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  1. Is religion the reason for the invasion of Iraq?
  2. USA Today: "The Reality is, Gore is Back and He's Hot"
  3. Washington's Dirty Secret: Democratic Insiders Do NOT Want Hillary - Favor Gore
  4. Al Gore Goes To New York City - Hottest Ticket in Town
  5. Al Gore Reaches Out to Evangelical Christians
  6. Iraqi minister defends Iranian nuclear program
  7. Al Gore on eBay
  8. James Carville Sums Up Why Some People Don't Like Al Gore
  9. MERGED:It Can't Happen Here/more of the same 911 questions
  10. Republican Redundance
  11. Story: Al Gore gives Hypocrisy a bad name.
  12. Al Gore's Communist connection.
  13. Al Gore quotes.
  14. Iraqi Tennis Players Killed for Wearing Shorts
  15. of pre-emptive war and reshaping the world
  16. What AT&T doesn't want you to see:
  17. Is it fascism yet?: Neocons' war against investigative journalism
  18. Corsi: Bush wants to scrap US for North American Union?
  19. Pat Robertson claims he leg presses one ton
  20. Without a comment
  21. Pope Benedict at Auschwitz
  22. "Worse today than three years ago"
  23. Blair Bowed to U.S. Pressure on Iran, global warming
  24. Rumpus over FBI raid leads to talk of resignations
  25. Retiree Benefits Grow Into 'Monster'
  26. Advice for Congress: Get Real
  27. America Will Always Have Illegal Immigration
  28. Is GOP losing grip on power?
  29. political unrest in iran?
  30. Riot erupts after Kabul traffic accident
  31. Looking Back at Iraq
  32. Bush presses case for war on terror at ceremony
  33. The buck stops with Bush, not Rumsfeld
  34. House message: Shut the border, but nothing more
  35. Democrats' Worst Nightmare
  36. Cheney aide is screening legislation
  37. Memorial Day
  38. Andrew Sullivan on Gore 2008
  39. Millitary closing in on creating cloaking devices
  40. Al Gore Attacks The Modern Day Political Machine
  41. Frank Rich: Gore "Right Man In Right Place At Right Time"
  42. Will Feingold Work With Gore To Take Down Hillary?
  43. this is nitpicky, but...
