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  1. Dolphins at Carolina...
  2. What games are you going to this season?
  3. draft party ?
  4. MIAMI vs. HOUSTON @ Dolphin Stadium, 2009, we need YOU!!!
  5. FinHeaven Military Veteran Group
  6. Phin fans in Panhandle of FL
  7. Draft Party in Charlotte NC area?
  8. Tampa area draft wtchers
  9. Home opener Monday Night !!!
  10. Sept 13th! Who's Coming?
  11. Dolphin fans gathering spot in Dallas?
  12. Orlando fans- TV Schedule this year.
  13. Dolphins fans in the Daytona Bch area?
  14. Travel Packages
  15. Hey NYC Fin Fans! Draft Party!
  16. Draft in NY...
  17. Draft gathering in Fort Lauderdale area?
  18. Atlanta area Phin fans: Who's going to be there for the Week 1 showdown?!?
  19. 3rd and Long
  20. Game tickets and flight purchased for the Bills/Dolphins Game
  21. Northeast Ohio?!!! (Akron/Canton/South Cleveland)
  22. Phins vs. Jags
  23. What Section are you sitting for the Falcons game?
  24. Fort Myers Fanclub
  25. Dolphins vs. Jags, anybody going?
  26. Jets-Phins 10/12
  27. Mark Duper & Jim Jensen
  28. Is there any east TN dol fans
  29. Dolfans in Denver
  30. Crooked Island - Bahamas
  31. Fins@Jills - Orange Co, NY to Buffalo - Tix, bus & hotel pkg
  32. Beantown anyone?
  33. Dolphins Fan on Facebook
  34. TAIL GATE W/ Mark Duper and Jim Jensen
  35. Pittsburgh at Miami
  36. beer, transportation, and food to jags game
  37. Game Day/Tailgaiting
  38. Saints @ Phins
  39. Sc Fan Looking
  40. Dolphins VS Colts in Indianapolis!
  41. Atlanta Dolphins Fan Club?
  42. Fins @ Bills
  43. Colts @ Dolphins Monday Night Football!
  44. Charlotte parking and tailgate????
  45. Parking Pass
  46. Lee County Dolphin Fans
  47. Moving to Brooklyn in a week... Is there ANY FinFans in the NYC?
  48. MS Phin fans
  49. Mississippi Dolfans
  50. Orlando Dolfans
  51. In PA trying to catch Fins games??!!
  52. Dolphins fan living in Eagles country
  53. Dol-Fan hangout in Tampa, FL?
  54. Anybody in Hampton Roads?
  55. Need help Sports Palacio or Don Shulas
  56. Dolphins at Jets Nov 1st.
  57. AZ Phin Fans
  58. Finally...........................
  59. Tennessee game on Dec. 20th
  60. Pre-Kickoff/Tailgating suggestions for Falcons game
  61. Stadium Parking Question
  62. San Diego - Miami Sept 27 - tailgate party?
  63. Fins/Falcons official meet up thread
  64. Hang out/meet up/tailgate b4 the game
  65. dolphins fans in patriot territory
  66. Tailgate @ Panthers
  67. Monday Night Football vs. Colts
  68. Miami Dolphins vs Indianapolis Colts monday night tailgate
  69. Good place to watch Dolphins games in Tampa
  70. Miami Dolphins Vs Buffalo tailgate
  71. Introducing Phinvaders!!!
  72. Phins Support @ Qualcomm
  73. Jets Monday NIGHT...Everyone...
  74. For those going to the game
  75. Sign Idea for the game
  76. Dolfans in Los Angeles
  77. Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots 11/8 Tail-gate Party
  78. Memphis Phin Fin Looking To Tailgate In Nashville And For A Hang Out Place In Memphis
  79. lexington park, md
  80. Tailgate for the Saints game...
  81. First Home Game ever
  82. Dolphins convoy caravan to panthers...
  83. Flying from Baton Rouge to go to the game! i need some help
  84. Goning to the Bill's game on the 29th
  85. Kentucky Fin Fans?
  86. Saints Fans going to Miami
  87. Should I go to the game or watch at a Sports Bar?
  88. Heading down to MIA for the weekend! What should I program in my GPS???
  89. Im goin up to the jets game On Nov. 1
