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  1. Owens Dancing
  2. Cheap chop
  3. QB's / Players In The NFL- You Just Don't Know
  4. I have to give props to Ray Lewis.
  5. Brees the bee's knees
  6. Ty Law out
  7. Tom Moore
  8. Javon Walker doesn't want to smell like a hot dog!
  9. I think T.O was right
  10. Super Bowl news
  11. best and worst logo in the NFL
  12. Gerrard Warrens "threats"
  13. Browns/Steelers just got in a fight...
  14. MERGED: Warner Benched, Eli In
  15. Dallas Cowboys getting spanked.
  16. Matt Hasselbeck Hurt?
  17. What's your take on last night's MNF intro?
  18. the raiders need...
  19. Something is up w/ in the universe....
  20. Brett Favre overrated??
  21. Butch Davis Is Next
  22. UF has an interest in B Davis..
  23. You guys were talking about how Madden has a thing for Favre....
  24. Uh-Oh the Detroit fans are starting to get reckless.
  25. Why do the Lions and Cowboys always play on Thanksgiving?
  26. Jeff George signs with the Bears
  27. McNair to retire?
  28. The "Davenport needs to be on the horse trailer" thread.
  29. Madden's Love Affair with Favre
  30. Butch Davis Resigned
  31. Davis resigns as Browns' head coach
  32. Davis Resigns
  33. expansion team?
  34. OT: Peyton Manning - look at this
  35. Hysterical Interview with Chad Johnson after Browns game
  36. Warner might retire if not a starter!!
  37. Not Dolphin Subject Was There Ever A African American Qb To Ever Win A Superbowl?
  38. Chargers
  39. Julius Jones
  40. are the vikings becoming the new fins?
  41. Lmao @ the Buccs
  42. For all the guys who bet "for fun"..
  43. Kyle Boller the party animal
  44. atlanta is
  45. go lions
  46. Harrington went 5 for 22 for 54 yrds
  47. what year did Barry and Deion Sanders Retire?
  48. Orlando Jaguars?
  49. Emmitt hints at returning for 16th NFL season
  50. Lets go Niners, beat the Skins!!!!
  51. Owens just got hurt
  52. Looks like Kitna is getting destroyed by Buffalo..
  53. i don't know which i hate worse!
  54. someone watching the titans - raiders game ?
  55. Owens out, Eagles in
  56. Larry Johnson proves his critics wrong!
  57. Think Norv Misses Miami?
  58. TO Out indefinitely
  59. Jags/Steelers Game: Did you see that hit?
  60. Does Simeon Rice ever shut up?
  61. Roy Williams dirty tackles...
  62. Wanny will be good
  63. Fox Sports Radio
  64. Vick gets $100 million extension
  65. Marv Levy Interview
  66. wacth the atlanta game.....
  67. Big Ben just got hurt....
  68. Reggie White 1961-2004
  69. Eli Manning demands trade!
  70. Anyone else think that Pennington is overrated
  71. Anyone think that the Vikes owner is crazy?
  72. AFC Playoff Scenarios
  73. this is a riot!
  74. Did the Vikes want to choke
  75. NFL Fuzzy Math: Saints win=OUT, Vikings lose=IN
  76. holy crap
  77. MVP and All Pro's
  78. My prediction for this week
  79. Moss walked off field with 2 seconds remaining
  80. Seattle's Alexander upset with coach's decision
  81. Nfl Stars Conned
  82. Question
  83. Sources: Niners coach Erickson to be fired
  84. 'Skins' Taylor cleared of drunken driving charge
  85. i need HELP please
  86. Pyper's Playoff Predictions
  87. Randy Moss is clueless...........
  88. Marino2Clayton's Playoff Predictions....
  89. Ty Law out for playoffs
  90. Holmgren?
  91. Haslett Returning
  92. Jamar Fletcher?
  93. Anyone still buying the Herm hype?
  94. Mike Holmgren out in Seattle?
  95. Feel bad about the 2002 fin's lost chances at winning the big game?
  96. Destruction in the Dome
  97. Broncos???
  98. When are we going to realize...
  99. Fastest Player in the NFL
  100. someone post up teh video of what randy moss did today
  101. After miserable outing, Favre mulls retirement
  102. farve still has it
  103. Manning gets MVP
  104. who will win saturday and sunday?
  105. Pyper's Declaration: Peyton Manning is...
  106. Marino and Young lead Hall of Fame Class!
  107. I know this isn't Dolphins, but it's a great picture to caption.
  108. Harrison fires back at 'Vanderjerk's' comments
  109. No Luck with Joe Buck
  110. VIDEO of Bill Belichick CHEATING!
  111. Steelers Board...........
  112. Report: Packers' Sherman to lose GM duties
  113. Lions May Cut QB Joey Harrington
  114. steelers favored by 8.5?!?!?
  115. Slippery when wet
  116. Sine the Fins did not make the playoffs.....
  117. My Playoff Predictions....
  118. Anybody watching or listening to Jets-Steelers game?
  119. Jets field goals under 2 min...
  120. If you think Mare is bad...
  121. J-e-t-s
  122. Big Ben not that good !!!!
  123. Steelers Win Despite a Less than Average Performance by Big Ben!
  124. Ok, so who we going with in Falcons V Rams game?
  125. Haha! I LOVE Doug Brien!!!
  126. Dunn is having a monster game
  127. Colts and Falcons in Super Bowl
  128. NFL Official Rules- Need Help!
  129. MERGED: Barret Robbins was shot in Miami
  130. NFC Playoffs.....Yawn
  131. Football is just not fun anymore...
  132. As much as I hate the Patriots.....
  133. Peyton Manning = OVERATED
  134. Early line on the Championship games.
  135. Which SB do you want to see? (poll)
  136. 4 Headed Monster (QB's left in playoffs)
  137. Merged:Mike Nolan accepts 49ers coaching job
  138. AFC & NFC Championship predictions
  139. Fassel accepts OC job for Balt and
  140. The Top Five Bad Boys of the NFL
  141. this can't be true. can it??
