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  1. Classic!
  2. You know what`s weird?
  3. Poll... Should Marino1983 be brought back?
  4. Dozerdog has a case of the CRABS....
  5. I was famous here before I signed up!!
  6. On Sunday...
  7. How`s come..........................
  8. Guess what goes on at the Denver Forum?
  9. WARNING to all Bills fans that come down to Pro Player
  10. Hi Ally!!
  11. Whoa Nelly!
  12. Barfallo (!!!!!) sukss!!!!????
  13. A stat I like smack 2
  14. Why are Bills-Phins rivalry's not as fun?
  15. Bills Fans!!!!!
  16. Boofalo Fans I Wants Your Nastiest Shots
  17. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. In the mind of a fin fan
  19. Exactly what is going to happen...
  20. this was priceless..............
  21. Cris Carter
  22. i have a link for you koz!
  23. Hey Quizlet
  24. Underestimation...
  25. Notice to bill fans
  26. Gloat Buffalo!!!
  27. CKparrot, hellion where are u?
  28. LOL- Ricky
  29. Thank you, Fin Fans!
  30. Good luck with Lucas for the next 6 weeks!!!
  31. Nice Game Fish Faithful...
  32. Great Game
  33. Fin Fans cant except lose
  34. I love all the rationalizing going on around here....
  35. Its good to be the king!!!!
  36. What an article I just found on this site...
  37. Geesh- fair weather fans!
  38. Where was the Best O in the NFL?????
  39. Oh, Man! This Is Gold!!
  40. It could be worse, you could live in buffalo.
  41. I promise I will not gloat about the a$$pounding that we put on you guys today
  42. 10 excuses why fish lost....
  43. Anybody Catch Clements Spinning the Ball on the Dolphin Logo In The ENDZONE???
  44. How does it feel to....
  45. Bills..beast Of The East!!..
  46. Scoreboard!!!
  47. Dolphins Uniforms smack
  48. Can't put it any better than this.
  49. BILLS_PHAN... you are pathetic.
  50. any fins fans in nyc???
  51. Lucas quote
  52. All last week....
  53. The good thing about the game...
  54. If we beat Green Bay...
  55. Celebration Time for DA BILLS...
  56. Espn---lol----miami!---------MUST SEE
  57. Who will be laughing when the Bills lose to Detroit next week in their own house?
  58. To the Fishy fan sitting in Sec 412 Row 2 Seat 17
  59. Question:
  60. Speaking of GreenBay
  61. Buffalo game ball goes to.........
  62. Hey poornate
  63. Tmq
  64. Fish..pushing the" panic "button!....
  65. Where`s warfrat & zero6??..hmmm..
  66. Here's hoping that Ricky has a good day against the Packers and beyond
  67. Whoo-Hoo!!! Pierpont has a new pen pal.
  68. Miami lost, but Fiedler still sucks.
  69. Something about them Chicago guys
  70. Go home jillybobobs
  71. Ladies and Gentlemen
  72. Priceless!!!
  73. Hey Bills Fans
  74. Why is it....
  75. what happened......
  76. 29-47-1 is.....
  77. ...and...what happened to...
  78. What gives with you Bills fans?
  79. Poetry Smack
  80. I never really looked at the Phin's logo before...
  81. How is this Phantom Guy??
  82. Is the Sniper Captured?
  83. Carter could be a fatal signing for Miami.
  84. Phantom
  85. Don't read this joke!
  86. I'm curious...
  87. dolfan06 goes to San Francisco..
  88. Green Bay
  89. Thanks for your warm welcome
  90. S/b/m/bi
  91. Quick poll everyone.
  92. Time to clean house..
  93. Wizard Of Oz
  94. Does Ricky Williams take off his helmet for interviews yet?
  95. New Here
  96. I have another question...
  97. Put up or shut up about Ray Lucas!
  98. Spurrier to become more involved with team's personnel decisions
  99. Neener, Neener, Neener...
  100. You don't know Smack
  101. Soft belly team?
  102. marino1983 is back!!!!!!
  103. No offense, but I think this puts you in a bad spot...
  104. Fin fans... look on the bright side
  105. Detriot Fan here
  106. SportsNutz RIPS the **** out of Dolphins
  107. I apologize MOST profusely...
  108. watching tv late at night can be rewarding
  109. ATTN SnookPhin
  110. Pierpont cheating on Lulu Bell?
  111. Is there a doctor in the house?
  112. The Capt. Shows up and...
  113. FinsHeaven is the home of the ....
  114. How did the Fins ever beat the Lions
  115. So... how did the Bills do today?
  116. Anybody know...
  117. Cómo ustedes los individuos está haciendo?
  118. Question?
  119. Is there....
  120. What's that in your rear view mirror??
  121. Ángeles De Anaheim De las Felicitaciones!!!
  122. Come to me, my harem.
  123. Back To Reality Buffalo!!
  124. lock of the year
  125. Are you really bored?
  126. Watch Out Miami...
  127. The AFC East...I am getting more and more pissed
  128. eight days since the" WOODSHED BEATING"....
