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  1. Manny Wright Fan Club WELCOME AND REJOICE!!!
  2. Poll: Want Ricky Back?
  3. Briggs a Bill???
  4. Our most under Appreciated player is Vernon Carey. Does anyone talk about him here?
  5. long night
  6. Antwaan Randle El??
  7. Thomas Jefferson's brother...
  8. Hot spots for Bills Fans
  9. Typical Bills Fans/ Pre game rituals
  10. Raiders agree to contract with Brady Quinn
  11. Did you hear that?
  12. Okay, okay come on back Bills
  13. Is this the Bills future?
  14. The Dolphins Draft
  15. Cool vid
  16. The Great Debate
  17. JETS fans have no freaking class...
  18. After passing on Quinn, I am no longer a phin fan
  19. Ted Ginn?
  20. Quinn is a Brown. ****ing Cam
  21. I'm sick, I'm sick, I'm just disgusted!!
  22. Its Official Cameron Is Worse Then Saban And Wannestant
  23. Lay off My son!
  24. One of the greatest moments of my life during the draft
  25. For all those who thought that Randy Mueller was a good GM
  26. Watch Ginn...
  27. Ginn and Tonics..
  28. Your season is already over
  29. Miami takes revenge on ESPN
  30. Ted Ginn = Ragheeb "Rocket" Ismail ??
  31. I went to High School with Brady Quinn
  32. Randy Moss comin' to a stadium near you!
  33. Monkeys Pushing Buttons
  34. Moss a Pat + Cams/RM bad Draft = No east titles in several years
  35. OMG we drafted Kelvin Smith!!!!!
  36. Miami's future
  37. Must Read: 2007 NFL Draft Journal
  38. Sad News
  39. Sorry, but this is disgraceful
  40. To TotoreMexico and other Domphin-Nation citizens
  41. My Take on your pick
  42. Dont read this only way i could transfer it to be able to print school blocks email
  43. A Dangerous Duo
  44. Cam Cameron knows....
  45. FH technical problems?
  46. Oh dear god, Boston is full of whiny little ****s!
  47. Paul Soliai
  48. A few, little-known facts about John Beck.
  49. Not to stir the pot or anything...
  50. So I walk into the Depths back room...
  51. Quinn having a hard time in mini camp
  52. Beck Struggles!!!!! Quinn Stars!!
  53. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
  54. Beck stars!!!!!! Quinn struggles!!!
  55. Ok I"m a dolphins fan but I have met the most......
  56. Reason b/c Fins didnt take Quinn
  57. Dolphins are a "soft" franchise
  58. brady wearing a purse
  59. We should look to 2010
  60. This is for all you Jet fans that come over this site and bug us Fin Fans!!!
  61. I wish.........
  62. Do you fear Marshawn Lynch?
  63. One thing that frustrates me...
  64. This is why we passed on Brady Quinn...
  65. I know some of you Love Baseball
  66. unflatering comments about the phins
  67. Tailgating
  68. Cant Catch On
  69. Ricky failed drug tests AGAIN?! Not a Phin till September?!
  70. Oh, no! Say it Ain't So!!!
  71. Tom Brady
  72. favre or green
  73. Who has the worst fans?
  74. I cant take any more of these What If's!!!
  75. LOL Hey Bleed
  76. atleast we are not this desperate
  77. This is what the Fins passed up on draft day
  78. Miami Dolphin cheerleaders are HOT!
  79. Caption this Pic (Bills' Rookies Tour City)
  80. Fsu
  81. win a car
  82. As the Fin Turns ...
  83. Channing Crowder off-season
  84. I know we are all bored but please stop the exxageration threads guys.
  85. Randy Moss is most likley to do what this season?
  86. Ginn's Facemask
  87. any NBA fans?
  88. Real reason Dolphins didn't draft Quinn
  89. Would you cut off your finger?
  90. A Fin fans perspective on the Jets.
  91. Bills thinking about changing logo
  92. Buffalo = Losertown USA
  93. Rick Astley just had sex with you...
  94. Are Faries for real?
  95. Funny video!!
  96. Caption this pic:
  97. Ugliest Dolphin Coach?
  98. The worst piece of Journalism
  99. Now, could these two lovelies be???
  100. Wishing Evil Upon Brett Favre for Marino's Sake
  101. Tom Brady Iz Gay!!!
  102. Tbw12...
  103. Don Shula Sucks, Bill Belichick is Great.
  104. Poll this:
  105. Queen Choke and Princess Ivory - flamers??
  106. Cpep
  107. my newest gear to wear to the Phins bar this year
  108. Ricky Williams=Paula Abdul of NFL
  109. Great superbowl memories for the Barfalo Bills
  110. Ted Ginn Family
  111. 55.65 posts a day!!
