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  1. Sorry for the noise
  2. Hey gang.....
  3. This is funny
  4. Hey Cap...
  5. Predictions.......
  6. Hey Cheesheads
  7. Pats fans are so stupid that...
  8. I just have to say
  9. Fudge Packer Challenge
  10. What's Going On!
  11. A perfact day ...so far....
  12. no matter
  13. Bills game
  14. Any given Sunday
  15. Brian Billick is an A$$hole
  16. Can you believe this sick crap?
  17. "what The @#$#%^$#
  18. Smoke 'em if You Got 'em!
  19. Might as well start now....
  20. Allright M' Fers! SD Sucks!!!
  21. Yo Guys ....
  22. Johnny Measly's photo ID
  23. New Caption contest
  24. Perfect day today.....
  25. Congratulations WharfRat.....
  26. WharfRat becomes a mod
  27. ZButts unmasked...
  28. Question for Cap....
  29. Harmon Forecast
  30. No Revenge for Buffalo
  31. Look who's back!
  32. A Question for AJ
  33. Thinned Out
  34. The Black Hole Is Now Closed
  35. So I guess
  36. test
  37. i don't understand.............
  38. i'm gettin some wierd messages!
  39. These boards are getting lame
  40. ****ing pansies.....
  41. Hey MoldysNuts...
  42. Changing quotes
  43. Moldy....
  44. I think
  45. time to hit the sack....
  46. Moldy # 2....
  47. Moldy #3...
  48. Callin it a night...
  49. Stick a Fork In The Bills
  50. Pleaseeee......
  51. Props to AJ
  52. No hit and runs form the Pack fans?
  53. hey fudge packers............
  54. Well that didn't exactly go as planned.
  55. Now that the bills are.............
  56. Cellar Dwellars
  57. WharfRat becomes a mod
  58. Ding Dong the Bills are dead..
  59. HeyCapt.
  60. Now that the bills are.............
  61. Pass the tartar sauce
  62. A Man and His Goats
  63. a Goat and his men
  64. Wharf's 3000th Post!!!
  65. Must Be sad Times In Beefalo...
  66. How can you not love this team!!
  67. Bring your long johns ladies.
  68. What's up with Bledsoe....
  69. Happy Thanksgiving to All!
  70. Attention: Wharf and Infin
  71. Hey Marino1983
  72. There are 2 kinds of people in this world...
  73. Happy Thanksgiving yuh bunch of losers
  74. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
  75. Turkey Cooking Instructions(for non-finfans)..
  76. Captain Dick--a true Dolphins fan
  77. Where can I find a real football Moderator?
  78. New England in 1st in AFC East
  79. Official Dolphins Excuse Thread
  80. what a great and glorious game
  81. Fun Game
  82. Miami fans- tell me how it feels to get smacked around by the Bills?
  83. Go Buffalo!!!!!!!!
  84. Miami's D is S-O-F-T
  85. How SWEEP it is!
  86. So. . . how long before the Dolphins kick it into gear?
  87. Another woodshed...WHOOPPIN!!!
  88. To cold for the stench minnows.........
  89. Can the Phins Chew Gum & Walk at the Same Time?
  90. Congratu-freakin-lations
  91. Fyi
  92. I thought you'd like to know
  93. All your QB sucks- you got your wish Fin Fans!
  94. how many people like Dolphins2002?
  95. Good Game...
  96. Bye Bye Jets
  97. It has been a day and a half and Surtain still has me steamed....
  98. Tough road to hoe...
  99. I just want to see...
  100. Um.......
  101. Hey bigbry
  102. To All Of You Fish Fans,i.....
  103. I espeically loved it when..........
  104. Who wants to never see another post by Johnny's Measely punk ass
  105. Hey Wharf.....
  106. Wish I could stick around with you guys....
  107. Wish I could stick around with you guys
  108. Wish I could stick around with you guys
  109. Buffalo bashers.
  110. Rate The Posts!
  111. Wish i could stick around with you guys...
  112. Where did the Zbutts go?
  113. 3W's new travel arrangements...
  114. Is Wanstandt the answer?
  115. Dolphin Fry Monday Night
  116. Bledsoe no longer best thing in Buffalo...
  117. Bear Season
  118. What's this Black Hole crap?
  119. These Refs are incredible....
  120. Shelby--a closet FinFan??
  121. Nice LB UFA class this year!
  122. Oh the weather outside is frightful and the Bills are nearly out of sight now....Let
  123. Who's laughing now!
  124. Been seven days since the woodshed beating!!
  125. Poll. Who is the most hated team in the AFCE?
  126. Many Bills fans still PRETENDERS....
  127. Buffalo Bills ---get on the plane now!
  128. sniffle sniffle...its the Jets.....THEY ARE SO GREAT...sniffle....wipe eye....
  129. BUFFALO BILLS thanx for playing...your departing gifts you will get on the way out!!
  130. oh hoover................
