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  1. Aaron Hernandez Used 'Angel Dust,' Carried Pistol, Rolling Stone Reports
  2. TopBet, any feedback?
  3. Former Dolphins cornerback Julian Posey added to Browns practice squad
  4. Allen Bailey's Father RIP
  5. Jonas Gray to the Ravens
  6. NFL Wins Projections
  7. Don's Crystal Ball Week 1 Picks
  8. Ravens Broncos game thread
  9. Vonta Leach: Reflection
  10. Dallas Clark looking good...
  11. Outstanding Article On Grantland
  12. Need to look at David Gettis
  13. great new look Finheaven
  14. Reggie Bush 101 yards rushing today
  15. Pitts pouncey tears acl
  16. ESPN :Ndamukong Suh faces NFL discipline
  17. Eagles vs Redskins
  18. Arsenic or Antifreeze? Jags Fans Debate Their QB Options
  19. Suh fined 100k
  20. Should I play the Raider's Defense in Fantasy Football???
  21. The Bucs are a Dumpster Fire
  22. TNF Kickoff Song
  23. Orlando CBS affiliate apologizes for showing Jaguars game
  24. Bengals Steelers game thread
  25. The Brandon Weeden experiment coming to a close
  26. Redesigned NFL Logos
  27. Trent Richardson traded to the Colts
  28. Guns and another NFL player.... 49ers Aldon Smith lawsuit
  29. Eagles Chiefs game thread
  30. Willis McGahee signs with Browns
  31. Sean Smith
  32. Browns Must be Kicking Themselves
  33. Lions Considering Holding Bush Out
  34. Peyton Hillis Released. Bring in him to take a look at.
  35. What game are you watching @ 1PM?
  36. Jake Long: "Meet The New Boss - - (Same As The Old Boss)"
  37. Big Jake pulled yesterday for poor play!
  38. Raiders
  39. Rashad Johnson- left it all in the field
  40. Memorable Quotes
  41. 49ers-Rams game thread
  42. Rams fans on Jake Long
  43. gronk and ammedola ruled out
  44. NFL Block Party in London draws half a million fans
  45. It's not too early to hope other teams lose..
  46. QB Consecutive Game Streak - Cool Chart, NYTimes
  47. Jake Locker taken off the field on a cart
  48. Peyton Manning has 16 touchdowns and 4 games
  49. Jacksonville Jaguars - They Are Going 0-16
  50. New Jets accomplishment. Just thought some of you would get a laugh.
  51. Texans meltdown
  52. Another branch of the Tony Sparano Coaching Tree withers and falls
  53. QBs Times to Throw
  54. Browns-Bills game thread
  55. WOW Thursday nite FooTBall
  56. Browns Wall of Fame
  57. EJ Manuel out 4-6 weeks
  58. Loving this smacking!
  59. Luke Joeckel out for season (Fractured ankle)
  60. Raiders vs. Chargers
  61. Matt Schaub harassed at his home in Houston by angry fans.
  62. Saints-Pats
  63. Situational football: would this be a good decision in last two minutes of game?
  64. Cards-Seahawks game thread
  65. Ex-coach Bum Phillips dies at age 90
  66. Vontae being Vontae
  67. Reggie Wayne out for the year,injured ACL
  68. Texans waive 3 players for violating rules
  69. Vontae Davis rated highest CB to ever face Manning by pff w +8 rating
  70. Jeff Garcia tells the Browns he’s available
  71. Browns:Offers on table for Josh Gordon
  72. Source: Rams called Brett Favre
  73. The NFL in Flux
  74. Matt Moore..??
  75. Jake Long BLOWS!
  76. Jag's are realy ****ed now
  77. Broncos coach John Fox suffers possible heart attack
  78. Heading into the lions den today
  79. Sean Smith Pick 6 for Kansas City
  80. Hey look, WV's boy toy Matt Ryan throws 3 more int's...so
  81. Hey look at what happens to Andrew Luck when his line blows and receivers aren't
  82. Verdict reached in Sean Taylor murder case
  83. Bucs' Doug Martin placed on IR
  84. Sure Glad We Got Rid of Vontae!
  85. Green Bay is nothing without Rodgers
