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  1. Eagles @ Miami... MNF
  2. Its "DECEMBER!"............................
  3. My hatred for Patriot fans has surpassed my hatred for Jets..
  4. How can you not like the Miami Dolphins?
  5. J-e-t-s Jets Jets Jets!!!
  6. This is what I dont understand
  7. New England 2003 AFC East Champions
  8. The End is Near.... 12/21/03
  9. The annual Hannukah collapse is upon us!
  10. Im soo disgusted with being a pats fan after granma incident
  11. i guarantee a victory monday nite
  12. Buffalo is playing Tennessee hard
  13. barffalo loses to titans.............
  14. Sorry...
  15. To all My Eagle brotha's here and at the Game
  16. Welcome to the off-season Miami!
  17. Records dont matter no more
  18. Ricky who? Fiedler who? Chambers who?
  19. God I love Decembers
  20. the reality of it is...
  21. In the word's of The Counting Crow's
  22. Im surprised how great the fans were mondaynite...
  23. Shhhh!! You hear that?
  24. Condolences
  25. Why weren't you at the game last night?
  26. Well, here they come.
  27. Beavis and Butthead
  28. Eric"pansy spitter" Moulds out for the season?!
  29. Marino1983 has yet to show up after the loss
  30. Let's throw a party!
  31. Just a Question
  32. Adewale Ogunleye................
  33. This weekend Dolphins @ Bills, So Funny!
  34. Will these "old", and big ear'd Dolphins..
  35. Christmas jingle
  36. Where's Big GunnDUNN?!!
  37. Little investment tip.
  38. J E T S Jets Jets Jets....
  39. Finclowns has the pleasure...
  40. Ralph Wilson...............
  41. My gift to you....
  42. I have to ask....
  43. The ultimate choke of the year belongs to... (not a bills-related post, seriously)
  44. :roflmao: :roflmao:
  45. Bills Fans------> Pathetic...
  46. ?? The billy goat GIRLS ??
  47. Congratulations Fins!
  48. Hey, who won the Denver Indy game???
  49. Like I said before.....
  50. The sweep does not count
  51. Hey all you Dolphin Supporters...
  52. Ownage...
  53. The NFL's commish has...
  54. A congratulations is in order...................
  55. bills fans are a riot
  56. ooooooooooo the pain
  57. Funny how some of the Bills fans waited....
  58. Another season Bills fans welfare...
  59. when New England wins the Super Bowl
  60. Happy Holidays all of you misfits
  61. Merry Christmas...
  62. Bledsoe makes a statement bashing the bills!!!
  63. Another Thread of CROW For The Sh!t Sniffer Fans ..
  64. Breaking News!
  65. Usually, when you tank a game..
  66. Takeo Spikes, the first person to ever...
  67. See Bills fans, thats....
  68. Wanny couldn't hold Spurrier's jock
  69. Biggest Choker in recent memory?
  70. Wannys staying?..............
  71. 10
  72. As we told you Bills fans...
  73. Last minute Tax tip for Bills fans.
  74. two more seasons
  75. Thanksgiving Day Game - The Aftermath
  76. Ciclingwagons and his brother.
  77. Happy 2004 Fins!
  78. This playoff stuff sure is fun!
  79. Turno on Espn classic fellas
  80. just stopped by to say....
  81. Dolphins Make Me Sick!!!!!!!!!
  82. Hey Borechief?
  83. Dolphin fans will burn in Hell.
  84. Doh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  85. WARNING!!! Pats fans are getting ready to start "trolling"...
  86. Win-Win for FinFans....
  87. Killing Eagles
  88. I felt so awful...
  89. finsclown and other Bills fans...
  90. Tonite-Direct T.V. CH 212 8:30 EST.....
  91. The next time CW says....
  92. Too bad... you lose Turner
  93. Dolphins/Bills coaching moves so far...
  94. Warning label on all Dolphins Merchandise
  95. help me out
  96. Danny Boy a QUITTER --- LMAO
  97. Say what you want...
  98. everyone come join me....
  99. Poll of the Year....
  100. Top 10 Possible Reasons why Morono Quit
  101. Simon & Schuster cancels Morono Book Deal
  102. Oh no...
  103. One Important Question...
  104. The bitterness!!!
  105. dolfans new Marino Jersey
  106. Every year the Dolphins are totally overrated.
  107. Hyena Plan for a New VP
  108. Bills Fans???
  109. Denial, for the vast....
  110. which player do you dislike the most?
  111. Miami Dolphins Instructional Safety video
  112. What the hell happened in here?
  113. Giving Thanks for Feeley
  114. Hey Wharfie
  115. A Curse On Your Team
  116. hey guys how do u like my new sig?
  117. A cry for help.
  118. Miami fans vs. Buffalo fans -- lets start off this offseason
  119. what the heck is this?
