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  1. Testicle-verde is a woman
  2. Dre Dre...
  3. I like this idea
  4. Props to Miami
  5. Fumble!
  6. 12 minutes left
  7. Rotflmao!!!
  8. Nice Try Guys
  9. Next year
  10. Sorry Fin Fan's
  11. I feel so sorry
  12. What team do you hate the most?
  13. its hard to believe.............
  14. No more blackouts in Seattle!
  15. What the hell is Miami thinking?!?!??!
  16. Iceblizzard - LOL
  17. Smith Smack
  18. 984 vs Muck
  19. Good news, Phins fans!
  20. excuse me!
  21. lets start a joke thread!
  22. I don't understand why all of these bills fans......
  23. Dam I Hate the Raiders
  24. Some people are really dumb
  25. The Phins Most Embarrassing Loss ??
  26. Jests QB a joker
  27. moderator
  28. Bills Trade 2003 1st Round Pick for Bledsoe
  29. what player do you hate most in the NFL?
  30. Jamie Nails Is A Man On A Mission...
  31. Who would you pick?
  32. Most memorable defensive play
  33. Superbowl???
  34. I have to say this...
  35. Rank the AFC east QBS
  36. Why I think D. Bledsoe will have a bad year
  37. AFC East predictions
  38. AFC East picks
  39. Jet Fans, meet Seth Mckinnie......
  40. For any Bill's fan that thinks they have gotten a HOF QB
  41. Dam*!!!!
  42. Dajesus, let's see what you really believe!
  43. here's a bigger fantasy
  44. what does not fit in this thread ?
  45. Buffalo fans....
  46. A call to all Dolphin Fans on this Board....
  47. A Call to Bills fans on this board
  48. How many times have we beat the bills in a row?????
  49. Woody's in Town
  50. Everyone Read This
  51. Hello Chumps
  52. Dave Wannstedt On The Dolphins' Improvements For 2002 Smack
  53. conclusion
  54. Where'd all this smack come from?!?
  55. Save Yourselves Dolphins Fans!!!!
  56. You know what sucks??
  57. Misc Smack
  58. Smack, not as smart as Dad
  59. 3-13
  60. Here we go again......
  61. An honest question to the Bills fans...
  62. i wish somebody could show RW
  63. Quote from BBI re Marino1983
  64. whoops..............
  65. bledsoe or ricky williams
  66. A.P.B. On the lookout for Marino1983...
  67. hey guys!!!!
  68. Can we all just agree on this??
  69. Watch how quickly they turn on one another...
  70. QB Smack
  71. New game! In order to be a Dolphin fan I need to get a lobotomy and......
  72. Just droped by for some smack talk
  73. New game....NAME THAT PHD!!!
  74. How many buffalo bills does it take to win a Super Bowl?
  75. Why do these Bills fans think that Buffalo is a nicer city than Miami?
  76. New Song
  77. suckthefins, just loves that 3w crap
  78. I-Hate-You
  79. The jets! thats funny
  80. New game! In order to be a Dolphin fan I need to get a lobotomy and.....
  81. Look Out Buffalos Baaaack!
  82. Some number crunching.
  83. What's the difference between the Miami Dolphins and a Canadian Cigarette Machine?
  84. Sign up here
  85. Why did the Miami Dolphin Fan Get Fired From His Job at the M&M Factory?
  86. What`s Happening!!
  87. why did the bills fan get fired from the m @ m factory??
  88. 3 fav Dolphins all time, not including Dan....smack
  89. Q: What do you call 47 people sitting around a TV watching the Super Bowl?
  90. Her Side/His Side of the Story
  91. How do you keep a Buffalo Bill out of your back yard???
  92. Did you here about buffalos new chinese head coach??????!!!!
  93. I`m in!
  94. Check this out
  95. Buffalo sucks....(As we all know already)
  96. Joke told to me by Sister Mary Elephant at Our Lady of Perpetual Motion, Buffalo
  97. Hey guys..............
  98. What do Billy Graham and the Dolphins home in the playoffs have in common?
  99. Sniper
  100. Raiders link
  101. Moulds In Love With Drew---Proof...
  102. are these guys for real!
  103. How many people does it take to change a light bulb at Joe Robbie?
  104. Quick Warning To All
  105. Dolphin Women Fans Are So Ugly...
  106. i guess bigbry was right!
  107. The Magical Bills History.............
  108. sniper
  109. bry............
  110. Note to D1!
  111. Finheaven unofficial rant column
  112. It's back on....
  113. Who was the biggest crybaby over a Raiturd Nation?
  114. dolfan06
  115. they're pushin for natural grass in buffalo
  116. Why are they sending Jay Fielder to Iraq?
  117. Lil` jets rule....take note
  118. Boycott of Dophin-hater13
  119. Faider Joke of the Day....
  120. The action at this Broncos website is intense
  121. Lets talk about Rachel...
  122. Drew Comments on Jay...Wide Right!!!!
  123. Wake up, Snipe.
  124. Why fielder sucks so bad....
  125. Why the Dolphins will fail in 2002
  126. You people are pathetic!!!
  127. i found another raiders site..........
