henning Memorial Thread
  6. Sphincter
  7. Recidivist Counter-Revolutionary Pig Dog Brigade
  8. Hello, my name is Mike, Georgia truck stop prostitute
  9. Bye bye jets!!!!!seeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaa
  10. Omar Kelly Bio
  11. The Sanchize
  12. Does Mark Sanchez still suck?
  13. What is ????
  14. Just like last year Jets go bye bye before superbowl
  15. LOL, Boston sports radio cracking a joke about Cromarties kids
  16. X-Pacolypse CONFIRMS: Brian Daboll SUCKS!!!
  17. ***official RETURN of x-pacolypse thread***
  18. You think you're angry about the Dolphins (NSFW)
  19. Fcuk it- let's go jets!
  20. Hahaha fvvvvccckkk you jettss
  21. Anyone else rooting for the Jets right now?
  22. Hahahah steelers baby!!111
  23. Did you guys see JT being a dirtbag during the kneel down?
  24. Jason Taylor is out there being a punk out there...
  25. Congrats to the Jets
  26. J. E. T. S. Suck suck suck!!!! Hahahahaha
  27. Some wisdom for the New York Jest
  28. Jason Taylor- Clasless Phony
  30. does any have video of steelers doing mock jets
  31. Why the constant hate for FinAtic?
  32. Helping the pom poms understand the skepticism/negativity
  33. The Dolphins willwin 5 games next year, if that.. my predictions are usually right on
  34. Tony Sparano goes virtual
  35. 2008 AFC East Championship Ring
  36. Just talked to Vince Young...
  37. I Would Like To Thank All Finheaven Members
  38. Who sux more vince young or chad henne?
  39. How gay is this guy ?????????
  40. Johnny Depp: I Am A Huge Dolphins Fan
  41. Poor Rixon
  42. Warren Moon defends Cam Newton
  43. Official Aesop Memorial Thread
  44. Dane Cook is a jizzmopper
  45. taiyyylrrrdlllphn...lol
  46. Everyone save this thread. MIAMI WILL FINISH 5-11. WE ARE GOING TO BE WORSE
  47. welcome to the depths empy.
  48. POLL: How many TD and Yard will Pouncey throw
  49. Waaaaaaaaaaa
  50. Tonight's South Park ...
  51. Why do Sparano's Miami Dolphins match up so well against Rex Ryan's NY Jets?
  52. Pedo Bear
  53. This is why this organization is a joke
  54. Enjoying the Heats success makes me more depressed as a dolphin fan!
  55. Bob Marley Exposing Illuminati And Waking Up The True "Jews"/ Hebrew Israelites, 12 T
  56. The Spirit Of Truth Will Set You Free(FULL MOVIE) Illuminati Symbolism/Numerology Exp
  57. Dan Marino wears panties.
  58. screw the pats...