  142. Hows Big Ben Going to Beat the Pats?
  143. AFC Championship Game Interviews.
  144. Moss to Oakland??
  145. Barrett Robbins Went Berserk
  146. Have to go on the record
  147. Tampa Bay representive
  148. Can Vick be stopped from running?
  149. Who are you pulling for............
  150. championship games
  151. What are your SB predictions?
  152. Mangini leaving Pats?Jim Bates new DC?
  153. Falcons vs Eagles Game thread.
  154. Here we go, the NFL bias towards a weak playoff team
  155. Theres your big back for ya...
  156. Merged: Philly or NE?/Philly has No chance/NE an early favorite
  157. Big Ben "pulled A Fiedler"
  158. Just a little FYI:
  159. MERGED: Jim Bates Front-Runner for Packers...
  160. Bates + Trestman + New Orleans Would Be Nice
  161. Who Will Win This UGLY SUPERBOWL?
  162. Jim Bates Could be a Rival!!!!
  163. E-a-g-l-e-s
  164. Whinners to...Winners?
  165. woah.. dissed by superbowl.com?
  166. Owens believes he'll play in the Super Bowl
  167. Senior Bowl Practice Notes each day!!!
  168. Jamal Lewis to serve 4 months
  169. New Arizona Cardinals logo
  170. Tom Brady suing Caillac
  171. Disney halts famed 'I'm going' Super Bowl ads
  172. The 10 worst Super Bowl moments
  173. Should T.O. play?
  174. Non Dolphin Related-AZ.Cards get updated Logo
  175. FredEx gives the Pats ammo..
  176. Anti-moss billboards
  177. iTunes Selling Championship Games
  178. Just an observation...........
  179. Pat Tillman Foundation
  180. I wonder how T.O. looked inPractice?
  181. Tampa to make a run at Lamont Jordan
  182. Worst NFL Place to be the Visitor
  183. Let me be the first to call the upset - take the Eagles
  184. Emmitt Retires
  185. Thank Goodness Bellicheck Coaches The Pats
  186. Emmitt Smith :(
  187. Pats complaining about practice field again
  188. Emmit might not retire just yet
  189. Emmitt Smith Retiring
  190. Emmitt NOT retiring??
  191. How the Chargers scout
  192. Daunte takes back jewelry? / Story Refuted
  193. Just in case you didn't catch ESPN....
  194. Emmit Smith retiring on ESPN right now...
  195. Emmit Smith is the man
  196. Bednarik going for Pats
  197. Freaking 49ers...........
  198. Where is Freddie Mitchell?
  199. Childress
  200. Tom Brady is 9-0 in the playoffs(3 SBs), and he's only 27
  201. It was good to watch buffalo...
  202. Romeo Crennel Accepts Browns job!
  203. Quincy Carter Relapses, Enters Rehab
  204. Props to Terrell Owens
  205. No Props to Freddy Mitchell
  206. Super Bowl Standings
  207. Chunky soup
  208. Eli Manning
  209. Rumor: Jets trying to attract Moss?
  210. MERGED: Moss 2 Falcons?
  211. Super Bowl Commercials............
  212. Titans offer OC job to Chow
  213. Crennel and Clevelands situation
  214. Romeo Crennel and the Browns
  215. MERGED: McNabb choked....literally
  216. 51 pass attempts
  217. Cold Pizza: Crennel is next Wanny!
  218. Titans sign Norm Chow as OC
  219. New McDonalds Sandwich.
  220. McNabb claims he wasnt sick
  221. Does Fred-Ex ever shut up?/Freddie is a moron (merged)
  222. player relations.
  223. Freddie Mitchell to the Fins? Say it ain't so....
  224. Bill Belichick has no class, either
  225. Freddie Mitchell, off topic, Football Topic
  226. Ray Lewis Threatened
  227. Mccowns
  228. Player u hate the most?
  229. Bucs Threaten to Sue Season Ticket Holders
  230. Fowler buys vikings
  231. Akili Smith, Crouch among 266 players allocated to NFL Europe
  232. Cool Day At Work
  233. Bledsoe
  234. Merged: Bengals tag Rudi
  235. Bledsoe Gets the Boot
  236. More big news expected out of Seattle today
  237. Bruschi Injured/Hospitalized
  238. Brees franchised
  239. Off Dolphins Topic: Chargers Press Conference
  240. St Lousi to start Jackson at RB
  241. San Diego Tags Brees
  242. Funny Cartoon about NFL Analysts!
  243. Junior Seau Invited Back to Camp
  244. The Titans are in trouble
  245. J.R. Tolver is not a FA anymore
  246. ESPN finally gets something right
  247. Hunter S. Thompson Dead
  248. Hasselbeck to be first for tag
  249. MERGED: Alexander is officialy tagged
  250. Travis Henry straight up for L.J. Shelton