  129. So denkt wer, daß die Delphine gegen das grüne Buchtteam wirklich gewinnen können?
  130. And the whining continues...
  131. Was ist die Erklärung für dummes ' 3W '?
  132. Miami's biggest blunder of 2002
  133. beat the packers
  134. Duece and Ricky have something else in common.
  135. Fishfry at Lambeau Monday night!!!!!!
  136. Generic Smack Form Letter
  137. Hello Dolphin Fans smack
  138. New Power Rankings
  139. Oh How Cute! Bills growing...
  140. Hey 5W???
  141. Notice to all Packer and Dolphin fans.....
  142. Division standings.
  143. Warning!!!! Everyone Read!!!!!
  144. People in Green Bay have nothing to do ..Check this out...
  145. Cris Carter definitely starting on MNF
  146. Pierpont and Doctor Ben
  147. Ok Jazzbow... how's this
  148. Everybody get in line to kiss my ass.
  149. Did anybody know. . .
  150. Question about the Packers
  151. MNF History Lesson
  152. So Far, it is Christmas Time in Biffalo!!
  153. Go Packers.
  154. Pathetics beat the Bills 38-7.....
  155. Bills folk-lore dispelled...
  156. TiggerJ!!!!!
  157. Bills Fans. Shut The Hell Up!!!!
  158. how long must we wait................
  159. Thank God.......the Bills Now Enter A Bye Week!!
  160. Will they shave now????
  161. People Who Doubted Suck!!!
  162. Pierpont Weaver for moderator!!!!!
  163. drew-bled-so-well..................
  164. Drrrrreeeewwwwwww!!!
  165. Where are all the Bills fans??
  166. I've started this thread so...
  167. Admitting your problem is...
  168. just like i thought...95% of you bills fans are a JOKE
  169. Mods that Ban= Queers?
  170. Weather Report for the MNF game against the Packers
  171. U guys want a good laugh? go to buffalorange.com check my thread
  172. Crow Special $2.99 All I can eat.
  173. Use your crystal ball: How do you see the final division standings?
  174. Packer fans read this
  175. DAM Referee`s!
  176. The Doofins are in free fall mode
  177. Where did all these fish fans come from?
  178. Excuse thread
  179. Ray Lucas &Rob Johnson...............
  180. hey capt, Wharf......
  181. Newsflash!!
  182. Watching the Dolphins offense should be prescribed for insomnia
  183. Where are all of the finsfans??
  184. ELECTION DAY!-I want to elect...............
  185. Panic button?...smack
  186. Bwahahahahahaha
  187. what a week
  188. What's the league record for...
  189. Miami is preparing for the inevitable...
  190. Wannstedt and John Clayton announcement engagement
  191. Heres a theory....
  192. Hey WizFan....
  193. As Long As the Pats Are Around!!
  194. Jason Taylor hurt?
  195. Aikman
  196. The Phantom strikes again!
  197. Where can I catch a raft to Fantasyland?
  198. Hey Measley....
  199. Hey Mouldsy
  200. a mod in the smack forum....................
  201. One thing about jazzbow
  202. Neener Neener Neener II
  203. Ohh nooooooo.........Jest are sure to win now
  204. I can't wait
  205. The Lions got robbed.
  206. nuts 2 1/2 hours until game time
  207. Why can't you guys score?
  208. Ray Lucas Will Turn It Over
  209. J-E-T-S. Jets Jets Jets
  210. Wow. From 1st place to...
  211. Hey Capn' Dick
  212. I apoligize
  213. Dolphins got "ROBBED"
  214. Requesting lessons from Bills Fans and other Ramblings...
  215. Jets are just a superior team
  216. At the game last night.
  217. 3W sez
  218. No holds barred forum
  219. How bout the 3M boys Madden and Michaels are Moron
  220. New NFL Insider Power Rankings
  221. How many points did you lose?
  222. Get more points!
  223. Choke-aholic Dolphins does it again
  224. Phin fans... I need your help so please read this
  225. Question to packer fans
  226. Why are my posts being moved?
  227. Lemme In!!!!!
  228. New Game! Things Packer fans do for a 'hoot'!!!
  229. New Game! JohnnyMeasley's posts are so boring that...
  230. New Game!....Packer fans are so ugly that they....
  231. New Game!...Jets fans are so stupid that they.....
  232. I ain't pledging crap to finheaven's panhandling!
  233. Ignore Jets-or-bust
  234. Attention people that have donated and want in "The Depths of the Sea"
  235. Pic of Green Bay Packers Cheerleader
  236. Step right up, get biatch slapped....
  237. What I like about this Forum....
  238. Where are the Ravens fans?
  239. Test, Test
  240. Sorry for the noise
  241. Hey gang.....
  242. This is funny
  243. Hey Cap...
  244. Predictions.......
  245. Hey Cheesheads
  246. Pats fans are so stupid that...
  247. I just have to say
  248. Fudge Packer Challenge
  249. What's Going On!
  250. A perfact day ...so far....