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  1. Priceless!
  2. US will go for other states after Iran and Iraq, says Margolis
  3. Nothing to fear but the climate change alarmists
  4. Increaed estimate of Suns role in Global warming
  5. All of the world's current problems can be blamed on a single group...
  6. 2008 Presidential Race is Pick'Em at Ladbrokes.com
  7. Creationism (sorry)
  8. Hypothetically, If the US Government DID execute 9/11...
  9. May 1st, 2006 Boycott - Illegal immigrants
  10. World's Smallest Political Quiz
  11. Haha! O'Reilly is such a thug!
  12. Psycho Cindy
  13. Blasts Kill 23 in Egyptian Resort City
  14. Explain God's purpose for this one
  15. Why does a 2nd Term President care about Approval Ratings?
  16. Im Leaving...
  17. Political Psychology: The Bush Bubble Myth
  18. Bush takes aim at rising gasoline prices
  19. Neil Young To Release Anti-Bush Album
  20. mice carrying plague missing!
  21. ACLU loses again
  22. What makes us better?
  23. Why Republicans are screwed
  24. How Republicans can break the spending habit
  25. Budweiser hotseat. 10 burning questions.
  26. Senate Shifts Iraq Funds to Borders, Ports
  27. Tony Snow named White House Press Secretary
  28. 9/11 WTC Question regarding the "explosion"
  29. Greenpeace vs Ted Kennedy, say it aint so!
  30. LA County: $276 million welfared to kids of Illegals
  31. So, did any of you catch South Park last night?
  32. Rove indictment imminent?
  33. I'm going to register democrat
  34. British Hacker hacks into US Government computers and finds evidence UFOs
  35. Pick Your Ideal '08 Presidential Candidate Via SelectSmart
  36. Sneak Preview of John Kerry's Campaign Theme for '08 ?
  37. Why Make Your Own Fuel? Because You Can!
  38. Iran appointed as vice'chair of UN Disarmament Commission
  39. The Worst President in History?
  40. Hill's '08 Headache
  41. Senators: 'Bumbling' FEMA must go
  42. Kyoto is Pointless say 60 leading scientists
  43. "American Economic Hegemony"
  44. Mexico to legalize drugs
  45. Balance and reality, according to Bill O'Reilly
  46. Illegal Immigration
  47. "Political dirty-tricksters are using Wikipedia"
  48. March for Peace, Justice & Democracy today
  49. Students suspended over military protest
  50. GAO Says Government Pesters Wounded Soldiers Over Debts
  51. Low Iraq Output Pushes Oil Prices Higher
  52. Dubai again
  53. U.S. prepares for 'A Day Without an Immigrant'
  54. Rush Limbaugh Arrested In Cal. Prescription Drug Fraud Charges
  55. U.N. forced to cut food aid to Sudan
  56. The Music Stops If You're Anti-Bush
  57. Al Gore Trivia Quiz
  58. Al Gore on cover of Wired.
  59. Colbert Lampoons Bush at White House Correspondents Dinner-- President Does Not Seem
  60. Rice on defensive over strength of U.S. forces
  61. Military Spouses Job Program in Jeopardy
  62. Leaders visit; front-line troops say, 'Yeah, so?'
  63. "Meet Mark Warner, the Next U.S. President"