  59. My new favorite anti-jets T-Shirt
  60. The Official Vince Young Hype Machine Memorial Thread
  61. I don't know what's going to be worse!!
  62. Hey FO, since you're not spending $ on QBs, go get Ray Edwards. Oh, too late!!
  63. Eagles must be licking their chops for the December 11th game vs. the 'Phins.
  64. It's Official!!!!!!!!!!
  65. Can I start the official "who will coach the Phins in 2012" thread?
  66. The Official Channing Crowder Memorial Thread
  67. You HAVE to love the Direction we are headed
  68. Sun Sentinel Petition to Fire Omar Kelly - SIGN IT
  69. Which teams stand out in the "Suck 4 Luck Sweepstakes"?
  70. So sick of this bull**** team and the *******s that run it!!!
  71. Dol-fans are a joke!
  72. Will the Dolphins finish better than the Bills?
  73. How about this name for the Patriots defensive line
  74. Henne: From Zero to Sub-Zero in 2011?
  75. Could Chad Henne be the first QB to ever lead his team to the playoffs...
  76. Mallett>>>>Henne
  77. You call yourself Dolphins fans?
  78. You call yourselves real Dolphins fans?
  79. Depths of the Sea Forum is Awesome
  80. Sparano and the dolphins f.o. went out of their way to lower expectations.......
  81. Henne is Terrible
  82. Broadway Mark
  83. Tony Sparano and Chad Henne Jokes.
  84. Dont drink the Kool Aid
  85. How does football game board post turn to this.
  86. Calling all former Depths Bills fans.
  87. Took Dalton a Quarter
  88. Am I the only one tired of NYJUNC taking over this forum with his homer/antagonism?
  89. If you don't believe in Henne now...
  90. Hey finheaven scouts and gms check this out before you knock the cut!
  91. Washington Post NFL Preview
  92. Junc's Palace of Jizz (now open for business)
  93. Good game Grasshoppers
  94. Now that I've had a day to analyze the MNF game, I must say...
  95. The name game
  96. more name gaming by built2win
  97. why why why
  98. Do the Dolphins even give a sh*t anymore?
  99. Tony Sparano and a Pissed off Dolphin fan
  100. LOL Someone edited Steven Ross Wiki page
  101. Guys! I'm off to root for the Bills
  102. Finheaven Funeral
  103. Dolphins to Fire Tony Sparano as early as Monday
  104. Take Vick out back and shoot him please.
  105. We are Closer to 13-3 than 3-13
  106. My framing company at your service
  107. Dob317 is a jizzmop
  108. Anyone promoting Suck for Luck and cheering us to lose is pathetic and not a fan
  109. test
  110. The Offical Tony "FIST PUMPER" Sparano Memorial Thread!
  111. Soparano needs balls like these
  112. 12 Million Dollar Baby
  113. The Tim Tebow Celebratory Kiss
  114. The Official Tony Sparano Memorial Thread
  115. You so-called fans are EMBARRASSING
  116. The website address should be changed!!! ALL IN FAVOR
  117. Suck for Luck fans SUCK!
  118. I seriously HATE the Colts sooo much
  119. Where are all the Suck 4 Luck peckerwoods now?
  120. How bout the "Great" Jake Long eh? Good thing we drafted him instead of a QB
  121. Matt Moore is easily the MVP
  122. QB is all we need
  123. Dansby sees God working through Tebow
  124. Hey there, Buck-O!
  125. All Matt Moore Haters...Put the Hateraid away because...
  126. there you go MIAMI SUPPORTERS
  127. Find YOur Name In Here!!!
  128. Merry christmas jets fans hahahaha
  129. BUAHHAHH! *gets ready to enjoy the tears about Nacho Sanchez on TGG after final INT*
  130. J - e - t - s ...
  131. Hey nyjunc
  132. Hi, my name is stephen ross and i need your help...
  133. Where's ENDURO ?????
  134. Jeff Ireland is a .........
  135. Listen up *******s.
  136. Tebow to Dolphins
  137. Nothing is Ever Good Enough
  138. Judas fans
  139. *** OFFICIAL Eli Manning Worship Thread ***
  140. Anyone else HAPPY, the Patriots loss? Im loving it!
  141. Patriots Loss
  142. Meanwhile, as the Giants threw a ticker-tape parade down Madison Avenue...
  143. Question
  144. Jets fans are mongoloids
  145. Peyton Manning......
  146. Miami will end up with Matt Barkley next year, and will go 2-14 this year.
  147. I'm amazed!
  148. What Whinners are Trying to Say
  149. "i wasn't aware blah blah blah had already happened"
  150. To the mod that banned me (for no good reason)...
  151. Steven Ross is the Mitt Romney of the NFL...
  152. Another WVDolphan classic parody - The fight song REMIX
  153. Fans/Media just as responsible as Ireland!!!
  154. Really fed up with Dolphins "FANS"
  155. ***Official Roast of Jeff Ireland Thread***
  156. Oh, stop whining
  157. Matt Moore was the 12th best QB in the NFL last season
  158. Ierland Meme...
  159. Matt Moore vs Eli manning
  160. Are you guys excited about Tannehill because...
  161. Shopping for votes
  162. Once again, I'm the target of unjust discrimination
  163. ***The Official Chad Henne Memorial Thread***
  164. Gates “Believes In Miami”
  165. Gonzo is mentally weak
  166. jeff ireland is a joke plain and simple!!!!!!!
