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  1. Wicky Williams apparently not the sharpest ginso in the rack
  2. Special Newsflash!!
  3. Bills Fans Are........
  4. Big Hits From Buffalo's Defense
  5. Happy Birthday kfman87
  6. Newsflash II: Football related, all trolls stay out!
  7. Your Finest Hour
  8. For those high on Jay Fiedler
  9. Coming to some new conclusions about other fans
  10. Pennington cried over Coles
  11. So good to be back
  12. Jaworski rips Seau
  13. Jump back in time!
  14. Could any fish receiver make the bills team?
  15. Moronic nature of other AFC East fans
  16. Bill's Last Season Highlights on TV
  17. RW in Girls Gone Wild?
  18. Dopefins MVP THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE.............
  19. Willis McGahee
  20. My Early Vote for "Lemon of the Year" Award Goes to..
  21. Dolphins flogged by Bucs!
  22. Just wanted to stop by and wish
  23. Fragile Dolphins.
  24. Houston Home Opener
  25. For All My Fin Fans
  26. Jason Taylor's favorite movie is on VH1 right now
  27. What the @#$@# is going on here???
  28. Didn't realize Bills D had so many stars..
  29. The Dolphins Are Crap.
  30. havent you noticed....
  31. C-Jerk vs. Marino1983
  32. Another reason for confidence
  33. i can't type any slower
  34. Gotta love these moron Bills fan jumping ship
  35. M83....................................
  36. Have you ever met/seen anyone with bigger ears than Fiedler?
  37. M83, the only reason........................
  38. Bill O-Line
  39. Diary Of A Fan
  40. Bills should pick up Staley
  41. Is Dave Wandstadt the football version of George Bush? smack
  42. This fact still makes me laugh....
  43. Thank You CirclingLoser!
  44. Proof of C-Parasite Being a Big-time Loser
  45. Bills O-Line Update!
  46. Who's the Bitch? C-Jerk or Justa?
  47. Good day FinFans....
  48. Bills are the best football team...
  49. Buffal-Orange, like a horse apple, or...
  50. Read this...
  51. Man, talk about a backhanded compliment.
  52. So much for TBuck being one of the last missing pieces to the puzzle
  53. Bills sign Ruben Studdard
  54. Newsflash: Dolphins sign Aiken
  55. Bills Improvement - "Dead Cat Bounce"
  56. I'm psyched for tonight!!
  57. Jets sign Clay Aikens
  58. Earlier Bills Report Wrong!!!!!!!
  59. Wow, check this out!! Incredible similation!!
  60. Griese injured AGAIN?????
  61. Drew Bledsoe was overheard saying....
  62. Things to do....
  63. Walrus or a Meatloaf... You decide.
  64. Why Is It...................
  65. Something to Think About....
  66. Song about Brian "Baby Bop" Greise
  67. Here`s what I think...
  68. I usually don't like to talk smack but the Bills cheerleaders
  69. Interesting link for Fins history buffs (Smack posts)
  70. Interesting link for Fins history buffs (one more)
  71. Classic!!
  72. Let's not forget 38-21 fellas!
  73. Miami Dolphins..."AMERICAS TEAM"
  74. Credit to "bernielivsey_1" at BFZ for this...
  75. Your beloved Brian cox just...
  76. Broncoes Board
  77. Bills win another Super Bowl.
  78. Is this the year the stinkfish...............
  79. Get happy now
  80. Where do you rate Dan NoRingo on the all time QB list?
  81. Fun fact of the day!
  82. Only one week to go...
  83. Well Bills Fans....
  84. Lets see, the Internalbleeder...
  85. Bills Fans, rejoice...
  86. Hey 3Duh your Bills record prediction
  87. Lawyer Milloy will probably be a Bill by tomorrow
  88. Anyone know how many current Bills players..
  89. You want one word to describe Brian Greasy?
  90. Circlingwagons post under cover Question?
  91. Ah, life is good.
  92. NFL's commish...
  93. This just in:The Bills FO blunders again...
  94. Until "proven" otherwise...
  95. Miami Information Minister?
  96. Miami School Teacher
  97. Lets temporarily agree on one thing...
  98. This has got to be...
  99. Keep it together
  100. jets are bums
  101. I see an upset today................
  102. Nice Game Boys
  104. Whooped by the friggin TEXANS????
  105. What a day to come back to FinHeaven
  106. hahaha dolphins suck
  107. Thats gonna leave a mark...
  108. ooooooo my
  109. OK, OK, so we have to start early this year: Official Dolphins Excuse Thread
  110. Alright, listen up!!!! Now that being undefeated is out of the way
  111. Nice Opening Weekend....
  112. You guys suck even more than I thought possible.
  113. 37-0
  114. Who is 1-0 again?
  115. I'd Like To Give a Special Thanks To....
  116. Quick question...
  117. Tear!!!
  118. How bout dem no good billygoats!
  119. Damn... Where is Ray Lucas when you need him?
  120. zachseau.... here's your stats!
