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  1. Helicopter Kill Video
  2. I just saw the decapitation video on a website/ESPN's Miami Dolphins Forum's link
  3. Should marijuana be legalized?
  4. Should marijuana be legalized? (now with poll)
  5. Car Bomb Claims life of Leader of the Iraqi Governing Council
  6. Points to ponder this election year.
  7. Short Story
  8. I don't post much political stuff, but this was pretty good
  9. Was the Nick Berg decapitation staged??
  10. News Channels
  11. If the election were held tomorrow, who would you vote for?
  12. Pat Tillman killed by friendly fire
  13. Remember those that were lost on this Memorial Day
  14. Nore positive economic figures....
  15. Liberal..why is it a "dirty" word?
  16. Merged: Offensive language/Jr's gaff
  17. Measure of a leader? Ask those he led!!
  18. Letter from a Senior Citizen...MUST READ
  19. Jobless Recovery?
  20. Peak Oil: Humanity's Greatest Test
  21. Rest In Peace President Reagan
  22. Former President Reagan Passes Away
  23. So J-Lo is on marriage #3....explain this to me..
  24. Man this annoys me, are people really so sensitive?
  25. Iraq Timeline
  26. President G. W. Bush is A Cowboy
  27. Image-Reagan and Ray Charles watching the NBA Championship
  28. Has Micheal Moore gone to far.
  29. The US invades Spain!!!
  30. Oh that WACKY Jacque!!
  31. Putin: Soviet intelligence warned US of Iraqi preparation of terrorist attacks.
  32. US Hostage Paul Johnson Jr. Beheaded
  33. A Comment abot Michael Moore MOVIES
  34. The Kim Sun-il beheading video
  35. Reverend Syung Mung Moon being corrinated as the messiah
  36. Feelings on the possibility of a draft
  37. New Video on Bush's website
  38. Fahrenheit 9/11
  39. Transfer of Power from the US to Iraqi interim government Complete....2 days early
  40. I think I figured out Anti-Bush people
  41. Who is your hero?
  42. Forget working to find solutions!!
  43. Rush Limbaugh
  44. REALLY bad economic survey figures....
  45. Voting...Novice Needs Help
  46. Defend this Michael Moore Huggers:
  47. Fahreinheit 9/11 debunking links:
  48. F The FCC and Bush
  49. hillary wants your money
  50. Saddam tried to BUY URANIUM!!
  51. Ironic, F911 owes its success in part to its critics.
  52. This is what kills me about education spending
  53. Hmmmm.......Rumor Control in Wash D.C.
  54. read it and weep ladies...