  167. Tony Romo for Ryan Tannehill?
  168. Akili Smith 2.0
  169. Yeah! We have a Wr...
  170. Trade down! Ireland is a joke..
  171. Jake Long at Right Tackle- you heard it here first
  172. Tannehill at Wide Receiver
  173. moderator cedarphin is an oppressing jew
  174. The Marc Colombo Memorial Thread
  175. Players loving Philbin, Kevin Burnett recalls Sparano's quote
  176. Hey. Dan Gilbert.
  177. Chuck Norris accueses Obama for pushing pro-gay agenda to the Boy Scouts
  178. Why the Dolphins Can Beat the New York Jets
  179. New thread for venting your anger with the slow off season
  180. Fantasy land
  181. The Religion of Atheism
  182. LOL @ The Jets
  183. The official Chad Johnson Memorial Thread!
  184. Ahhh remember when Rex Ryan made fun of our wildcat after we used it to beat them?
  185. As I sit here with my feet up in the air with my new dan marino nikes....
  186. Anybody watchin this Jets game??
  187. All new, yeah we are going far..
  188. Breaking News
  189. Deadspin: Why Your Team Sucks 2012: Miami Dolphins
  190. Jonathan Martin sucks.
  191. Can the mods please merge all the "whine" threads please
  192. Calm down amateur GM's, this is why ur a couch gm and not working in the nfl
  193. On a positive note...
  194. 40k attendance is too much... we need an empty stadium
  195. We WILL have the top pick in the draft... book it!
  196. The Official Vontae Has To Call His Grandma Thread
  197. Official Karlos Dansby sucks thread
  198. Tony Sparano: We want touchdowns not field goals
  199. I have been banished to the depths for what reason?
  200. A conversation between Ireland and Philbin - Fun times!
  201. Beck Sucks.
  202. Tannehill was def the 3rd best QB in the draft, AT WORST. Weeden Fans Eat Crow.
  203. Hahaha how bad to the Dolphins suck!!!!!
  204. miami dolphins= Hot Garbage !!!
  205. Tannehill must go...!
  206. Sun Life Stadium 1/2 Full Next Week
  207. I Hate Dolphins Fans
  208. You are all Zombies
  209. I'm sorry to the board and fin fans
  210. With the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins Select.........
  211. How did Brandon in Fantasy do vs. Egnew?
  212. Man, weeden sucks!!!!
  213. Overconfident Dolphins Already Talking About Going Perfect 0-16
  214. MERGED: 60 yard FG contest?/Updated Correction: Actually is a 40 yard FG contest
  215. We better hope like hell that Ireland isn't the GM for the 2013 draft
  216. Haters
  217. F**k all you Brian Hartline haters!!!!!!
  218. I curse parcells everytime i see matt ryan play...
  219. The Replacements.......
  220. Why are the mods....
  221. Thank god we dont have cam newton
  222. Was the Brandon marshall trade the most rigged trade of all time?
  223. CedarPhin
  224. Cant make this **** up
  225. Who on the Jets sprinted out of the pile clapping when Bush was hurt?
  226. lol Dan Carpenter
  227. Here's a simple reason to still hate Rex Ryan
  228. With pats losing not a bad day afterall
  229. lol Revis
  230. The D Train Juked Revis So Bad He Tore His ACL.
  231. Fun Thread: We list things that are better than Replacement Refs
  232. Facebook Group: Stay Out For the Lockout - Boycott 5 minutes of game this week!
  233. Go ahead and call Roger Godell.
  234. wes welker trade
  235. You guys sure do hold a grudge...
  236. Jets Mickey Mouse offense comes through again.....Not!
  237. MERGEDX3: Legedu Naanee Sucks Super-Thread
  238. Turnover Tanehill
  239. At least this made me smile today!
  240. A little laugh at the Jets expense.....
  241. Week 5 predictions
  242. Dial "R" for ******
  243. Gonna love watchin jets gets operation repo'd tonite
  244. My name is... Jeff Ireland
  245. Racism against Hartline?
  246. Playmakers Tally.
  247. Goons Thoughts On Tannehill's Nickname Candidates.
  248. Sparanoball Rearing its ugly head in NY
  249. Poll: When will Junc come to the realization that Taco sucks.
  250. Mike Holmgren