  121. If I didn't hate the Dolphins so much...
  122. The Standings
  123. Is it December already?
  124. Miami beats the Texans on last second Field Goal!!!
  125. Does this look familiar?
  126. On my 8th teenth beer.......
  127. "Choking Early"
  128. Bills 31 ...pats 0
  129. M-83 under the covers....
  130. Super bowl pick.........................
  131. The President was on TV tonight, and...
  132. Hola Meeyameee!
  133. The Ray lucas excuss......
  134. Dullphins Complete OWNAGE
  135. WOW! Please keep playing the way you are!
  136. I thought this was fin-HEAVEN!.......
  137. Price Who?
  138. "see you after this practice game"......
  139. Texans 21---miami 20!!!!!!!!
  140. Where have all the crap talking Phinfans gone too?
  141. Now we know how them Buffalo people REALLY are!
  142. Hey Justafan
  143. Damn, where do I start...how about....
  144. A little ESPN game called: Did You Know?
  145. Wow
  146. Are the fish for real??..........
  147. Will the Jets beat the Dolphins?
  148. No Sacks...
  149. Happy Birthday
  150. New Power Rankings...
  151. Early Christmas
  152. Wannstache looks like
  153. Happy Birthday JohnnieMeasley!
  154. Unpartial Jets Fan Views On The Fins
  155. The fishies can use their stadium anytime they want to.
  156. Photo Album
  157. So ya beat the Pats...
  158. Chads broken wrist
  159. Cut Mark Royals (smack extract)
  160. Choking early this year!
  161. Now I know how Senior Seau cracked his way into the starting lineup!
  162. bahahahahahahaha, Texans in your house. sad
  163. "knock.....knock!!"
  164. Bills O-Line Update!
  165. What makes you think The Miami linebackers are old??
  166. Dolphins Defense update!
  167. CW & Justafag Update
  168. The Fins Second Loss
  169. "dork-fan" Infestation
  170. It really creeps me out.....
  171. Why Miami will win the division.
  172. What we need to change before the next game....
  173. Jets vs Fish game
  174. Is Ricky "Small Hands" Williams hurt?
  175. Loss to Texans not that bad
  176. synonym for "jets fan"...
  177. Hey Bills fans, heres something to chew on...
  178. Miami - final record - as bad as it looks??
  179. 3W's Power Rankings
  180. Why you guys won
  181. how about them Texans
  182. All smack aside, I have to admit, the Bills...
  183. World champs beat by the Panthers...
  184. Where`d the jet fans go?!
  185. bills on the road
  186. I told you the jets are bums
  187. You Still Suck.
  188. Everybody happy now?..............
  189. Bills fans are showing up in droves now....
  190. Want a good laugh? Checkout this thread posted by a member on another board.
  191. Dolphins-Jets trade?
  192. Dolphins are 0-2!
  193. Is this a typical Jets fan?
  194. Back to the Good Ol' Days
  195. News *** Miami Fins 1 - 2 *** News
  196. Texans
  197. Screw the Bills
  198. Know what Miami....I wan't your team overconfident. I want Madison and Surtain talkin
  199. Did you know that....
  200. Let's get it on Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  201. You guys better stock up on Depends
  202. Does"Jamie"I mean Jason Taylor have a tackle yet??
  203. Simply Overmatched
  204. How bad will the Bills beat the Dolphins?
  205. Separated at birth?
  206. I come in peace!
  207. Help, they're everywhere!
  208. Bills drunk on success....
  209. Why the fins lose ...
  210. The truth is out: Moulds is a punk
  211. You know what I think is really funny about Bills fans?
  212. I hope none of your players…….
  213. Maybe Cryami Dullfins secondary should quit whining about Moulds spitting on them....
  214. Are you Dolphin fans joking???
  215. Dolphins And Bills Injury Reports: Marion Questionable
  216. Jason Taylor better bring a fresh set of draws with him.
  217. Dolphins Secondary Theme Song
  218. This is the Bills year!
  219. I think the Bills will make it to the super bowl this year!
  220. Warning
  221. Weather Update.....
  222. Well, ladies...
  223. Guess what, ladies?
  224. Just Wondering... How Did You Guys Lose to the Texans?
  225. Buffalo Patriots
  226. For Bills fans: Do your cheerleaders have facial hair?
  227. After the Bills Pimpslap the Fins....AGAIN..
  228. Why the Bills will win
  229. Special haiku smack for you Dullfans...
  230. Whats this game worth to Bills Fans
  231. Whats a Bill?........ Answered!
  232. Get over it.....
  233. Why Fish fans stink....
  234. ZZZZZZZZ is the Mijami offense
  235. Drew to Moulds for 100+ yards
  236. Junior Seau is OVER RATED according to CBS SPORTSLINE
  237. Moulds Has Torn His Acl........
  238. What do the Bills and Marijuana have in common?
  239. I can not stop laughing at you guys...
  240. Why do you guys think JUNIOR SEAU is any good - he sucks
  241. After the fish lose, what will they complain about?
  242. Official Miami Dolphins Excuse Thread - Week 3
  243. listen up .... this is the official "making fun of the person above you thread"
  244. What is with you fin fans?
  245. "there is a God, Surtain to cover Moulds.
  246. Would you shut up about Patriots being mad at coach!!
  247. How many holding calls
  248. Tonight will be fun
  249. What are you guys going to do to stop Moulds?
  250. Can Surtain get within spitting distance of Moulds ?