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  1. Eva Langoria dumps Mark Sanchez
  2. Not Saban again!!!
  3. Congrats Guys
  4. Is anyone else enjoying reading the Jests message boards as I am !!??!??
  5. New Jets acronym
  6. Gotta love theganggreen ****show!
  7. Lol...whoever said GangGreen are a bunch of uptight, sensitive people are correct!
  8. Great Post from Angry Jets fan on their board!LOLOLOL
  9. Where are all my Basques at????
  10. Tannehill is overrated and he's merely a good backup.
  11. We want more Moore, Tannehill can learn how to be a NFL QB from the bench
  12. Good game!
  13. You guys are right
  14. Book Ryan Tannehill for your next party
  15. LMFAO at stupid fans!!
  16. Idiotic should have drafted Kaepernick thread starts?
  17. Game over
  18. RIP nyjunc...
  19. This is at best a 8-8 team that wont win anything or even get a high lottery pick
  20. Jets / Fans Video
  21. Serious Question for Jets Fans
  22. To the Jets fans talking smack? Seriously? check it out
  23. Hello Jets fans...
  24. If you think Miami Fans are bad... How about them JETS
  25. What if Chad Johnson never got in trouble?
  26. Not for homers...
  27. It is clear to me Philbin has LOST this team
  28. Ross what the f***
  29. Dolphins Draft
  30. Tom Brady
  31. * * * OFFICIAL nyjunk Quits the Internet Thread * * *
  32. Time for us to close the 7-11
  33. Any Word From the Resident Troll ?
  34. So i'm watching the game at Jiffy Lube...
  35. U guys are comedians
  36. Soj
  37. The Offical Jake Wrong Memorial Thread
  38. Wade Smith G Houston
  39. Fire Philbin
  40. Why the feck are The Dolphins not Searching for a GM?
  41. Hold on a sec....
  42. Cordarrell Patterson Mid First Round Pick According To Kiper
  43. I hope cheater colts get killed today
  44. Sparano fired: The jets are smarter than miami
  45. The '09 -'11 Jets Elite? Yea or Nay?
  46. Revisting the QB Draft Class of 2012, again, and the Logo...?
  47. * * * OFFICIAL Matt Ryan Playoff Loss Memorial Thread * * *
  48. Matt Ryan versus Jake Long
  49. If there was a problem......................
  50. Jets will trade up and draft Te'o
  51. Dolphins Talent Acquisition Failures on Display in SF/ATL Game
  52. Can we finally put the Matt Ryan vs Jake Long debate to rest now?
  53. jim harbaugh is a piece of crap
  54. Oh boy...now Pat White wants to come back..
  55. Family Members
  56. I guess she's related to Vontae
  57. White or Moore?
  58. What's wrong with you people?
  59. Screw with the Pats
  60. so all hate but now all these wallace posts come out?