  64. The Vietnam War - America's Longest War
  65. Energy chief: High gas prices could last 3 years
  66. Data Show How Patriot Act Used
  67. Powell Forces Rice to Defend Iraq Planning
  68. Government Remains Biggest Oil Profiteer
  69. Tony's New Job? That's Snow Biz
  70. How do you feel about a minority or a woman president?
  71. Economy Grows at 4.8% this Quarter
  72. Reformers Score a Victory in Congress
  73. Cobra II. Rumsfeld's plan
  74. Joe Biden's plan
  75. Wired needs to apologise to Al Gore.
  76. Al Gore saving you from yourselves.
  77. Another positive review of Gore film.
  78. Bush turned down chances to kill Zarqawi: ex-CIA spy
  79. PATRIOT ACT Targets Americans
  80. Secret Service agrees to release visitor logs tied to Abramoff
  81. President Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws
  82. Dobbs: Radical groups taking control of immigrant movement
  83. Add an Oscar to Al Gore's trophy case.
  84. Mitt Romney's Mormon Hurdle
  85. The Federal Reserve: Legal or Illegal?
  86. Republicans Running on Empty
  87. God is real, here is proof 100%
  88. Enron chief: It's all Fastow's fault!
  89. The Best May 1st Rally Didn't Happen in the U.S.
  90. Impeachment weighed again
  91. The Resurrection of Al Gore
  92. GOP split on response to growing cost of gas
  93. U.S. readies 'road map' for potential flu disaster
  94. Sen. Byrd rips line-item veto proposal
  95. Evidence of Thermite Uncovered at World Trade Center
  96. MERGED 3X:9/11 was a government conspiracy?/Judge has doubts/aliens!/dancing Isrealis
  97. MERGED:What Did Happen To Flight 93?
  98. 8.0 quake strikes Tongan Islands: Hawaii, Fiji, NZ on tsunami alert
  99. Rove's Unexplained Personal Wealth
  100. New Government Report: Climate Change is Real and Man is Contributing
  101. Air Pollution at it's lowest levels in recorded history
  102. Moussaoui Gets Life
  103. che guevara
  104. Dolfan Poll For My PoFo Buddies
  105. Abortion
  106. Jury Right to Let Moussaoui Rot
  107. Judge Fights: The Politics of Petulance
  108. A third party might solve the energy crisis
  109. Cheney: Russia used oil to intimidate, blackmail
  110. Anthem in Spanish Doesn't Faze First Lady
  111. "News outlets ignored Bush flip-flop on oil reserves"
  112. What Is Fascism?
  113. Abuse denying justice for 9/11 planners?
  114. The 1st of May. What the media wont talk about.
  115. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, possibly not able to kill anyone if push comes to shove
  116. Nationalized Healthcare!! its the way to go..........
  117. DOW comes within 300 points of all time high
  118. Talk about cliche'...a Kennedy crashes his car.
  119. Rumsfeld Confronted: "Why Did You Lie?"
  120. VIDEO: Rumsfeld Called Out On Lies About WMD
  121. Anti-flag-burning amendment clears Senate panel
  122. Senate Reacts To Gas Prices
  123. Salt Lake Tribune: 'Ozone Al' For President In '08
  124. Report: NASA Lacks Science Funds
  125. Moussaoui Sentenced to Life at Supermax
  126. LOL! Anyone see the Zarqawi Blooper Reel?
  127. What Bush Said In The Debates With Al Gore - Part I
  128. Cool New Electric Car
  129. CIA Director Resigns
  130. In the chaos of Iraq, one project is on target: a giant US embassy
  131. W. House Molded EPA's 9/11 Reports
  132. Thank you Ray McGovern
  133. Calling All Veterans!
  134. Mexico's Fox balks at signing drug law
  135. White Guilt and the Western Past
  136. Nuclear Football
  137. Talk show host encourages shooting undocumented immigrants
  138. PoFo poll: Should we make an effort to stay on topic?
  139. High Gas Prices Hurting Vast Majority of Americans - Consumer Confidence Declining
  140. Civilian courts the wrong place to deal with terrorists
  141. Which One Would You Rather See Become President in 2009...
  142. Why War Comes When No One Wants It
  143. Al Gore Comments On His Appearance on South Park
  144. World Tension's
  145. Zacarias Moussaoui
  146. Approval ratings plunge for Bush, Republican Party
  147. Sunday's Washington Post: Democrats confident of taking House, perhaps overconfident
  148. Kerry running on I told u so platform in 08
  149. Reps. Circling the White House
  150. Cheney's Speech at Vilnius -- You Gotta Love It!
  151. Why Do People Believe in Conspiracy Theories?
  152. Founder of liberal site Daily Kos questions Hillary's chances in 2008
  153. Illegal Aliens...So You Want To Be An American?
  154. Bush's Choice To Run The CIA: "The Wrong Person, the Wrong Place, At the Wrong Time"
  155. Bush says Best Moment as President was "catching a fish in my lake"
  156. The Latest from the Grief Pimp
  157. Asia Is Getting Ready to Dump the Dollar Peg
  158. Money! It's a crime.
  159. Truth Bomb on CSpan!
  160. Evidence: The Case for NASA UFOs (Video)
  161. Moussaui: here we go. be prepared for many more years of this.
  162. Glenn Beck's TV Show Premieres Tonight
  163. Gore More Likely to Run in '08 if Hillary Also Runs, Than if She Doesn't?
  164. Bush Approval Rating Hits 31% in USA Today Poll; Lowest of Presidency
  165. Live AOL Poll: Al Gore Beating Hillary Clinton
  166. Rove May Be on the "A" List for Indictment
  167. Dumb Questions...
  168. Republicans Set Aside Middle-Income Tax Cuts to Focus on Rich
  169. MSNBC’s Shuster: ‘I Am Convinced Karl Rove Will Be Indicted’ »
  170. Robert Murdoch to Host Senate Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton
  171. The Perils of Engagement
  172. The US's geopolitical nightmare
  173. White House: Iran's letter not a nuclear fix
  174. 9/11 Conspiracy theory CONFIRMED!!
