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  1. Texans claim Jason Allen off waivers
  2. I love watching Baltimore get beat down
  3. What I saw from the Falcons and RYAN mainly...
  4. How the **** does atl manage to get white the ball 12x
  5. Quick question, did ATL just run ANY DRAWS in 2 minute drill?
  6. ATL lets their QB PLAY
  7. FAVRE Not coming back next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. NFL admits blown calls...against the Steelers....
  9. Play of the year: David Garrard's hail mary
  10. steelers pats
  11. Calling Kurt Warner...
  12. Vikings might waive Favre?
  13. Report: Redskins sign McNabb to five-year extension
  14. We should try to go after Vick
  15. AP Source: Browns to Sign KR Clifton Smith
  16. Ted Ginn Jr. remains a Monster bust
  17. Is it me, or everytime I turn on the TV, Anthony Armstrong, is making a nice catch?
  18. Attention all M. Ryan fans
  19. Jarvis Moss ANYONE?
  20. DeAngelo Williams' season is over
  21. Broncos waive ex-1st rounder Moss
  22. New uniforms 2012?
  23. Can someone explain what exactly a "blackout" is?
  24. Bucs' Mike Williams arrested
  25. Vince Young out as Titans' starting QB
  26. Should Dolphins Pursue Vince Young?
  27. Derek Hagan just scored a TD for Giants (Are you kidding me?)
  28. Young
  29. Vince Young Meltdown: Should Titans Let QB Go?
  30. Childress Fired
  31. Chargers vs. Broncos
  32. What I love that SD did...
  33. Thanksgiving Games
  34. RIP Sean Taylor
  35. Spygate II? Denver Broncos under investigation for videotaping
  36. Andre Johnson
  37. Chargers Or Colts
  38. Source: Frank Gore out for season
  39. Mike Tomlin on James Harrison fines: “He’s got two kids”
  40. Derrick Anderson Flips Out Parody
  41. Lions WR Guarantees win over Bears
  42. Randy Moss wants to win
  43. Dolphins knockout QB Bruce Gradkowski for the season
  44. Jason Allen
  45. Jason Allen has 9 tackles and an Interception in Texan's loss at Eagles
  46. legal and illegal hits video
  47. Big Ben's broken nose
  48. RIP Dandy Don Meredith..
  49. Josh mcdaniels fired
  50. Redskins suspend Haynesworth four games
  51. Is Bill Belichick still the best coach in the NFL?
  52. Black QBs are underrated and underpaid
  53. Broncos CB Cox charged with sexual assault
  54. Giants/Vikings game postponed, Metrodome roof collapses under heavy snow
  55. Police use stun gun in arrest of Bucs linebacker Geno Hayes
  56. What was Worse?
  57. Lets go texans!!!!!!!
  58. teshard choice asks for vicks john hancock...
  59. Giants WR Steve Smith done for year
  60. Mario Williams is done for the season
  61. Weekly NFL Picks?
  62. vikings backup qb t.jackson to IR....
  63. Ted Ginn Junior returns KO for TD but its called back...? - Dolphins related
  64. dear thursday night commentator knuckleheads
  65. Redskins bench Donovan McNabb
  66. Tebow time approaches: Orton doesn’t throw again
  67. Carson Palmer for Next Season as a Dolphin?
  68. If this is true
  69. Matt flynn
  70. Terrell Owens’ season is over
  71. Texans’ Brian Cushing fights teammate Antonio Smith
  72. meadowlands miracle:deSean jackson's spectacular punt return
  73. Brett Favre is back!!!!
  74. best pr/kr in nfl history?
  75. did anyone see nfl network?
  76. dolphin fans...
