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  1. Bills fired there Director of Personel?
  2. Bastards...
  3. More Doplhin gems from the web.
  4. BillsZone Insult Tournament #2
  5. KB21, a modest wager.
  6. The beginning and .....
  7. New nickname for defense
  8. Surtain and Moulds
  9. Most likely scenario for the Phins in 03
  10. Agents lining up...
  11. What Up With Yo`s Draft?
  12. miami's pro-bowlers
  13. Happy Mother's Day!
  14. Zach Takes Some Instruction From Coach Dave
  15. Top 10 Things Pray Your Child Does Not Become!!!
  16. Ok guys 9 probowlers on D: how about we call it
  17. Atn: All Miami Fans! Must Read
  18. oh no!!!!
  19. Sucks When Ur Team Starts Out 7-1 And Misss The Playoffs
  20. Merged: Hey Fish Fans Heres Your New Logo
  21. Sammy Knight=toast
  22. the jokes on you miami....
  23. Bledsoe2moulds1
  24. Miami's new logo updated!
  25. Green Bay got a Miami XXXXXX lol....
  26. Sick of Miami fans whining...
  27. Living in Miami must suck because...
  28. History lesson...
  29. Hey Billygoats
  30. Buffalo is........
  31. C'mon Bills fans.....
  32. This taken from a post on our main Forum
  33. Wow!!!!!!
  34. Scientific Proof About Bills Fans...
  35. WHy do bills fans think their defense is going to be great and almighty?
  36. Sam Adams a big fat slob...
  37. Which Would You Chose?
  38. Solid Prediction jill fans .....
  39. Bills Group Ticket Sales
  40. Wayne Chrebet cancels trip to Africa
  41. O-line
  42. Cops Pose As Dolphins Fans
  43. After reading most of this smack forum,...
  44. A picture says 1000 words.....
  45. Dolphin disappointments
  46. Maybe the Bills can win the Super Bowl
  47. Bills 8-8 with Mirrors????
  48. Ricky won't have nearly as good a season as last year!
  49. Follow up tp Zach & Jason's Germany Tour
  50. What makes you think.....
  51. Mr Wharfrat
  52. What will you do if the Bills finish with a better record?
  53. Explain one thing to me.
  54. buff, you said McGimpy was better in College then Ricky?
  55. ever heard of buffalo bill ice cream?
  56. how about the way a bill fan tests his oil
  57. BReaking News!!
  58. Heres a link for the Buffalo
  59. where's wharf?
  60. Can This Be Any Slower.....
  61. Check out his middle name....LOL
  62. Hey Wharfie...
  63. Hey!!!
  64. Mike Williams a BIG FAT SLOB...
  65. Stubborn Fish fans are in for a big disappointment
  66. BuffalosBoy & Buffman...
  67. griese?????
  68. Antowain Smith a BIG FAT SLOB
  69. The next time a Jets fan picks on Dolphins colors...
  70. Bills improvement
  71. Pat Williams has pro-bowl talent
  72. Sam Gash, a short fat slob..
  73. Agent 006
  74. Wicky will have a good season...if...
  75. Merged: Brian Griese is a Dolphin! Smack
  76. Sick of people saying we have no heart...
  77. wait a minute when was the last time we even lost to the broncos...????
  78. I really must commend...
  79. Who's better/Who would you rather not play?
  80. Miami Dolphins Press Conference at 3:00 pm today smack
  81. Our defense can't be any closer to perfect...smack
  82. Did you fish fans watch last season?
  83. A pre-emptive strike...
  84. Chad Cota
  85. Everyone better be back here.
  86. Bills fans, posers, and the rest..
  87. Why???
  88. Hey Wharf
  89. Hey 3W
  90. For all of you whiney little babies that don't like my...
  91. Bills fans/violence...
  92. Smilies and lame nicknames
  93. TKO said he is looking foward to playing against RW the most.
  94. Guess which hit Denver fans loved the most this year...
  95. How about some actual football smack?
  96. Sam Adams impressive in workouts!
  97. Why our passing game will not have any problems this year....
  98. Happy Birthday Dolfan06!!
  99. News on Nails !
  100. Any Billygoat fans have links to their statements?
  101. Peter King said in Sports Illustrated that Travis Henry will lead the NFL in rushing
  102. Bills sign OL Ross Tucker....
  103. Another piece
  104. All aboard MIami fans!!!
  105. hey bry.........................
  106. I just wanna say...
  107. dumb ?
  108. Hey MOULDROCKS???
  109. Swat the little princess around...fun, come play!!!
  110. Oct 5: Bengals at Bills
  111. I just got done listening to the Miami Dolphins
  112. Hey BigBry
  113. While I have all you heathens assembled....
  114. Listen up. (revised) / No More F-BOMBS!!
  115. People say it's wrong...
  116. What do these players have in common?
  117. Buffalo Bills the K-Mart of the NFL?
  118. lack of Jets
  119. couple questions....
