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  1. Where Big Brother Watches and Talks to You
  2. Flashback: Rumsfeld helped sell Nuke reactors to NK
  3. Massive explosion in Baghdad Green Zone?
  4. What exactly does "stay the course" in Iraq mean?
  5. Army: Nicer drill sergeants more effective
  6. ‘Axis of evil’ comes back to haunt U.S.
  7. 10-year-old takes on city hall
  8. Robin Williams: 'The whole system sucks'
  9. Should we give guns to teachers?
  10. the suspended brigade... a discussion...
  11. Dobbs: Middle class needs to fight back now
  12. Packers Groupie Adding Spice to Political Race
  13. Iraqi Dead May Total 600,000, Study Says
  14. U.S. Says Blacks in Mississippi Suppress White Vote
  15. Nobel winners call for minimum wage hike
  16. Small airplane crashed into NY building
  17. Political jabs over North Korea ensue...
  18. "Hero of Guantanamo" passed over for promotion
  19. Hopefully something we can all agree on: Healthcare's focus...Prevention
  20. Treason has meaning again?
  21. Senate Minority Leader Hangs Up On Ap When Questioned On Sweetheart Land Deal
  22. Shays Invokes Chappaquiddick In Rebuking Farrell
  23. MERGE-U.S. weighs first treason charges in over 50 years
  24. History and the Movie “300”
  25. Dennis Hastert's friend, roommate & fixer: Scott Palmer
  26. Only 30% of African Americans Think Their Vote Will Be Counted Correctly
  27. States Are Growing More Lenient in Allowing Felons to Vote
  28. China reluctant to back Korea sanctions
  29. Birds and bees may be gay: museum exhibition
  30. Who is Crazier?
  31. How Many Deaths in Iraq
  32. Bad News for dems, jimmy james is not going to like this
  33. Sheehan claims she's Nobel Peace Prize finalist
  34. Warner Will Not Run
  35. Russia, China oppose N. Korea sanctions
  36. 'Army Strong' replaces 'Army of One'
  37. I passed
  38. Rove: 'Just get me a F---ing faith-based thing. Got it?"
  39. Bipartisan Study Group: Victory in Iraq no longer a prospect
  40. The Derek Zoolander School for Kids who can't Read... Good.
  41. UN Pulls out of Somalia
  42. Alleged Hezbollah financing group in Mexico
  43. Canada troops battle 10-foot Afghan marijuana plants
  44. YouTube blocked video mocking Clinton administration
  45. Air America Radio files for chapter 11 protection
  46. Let's see if Wallace asks Rice about USS Cole
  47. Video: Iraq for sale; corporate corruption and war profiterring
  48. Very Eerie!!
  49. Corruption starts at the top for Dems
  50. North Korean sample shows no radiation!
  51. No more Annan welcome Moon
  52. FL Gubernatorial candidate makes emergency plane landing on I-4
  53. Wal Mart loses class-action suit
  54. Foley's E-mail to Jeb
  55. FAA bans fixed-wing planes from N.Y. path
  56. Bush Is Said to Have No Plan if GOP Loses
  57. Rep. Jefferson loses party endorsement
  58. Colo. group: God, Moses Oppose State Minimum Wage Increase
  59. RIP for a seal
  60. Pagan Graves in Vatican Basement!
  61. O.J. Simpson asks judge to dismiss publicity rights claim
  62. A question about the Saints
  63. US efforts to halt nuclear proliferation
  64. Students trained to attack gunmen
  65. A Soldier hoped to do good but was changed by war
  66. Rape charge advised vs. Israel president
  67. Scalia says Constitution silent on abortion, race in school
  68. GOP seeks distance, Dems pounce after Ney's guilty plea
  69. A Plan for Iraq
  70. Florida vs. Ohio: A Tale of Two GOPs
  71. Cloning Doubletalk
  72. Attorney to be sentenced for aiding terrorists
  73. Did They Fool You On Iraq? Are You Ready For Iran?
  74. When will we finally be rid of ridiculous religious Blue Laws?
  75. Good Analysis of Kim and N. Korea
  76. Civil Rights Lawyer Sent to Jail on Terror Charges
  77. Even Tony Snow can't say we're winning
  78. N. Korea Preparing For Another Nuke Test?
  79. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ****.