  120. Fiedlers BAAAAAACK!
  121. You can cross Woody off the list
  122. You idiots: Woody is in Detroit because Ralph Wilson lives there
  123. Breaking News!!
  124. What The F#$* Happened In Here?
  125. Don't mess with Texas...
  126. Wicky's new look
  127. Breaking news report
  128. Yes! Please Sign Boston!
  129. How about Couch?
  130. Buffalo fans crying
  131. Breaking Wind
  132. J - E - T - S Jets Jets Jets!
  133. David BUST-ON
  134. Now that you have Boston.................
  135. Bills fans. Very sensitive today.
  136. Van Pelt Fails physical....cut!
  137. So McGahee is a switch hitter?
  138. Bills Fans at eachothers throats.
  139. Did bledsoe get cut???
  140. Howdy Fin Faithfull
  141. Ogundley WANTS OUT of MIAMI????
  142. My view of the Dolphiiiiiiiiiiins Football Team
  143. Dolphins fans are a little Buffalo Obsessed
  144. 2003, A season to remember
  145. 3 Duh back for more abuse.
  146. Hey Wharfie
  147. 3Wussy
  148. moved posts
  149. 20 Positives of the Miami Dolphins
  150. TerryTate takes it in the keester.
  151. Which one would look the best in a Dolphins uniform?
  152. Well, here they come again, out of the woodwork.
  153. QB Stewart and Mularky--Life Partners?
  154. I Have A Plan For The Future...
  155. What the Dullfins will do on draft day.
  156. Hey Wharf! Here's Something Different!
  157. Vikings sign Ogundley to an offer sheet
  158. thanks 3W
  159. we have established one thing.............
  160. How embarrassing
  161. Crankysville
  162. The best player on the Dullfins is
  163. Liquid
  164. MouldsRocks returns
  165. The Dolphiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins
  166. Your team sucks.
  167. Bills fans/finfans/Pats etc.. Take a break from smack and.....
  168. Friggin' LMAO!!!!
  169. I think Dolphins will have a great season!
  170. Bills and Jets fans
  171. Top ten reasons the Dolphins will suck a$$ this year.
  172. Won't last long
  173. The dawn of a new erea
  174. J-e-t-s Suck Suck Suck!!!
  175. I know what the season is going to....
  176. Bengals > bills
  177. Bunch of crybabies
  178. Mouldy Socks!!
  179. F*** all you B*t*ch Pat fans!!!!
  180. Dammit People...
  181. Tom Donawhore a genius, OR.....
  182. For you Bills fans that say we live in the past
  183. Could FinsClown be anymore lame??
  184. Getreal, I apologize
  185. Warm draft wishes to you.
  186. Nice draft so far.......
  187. Everyone chip in and buy M83 hooked on phonics.
  188. Smack facts.............
  189. Feely Will go down in history as the best qb
  190. Villma Or Willma???
  191. Bigbry is back
  192. Here's Some Sh!tty Humor ....
  193. Save the shoutbox.
  194. Hey F****s
  195. Silly me....
  196. Whats with you people and Bua ?
  197. "Oh what a Feely" struggled in mini camp so.....
  198. Typical day in the life of Billhoff
  199. David Boston
  200. See what happens when I leave?
  201. This from the little biiitch we invented.
  202. Dolphins suck the FA hind tit... again...
  203. Yanni and Wanny
  204. No wonder Poole's so Slow....
  205. The Good News and the Bad News
  206. Adam Sandler is J.P. Losman
  207. Congrats on your recent promotion,Finsclown
  208. Miami's version of classic rock
  209. Bash Finsclown Thread- Post all your bashes and Unleash the fury on this midgetclown
  210. New Approach
  211. Introducing new Dolphins Offensive Coordinator...
  212. Ricky fails ANOTHER drug test!
  213. Chris Foerster's 5 Favorite Plays
  214. Chris Foerester sounds to me like a big masturbador....
  215. Wittle Wicky did what?????
  216. How many centuries until the season starts?
  217. Will Tom Brady ever lose a Super Bowl Game?
  218. I found out that Finsclown and Chris Foerster made a porn before.
  219. A little shameless behavior.
  220. Off-season is the BEST season for Bills fans.
  221. OMG! Marino1983 is on the news!
  222. Chris Foerster to host AMC classics all weekend!
  223. What abunch of Tards
  224. No Nads Lossaman
  225. The truth about Joel Collier's Medical Condition
  226. Come all ye "Grief Tourists", witness the.....
  227. Funniest Potential 2004 Season Fin Moment?
  228. Seau's Comments Understandable
  229. Marino1983 Tribute
  230. Curt Warner To The Fins?...holy.....
  231. CW takes a break....
  232. Fins Working Hard in Mini Camp
  233. Oh good, a smack forum.
  234. Marino1983 is an evil dude
  235. An old, but funny joke
  236. Happy birthday Harmonkoz
  237. Barfalo Tools that talk smack
  238. Finsrclowns: The Orlando Sentinel Agrees
  239. What will it take for you to call for Wanny's head?
  240. Getting a Jump on the Menu for October 17th Tailgate Party
  241. Finsclown is my god.........
  242. You guys need to seriously stop making fun of Marino1983......
  243. Olindo Mare's Recurring Nightmare...
  244. Soft Billy Goats!
  245. Unnamed fin player models orange unis
  246. Back for more laughs!
  247. Okay, We have demonstrated.....
  248. Fyi
  249. Sig contest
  250. The Fins' starting qb should be.....