  86. Anyone Watching Cowboys/Saints?
  87. Chiefs have locker room issues
  88. Todd Christensen passes away
  89. Sean Smith being laughed at on NBC
  90. Ozzie Newsome ailing after game,takes ambulance to the hospital.
  91. Ump Bullying player... Trent Williams: "Ump cursed me out"
  92. ex dolphin ginn
  93. The WORST thing to ever happen to the NFL
  94. HOF Candidates
  95. Who's fault was it? Welker or Carter?
  96. Cardinals' Patrick Peterson shows different side of football locker room culture
  97. Eagles Weekly Cartoons
  98. Matt Flynn looks like John Beck out there...
  99. Former Dolphin Reggie Bush player of game vs. Green Bay
  100. Watching Roethlisberger.....
  101. NFL Considering Six-Figure Fine; Loss of Draft Pick for Steelers
  102. Jake Long hurt
  103. Anyone Just See What Happened in NYG/WAS?
  104. jacoby jones drops n bomb
  105. Sounds like Browns fans are over Bess
  106. The NFL Should Suspend Mike Tomlin
  107. Tomlin fined $100K
  108. 2013 Nfl Mvp
  109. Fun Fact
  110. Jake Long with a concussion???
  111. ByBy Kubiak
  112. Ron Burgundy interviews Peyton Manning
  113. NEW Longest field goal made 64 yards!
  114. the early 90's Houston Oilers: Unfulfilled Potential?
  115. Redskins/RG3
  116. go megatron !!
  117. Reggie Bush, ex-Dolphin just scored on a nice sweep - playoffs
  118. Flacco questionable
  119. Former Fin WR Bess dealing with "serious family issue"
  120. RG3 = Coach killer & LoL Cowboys
  121. Key injury to Ravens WR at end of game?
  122. Jake Long possible torn acl
  123. Cowboy's Tony Romo done for the season
  124. Karlos dansby top defender in MVP race, at #8
  125. Succop misses game winner for Chiefs
  126. Brandon marshall miss the playoffs again
  127. Congrats to Mike McCoy
  128. Mike Zimmer
  129. Seems Lovie Smith is gone
  130. No wonder game in GB was almost blacked out....
  131. Mike Munchak Fired by Titans
  132. Mike Munchak fired because he refused to make staff changes
  133. Chiefs vs Colts wildcard weekend.
  134. Sean Smith / Vontae Davis...still getting burnt.
  135. Luck
  136. luck is light years ahead of ryan
  137. What the Saints and Eagles are doing on offense...
  138. Mike McCoy and Ken Whisenhunt unfit to coach
  139. Ronnie Brown finally broke away for a TD run
  140. Andy Dalton Sucks
  141. Aaron Rodgers in pocket
  142. Fist Pump hired by Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Noooooo!!
  143. Super Bowl predictions?
  144. More Colts Chatter
  145. The NFL Will Get What It Richley Deserves.....
  146. Seattle Finally Gets Called Out
  147. Deion's Comment - Twitter
  148. Bill Lazor hired by Lions
  149. P. Manning "Belikchick will go down as greatest NFL coach ever."
  150. Washington Hires Olivadotti
  151. Davone Bess arrested in Wild Police Assault at airport
  152. Geno Smith Involved In Dispute On Airline
  153. Ryan Won't Cut His Hair
  154. Bess Had A Previously Unreported Run In With Police.
  155. Winslow Was Just Changeing Clothes
  156. Another Bess photo?
  157. Authorities: Darren Sharper arrested on charge of rape
  158. Help!!!!!
  159. Is Omaha a reference to D-day?
  160. Harbaugh calling those timeouts at the end of the NFC CG was just...
  161. **Official Manning vs Seattle Thread**
  162. Salvation of the season
  163. Who do you want to win the superbowl?
  164. Sherman's Comments
  165. Is the seahawks-niners game further evidence that fumbles should be reviewable?
  166. BB calls out Wes Welker on hit on Talib
  167. Pioli hired as Asst GM for Falcons so not an option for Fins if they even wanted him
  168. Sherman/Ireland
  169. "the commish"