  44. Not everybody blames the problems in the Middle east on the U.S.
  45. More Recent Troubles with Diebold Voting Machines
  46. Harry Reid: Corruption starts at the Top for the Dems
  47. Sources: Lawmakers told to brace for Haditha fallout
  48. Jury finds Muhammad guilty in sniper trial
  49. Video: Bush caught in another lie
  50. An Interview with President Ahanidjabsedhahd
  51. Court rules no whistle-blower free-speech right
  52. Helen Thomas Losing Control?
  53. 71 dead journalists already matches Vietnam
  54. U.S. offers direct talks with Iran, with condition
  55. You might have ASKED the guy first, Mr. Moore?
  56. Ruffled Republican Feathers
  57. FBI Raid Hits a Constitutional Nerve
  58. Bush hosts 'emotional' screening of 9/11 film
  59. Scientists say Arctic once was tropical
  60. Seattle, New York and other cities' anti-terror grants to be cut
  61. Right Rep.: Iraq is safer than D.C.
  62. Something special for the conspiracy theorists!!
  63. Honoring a fallen Marine.
  64. Santorum Trails Casey By 23 Points - Lynn Swann Down 18 Points
  65. Transgender in the Workplace
  66. elderly women kill homeless for profit
  67. another worshipper struck by lightning
  68. U.S. troops kill pregnant woman in Iraq
  69. New Research Tool Predicts Landslide for Gore in 2008, Defeat for Hillary
  70. Hijacking the Civil Rights Legacy
  71. Protect traditional marriage
  72. U.S. orders 'values training' for troops in Iraq
  73. O.J.'s daughter enters plea bargain
  74. Enviro groups protest NOAA, call for resignations
  75. Haditha report due next week
  76. When conservative radio's screening process fails
  77. Bobby Kennedy JR. To Question '4 Prez Election In Major Rolling Stone Article
  78. Iraq Veteran Sues Michael Moore Over '9/11'
  79. A local rebellion over who gets a diploma
  80. Can the military effectively investigate itself?
  81. Merged: World Powers Reach Agreement Over Iran Nuclear Program
  82. Corporate media bringing you a different story of Afghanistan
  83. An Arms Race That We May Lose
  84. Marines to face charges in Iraqi's death
  85. O'Reilly Turns American WW II Victims Into Perpetrators, so FOX Washes the Transcript
  86. Bush schedules pandering session for Monday
  87. Soldier Gives Purple Heart to Dozier
  88. In a move that will surprise no one - Ahmadinejad Thumbs Nose at No Nukes
  89. Afghanistan Unraveling
  90. greenpeace oops
  91. Roger Ebert Reviews Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" (Four Stars Out of Four Stars!)
  92. The Passion of Al Gore
  93. Gore's 2002 Predictions on Iraq
  94. Big brother is not only watching, he's reading your e-mail
  95. Cheney Betting On High Inflation, High Interest Rates, and Weak American Dollar?
  96. Dem vying to replace Cunningham tells Latinos: "You don't need papers for voting.”
  97. 17 Terrorist Arrested in Canada
  98. Let's Build The Wall!
  99. Democrat Pic
  100. Coulter Lines Up A Heavy Hitter
  101. Notice the Similarity?
  102. Al Gore Inspires Red Staters...
  103. Who Believes The Official 9/11 Course of Events?
  104. Movie: 'The War Tapes' opens this week
  105. Iran Bamboozler Invited to White House as "Expert"???
  106. Poll:Al Gore: Analysis of Todays Interview: He's right & setting The Stage For 2008!
  107. Bush's Economy Still Terrible; Here's Why
  108. Rockin' the Right
  109. Laura Catches George With Condi - Moves To Hotel?
  110. Biden says Gore would be viable US contender
  111. Obama: Mocks Stephen Colbert! Read outrageous letter here.
  112. Dunno if anyone cares but just in case, and since its one month away
  113. White House: Iraqi PM was "misquoted", then suddenly not...
  114. The Architects of War: Where are they now?
  115. Newsweek: The Haditha Question
  116. Bill Kristol: 'Maybe Bush will become Supreme Leader..."
  117. ABA vs Bush.
  118. Al Gore's 2008 Landslide
  119. High court to decide race issue in schools
  120. Black men torn between promise and doubt
  121. Bush pushes Gay Marriage ban bill.
  122. Lioness in zoo kills man who invoked God
  123. U.S. warns Germany on World Cup sex workers
  124. Fire the Generals!
  125. potential Pope Pius XII vindication
  126. Harris' Senate run worries many in her party
  127. Kansas political shifts sign of things to come?
  128. Is the GOP Selling Out Its Base?
  129. Police planted evidence: Terrorists’ arrest in Toronto was a sting operation
  130. Merged: Ann Coulter slanders 9/11 widows
  131. Baghdad targeted civilian killings soar in May
  132. another reason 6/6/06 is significant...