  77. Terrell Suggs doesn’t think Tom Brady is a Pro Bowler
  78. afc playoff predictions
  79. Are you like this on gamedays? (NSFW)
  80. ok now im sick...there is a special on Matt Ryan on TV
  81. Ginn returns one for a TD
  82. San Fran fired Singletary per ESPN...
  83. Video: Lions player gives fans the finger and tell them to "Suck" something. Classy.
  84. Jon Gruden can you please remove your mouth off of Matt Ryan's ----- please!!!
  85. MNF: Matty Ice & Friends vs. The Saints thread
  86. If I hear "at the end of the day" one more time
  87. Union: NFL players, owners sense urgency in talks
  88. Fans plan rally against Gary Kubiak
  89. Union: Talks have sense of urgency
  90. 2011 pro bowl rosters announced
  91. Brett Favre to Avoid Suspension, Get Fined $50k for Jenn Sterger Incident
  92. Report: Vikes will hire Leslie Frazier
  93. Erik Walden
  94. If Bears score, do they go for 2?
  95. Coughlin coming back....per ESPN
  96. Seattle 7-9 going to the playoffs
  97. Time to pick'em.
  98. Mangini Fired
  99. coaches on the hotseat:black monday style
  100. Buccaneers Sign LB J.D. Folsom to futures contract
  101. Tom Cable Out
  102. Doing it right? Panthers HC Search
  103. Is Vince Young Damaged Goods.
  104. Dallas Cowboys' coach is Jason Garrett
  105. Post your Wild Card predictions
  106. Merged: Harbaugh to 49ers
  107. Harbaugh all about honesty, and football
  108. Jim Harbaugh learned his trade working for his dad
  109. Jim Harbaugh raises the bar for Stanford's next head coach
  110. Now that Harbaugh is in the fold, what's next for Niners?
  111. Congrats to the Seahawks
  112. Official 2011 nfl playoffs discussion thread
  113. Casserly: No one wants Vince Young as a starter
  114. peyton manning: best qb ever?
  115. Wannstedt eyes NFL return
  116. Sean Taylor Tribute!!!
  117. Heee's Baaacckkkk
  118. wannstache has suddenly become a hot coaching commodity
  119. broncos hire john fox
  120. Lawrence Taylor to Register as Sex Offender
  121. terrell suggs: tom brady's super bowls are 'questionable'