  128. hey crap iron
  129. Typical Dolphin!!!
  130. Nothing Bores me more
  131. What`s up gang?
  132. why bledsoe will suck for the bills
  133. Ugliest Uniform Known to Man
  134. thanks bri..........
  135. 3w
  136. 1 more dueler needed
  137. Hello Shiva....LOL!!!!
  138. went back to the raider nation board!
  139. what ever happened to "ruler kid"
  140. [SOLVED] I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkk!!!!!
  141. [SOLVED] Cade was traded now get rid of Jay
  142. Well Vandolfan - YOU OWE ME AN APOLOGY
  143. Hows Jamie Nails coming along?
  144. Ricky, Watching From the Sidelines
  145. Found this on an actual joke site
  146. Are we still voting on sign3.com?
  147. Looking For Dick
  148. [SOLVED] D Is For Dolphins
  149. Hahaha!
  150. [SOLVED] Dolphin's Fans homepage?
  151. BBI smack forum for pansies?
  152. [SOLVED] Dolphins will kick some tail
  153. [SOLVED] Pop Warner or Pee Wee League
  154. Seriously though...Rick Williams saves Waaahh-stedt's job for another year
  155. Dolphins will finish last in the AFC East
  156. [SOLVED] Tim Levcik
  157. Miami vs Buffalo, closer than you think
  158. Dolphins will be the biggest disappointment in AFC
  159. BUFFALO's BOARD!!!
  160. why the BILLS will finish last in the AFC east
  161. Infinsible is Jays boyfriend
  162. Favorite Player
  163. i apologize
  164. [SOLVED] Infinsible needs his diaper changed
  165. Does it bother any of you
  166. why can't i get into the "fiedler vs bledsoe" thread???
  167. Hey Thurm or Mouldsrocks
  168. My avatar
  169. Chambers....great????notta-so-fast
  170. The Jay Feidler Drinking Game
  171. What`s up?
  172. Gunn
  173. How much can a coach take!!
  174. [SOLVED] Tell Me Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  175. Congrats. to Iron Man!
  176. Good joke I heard
  177. Name Change
  178. I finally got to one of the bills fans....
  179. [SOLVED] Oh how sad it will be
  180. Where`s Sniper?
  181. Every Bills and Dolphins Fan Please Read
  182. Why Do Buffalo Billf Fans Even Bother .........
  183. [SOLVED] I pose a challenge
  184. Ironman I would like to know who is your ideal QB?
  185. Its funny how bills fans think T.Henry will be good....
  186. [SOLVED] Ricky Williams and Ryan Leaf=twins
  187. The Iron Man Logic.....
  188. Hey iron gumdrop.........
  189. Why the Fish will not make the playoffs this year
  190. Dan Marino Is Awful
  191. i sure hope this 513 sticks around!
  192. What happened to BBI???
  193. Who misses Iron Man?
  194. This is my theory and I'm sticking to it.
  195. Why cmartin is Unsuccessful with women..
  196. A different type of smack...
  197. Could Cmartin be Iron Man?
  198. Tom Brady sucks ass
  199. whats really going on over at BBI?
  200. Here's the story of a lovely lady....
  201. Bbi
  202. And the Bills keep the criminal charges going
  203. Another Buffalo Bill arrested!!!
  204. Wys Guy on BFZ thinks
  205. Does cmartin513 deserve the BBI "Weenie Award?"
  206. Sweet Poll you should all check out!
  207. ROFLMAO!!...Hey, I 'm not saying a thing..
  208. And now for the rest of the story...
  209. If we could just get Raiturd Fans to do this..
  210. Hey All Bills Fan
  211. Why is it...?
  212. When bad times are good....
  213. Have the bills rebuilt there team yet?
  214. LOL look at these Bills Fan
  216. Ricky Williams???
  217. Kick Hoover off Finheaven
  218. 06, where'd yuh go Son?
  219. Bills fans
  220. why is a colts fan on here anyway?
  221. who is iron man ?
  222. It's Funny......
  223. Daryl Gardener's Head
  224. stupid offended fin fans!!! what a bunch of baby's~!!!
  225. Petition to get Mouldsrocks avatar back.
  226. Support Your Team!!!!!!
  227. I Know You All Will Miss Me But.....
  228. Dolfans vs. Bills fans: Fantasy Football (please don't move this thread)
  229. Bill Sign Mike Williams
  230. ROFLMAO!! Hey, I'm not saying a thing! Part II
  232. THE REAL STATS.... finally the truth!
  233. Mouldsy... can you put a leash on this puppy?
  234. can you believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!
  235. Bills fans I apologize.....
  236. STUPID OFFENDED fin-fan children and their parents!!!
  237. FIN Fans and girls
  238. i no this is going to get moved
  239. Fiedler still limited in practice after hip surgery
  240. New Game......
  241. New Member
  242. The BBI wants Dolphin Fans.....
  243. Jamie Nails Shown in First "Pads-Optional" Practice of Training Camp
  244. Phinfanbo1 Is A Tool
  245. ok capt, you snaplees cracker...........
  246. The golden years are here for warfturd!
  247. Attention: Virus Warning
  248. Caption Contest
  249. Clayton83's new signature
  250. Pathetic