  170. ProBowl Draft Rosters Recap
  171. Good News (Kind of) - Mike Pettine to be Cleveland's New HC
  172. Super Bowl?
  173. Richard Sherman and the T-Word
  174. Prayers to Tom Gamble and his family...
  175. Sidelined By Brain Injury, Ex-NFL Player Copes
  176. NFL Quarterbacks | Interested in the Forum's Perceptions
  177. 2014 Hall of Fame class
  178. Building Seattle's D
  179. ***OFFICIAL Super Bowl XLVIII Game Thread***
  180. 30 for 30: Richard Sherman
  181. Guy who Aaron Hernandez allegedly shot in Florida last year gets shot again
  182. Asante Samuel Anyone!!
  183. CBS to air 8 Thurs night games
  184. Sydney Rice
  185. Matt Ryan is not elite?
  186. Roger Goodell Considering Allowing Medical Marijuana
  187. Elway officially named Broncos GM , gets 3 year extension
  188. Former Miami RB Kory Sheets signs with Oakland
  189. Sharper charged with 2 rapes
  190. Buccaneers will unveil new helmets and logo tonight
  191. Ray Rice arrested for domestic violence
  192. Jesus Christ
  193. 15 yard penalties for use of "racial slurs"?
  194. Miami Dolphins to pursue Jim Harbaugh in 2015
  195. Tampa Bay Buccaneers new uniforms
  196. LB D'Qwell Jackson visiting Dolphins tonight
  197. Kaepernick wants $18 mil plus
  198. Browns release Besss and Tyms
  199. Colts signed ILB D'Qwell Jackson to a four-year, $22 million contract.
  200. Lions owner William Clay Ford passes away
  201. MERGED: Soliai to the Falcons
  202. WOW Vontae Davis gets $10M per from the Colts
  203. Ware + Wake = Terrifying Pass Rush, is it possible??
  204. Jarius Byrd is a NO Saint
  205. bye bye howard...goes to oak
  206. Aqib Talib's now off the market...
  207. Demarcus Ware Signs w/ Broncos
  208. Nolan Caroll is an eagle
  209. Rodger Saffold Question?
  210. DRC turned down offer from Broncos prior to acquisition of Talib
  211. OT Marvin McNutt getting married today
  212. Tate gone
  213. Irsay arrested
  214. Johnathon Martin theme song
  215. Rob Bironas released
  216. NFL owners will vote on moving kickoffs to the 40
  217. proposed rule changes that will be voted on
  218. Roddy White tries to get out of March Madness season-ticket bet
  219. Mark Cuban warns NFL “hogs” risk eventual “implosion”
  220. Pass Interference-Instant Replay?
  221. Eagles looking at buttfumble
  222. Dunking the ball over goal posts will be a penalty
  223. Jimmy Graham on goal post dunk ban: "Guess ill have to lead league in penalties."
  224. Chris Clemons signs with Texans
  225. Buccaneers sign Jorvorskie Lane
  226. Crips Release DeSean Jackson Over Concern About His Affiliation with Redskins..
  227. Nate burleson
  228. Met Albert Haynesworrh tonight
  229. S Yeremiah Bell is reportedly likely to retire.
  230. 2015 pro bowl
  231. Big Bird in Trouble
  232. "Comedy of errors" in Jacksonville
  233. Aldon Smith arrested at LAX
  234. Keyshawn arrested for domestic violence
  235. Keyshawn Johnson Arrested on Domestic
  236. Roger Goodell discusses four-day draft, expanded playoffs
  237. MERGED: Ireland hired by Seahawks
  238. 49'ers fan sues over Seahawks’ ticket policy
  239. Wes Welker Living Large at the Kentucky Derby
  240. Marcell Dareus arrested
  241. Josh Gordon in Deep Trouble
  242. stevie johnson
  243. Pats leaked Manziel scouting report
  244. Who Cares If He's Gay
  245. Michael Sam gets a reality show on Oprah’s network
  246. Looks like GB gave Colt Lyera a shot
  247. Marshall Signs Extension, Donates One Million to Mental Health Charity
  248. Manziel & Gronkowski in Las Vegas for memorial day weekend.
  249. Andre Johnson
  250. Ireland No Longer with Seattle