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  1. ponder is looking good
  2. Go Colts!!!
  3. Is It Against the Rules to Throw Games?
  4. Ravens’ Cam Cameron: Joe Flacco deserves heat, and so do I
  5. vBookie :: Dallas @ Philadelphia
  6. vBookie :: Indianapolis @ Tennessee
  7. Simms: No way Manning lets Colts draft Luck
  8. Mortensen: Manning will not let Colts draft Luck
  9. Colts are...
  10. Peyton Manning should be MVP
  11. Maybe this guy was right.
  12. Colts want Manning to practice, not play
  13. Sparano must be smiling at home
  14. NFL referees and their age
  15. Robiske Waived
  16. Most gifted arm you ever saw
  17. Peyton Manning says his neck still hasn’t healed
  18. vBookie :: Atlanta @ Indianapolis
  19. vBookie :: San Francisco @ Washington
  20. vBookie :: Baltimore @ Pittsburgh
  21. vBookie :: Chicago @ Philadelphia
  22. Worst Colts team ever...
  23. Patriots release TE Dan Gronkowski
  24. Tosh trashes Tebow.
  25. Cam Newton.....Hindsight.
  26. Mike Smith channels his inner Sparano
  27. SNF: Patriots vs Jets
  28. Eagles fan goes APE@#$%
  29. Source: Matt Schaub out for year
  30. A letter from Roger
  31. Franco Harris fired for backing JoePa
  32. Shanahan needs to be saved from himself
  33. Frustrated Browns fan rant
  34. Tebow is ridiculous
  35. In My Best Dennis Green Voice...Tim Tebow is Who We Thought He Was...
  36. Jay Cutler to miss rest of regular season with broken thumb
  37. So Orton gets cut...McNabb sucked....Kolb stinks...and we passed on Mallett...
  38. Walden Arrested
  39. Just found this
  40. Nick Novak urinating on the sideline
  41. Del Rio out in Jacksonville
  42. Four-Time Pro Bowler Passes Away
  43. Steve Smith
  44. Donovan McNabb Being Released by Vikings
  45. Belichick Puts Reporter in her Place
  46. *Other Teams/Games Thread - Week 13*
  47. Tebow Remix
  48. 7th San Diego Charger from 1994 SB team dies
  49. Im saying it here first.
  50. NY Giants GM in trouble?
  51. Chiefs fire coach Todd Haley
  52. Breaking News: Miami Dolphins Fire Coach Tony Sporano
  53. I lost last contest winners email and address. Please email me!
  54. Betting Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos
  55. tebow>new england?
  56. A Jeff Ireland "acorn" arrested by Feds for being a drug kingpin in Chicago
  57. THIS is the best possible scenario for Tebow.
  58. Pray for Johnny Knox
  59. The Mile High Saviour vs. The Man Who Sold His Soul to Satan
  60. Monday Sports Review - 12/19/2011
  61. lmao funny tim tebow video
  62. Colts win!
  63. Interesting Cowher report
  64. Kyle Orton/Tim Tebow
  65. Jets
  66. Did Rodgers lose the MVP by sitting out?
  67. Jeff Fisher wants to coach rams, chargers, bucs, colts
  68. Polian's Out in Indy
  69. Just passing new along...
  70. Rams fire Spags and Devaney
  71. PFT: Rams interviewing Jeff Fisher
  72. Who will Be the MVP?
  73. Vikings Promote Rick Spielman to General Manager
  74. official wild card weekend discussion thread...