  133. Liberal Pundit reveals Anti-Americanism
  134. Londonistan: brits afraid to fly own flag
  135. Pofo Debate Group B.
  136. We need another Jimmy Carter for president
  137. Gore Is Starting To Eat Hillary's Lead
  138. Political Odds
  139. Senate to consider letting Hawaiians pursue sovereignty
  140. Are You Able to Obey This Law?
  141. Win Baghdad and we'll forgive Haditha
  142. Gore's name dropped from 'warming' movie poster, credits
  143. Special forces to use strap-on 'Batwings'
  144. Documents Shed Light on CIA's Use of Ex-Nazis
  145. Bankruptcy law in shambles
  146. !!! Justice official takes the 5th with Senators
  147. Grunts and Generals
  148. Constitutional Amendment on Marriage Fails
  149. DeLay Urges Peers to 'Stand on Principle,' Prepares to Step Down
  150. Montel Williams to Address New Jersey Lawmakers on Marijuana
  151. Vanity Fair Confirms Niger Forgeries Tied To White House
  152. White House abruptly cancels classified Iraq 'progress' briefing with senators
  153. Specter confronts Cheney
  154. U.S. to Give Iran Nuclear Technology
  155. For some reason THEY never learn..
  156. They really never learn....
  157. BREAKING NEWS: al-Zarqawi dead
  158. Who Cares About Facts Any More?
  159. Clinton slams Coulter's 'vicious' put-down of some 9/11 widows
  160. Specter warns of 'confrontation' over NSA hearings
  161. Do We Still Need the Voting Rights Act?
  162. U.N. / U.S. square off
  163. Next time christians get upset about "bashing"....
  164. Iraq Premier: $25M to Be Paid on Al-Zarqawi
  165. Palestinian militant leader killed today
  166. Republican Senators Fighting Hard For Paris Hilton
  167. dont know what the point is
  168. DeLay rips liberals in farewell speech...
  169. Why...
  170. Pofo Debate Group C.
  171. Call for lawmaker to step down irks black caucus
  172. Cheney willing to talk, powerless to act on NSA eavesdropping
  173. Second Dancer First Called Rape Allegations a 'Crock'
  174. Al-Zarqawi minions vow to obey successor
  175. The Denial of Terrorism
  176. No Speakity English, No Cheesesteak
  177. Hamas Military Wing Calls Off Israel Truce
  178. E-mail shows Bush glad FEMA took Katrina flak
  179. Al Gore's New Book
  180. would jesus approve of george w. bush
  181. Could Iraq be the Democrats Waterloo?
  182. Quick read
  183. DNC Chairman Howard Dean Gives Ringing Endorsement of Al Gore
  184. New York Poll: Clinton 41% Gore 39% (And This Is Her Home State?)
  185. Newly translated document reportedly shows location of buried WMD's in Iraq
  186. Pofo Debate Group E.
  187. No Approval Rating Bounce For Bush
  188. 43: Better you than me, Brownie...
  189. 40% of next generation terrorists dead
  190. Mr. Obama Goes to Washington
  191. Another Great Day for American Human Rights
  192. Army Meets Recruiting Goal Again
  193. U.S. specialists finish al-Zarqawi autopsy
  194. bush's poll numbers starting to climb
  195. A little video
  196. Giving the Democrats a 1-2-3-4 punch
  197. Guantanamo triple suicide is good PR for terrorists, says America
  198. Pofo Debate Group H.
  199. Suicides spur Guantanamo criticism
  200. Lone Gunmen episode predicts 9/11
  201. Jury still out on WMDs in Iraq ... (Yawn)
  202. Des Moines Register: Edwards 30%, Hillary 26%
  203. Al-Zarqawi Survived 52 Minutes After Airstrike, Military Says
  204. TIME.com: How They Killed Him
  205. PNAC closing down after "mission accomplished?"
  206. ALCU squares off with NSA today
  207. Diversity Ruling Could Be a Very Big Deal
  208. Not Above the Law
  209. John Kerry's Skimmer Scam
  210. Justices open door to lethal shot claims
  211. Helmet Laws
  212. Meet U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ehren Watada
  213. Speculation: Rove already was indicted.... "Sealed vs. Sealed"
  214. Trade settlement creating slush fund for White House?
  215. Hemp is back.....
  216. is bush really a christian
  217. Chilling Nazism in Michigan
  218. Rumsfeld: Army should pull out....of Bahamas
  219. Pofo Debate Group G.
  220. Man Used Fake ID To Enter Homeland Security HQs
  221. Virginia Needs This Fighting Democrat
  222. I’ve found God, says man who cracked the genome
  223. Bush reviews Iraq plan, says oil is key
  224. Homeland Security accepts fake ID
  225. Pofo Debate Group D.
  226. No more aid to Saudis
  227. Clinton/ Clinton 2008 is Constitutionally possible
  228. "Media's Conveniently Changing View of Zarqawi"
  229. Survey: Men Pick Condoleeza Over Julia Roberts For Dinner Date
  230. Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq
  231. Israel Military Says Hamas Bombs Caused Deadly Gaza Beach Explosion
  232. Fitzgerald informs Rove no indictment coming.
  233. New Iraq Qaeda leader vows vengeance: Web
  234. God and gays: Churchgoers divided
  235. Hawking says humans must go into space
  236. Poverty religious issue, Baptist congress told
  237. The price of GOLD?
  238. Labs Compete to Make New Nuclear Bomb
  239. Group Sues KFC Over Unhealthy Cooking Oil
  240. Al-Qaida names 20th Sept. 11 hijacker
  241. where do we/I benefit????
  242. Tipper said ready to Support Another Run for the White House
  243. Ann Coulter vs. George Carlin?
  244. Report: Pix Show Michael Jackson Lied About 2003 Police Brutality
  245. where's blitz?
  246. Al jazeera????????????
  247. Tancredo Wins Michigan Poll
  248. GAO: Bogus hurricane aid may top $1.4B
  249. How we're being viewed: Not much good news
  250. Troops Ready For Biggest Afghanistan Offensive Since '01