  55. I couldn't believe this
  56. This board is kind of.....
  57. Saddam Hussein Trial Thread
  58. Wake Up America
  59. Kerry Resume for President
  60. Flat Tax rate?
  61. F 9/11 does not have ONE credible claim.
  62. Fahrenheit 9/11 Review
  63. Caption the Photo
  64. Political Look-A-Likes
  65. Iraq government may offer amnesty to insurgents
  66. Florida Releases Voter Purge List
  67. Where are the Saddam look alikes?
  68. Funny thing about "blood for oil"
  69. Geez I love Bill Cosby
  70. One Thousand + Reasons
  71. It's Kerry/Edwards
  72. It's Lurch/Breck Girl....
  73. This is very typical of the Breck Girl.
  74. Guess what? Bush is a Flip-Flopper too!
  75. PhinPhan- Theresa Heinz Kerry Releases 2003 Income Tax Info
  76. Kerry and Edwards
  77. News Media Kerry / McCain Ticket Fiction
  78. So now that Ken Lay is indicted....
  79. Profiling
  80. NEW GUIDELINE/Not a smack forum
  81. National Soveveignty: Does it matter to you?
  82. Bush lied? Not according to the Democrats....
  83. Michael Moore Hates America
  84. 21 Steps to being a Good Democrat
  85. Conscience of the Democratic Party
  86. The Famous Maurice Cheeks National Anthem
  87. What is more important..............
  88. Jadakiss/Bush
  89. They all s**k!!
  90. Just another little tidbit about Zach/Bush
  91. Political Compass
  92. Yeah...and France is telling US what we're doing wrong?
  93. Memorial To W ...
  94. FlipFlopper.com
  95. Kerry: Wrong for Florida
  96. Possible new terror threat- long but interesting
  97. Who should be the Prez?
  98. Dufus Alert: John Kerry gives Black Power salute at NAACP.
  99. Republicans want to spy on what you read
  100. Moore to be charge in Canada?
  101. Crazy story, must read
  102. Bush is a jerk
  103. Absolutely hysterical....
  104. Kerry is a jerk
  105. The Clinton criminal enterprise continues...........
  106. Republican Party Platform
  107. History of Drug Laws - Why Drugs are Illegal in the First Place
  108. F 9/11 has MANY credible claims
  109. Al Franken Beats O'Reilly in NY Radio Matchup
  110. Why we should invade France.
  111. O'Reilly beats Franken in NY Radio Matchup
  112. Fahrenheit 9/11 Making GOP Nervous
  113. WMD's found in Iraq!!
  114. Gay Marriage Admendment
  115. stem cell research
  116. Bush was in Alabama
  117. To those who served, and those who have not!
  118. A Must Read
  119. Teresa Heinz Kerry...what a nice lady
  120. Richard Cheney...what a nice guy
  121. My True Political Views and the State of the Republican Party
  122. Ann Coulter latest hate slander
  123. Why I miss Bill Clinton
  124. Pic: John Kerry dressed like a sperm cell.
  125. Another Bush initiative...your tax dollars at work..
  126. Democratic National Comedy Convention Thread....
  127. O'Reilly kicking Michael Moore's Arse on NOW!!!!!
  128. Bush Ads Fact Check
  129. Hillary was a Republican
  130. John Kerry the director?
  131. EPIPHANY!! I now understand John Kerry
  132. DNC Spokesperson
  133. A speech from the DNC
  134. Edwards is BOMBING!!!!!!
  135. The "so called" hush on Bush-bashing at the DNC.
  136. If Kerry wins we CAN save money!!
  137. more interesting john kerry info
  138. Chew on this!
  139. If Kerry wins, It Won't be because he is a Good Candidate for Pres.
  140. My Lord People....Im Sitting Watch the Next President Talk and Then...
  141. The media is so dishonest.....
  142. Kerry's speech was full of LIES.
  143. The RNC responds to Kerry's drivel........
  144. John Kerry picks up an important endorsement:
  145. Big DNC convention snafu:.....
  146. Kerry will not reveal his economic plan until AFTER the election......
  147. New Bush ad
  148. Question...
  149. Is there anyone who voted for Gore in 2000 that will now vote for Bush?
  150. Ron Reagan in Esquire
  151. Bush Making More Friends
  152. Study Shows Thinking about Death makes you Vote Bush
  153. I know many have seen this but....
  154. Good News on Cancer Research
  155. The Revolution Will Not be Televised
  156. Don't believe me that the DNC Convention sucked?....CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!
  157. Hey Muck
  158. Sending "Your Kids" to Iraq
  159. MORON ALERT: Kerry goes to Michigan and tells UM fans that the Buckeyes Rule.
  160. Study: Nearly 9 million Americans lost health insurance from 2001 to 2003
  161. Kerry/Edwards Legal team
  162. A funny video...
  163. Agreeing with Bush..
  164. Michael Moore lied...AGAIN!
  165. John Kerry: "Unfit for Command."
  166. Bush did NOT lie about WMD
  167. Dick Cheney visited my town today.....
  168. For a "war hero"....
  169. Since there's no liberal bias in the media...
  170. Another gem from our GENIUS President
  171. Kerrys "brothers" talk about him in new ad
  172. McCain Condemns Anti-Kerry Ad
  173. Refresh my memory, I know impersonating a cop is illegal...
  174. Racial Profiling
  175. Who deleted my post?
  176. Conservatives-"Ignorance is bliss"
  177. Is Florida a Liberal or Conservative state?
  178. Michael Moore..?
  179. Bush's Economy
  180. Lastest CNN Poll Florida
  181. Swifties tell Kerry Campaign: "Bring it on."
  182. The liars of WMDs
  183. Man who videos own beheading speaks out!
  184. Security threat for Helicopters
  185. Illustration of stupidity...
  186. John Kerry snubs Cancer kids..........
  187. Okay..It's Official.....The Kerry's are LOONS.
  188. Replacing Income Tax with Sales Tax?
  189. A question for Bush supporters
  190. Ralph Nader’s Influence?
  191. Mississippi candidate for Congress gets owned by Borat (Ali G), is now complaining...
  192. Jay vs. AJ : Bush vs. Kerry analogy
  193. Issues to Divide and Conquer
  194. New Jersey Governor RESIGNS...and says that he is GAY.
  195. Still have a problem with the war? These guys don't...
  196. Voters take a dim view of Bush handling the Economy
  197. The State Of Bush vs. The State Of Law
  198. Well...the WMD issue can be put to rest.
  199. Wow...John Kerry agrees with me!!
  200. Goss says he's unqualified for CIA job
  201. Early election prediction!!
  202. BUSH looking good in the POLLS!!!!!
  203. Has anyone seen.......
  204. The one thing...
  205. An Ode to John Kerry
  206. political joke
  207. One war is the seed for another war.
  208. John Kerry to CUT Social Security Benefits......
  209. Bush Announces Major Troop Alignment
  210. Democratic Ticket Hits Bush's Corporate Ties
  211. HARKIN: Cheney's Comments Cowardly
  212. You asked for it...you got it...now deal with it
  213. Ex-defense chiefs:Pentagon Must Keep Intelligence Reins
  214. Report: Iraq poses problems for Bush
  215. An Ode to George W. Bush
  216. That lying Bush
  217. Facts that John Kerry does not want you to know...
  218. Kerry to Challenge Bush Troop Plan
  219. New York Dems Blast Bush
  220. VERY big step to bringing peace/stability to Iraq
  221. It was bad in 2000, it's worse in 2004...what about 2008?
  222. Bush: Why You should vote for me.
  223. Kerry Bash Bush Over Attack Ads
  224. Iraqi soccer players angered by Bush campaign ads featuring team
  225. Retiring GOP congressman breaks ranks on Iraq
  226. Iran threatens pre-emptive strikes
  227. This Punk.."Osama Bin Laden's" Letter to America
  228. Error Puts Kennedy on No-Fly List
  229. The SWIFT BOAT VETS ARE Drawing Blood!!!!
  230. We know the candidate suck
  231. Could the Catholic Church GET more idiotic?
  232. Gotta love the creativity.
  233. Kerry: Bush ignores 'average folks'
  234. Presidency 2004
  235. Bush undermines generations of American leadership
  236. Almost 9 Billion Missing From Iraq Funds
  237. John Kerry's Gunner is BURYING him right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  238. MoveOn.org subscribers are getting jipped
  239. shedding no tears for johnny boy
  240. Unbiased?
  241. Question about Polls
  242. 10 Suggestions for a more Sensitive War on Terror
  243. Bush campaign denies 'smear tactics'
  244. someone else for president
  245. Michael Moore vs. Alladdin Casino
  246. Bush at his best...
  247. Swift Boats for Truth lies EXPOSED!
  248. Trade deficit widens, hits record
  249. Unions Protest New Overtime Rules
  250. Bush urges Kerry to condemn attack ads