  75. Rams begin GM search without Fisher
  76. jay gruden favorite for jags HC job
  77. Cowboys, Jets want Sparano
  78. Schefter says Sparano & Todd Haley to join forces as OC in 2012
  79. McDaniels agrees to rejoin Pats as assistant now, OC next year
  80. Tebow...
  81. Lol Tebow huge coincidence today beating the steelers
  82. Lol Tebow huge coincidence today beating the steelers
  83. Tebow
  84. Drew brees-the best free agent signee ever...
  85. Divisional Round Playoff Picks
  86. Report: Packers told body of Michael Philbin has been identified
  87. How is this allowed?
  88. MERGED x10000000: Mularkey is the new Jags coach!
  89. Mike Mularkey to the jags
  90. Per Schefter: Rams to interview Chudzinski on Thursday
  91. Tebow ot play illegal?
  92. If god is on Tebows side, they should get a penalty for to many on the field.
  93. What they say about Fisher and how he makes immediate impact on Rams......Hahaha
  94. Jimmy Fallon tribute to Tebow
  95. WHat a hit!!! SF vs NO Game
  96. Denver at New England
  97. Father- Son connection is what landed Fisher in St Louis
  98. Hate to beat a "dead horse" but...
  99. Pats going back to the big game...
  100. So Fisher wants ex Jet Brian Schottenheimer as his OC....
  101. Pack UNLIKELY to use tag on Flynn
  102. Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco franchise qb's?
  103. Wow......the refs made a real bad call. Packers fumbled that ball 100%
  104. Giants and Packers
  105. Looks like another patriots v. Giants superbowl to me
  106. Broncos to bring back orange jersey next year?
  107. QB and offense lead league?
  108. The Pats and the leprechaun up their wazoo
  109. PFT: Carl Nicks expected to leave Saints
  110. QB Carousel
  111. Colts calling Carmichael
  112. Joe Flacco shows "poor judgement" days before his showdown with the Pats
  113. Good News! If you are in Dade & Broward
  114. Pats get London game in 2012
  115. Brian Schottenheimer lands with Rams!
  116. Undercover cops with wear Giants jerseys tomorrow in San Francisco
  117. Jeff Fisher finds out what the Rams are all about after just one week
  118. Cam Cameron
  119. Billy Cundiff
  120. ***Reflection on today's AFC Championship game.***
  121. Merged: Chip Kelly to the Bucs?
  122. 2011 Baltimore Ravens
  123. Ginn causes 49ers Loss
  124. Adam Schefer: Chip Kelly NOT going to Tampa
  125. ELIte Manning
  126. How Different would that game had gone if TED GINN had played
  127. Matt Flynn's 6 Touchdown, 480 Yard, Franchise Record-Setting Performance
  128. PFT: Peyton doesn't like what he sees in Indy
  129. Terrell Owens is flat broke
  130. Dif type of thread. Alternate NFL logos
  131. Colts don't deserve Andrew Luck
  132. Bucs hire Greg Schiano
  133. Ravens work out Russian Kicking Phenom
  134. Just met cam newton!!!!
  135. Pro Bowl is a Joke
  136. Report: Todd Bowles to Eagles
  137. Some more pregame hype...........
  138. Ex-star Dorsett suing NFL: "They use you up"
  139. Tim Tebow: Putting the Lord, and Patriots First
  140. Merged: Daboll new OC of the Chiefs
  141. *** Official SUPERBOWL 46 Thread ***
  142. POLL: Yes or no, will you watch the superbowl today
  143. Where do Patriots Championship T-shirts go?
  144. Manning source: There is no short list
  145. You go girl
  146. Brady's wife tears into his receivers
  147. The Giants explited loopholes on way to SB victory...
  148. CBS Report: Peyton Manning likely to sign with Redskins
  149. Ricky Williams retiring
  150. Raiders released CB Stanford Routt.
  151. ***I just met....***
  152. Report: Eagles plan to franchise DeSean Jackson
  153. Report: Peyton may be interested in playing for the Texans
  154. “Poison pill” for offer sheets removed from CBA
  155. Ron Jaworski OUT on Monday Night Football
  156. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Release Albert Haynesworth...
  157. Hutchinson knows the Vikings may cut him
  158. Source: Pack, Finley reach 2-year, $15M deal
  159. “Manning to Miami” movement begins
  160. Weird Al for next years Super Bowl half time show
  161. Family of former Bear Dave Duerson sues over his suicide
  162. Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne could be a package deal
