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  1. BREAKING NEWS!!! Kerry's OWN Journal admits he was not fired at....
  2. Thoughts on the Religious Right
  3. writings on the wall
  4. For those who portray Kerry as having joined voluntarily...
  5. Protesters Demonstrate New Overtime Pay Rules
  6. this a better plan isn't
  7. Enough of Kerry-Vietnam talk..
  8. Free Higher Education
  9. your thoughts?
  10. Democrats!!!!!
  11. impeach dubya?
  12. Here is another Kerry Lie.......
  13. Lawyer advising vets quits Bush campaign
  14. The Abu Graib farce................
  15. Kerry unveils "plan for America"
  16. GWB economy sux, says 10 Nobel Laureates
  17. WooHoo!! Just sent off for my absentee ballot!!
  18. John Kerry has a few more "DORK" moments..(pics)
  19. 1.3 million more face poverty
  20. So you want to be a leader with no followers?
  21. I'm STRONGLY Pro-Choice, but COME ON!!
  22. bush admits fault?
  23. You want to know why so many Vietnam Veterans hate Kerry?
  24. Poll: Presidential race remains dead heat
  25. Greenspan cautions on baby boomer benefits
  26. Uh oh, someone's about to be in trouble.
  27. CNN Poll: Bush leads by 3 in likely voters...But we will report what we want.
  28. Cheney thinks gay marriage should be an issue decided by the states
  29. What A Perfect Circle thinks
  30. Interesting Tax article...
  31. Some GREAT bumper stickers
  32. More great bumper stickers (part 2)
  33. our plan for america stronger at home respected in the world
  34. The Big O Show Comments (Political Stuff)
  35. Ex-Lawmaker Says He Helped Bush Avoid Serving in Vietnam
  36. Interesting Facts about IRAQ
  37. don king only in america
  38. here he is your proud republican leader
  39. Protests already starting
  40. micheal to bush
  41. Questions about Bush's Guard service unanswered
  42. At least one of Kerry's Purple Hearts is a sham
  43. Kerry sisters booed at the VMA's...Bush Twins cheered...
  44. Here is how Kerry's organization treated his fellow soldiers
  45. Will Bush Sustain his Momentum
  46. carving out your vote
  47. ????
  48. Yahoo news slant
  49. Merged: RNC Convention Thread/John McCain owns Michael Moore
  50. For all the poll guys
  51. Kind of a stupid time for brutal honesty Mr President.
  52. Republicans say US ready to take on China!
  53. Delegates relish McCain's jab at filmmaker Moore
  54. Edwards: Bush comments highlight key differences
  55. Democrats challenge Nader petitions
  56. Bush Joke !!
  57. Flip-Flopper
  58. Bush Flip-Flops on War on Terror Commets
  59. EU, Japan Win WTO Approval to Impose Duties on U.S.
  60. Has any of you ever seen this before?
  61. GOP aims for diversity, black votes
  62. Got any Arnold Quotes?
  63. what does everyone think of Rush L. ?
  64. Republican scuttlebutt......Rudy is RUNNING in 08'.
  65. 9/11 iraq
  66. French hostages seized?
  67. Sources: Democratic leaders urge Kerry campaign changes
  68. Police arrest 1,100 people in protests
  69. comments but only nice & friendly
  70. We're beating terrorism, Bush tells 5,000 vets
  71. Cheney's decline in polls makes him tempting target
  72. President tries to backpedal on unwinnable-war quip
  73. Hoax
  74. Kerry offers his plan for victory against terrorism
  75. Clerk fooled by $200 bill with President Bush's picture
  76. A little offense
  77. Pictures of Kerry Supporters at the Protests...
  78. bush at his best?