  112. Help Wanted.
  113. What Is It???
  114. Great moments in Buffalow history....1999
  115. Ted Ginn (Cleveland)
  116. Trent To Miami
  117. Merged: Ricky
  118. Randy Mac Smack!
  119. Michael Vick is a piece of crap
  120. What if they mated?
  121. A moment of silence
  122. Patsies...WE WILL BEAT YOUR SORRY ^$$
  123. Which AFC East Rival Team's QB You Hate The Most?
  124. What is your favorite fun thing to do in Buffalo?
  125. Ronnie Brown lacks "it" factor
  126. Levi Jones Might sue Joey Porter
  127. Can someone get this straight with me. I Joey Porter going to be suspended or not?
  128. Alcohol Ban...
  129. well I 'll be DON SHULA
  130. The Miami Branch Of The Ted Ginn Jr. Fan Club Is Struggling
  131. Another Reason To Hate Saban
  132. a Bills fan anatomy question
  133. Yet another Ronnie Brown thread...
  134. Your Favorite Tom Brady pics
  135. Daunte - QB or Pimp???
  136. Most recent picture of Trent Green
  137. since the clouds are gone and i am back to abormal
  138. Just how desperate are the Jets fans for a SB win?
  139. Brady Quinn Needs to Catch Up
  140. Merged-Culpepper Fears Green?/Daunte to ask for his release
  141. Culpepper Ready for Contact Next Camp/ BECK
  142. Open challenge to Daunte haters
  143. Welcome to Miami Trent
  144. Merged: Miami Plans to Deal Culpepper
  145. Who will take C-Choke?
  146. No more of a surprise that Green..
  147. Cleveland's suffering second-worst on our worlds list..
  148. Trent Green....
  149. Really Nice Strategy
  150. Trent Green dyed his hair before the press conference
  151. Trent Green is better than Tom Brady Thread
  152. Let me get this off my chest.
  153. Dolphins veterans puzzled by first-round selection
  154. Fins Security Escorts Culpepper From Practice Field
  155. I tried to tell you all
  156. CULPEPPER Eats Babies!!!!
  157. Happy Birthday DolfanTom
  158. Trent Green = Rebuilding
  159. Culpepper... "I will not be traded."
  160. iNFLuence
  161. craziest place you've taken a dump
  162. Experts compare Trent Green to Joe Montana
  163. Target rich environment.
  164. the gayest thing on any FOOTBALL MB
  165. Daunte = Prima Donna
  166. Daunte the humble? Or Daunte the prideful? Does he really think he can start now?
  167. Bills Schedule: Duh?
  168. Gotta love tuning into 790 for the Sid Rosenberg show..
  169. Cam Cameron is a Lying and Dishonest ManChild
  170. I think Ted Ginn Jr is Dave Chapelle!!
  171. Defensive tackle Darwin Walker no-show at Buffalo Bills mini camp
  172. Free Daunte!!!!
  173. You know how I know the Pats are gay?
  174. John Beck & Ted Ginn > JP Losman & Lee Evans
  175. Inside the Death Star
  176. Happy fathers day weekend...
  178. Recap?
  179. Up All Night Crew
  180. does anyone miss randy mcmichael's infinite wisdom
  181. The "Hair is starting to grow in weird places" Club OFFICIAL Sign Up Thread
  182. Kinzuieeeee Here pig pig pig
  183. Dolphins Add New Drink
  184. "Another downward spiral season for the lowly Dolphins" Official sign up thread
  185. The official PatsR's dad should have pulled out thread.
  186. Another good write up on the Fins' POTENTIAL this year...
  187. Hadnot needs the "Bro"
  188. Report: Brady knocks up Moss!
  189. B-lo spotted at a Yankees game
  190. Trent Green vs Tom Brady Comparison
  191. Hopefully this is a sign of a tougher team this year!
  192. Gave my Jerseys to goodwill........
  193. What makes Fin fans superior to all others AFC East fans??
  194. well i survived the weekend
  195. any dolphin player on this board
  196. trent green and I
  197. Good Riddance
  198. Madden 2009
  199. culpepper cut
  200. Farewell Daunte this is to you we now pass the roll on to some other team!!!!!!
  201. Culpepper got a raw deal
  202. This pic symbolizes the Dolphins invesment in Daunte
  203. i will donate 2k phindollars to the first person to post in this thread
  204. Victor Shapiro ranks the Dolphins #1 in 2007!!
  205. Clip of Dan
  206. trippin balls dood
  207. Test
  208. McFadden!
  209. Awesome Brady Tribute
  210. Caption time!!
  211. Wayne Huizenga
  212. My name is Jar-Jar.
  213. Opinion; BECK will not be the starting QB for the Tunas fins
  214. More reason to hate the Patsies (article)
  215. Since a lot of people are getting tired of the trade scenarios....
  216. Merged 4x: Chris Berman goes off...
  217. I hate the Pats Official Thread
  218. Lol!
  219. lmaoo funny video n very true
  220. Congrats on the Patriots on their perf......Wait.
  221. The Housing Crisis in Perfectville
  222. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Choke Ha Ha Ha Ha
  223. something heartfelt for the Patsies
  224. please ban "only happens in madden" talk this offseason
  225. 18-1 = FAIL (video)
  226. Rumor:Brown to not be ready till 2-5 weeks into the season...
  227. Hypothetical-Would the 72 Dolphins root against an undefeated Dolphins team in the SB
  228. Merged: What If Wayne Was Running The Show,And Parcells Wasnt Here?
  229. Who is stil jacked up?
  230. Patriot fan reaction lol check it out
  231. Ill! I just got done watching the John Beck games, the guy was god awful!
  232. John Beck's arm is so strong that....
  233. A Tom Brady Chant
  234. Chris Berman, Hillarious!
  235. The Best Draft Day Scenerio
  236. Thanks!!!
  237. Dolphins - Cheaters?
  238. For all FinFans who know or are friends with Ratriot fans
  239. anyone else see the Palm Beach post this morning?
  240. A Great Way to Ruin the Patriots!!!
  241. 1
  242. ESPN First Take: Dolphins #1
  243. Bad News About Matt Ryan he doesn't like Bill Parcells
  244. something different
  245. will we always suck?
  246. We Should PASS on the No.1 Overall Pick
  247. wake and bake is the bessst
  248. Let's trade every pick in the draft and Jason Taylor for Tom Brady.
  249. Pryor is a major jerk....
  250. OT: Met Randy Yesterday