  90. Help w/travel to Boston for Pats game Nov 8
  91. Anywhere to go?
  92. FH tailgating in Carolina on Nov.19?
  93. Fins Tailgate GTG 11/1/9
  94. Phins @ Bills game
  95. Miami Dolphins game oct 25th
  96. Bills/Texans Tailgate
  97. Titans Game
  98. Salt Lake City, Utah
  99. Salt Lake City, Utah
  100. Dolphins vs. Titans
  101. The Carolina Tailgate
  102. Wanna Plan A Tailgate For Fins/ Bills
  103. Dolphins Vs Jags Tailgate
  104. Any places in Central Florida to watch away games with other Phins fans?
  105. I need 2 mia vs ne 12/6
  106. Anyone going to Jags/Phins game next week?
  107. Super Bowl 2010 Info
  108. Bills vs Jets Tailgate w/Thurman Thomas Cameo
  109. mia/jags game- party bus
  110. Anyone going to the Tenn. game?
  111. Any NOLA Dolphans out there?
  112. Are You In Swfl?
  113. Need Help/ Dash Mat
  114. Dolphins Fans in San Diego
  115. Come watch the Phins (south Dallas)
  116. Draft parties?
  117. Which game to make my 1st Fins game????
  118. Game dilemma Nov 18
  119. Oakland game 11/28.
  120. Need Help
  121. I want to go to a Dolphin game WEEK 4
  122. I'm curious about the seats at Sun Life
  123. Miami @ Green Bay...Who's with Us?! :)
  124. Need some help regarding training camp
  125. Phinvaders Event, Dolphins at Bengals 10-31
  126. Phinvaders Preseason Event: Dolphins at Jaguars
  127. Help me out please with the miami seating chart
  128. Lower prime vs Club Sideline?
  129. Miami @ Buffalo (Sept 12 & General question)
  130. Can you sit to close to the field???
  131. Week 2 Vikings who's is?
  132. Fins Sunday Night Home Opener Against the Jests....Roll Call!
  133. Anyone going to the Ravens-Dolphins game Nov. 7th?
  134. Miami @ Cinci Oct 31st.. need help with seating
  135. Tailgate week 4, Phins vs Patriots?
  136. Charlotte, NC Dolphins Fans
  137. Anyone from jacksonville ?
  138. Looking for fans in San Antonio
  139. DOlphins team hotel for away games, (greenbay)?
  140. Green Bay game
  141. Vikings Game
  142. Week 14 @ New York Jets
  143. Where to watch in Ft. Lauderdale
  144. Best Place to cath the Fins in DC
  145. Parking Pass for Sale? Bears at Dolphins Thursday night!
  146. Just got my tickets for the Fins Bears game in November. Hotel Info Needed.
  147. phins fans travel well
  148. I'm going to Mia-Pitt game...
  149. Just got my Fins at Buffalo ticks!!!!!!
  150. Volusia County PHINS fans
  151. Tailgating thread: Jets @ Phins SNF Sept. 26th...
  152. Favre is gunna get his a$$ Kicked 09/19...
  153. Looking for cowboys fan in Miami to swap slingbox feeds
  154. Watching the games in Indianapolis?
  155. Free Preseason Tickets Courtesy of Me
  156. Coming to Miami (from Toronto) - Which Game?
  157. Need Help
  158. Dolphins Fan Club in D.C.!
  159. Fin fans in ATL??!?!?
  160. Roll Call: Dolphins vs Bucs Preseason Week 1
  161. Paking Pass or other
  162. Dolphins Bars in Rochester NY?
  163. Looking for a Dolphins Sports Bar in the Tampa Bay area
  164. Please help!1st time visitor to Florida(from York,UK): Dec 2010: Browns Game! THANKS
  165. Looking to go the the Dolphins vs Oakland game - Need Help!!
  166. Going to first Fins game!!
  167. DOLPHINS VS JAGS Jacksonville Tailgatge Party For Fin Fans
  168. Jags Game.
  169. Watching Jags Game
  170. Dolphins bars in Hampton Roads, VA, area.
  171. Tonight's game Orlando area
  172. Just bought my tickets to the Dolphins vs Jets Monday night game!!!!
  173. Calling Memphis, TN Dolphin Fans!!
  174. First Trip To Miami to Catch a Game
  175. @ Buffalo. What Jerseys will they wear?