  79. will ferrell=gwb
  80. What does it mean to you about the GOP speakers?
  81. Ok...I found this funny...
  82. anti-bush video game
  83. Cheney hits Kerry's 'habit of indecision'
  84. Miller: Democrats' thinking is 'warped'
  85. A sensitive hypocrisy??
  86. A POWERFUL excerpt from Zell Miller's speech......
  87. Nice job goofballs....
  88. Poll: Four more years?
  89. I am confused is bush taking some from kerry
  90. I am done good night
  91. My observations on the Race...
  92. Isn't it inconsistant?
  93. John Kerry rebuttal on right now.
  94. And you queston "W" smarts?
  95. Chevron Gave Big to Schwarzenegger
  96. The PRESIDENT'S Speech.......(text)
  97. Missing: $1.9 billion
  98. Kerry says Bush 'unfit to lead this nation'
  99. Bush Glosses Over Complex Facts in Speech
  100. Watch Zel Miller's 'Meltdown' on Hardball
  101. Lies, Damned Lies, and Convention Speeches
  102. 'Conservative' Bush Spends More than 'Liberal' Presidents Clinton, Carter
  103. Electoral math offers number of nightmares
  104. Exposing Karl Rove
  105. Debate Over Size, Shape of Army
  106. The Christian Science Monitor reports
  107. What's Iran Got to Do With It?
  108. flip flopped dubya
  109. for the people saying their was no connection between bush & bin laden
  110. crazy conspiracy
  111. "Ownership Society by Greg Palast
  112. BREAKING NEWS: Clinton rushed to hospital Quad bypass surgery.
  113. bill clinton hospitalized in nyc reports cnn
  114. Have You Seen the Latest Economic Numbers?
  115. Shadowy, Independent Political Groups Get Revenge
  116. Bush, Kerry Spar Over New Jobs Figures
  117. Dan Rather's Convention Journal
  118. HOLY CRAP!!! Bush gets MASSIVE BOUNCE!
  119. Rush Limbaugh has a new girlfriend (picture)
  120. Jim Kelly at RNC last night
  121. Just a casual observation.
  122. OH NO!!! Another poll shows MASSIVE Bush Bounce..(Democrats on suicide watch)
  123. Bush knew about Israeli Pentagon spy in 2001
  124. living learning loving
  125. Foreign Politics your thoughts discuss
  126. both sides of the coin
  127. Everyone on this board should watch this
  128. Bush beats out Kerry in Convention views
  129. Teresa Heinz Kerry hospitalized
  130. UBL's clock is ticking
  131. twenty reasons not to vote W4 pres
  132. read & use your brain
  133. cuss me out if it makes u feel alright
  134. Commander and Chief
  135. Sen. Bob Graham Says U.S. Shielded Saudis
  136. files missing from Bush's military records
  137. Working people are losing..............
  138. Did Bush really know about the intel????
  139. Did anyone else hear Dave Letterman the other night??
  140. John Kerry reminds me of John Hancock.
  141. Is Kerry meant to win?
  142. Dick Cheney's "five" deferments....
  143. Kerry reorganized
  144. Moore wants best picture--not best documentary
  145. W Ketchup!
  146. Heart surgeon meets tee time, misses Clinton
  147. Analysts Revise Deficit Forecast Downward
  148. Bush and Kerry both tied with 47.3%
  149. Kerry's newest flip flop
  150. Worsening defecit
  151. Kerry taking on outsourcing in North Carolina
  152. Kerry points to evidence of 'wrong direction' for country
  153. John Kerry tops all of his Hypocrytical moments with this:
  154. It's official: 1000 Dead
  155. Kerry Assails Deficit As Bush's Fault
  156. 3 years of worst deficits ever!
  157. This was so dumb, it seems like Bush said this on purpose
  158. Unbelievable: Casualty count climbs over 1000!!!
  159. Former President Jimmy Carter's Letter to Zell Miller
  160. back from the Brouhaha
  161. what goes around comes around
  162. Kerry/Bush thread that belongs here... not in the Main Forum.
  163. Lamar Gordon trade is for Miami's third, not chicago's!!
  164. Scott McClellan crossed the line yesterday
  165. bush supporter punches vets for supporting kerry!