  61. I Hate You All
  62. Why Is Ireland Such A Big Mouth?
  63. White or Black smoke?
  64. We overpaid Wallace and now signing Ellerbe is questionable...
  65. this team will be the same as last season
  66. Breaking News, Dolphin
  67. Dear Ryan Clark:
  68. This is why Omar Kelly is a douchebag
  69. Fire Ireland, we couldn't match 3/18 for Smith?
  70. Ellerbe most likely a bust
  71. To All The Dolphins Fans And Haters!!!
  72. To the mod...
  73. POLL: ...and my open letter to the mods re: Omar Kelly
  74. What are your thoughts on this concept
  75. Did Bess just get tra
  76. I never knew John Jerry was a 76ers fan
  77. Don't kill the messenger but...............
  78. our new logo sucks
  79. Interesting article on espn about Ricky Williams
  80. I have the Dolphins going 6-10, what do you think?
  81. Could a Dolphins sex scandal be brewing?
  82. Why don't we just incorporate pink into our uniform
  83. IF we lose the first game to cleveland
  84. Dolphins fans=unreal
  85. Fake Ryan Tannehill Twitter Page
  86. @Jeff_Ireland twitter page
  87. Our players need to shut up right now.
  88. A Forum Bet Opinion?
  89. aaron
  90. WHY have the muslims labeled liberals/progressives "useful idiots"?
  91. Mike Pouncey supports Aaron Hernandez
  92. Offensive line = No playoffs
  93. Can we please cut EGGNOG already!!!!!
  94. Jonathan Martin = Wade Smith part 2.
  95. Dumb fanbase or Dumbest fanbase?
  96. Official thread of the Miami Dolphins vs Jacksonville Jaguars...#kill the blackmon
  97. Ireland is cold, needs to go!
  98. Well well well
  99. Tom Brady Appreciation Thread
  100. FinHeaven: Where being real makes you a troll
  101. Miami seriously needs "end zone" WR !!
  102. Dolphins have wussy colors and players to match
  103. I am smarter than you, so suck it.
  104. You know the Colts are going to pummel us
  105. The Tannehill Hater memorial thread.
  106. How does it feel Dolph-Fans?
  107. Dolphins are screwed
  108. Move me to spam???
  109. Who is ready to eat crow?
  110. Shout out to all the haters (see if your name is included)
  111. Mike Wallace's Career WITH and WITHOUT Ben Roethlisberger
  112. Two Ravens Fans Speak Truth
  113. Dion Jordan? Sioft
  114. Support for Ireland completely gone, right?
  115. I am troll hunting
  116. I have claimed this forum as my own....
  117. We'll never be in anoher Superbowl...unless
  118. This helps for sure
  119. Why do black people make such ****ty QB's?
  120. Calling out Shouwrong, the ******
  121. Enigmatics licks balls for cash
  122. Dr. Phin blows goats
  123. Shouwrong and Enigmatics use strapons
  124. Shouwrong and Enigmatics fear me
  125. If this board is a true representation of Miami Dolphins' fans...
  126. My Account was banned after I said my father and myself will give up on this team.
  127. lol getting Rochambeau'd by Fat Carpenter
  128. The amount of trolls that came out today
  129. Is it time ZOG delegate Stephen Ross stepped down as owner of the Miami Dolphins?
  130. To the administrators
  131. Where is that redneck hillbilly WV?
  132. Martin is a Coward. We don't need Cowards on our Team.
  133. Refs gave the game to the Phins
  134. People are starting to talk about Martin being gay..
  135. Hey Richie! Nice turtle neck!
  136. Martin & Incognito secret relationship the real truth
  137. The Glee generation has no idea how to deal with people who arent givin them a trophy
  138. So Mr. Philbin Is At It Again Huh? Covering Up Stuff.
  139. Read This And Weep Philbin/Ireland Fans Ha, Ha, Ha !!!
  140. Jonathan Martin and Trayvon Martin.. Drawing a parallel
  141. Lets hear it from U worthless Fans!!!
  142. So.....pretty much it turns out.......
  143. Tannehill has won almost every QB battle this season. Still learning. Relax ppl!
  144. Hate to see injuries
  145. Tannehill is the worst qb in the league, he threw an incompletion
  146. A running list of TanneHaters...
  147. You know who you are. Time to eat your crow and man up.
  148. oh the irony
  149. Get ready for the trolls
  150. Dolphins should go with Matt Moore or Pat Devlin next year
  151. Thank God The Ireland Lovers Will Stop for 7 Days...
  152. Preferred method of desecrating Ireland's corpse
  153. Let's Get The List of Potential Black GMs going
  154. Failing
  155. ***The Jeff Ireland Memorial Thread***
  156. Rosenthal: Philbin to become Phins GM