  122. Josh McDaniels interviewing Saturday for offensive coordinator job.
  123. McDaniels in St. Louis Saturday per PFT
  124. McDonalds employee fired for letting AP use restroom.
  125. Natty Light
  126. Rob Chudzinski has accepted the Panthers' offer to take over as OC
  127. Filed to ESPN: Rams' talks breaking down with McDaniels
  128. Dez Bryant might be available?
  129. Rams 26th in scoring offense, yet their OC is a great young mind worthy to be a HC...
  130. Julius Peppers mic'd up vs Seahawks
  131. Ryan and Tomlin battle for playoff coaching wins
  132. Funny Brett Favre Video: "What should I do?"
  133. Espn Report: Carson Palmer wants to be traded.
  134. Aaron Rodgers is putting on a show
  135. Pitt vs. Jets
  136. Reason Steelers are winning...
  137. Steelers pass for the first down instead of running out the clock... Winners
  138. NFL players call out Cutler
  139. Odd Fox Sports Link RE: Cutler-Gate
  140. Wow, really?
  141. Most Hated Team Outside the Division
  142. Super Bowl Predictions
  143. Vikings hire former Dolphins RB Coach James Saxon
  144. Rashard Mendenhall Humps Big Ben
  145. Why XLV.....?
  146. Bears Blast Jay Cutler's Critics
  147. Chad Ochocinco changing name again
  148. Lions LB Follett Goes on Religious Rant
  149. Hershel Walker concidering NFL Comeback
  150. Drew Rosenhaus: Plaxico Burress will play in 2011
  151. Debate with someone
  152. C.F.L WR Emmanuel Arceneaux signs with the Vikings
  153. Jim Zorn fired
  154. Jeff Fisher and Titans Part Ways
  155. Jeff Fisher is Available..
  156. Sources: Titans want Vince Young trade
  157. Vick or Kolb?
  158. Falcons will ask Matt Ryan about new QB coach
  159. NFL Rumors: Players That Could Be Franchised
  160. Dolphins Hall of Fame Quarterback Bob Griese Retires from Broadcasting
  161. Peyton Manning
  162. An Offseason Without Tags Could Be Free Agent Frenzy
  163. Green Bay Packers LB Erik Walden glad Miami Dolphins cut him
  164. NFL Teams May Replace Playbooks with iPads
  165. Super Bowl Office Polls
  166. Bon Jovi set to become minority owner of the Atlanta Falcons
  167. Another reason to pick pittsburgh
  168. Offical superbowl commercial thread
  169. halftime show
  170. CBA Q's and A's
  171. Desmond Howard confronted
  172. If Kolb is so good why isnt HE starting?
  173. Fans sue over ticket issues
  174. We now have TWO scrambling quarterbacks that have won the superbowl
  175. Thanks for your support
  176. Michael Scott reacts to Todd Collins entering the game
  177. Plaxico Burress Eying NFL return
  178. Super Bowl host city shouldn't leave you cold
  179. richard seymour= highest paid defensive player in nfl
  180. NFL and NFLPA to negotiate for 7 straight days
  181. Bob Sanders CUT
  182. Forget Bob Sanders, OJ Atogwe was just released
  183. Lions Docked 7th Round Pick for Tampering
  184. Bob Sanders at Safety?
  185. O.J Atogwe
  186. dave duerson dead at 50
  187. What they do, not say: Pass-rush edition
  188. Atogwe
  189. Bob Sanders an option???
  190. TE Jeremy Shockey cut by Saints
  191. Mediation between NFL, union will resume in D.C. on Tuesday
  192. Would you trade a 1st Round Pick for Tony Romo?
  193. kerry collins?
  194. Report: NFLPA will Decertify before Thursday Night
  195. Shockey to visit Panthers tomorrow
  196. Shockey to sign with new team by March 3, prefers Panthers
  197. more evidence "Palmer" might be leaving Bengals
  198. PACKERS TO CUT A.J. Hawk If.....
  199. Drew Rosenhaus speaks about the future of his client Jeremy Shockey
  200. Sidney Rice to hit the open market
  201. Zach Miller - Our Answer at TE
  202. Redskins officially part with RB Clinton Portis
  203. Naked man arrested screaming about Jay Cutler
  204. Portis???
  205. tommie harris
  206. Little Update On Shockey
  207. Owners planned to lock out players for 2+ years??
  208. AJ hawk
  209. Shockey - Possible Hint
  210. How Much For Carson?
  211. AJ Hawk anyone?
  212. "Are you ready for some Lingerie?"
  213. Shockey expected to sign with Panthers or Dolphins today
  214. Marc Bulger?
  215. D. Williams Tendered
  216. Shockey chooses Panthers
  217. 4get about A.J Hawk
  218. Robert Gallery set to become FA
  219. Top 10 WR's in NFL
  220. NFL, union get 24-hour CBA deadline extension
  221. Dolphins starting RB in 2011 Kevin Smith??
  222. FA to continue tonight ..... !
  223. Nick Barnett anyone?
  224. Jaguars "moving on" from Mike Sims-Walker
  225. Sims-Walker anyone?
  226. James Jones
  227. Stephen Cooper!!!!!!
  228. darren sproles?
  229. Rams to pursue free agent Plaxico Burress
  230. Tiki Barber Returns!
  231. Report: Agreement on rookie wage scale
  232. Players union wants information about "Lockout insurance"
  233. CBA Battle: Who is right?
  234. Pat's Meriweather could be in trouble!
  235. Free Agency could start at midnight
  236. Did anyone else get an E-Mail from Roger Goodell?
  237. It's time for the Fans to Go on Strike!
  238. Bonamego Making his Return
  239. NFL Alumni continue to pressure NFLPA
  240. Adrian Peterson: NFL=Modern-day Slavery
  241. From the land of bizarre. You've got to read this
  242. Chad Johnson hopes to play soccer
  243. Kevin Burnett rips Roger Goodell
  244. The Kickoff rule change proposal
  245. Dez Bryant goes shopping
  246. The probing Ireland was right about Dez bryant banned from a Dallas mall now..
  247. Lawrence Taylor reacts to sentence
  248. Browns fan sues NFL over lockout
  249. we need more fans to do this
  250. compensatory draft picks