  131. Who's the WORST team in the NFL and why?
  132. Where did that Bear fan go?
  133. A Visit to the Shrink......
  134. Lastnight I had a nightmare......I dreamt that I won the lotto and was a dolphins fan
  135. Dolphins will settle to their rightful place & lose tonight!
  136. 3W Update
  137. Good luck Bears fans
  138. Little Janey Meagerly trying to find something...
  139. What the hell.....?
  140. travis henry, my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  141. Just stopped by to say Hello
  142. In Capt's words... "I'm gonna hit the sack"
  143. Now that 3W is in Fla......
  144. Time for me to depart also...
  145. Fins & Bucs Superbowl?
  146. MAAAANNNNYYYYYYY anyone see Manny?
  147. Dolphins Super Bowl, MY A$$.
  148. So...
  149. Can anyone name a higher paid Moron then...
  150. Wharf's signature
  151. Will Dave and Bates finally make an adjustment
  152. Sniper....Cap...
  153. Bengals vs Lions game
  154. If a visit to the shrink doesn't work.......
  155. Here To Take My Punishment
  156. Stickies
  157. Top 10 reasons why JET Fans are hated so much!
  158. Zbutts
  159. I will be the first to admit that the fish do have potential.....alas......not much!
  160. I like Guacamole
  161. I am in Florida and it RAWKS!
  162. Smack 101
  163. Guess who's got a gimme game against Chicago this week?
  164. Check This Out!!!!
  165. Harmonkoz
  166. What's worse--A Bucs fan or a Dolphins fan?
  167. The moment of truth has arrived! Oakland by 50
  168. Hey JETS-ARE-A-BUST
  169. What the #&%$ is up with this???
  170. New re - alignments proposed.
  171. You realize the Raiders got jobbed by the officials, right?
  172. The dolphins are SUPER......
  173. JEST-OR-BUST See You Next Season!!
  174. Dolphin fans give PEACOCKS a bad name! I never!
  175. hey capt.........
  176. Bills & Jets
  177. Oh the rich Jet Tradition
  178. Do the Pats get help from the refs?
  179. Ground control to Capt Dick.....
  180. A question for Smackdown posters
  181. HAHAHAHA, Minnesota is already talking...
  182. Holy Crap!
  183. Goodbye!!!!
  184. Hey Wharf
  185. Jets give the NFL a bad name
  186. You realize you have....
  187. Hey donshula (The Pats Fan) Where have you Been
  188. I wonder how much the trauma of 9/11 affected the JETS.
  189. Has anyone seen...
  190. Trouble Brewing in the Motor City!!
  191. the refs and the fudgepackers
  192. Pro Bowl Facts
  193. Fries!!!
  194. man, am i pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  195. Wharf, you owe me 200 points
  196. I would hate the JETS too if they beat my ass 9 out of the last 10 times!
  197. The Official "Miami Dolphins Suck" Thread.
  198. Wow! Didn't the Bills beat the Vikings?
  199. Just thought I'd drop in......
  200. I thought about rubbing it in......hehe....ooops...(lips tightly shut)..haha...hehe
  201. Jay Fiedler shot...
  202. feedher`s the best......................
  203. Question for the Dull-FANS..............
  204. Awfully quiet in here!!!..........
  205. Who sucks worse--the Dolphins or their fans??
  206. I was told by Shelby that her dislike for me is based on how irritating I am....hmmm
  207. I hate to admit it but I am pulling for the sorry fish come N. England redemption day
  208. How many more stupid penalties is it going to take.....
  209. Bills get BLANKED by the Packers
  210. Happy Holliday Bills Fans...
  211. Our offense sucked today
  212. The Doofins can't win the big ones
  213. hey moulds!
  214. Zero, I think your superbowl ring is stuck in the chimney!
  215. Fish caught in own lobster trap!!
  216. Happy Holidays everyone
  217. Happy Holidays to all...
  218. Here is what Bills went through this weekend.
  219. Have You Dolphin Fans Seen Any Pat Fans Around Lately???
  220. GreenGiant 32
  221. Hey Bills fans...
  222. Who wants to see greengiant32 get kick out of here on his ars?
  223. Smack will be talked in the Smack Thread
  224. For those who still believe in heroes
  225. Guess who N.England can't wait to mount come Sunday? A true Christmas story!
  226. A Christmas Carol
  227. Merry Xmas you bunch of ugly bastards!!
  228. Another Christmas Carol!!
  229. Why Is Seau In The Pro Bowl?
  230. jets
  231. Hey Wharf!!!
  232. Bah Hum-bug!
  233. if i start naming names.............
  234. A Christmas Song to Brighten up your Holiday Season!
  235. Raider Love........
  236. Kiss homefield goodbye, Dogfish.....
  237. a christmas poem for our jet friends
  238. He likes RaiderLove....
  239. Twas the night after Christmas morn....
  240. 3W was missing the snow....
  241. Happy B-Day Koz...
  242. Here is something for all the JETS fans!!
  243. Can y'all beat the Patsies?????
  244. yikes
  245. New Deal
  246. Hey Capt
  247. Measley's title.
  248. Norv Turner can do no right...
  249. Thought y'all might like this....
  250. How much fudge does a fudgepacker pack if a fudgepacker pack's someone's fudge?