  175. US telling Mexico where the Minutemen are.
  176. The Politican/Public Figure Mug Shot list
  177. And yet American companies can't drill in the Gulf
  178. Lesbian brains react to pheremones the way straight mens brains do
  179. Ahmadinejad's letter
  180. U.S. Newborn Survival Rate Ranks Low
  181. Phone jamming scandal growing louder for White House.
  182. An Interview With Accidental Movie Star Al Gore - Yet Another Non-Denial Denial
  183. More damaging evidence for Delay.
  184. Righty talkshow host admits being wrong about Bush
  185. pretty interesting
  186. Al Qaeda says they are losing Iraq: Every Year worse than the one before
  187. Hookergate: More to Goss resignation than meets the eye
  188. Voters Doubtful of Democrats
  189. Do you think Nuclear Bombs will ever be used again?
  190. Potential threat to the Electoral College
  191. What Would Teddy Do?
  192. Everything You Know Is Wrong
  193. Democrats' Message Misses Middle Class
  194. An Open Letter to the Class of 2006
  195. States Aim to Raise Minimum Wage
  196. Maybe some benefit to tinfoil hats!
  197. Sex, Greed And Forced Abortions
  198. Deficits? Let the next White House worry.
  199. Creationism? No that's for pagans, says Vatican astronomer
  200. Curious, would this CNN story be considered positive, or negative?
  201. Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan elected to UN Human Rights Council
  202. Bush Backs Brother Jeb for White House
  203. Luttig resigns!
  204. April Tax Revenue 2nd-Highest in History
  205. Murdoch Gives Fundraiser for Hillary
  206. Lou Dobbs To President: Do You Take Us For Fools?
  207. Poll: Democrats Lead Republicans By Double Digits
  208. EXCLUSIVE: Presidential Plans Found In Trash
  209. National Security Agency Secretly Collecting Phone Call Records of Americans
  210. Cindy Sheehan Supports Al Gore for 2008!
  211. Government quits NSA probe
  212. McCain and 'the Constitution'
  213. A Judge 'Stands Up' For Ignorance
  214. Cheney growls, Putin roars back
  215. When bad government gets worse and worse
  216. Senate slates vote on $70 billion tax cut
  217. NSA building massive database of phone records
  218. Good Job Tony
  219. The war we are fighting needs a more accurate name
  220. Public High Schools Weigh Bible Courses
  221. Props to all of us in the PoFo.
  222. 5,000 Posts!
  223. Traitor Murtha Still Helping the Enemy
  224. The Year of the Black Republican?
  225. Sick of religious debates? Let's talk about..ummmm, dildos?
  226. Gore Endorses John Garamendi For Lieutenant Governor of California
  227. Bush's Approval Rating 40% Or Worse In 15 States He Won In 2004
  228. Bush Family Poll on AOL
  229. From Pornstar to Born Again Christian
  230. is it possible Goliath was real and not a myth?
  231. The GOP's Bankruptcy of Ideas
  232. Discovery Channel showing JFK Assassination
  233. Gas Pipeline explosion in Nigeria, up to 200 feared dead
  234. Poll: Most Americans Support NSA's Efforts
  235. "Paralyzed" woman gets up, RUNS from police.
  236. ONe juror stood between Moussaui and death penalty.
  237. States' Rights -- for the Right Ideas
  238. Culture of Corruption: It's Bipartisan Now
  239. Kentucky governor indicted over hiring practices
  240. Obama Assails Bush; Murtha's Prediction
  241. Howard Dean Misstates His Party's Platform on Gays
  242. Poll: Bush Lied About Iraq, Has No Right to Attack Iran
  243. Have You Ever Been Called For A Poll?
  244. Tony Snow Stumbles in First Press Briefing
  245. Connecting-the-Dots, Data Mining and the Loss of Real Civil Liberties
  246. Obama vs. Blackwell in 2012
  247. Father of modern GI Bill dies
  248. What if the French offered us the Christ the Redeemer statue...
  249. CNN Poll: Bill Clinton More Honest and Trustworthy than Bush
  250. The New Kerry