  163. Kameron Wimbley expected to be a cap casulty for Oakland Raiders
  164. Rams willing to trade #2 pick well before draft
  165. desean jackson gets the franchise tag
  166. Mort says Manning throwing really really well
  167. Browns not sold on RG3, may go for Tannehill
  168. Saints defense had bounties on other players?
  169. Schefter:Manning & Irsay working on deal to keep peyton in Indy
  170. Amateur Video of Peyton Manning Throwing
  171. Met Matt Ryan Today in NJ
  172. Cliff Avril franchised
  173. A longer wait on the horizon?
  174. Report: Manning to visit Broncos in Denver
  175. Dallas Clark released by the Colts
  176. Vikings release Steve Hutchinson
  177. Former Colt Pro Bowl QB throwing for 49ers tomorrow
  178. Source: Tebow could be traded to...
  179. Manning Watch: Peyton 'is the man I want,' Titans owner says
  180. Chargers GM believes Archie pulls the Manning strings
  181. Position-by-position look at NFL's top free agents in 2012
  182. Source: 49ers, Moss agree to deal
  183. vncent jackson to tampa
  184. Reggie Wayne re-signing a three-year deal with Colts. Agreement reached.
  185. Megatron signs 7-year, $130 million extension with Lions
  186. Cowboys strike three-year deal with Kyle Orton
  187. Chad Henne signs with Jaguars
  188. Peyton Hillis to KC!
  189. Tennessee legislature joins Peyton chase
  190. Broncos tiptoe slowly into free agency as they await word from Peyton Manning
  191. 49ers in race for Peyton Manning
  192. MERGED: Eric Winston Signed By KC
  193. Eric Winston signs with the Chiefs
  194. manningham to 9ers
  195. Lex Hilliard signed by Vikings
  196. Carroll said Sunday that Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson will compete for starting QB
  197. Manning to Broncos barring "unexpected snag"
  198. Mendenhall may have played his last snap as a Steeler
  199. Manning's deal is done: 5 years, $96 million
  200. Boston Globe: Could Tim Tebow wind up with the Patriots?
  201. Hines Ward retires after 13 seasons
  202. Gronk in any kind of trouble? Partying in Aruba.
  203. Jets consider trading for Tim Tebow
  204. Texans to trade linebacker DeMeco Ryans to Eagles for draft picks
  205. Demarco Ryans
  206. At least we aren't the Saints.
  207. Pats lose Benjarvus Green-Ellis to Cincy
  208. Looks like Tebow is back on the block...
  209. Sam Bradford..Whats his status?
  210. Man’s obituary says he wanted to die before Broncos acquired Peyton Manning
  211. Warren Sapp fingers Jeremy Shockey as the Saints’ bounty snitch
  212. Who does denver have for a back up qb?
  213. Marion the Barbarian
  214. NF Post: Seahawks team sources wouldn't be surprised if Jackson beats out Flynn
  215. Bill Parcells may return to coaching..
  216. Is Bill Parcells flirting with taking over the Saints?
  217. Goodell says Shockey isn’t the whistleblower
  218. Giants to host Cowboys on Sept. 5
  219. Deion Sanders rips Peyton Manning
  220. brandon jacobs signs with the 49ers
  221. NFL rule changes for 2012
  222. BREAKING NEWS REPORT. NFL player Eric Green
  223. NFL goal of stopping concussions, is it realistic?
  224. Seahawks new unis...
  225. Griffin tells Colts “no” to private workout
  226. Saints aren’t only team that reached out to Parcells for 2012 return
  227. Nick Fairley arrested for marijuana possession
  228. Urlacher "New uniforms will help peppers"
  229. Dallas Clark
  230. LaGarrette Blount on Richardson: "I would not like that pick"
  231. morris clairborne's 40 time is greater than his wonderlic score....
  232. Williams' speech to Saints: Hurt the 49ers
  233. New NFL Nike Uniforms
  234. Texas church expecting crowd of 30,000 for Tebow’s Easter sermon
  235. Report: Bill Parcells will not coach Saints
  236. Who will have an impact on the NFL? Luck or RGIII?
  237. LB Marvin Mitchell signs with Vikings
  238. Good news from Canada
  239. Billick: Ryan Tannehill hype recalls JaMarcus Russell
  240. Vince Young still sees himself as a starting quarterback
  241. Griese claims bounties weren’t needed in the ’70s
  242. first NFL NIKE alternate revealed....... (Steelers)
  243. Ryan Mallett/Brian Hoyer
  244. Best ever pro player never to win a title?
  245. Saints being accused of listening to opponents headsets at home games for 3 years
  246. Just how foolish is the Colts new FO staff?
  247. Suck for Luck Pays Off...
  248. John Beck
  249. Jacory Harris to Cardinals
  250. DeCastro confuses Big Ben with secretary