  166. Top National Security Threat Facing US
  167. drunken bush supporters shout down 70 year old woman
  168. scare tactics
  169. Lawsuit uncovers Bush's missing Guard records.
  170. Pat Buchanon: The Dem's Answer to Zell Miller?
  171. Latest Kerry flip-flop
  172. "Bush & the RNC"
  173. Kerry: Bush set wrong course in Iraq
  174. Bush hated Globally
  175. log cabin republicans holding back
  176. Are you for the Assault Weapons ban yes or no why ??
  177. Kitty Kelley's Bush book
  178. Voter Registration Links; State by State
  179. 60 mins with ben barnes regarding bush
  180. Is this your next President?
  181. Don't heckle John Kerry....his goons will kick yo butt.
  182. Edwards urges Bush to renounce Cheney warning
  183. "60 Minutes" documents possibly FAKED!!!!
  184. Vote Bush
  185. White House frustrated
  186. Gore blasts 'sleazy' Cheney comments
  187. Heinz Kerry boosts Kerry health plan
  188. Bush spreads fear
  189. Sharon to 'Post: Israel not spying on the United States
  190. If we 're all about liberation, how come we aren't helping Sudan?
  191. Neocons Blast Bush's Inaction On 'Spy' Affair
  192. Bush Humor
  193. Bush Disobeyed Direct Order from a Superior Officer
  194. Bring it on, John Kerry!
  195. Bush ahead 9% over Kerry
  196. EDS Expects to Cut Up to 20,000 Jobs
  197. Video of the OBG-YN Bushism/Apparently OB-GYN docs love women..
  198. Bias in the Media
  199. Kerry is richer than Bush...
  200. Ruplicans injured in rush to discredit Kerry
  201. If the world could vote, it's Kerry in a landslide
  202. Wwjd
  203. {Carnage} not saying this what i believe so don't judge,
  204. Poll: Bush Holds Slight Lead on Kerry
  205. who will vote 4 bush
  206. Is Bush Girlie Man?
  207. Bush New Sales tax Plan
  208. Stop the mudslinging!
  209. In Rememberance - September 11th, 2001
  210. vote to save the middle class
  211. And BUSH Is the one using Fear Tactics???
  212. is this Proof that FDR's New Deal is what saved us from the Great Depression
  213. Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today...
  214. something......
  215. Flip-Flopper-in-Chief
  216. I agree with Buchanan
  217. research from the net
  218. Why conservatives must not vote for Bush
  219. 1.{Doing Business With The Enemy}2 {Bush on sovereignty}.
  220. White House Intimidation
  221. Source Pulls Support for Memos on Bush Guard Service
  222. Iraqi Prisoner Abuse
  223. Kerry challenges Bush on Iraq-9/11 connection
  224. I recently watched a Green-Libertarian debate on CSPAN.
  225. the ban is being lifted today
  226. Key General Criticizes April Attack In Fallujah
  227. Bush in 30 seconds
  228. Bush criticizes Kerry on Iraq
  229. Cheney clarifies remark about terror threat if Kerry is elected
  230. flat tax
  231. Kitty Kelly on NBC for an hour 3 times this week
  232. Conservative VS. Liberal..........
  233. The 2004 Campaign
  234. cash unearthed
  235. Chain Of Command
  236. Gore unleashes fury
  237. Powell: No WMD's
  238. DNC Suicide Watch: "The Authenticator didn't Authenticate."
  239. DNC Suicide Watch: "Whoa, these are pretty bad Fakes!"
  240. Shame on you if you voted for this man: (Pics)
  241. DNC Suicide Watch: USA TODAY: "Okay...they are fakes."
  242. Florida OK's Nader's Name on Election Ballot
  243. Bush: Kerry strategy 'tired, pathetic'
  244. Professor says Bush revealed National Guard favoritism
  245. whatever happened to some of the old politcal posters?
  246. Deficit at record high with a month to go in federal budget year
  247. Bush addressing Nation Guard convention
  248. Electoral votes graph
  249. John Elway hits the stump for Dubya!!!
  250. Not kidding!!! John Kerry announces his "Fighting Seniors" campaign.