  157. Why I want the Pats to win it all.
  158. Pick a fricken GM already!!!
  159. FinHeaven posters are a bunch of crybaby fairies
  160. Are you all over your butt hurt from the weekend?
  161. Michael Sam to be first openly gay player in the NFL
  162. Happy Valentines Day to WVDolphan
  163. History proves this guy gets it!
  164. God hates ******s.
  165. fins failing in free agency
  166. Certainly We Can't Be Pleased
  167. Tannehill or Russell Wilson
  168. Don Jones twitter account
  169. To all you dick sucking ******s
  170. I'm officially no longer a supporter or fan of the Miami Dolphins!
  171. Don Jones back with Dolphins
  172. Attention mods
  173. What's with all the misogyny towards women? This is what:
  174. Joe Philbin’s son accused of leaving scene of crash
  175. Tannehill fans, come up with another excuse, and await another heartbreak...!!!!
  176. Matt Moore is GOAT
  177. Matt Moore wins another for us...!!!
  178. I said it as soon as he got here.
  179. Michael Sam does not make the Rams 53 player roster
  180. The ******ation of liberals.
  181. Spiral's manifesto
  182. Thank2 Brady (and his OL) For Putting RT17's '13 Performance Into Proper Perspective
  183. Now That Our Resident Troll Has Been Proven A "Documented Liar"
  184. What will be more dead by 3:30 today
  185. I wonder what the guy in hard knocks said about R. Tann talking us to the Superbowl
  186. Are all of you woman?
  187. University of Michigan and the Miami Dolphins have some things in common
  188. The official Tannehill inaccuracy game thread....
  189. Tannehill haters where ya at??
  190. Overrated/Underrated finheaven members
  191. American History X - Ask PATS16N0
  192. Unbelievably athletic play by RT- a LOT of Miami fans on this site are downright
  193. Elle Clouds on the defensive
  194. Would you be ok with Signing Mark Sanchez?
  195. I ****ing hate this team with a goddam passion
  196. Ryan Tannehill is maxed out, he just isn't very good
  197. Eat your crow. I have spoons.
  198. FH's Giant-Wet-Floppy-Douche's
  199. Tanne Sucks , What You Think
  200. Suck for luck!
  201. This place ever coming back?
  202. Rivers out of pro bowl with injury, does Tannehill get the nod ?
  203. PSIgate: NFL has found that 11 of the Patriots footballs used in Sunday’s AFCCG
  204. Tom Brady press conference on the balls
  205. Hayden Fox's Daily Affirmation Thread.
  206. Damn if Jarvis Landry had a Qb he would be in the probowl.
  207. Miko Sounding Off On NFL
  208. The history of man
  209. Here Lies Flip Tanneflop - ****ty troll and ****tier person.
  210. A Jet Fan Thinks They Are Dwarfing Dolphins in Free Agency
  211. Suh's contract will be dolphins nightmare
  212. Miko Grimes - The Epitome of What's Wrong with America
  213. The Official "Jeff Ireland Like a Boss" Memorial Thread
  214. nyjunc's 2015 - 2016 AFC East forecast
  215. Miko
  216. Jets Fans Can Celebrate Tannehill in Miami Long-Term: WHAT!!!!
  217. Would you date a Jet's or Patriots fan??
  218. Mary Jane versus Tom Brady
  219. Dolphins at play
  220. Donald Trump for president
  221. NFL Preseason Dolphin Games
  222. Official Dion Jordan Doesn't Have A Clue Memorial Thread!!!!
  223. Sign Ray Rice NOW!
  224. Where's Flip Tanneflop aka WVDolfan
  225. I'm back but just this 1 time...
  226. For the sky is falling crowd
  227. Miko Grimes Super Thread
  228. Help FinHeaven Out... or not
  229. Can we change the name of this website to FINHELL?
  230. Tanny sucks - Get over it
  231. FinJim welcomes WV to the depths
  233. The Nick Saban era began with a 34-10 win over the Broncos
  234. Picture of Philbin watching Phins destroy Titans
  235. Suh needs to go back to his dirty ways and END Brady's season badly
  236. South Carolina Student's Violent Arrest
  237. Ryan Tannehill offensive player of the Week
  238. Hey hoops
  239. Can the Patriots get ANY better this season?
  240. Raise you hand if you...
  241. For all the tannehaters who think russell wilsons so great at avoiding sacks
  242. OK, Tannehaters………..
  243. Merry Christmas, from Miko Grimes...
  244. In The Wake Of Bullygate.....
  245. The next Miami head coach...
  246. Hey Jet99 where the hell are you? Same old crummy Jets!!!
  247. Hoops scoops...ryan fitzpatrick failed
  248. So Sorry nyjunc........
  249. About Miko...
  250. Adam Gase is not the answer. Tannehill sucks.