  120. the sig
  121. Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! If I Hear One More Time On This Board That
  122. I'm Back with a new avatar.......
  123. Wring ring, wring ring....
  124. Hey twanderer...
  125. Name THE only team that has overcome a 6 turnover deficit over you guys....
  126. As a whole, I like most finsfans.....
  127. Drew and Greg in Da Haus!!
  128. C'mon any jillie, jester, or betsie want to go at it?
  129. New Moderator in the Smack Forum
  130. Why the Dolphins will suck a$$ this year.
  131. If Ricky puts up only 1123 yds this year...
  132. A marriage made in heaven!
  133. OrangeMane.com
  134. New Logo added to Miami Uniforms
  135. True Story!!
  136. Road Game Fiasco!!
  137. Another TRUE STORY!
  138. Gee, am i surprised!
  139. Good God it's fun time!
  140. Record Year for the Jills?
  141. I finally figured out why so many Buffalonians visit FinHeaven
  142. I just got done watching.....
  143. circling the wagons
  144. now thats a phin fan!
  145. I want to see...............
  146. Dolphins almost $94 Million for the 2004 cap...
  147. Dolphins way over cap next year
  148. Ummm...when was the last time Buffalo actually won a playoff game?
  149. What traditions do the Bills have?
  150. New Game: How many Bills Fans..
  151. Typical Crackami Fan's Wife in 2002.....
  152. Definition of "CHOKE"....
  153. Dolphins almost $94 Million for the 2004 cap...
  154. Leave it up to a guy from Buffalo to make the WORST MOVIE EVER!
  155. I know why all the billygoats are here.....
  156. Which of the Marks Brothers Did You Like Better? Clayton or Duper
  157. For all you Jilly fans
  158. Conflicting thoughts...
  159. MOULDSROCKS, Justafan and 3W to star in an NFL commerical!
  160. The Information Minisiter on Fiedler/Griese!
  161. Serious ? about Finale
  162. Who am I - 2c ?
  163. Dolphins 2003, Any different from the past 5 years?
  164. Dolphins excuses!
  165. How exactly are the fins buffalo's bitch?
  166. Hey EcHoe BravHoe....
  167. Divine intervention
  168. Another "true story"!
  169. Buffalos World Famous Tailgaters
  170. Hey Fin_atic, did you know that Taco John posted a pic of himself on OrangeMane....
  171. Rehab on schedule for McGahee
  172. J-E-T-S Jets From 1st to Worst!
  173. Stop The Presses.......
  174. The Genius of Chad Cota
  175. Do yu luv tha Billls?
  176. The Bills fans own this forum...
  177. All Hail the McQueen.
  178. What Up With..............
  179. Interesting ....
  180. The mystery is solved!!
  181. You Darn Barfalo Jillybobs Anyways!!
  182. Prediction
  183. What Bills fans consider a superbowl!!!
  184. Bills=poo Poo
  185. Phins = Week old pile of horse **** with maggots inside and urinated on by a bum
  186. Sept. 21
  187. Allright....who will the Dolphins play this year
  188. Poll: Whats the D's nick name
  189. Jets sign McGlockton - now better than Bills
  190. Superbowl Score
  191. Bills Fans
  192. J-e-t-s.....
  193. Bills Fans can hear, "silent alarms"....
  194. Buffalo Bafoons:
  195. "Bills Fans" at the Ralph????
  196. Ohhhhh, I get it now....
  197. Do you know the difference?
  198. Hey Bills fans, what is it like......
  199. Miami Dolphins.com have pictures up
  200. Kill Bills
  201. The Governer of Florida called me ....
  202. Commonalities amongst Bill Fans.
  203. Bills fans bond quickly
  204. why cant the fingirlz win in december?
  205. Bills Fans, you can practice now...
  206. Why cant the Bills win in January?
  207. Bills Fans Smack?
  208. 1st to be fired - Gregg Williams or Dave Wannstedt?
  209. Christopher Reeve or Willis McGahee?
  210. Star Jones or Sam Adams?
  211. I think CirclingWagons is a
  212. Buffalo Bills; NFL or CFL?
  213. CirclingWagons
  214. have not been fair to the finz
  215. Dolphins should lose first, win later
  216. You cant blame the Bills Fans
  217. Big 33 Scholarship Foundation
  218. Big 33 Scholarship Foundation
  219. Black Knight Syndrome
  220. FF Index Cheat Sheet: WR's
  221. Miami's Famous for?
  222. Chambers is just trying not to suck....
  223. Miami Dolphins...No.1 in rushing and No. 2 Defense in the NFL...
  224. Your typical Finfan...
  225. For XphinSuX and his fellow Skittles fans
  226. Bills offensive line.
  227. question regarding 3W
  228. Buffalo Wins Divison
  229. Buffalo in that Dolphin @$$....
  230. Thursday's Training Camp Canceled
  231. Preseason, who cares? The Bills do!
  232. Spikes, Posey?
  233. Bills Fans feeling depressed?
  234. Pete Prisco's revisionist history
  235. GetReals weekly affirmation.
  236. Is Herm Edwards gay?
  237. The Fins Equipment manager has just ordered...
  238. But OurOL sucks.....
  239. Seau on a Super quest with Dolphins
  240. Dolphins are great...with tartar sauce!!!
  241. buffalo lacks....?
  242. Buffalo CHICKEN wing
  243. Yo! Mo-Faux
  244. Jim Kelly in the HOF?
  245. JustaWhatever- Just for you.
  246. Back from the dead.... an oldy, but a goody!
  247. A Kind Gesture ....
  248. What happened?
  249. Who do you think will go to the Pro Bowl
  250. On a sidenote....