  176. Just got my Dolphin ticket in Cincinnati
  177. Miami @ Buffalo Tailgate!
  178. NC Dolphin fans
  179. anyone going to the dolphins vs cowboys game?
  180. Where to watch the game in San Fran?
  181. Where to watch in London, UK?
  182. Headed to Green Bay to watch Dolphins vs Packers.
  183. I Can Help You Plan Your Trip to a Dolphins Game
  184. The Viking Ship - Watch the Dolphins Hopes Die
  185. Jet Game 9/26
  186. CHARLOTTE, North Carolina Dolphins Fans -- Are there any???
  187. St. Pete area Dolphin fan hangout on game day!
  188. Orlando,FL
  189. Anyone going to Miami@Oakland game??
  190. houston tx
  191. Got anyone in Maryland? Preferably around the western side?
  192. Los Angeles Fin Fans!!
  193. Phins vs NE next week
  194. What time do the gates open on Sunday and Monday?
  195. I have tickets to miami at pittsburgh
  196. tailgaiting.. lets get together finheaven
  197. Fins Vs Pats MON 10/4
  198. Is there an official Orlando Group???
  199. Looking for other Dol-Fans in Ottawa Illinois area
  200. Tacoma wa
  201. Who's going to Lambeu this weekend???
  202. Where is a good place to watch the Dolphins game in Dallas
  203. Are there any places in Arlington, Virginia that are Phin friendly?
  204. Going to my first dolphins game
  205. Pittsburgh game, coming down from NY
  206. Flying down from Montreal - just got my tickets!!!
  207. Fort Walton Beach Florida
  208. Going to Miami- Baltimore game
  209. Nat Moore's BBQ Bash
  210. To All Dolphins fans in Baton Rouge LA and surrounding areas
  211. Anybody going to be in Cincy Sunday?
  212. Where in NYC can i catch the titans game?
  213. So 3rd and Long of NYC
  214. Dolphins VS Bills 12/19/2010
  215. Dolphins "bar" in Los Angeles
  216. in route to sun life
  217. what game you boys watching tonight
  218. Miami @ Jest 12/12/10
  219. Tickets for the game and where is everyone tailgating?
  220. My first Dolphin home game...
  221. Where to watch in Tallahassee?
  222. Pro Bowl
  223. went to ny his past weekend...
  224. Wants to meet up with fans to watch the pats game
  225. Still heading up to Boston...
  226. raiders-dolphins tailgate
  227. Visiting Miami Question
  228. Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs 11/06/2011
  229. Dolphins Bars NJ
  230. Best Seats... Club or Lower Level?
  231. OAHU, HAWAII - Making Miami Dolphins fan club.
  232. OK , kids who's comimg to the CLE ?
  233. ATL preseason?
  234. Any Charlotte, NC area fin fans?
  235. Fin Fans in New Jersey
  236. Phinvaders groups at CLE, KC and SD info
  237. Dolphins travel package **Need Help**
  238. Anyone know what jerseys were wearing for MnF against pats
  239. Praise God !! Great Lakes Brewing Oktoberfest is Sept 23-25 !
  240. Come join the Phinvaders at ARROWHEAD stadium Kansas City!!
  241. San Diego area FinFans...where do you go 4 game?
  242. Southeastern Mass Fins bars
  243. NYC fans monday nite
  244. At Tony's in GA. Where is everyone???
  245. Anybody tailgating the Houston game this Sunday (sept 18)?
  246. Coming to Denver game looking to share ride to the game
  247. Whos goin to Giants stadium tonight? where are you sitting at?
  248. Nat Moore's BBQ?
  249. Anyone In kc?! Or know where the players stay?
  250. First Time Long Time----Need some advice here...first trip to Miami