  80. How Hedge Funds Caused Gas Prices to Drop
  81. WMD's moved to Syria before the war.
  82. Bush & His Dangerous Delusions
  83. Lawyer gets 28 months jail for aiding terrorism
  84. Uh oh...now what?
  85. Reid illegally used campaign money for bonuses
  86. NY Times 2006 Political Map
  87. Girl, 14, quizzed over MySpace anti-Bush page
  88. The Gay Old Party Comes Out
  89. Setback for Chavez
  90. It's getting pretty crowded in here....
  91. Florida's GOP rakes in $27.9 million from special interests, twice that of Democrats
  92. Cheney on Limbaugh: "General overall situation" in Iraq going "remarkably well"
  93. Inside the minds of North Koreans
  94. Embattled Rep. Don Sherwood (R-PA) "Calling in Chits"
  95. Baker report to advise withdrawal
  96. Fox News zeroes in on the day’s most pressing issue:
  97. Slick Willy
  98. Nevada to vote on pot shops
  99. Kenneth Lay's Conviction Erased From Record
  100. To re-iterate, here's why we won't leave Iraq: Oil
  101. Davis on Insurance
  102. Gorbachev compares proposed U.S. border wall to Berlin Wall
  103. Dow passes 12,000 for 1st Time
  104. Not it! Mass. elementary school bans tag
  105. Spouse of gay congressman ineligible for pension
  106. Video on why 911 was allowed to happen
  107. Human Cost of War Bush and Blair Will Never Admit
  108. Rice Pledges 'Full Range' of U.S. Might to Defend Japan
  109. FBI director wants ISPs to track users
  110. What Reform? Lobbyists Cozying Up to Republicans & Democrats Alike
  111. More Pathetic Big Sugar News
  112. Politically Correct? Pffft: Iraqi PM hopes for Saddam death sentence soon
  113. Officials skeptical of threat against stadiums
  114. One big happy family...
  115. 'The Worst Congress Ever'
  116. Report: Priest Admits Inappropriate Relationship With Ex-Rep. Foley in 1960s
  117. Commentary: Speaker? Pelosi could be president
  118. Saudis signal support for OPEC cut
  119. NASCO Corridor
  120. Q: Do you swear to tell the truth? A: No
  121. O.J. Simpson to confess — hypothetically
  122. Congratulate me...I'm a home owner
  123. Bush Accepts Iraq-Vietnam Comparison
  124. Privacy under attack, but does anybody care?
  125. Accuracy of Polls
  126. Ken Mehlman Was Jack Abramoff's Go-To Guy In The White House
  127. Bill O'Reilly is coming after us with a grenade!
  128. Bush spin: Iraqis are killing eachother to sway our vote here
  129. Judge orders Cheney visitor logs opened
  130. Scientists Create ‘Cloak of Invisibility’
  131. Congressman carries out mass firing of investigative staff.
  132. North Korea backs down??
  133. CNN scumbag does play-by-play on US soldiers being sniped
  134. US NEWS: Science. Religion. Consciousness. The soul.
  135. U.S. News and World Reports
  136. Can You Trust The National Media?
  137. Remember the open mic incident with Bush?
  138. Young Republicans Now Flourishing At Liberal Berkeley
  139. MERGED: Iran: Israel links may hurt Europe/Isreal will soon Disappear
  140. Armitage calls for withdrawal
  141. Look everyone, it's another brilliant Bush appointee during a recess!!
  142. Gee, Diebold software stolen?
  143. More baffling strategy
  144. Video Games Used to Improve Health
  145. Another attempt by the Repubs to ....
  146. Are the Faithful Losing Faith?
  147. Skinhead violence surging, watchdog group says
  148. Bush Continues to Defend Every Corrupt Loser in Washington
  149. Pat Tillman's brother Kevin speaks out against war
  150. Sen. Obama says he's weighing 2008 run
  151. Israel Used Chemical Weapons on Lebanese
  152. State Dept: "US is arrogant and Stupid" in Iraq.
  153. U.S. diplomat criticizes missteps in Iraq
  154. Sale of NYC apartment complex raises worries
  155. How Foley skirted rules to pursue pages
  156. Middle class living on the edge
  157. The Baghdad Security Plan - US military playing its last hand
  158. Video: Bush says "we've never been 'stay the course' "
  159. While people sympathize with New Orleans for Katrina
  160. High Court rules Arizona MAY demand voter ID's
  161. A possible way to increase enlistments?
  162. Letter is bid to intimidate Latino voters
  163. Who Changed The Bible And Why?
  164. Fla Gov race tightens up
  165. Novak: ‘This Is Going To Be Among The Least Important Elections That I've Seen’ »
  166. Kennedy Pledges His "Damn Best" To Get Minimum Wage Hike Out in 24 Hours
  167. BBC admits: We are biased on religion and politics
  168. Bush: No evidence insurgents are trying to influence elections here
  169. Vets group proves GOP does not support troops
  170. Add Specter to the list: It IS a civil war
  171. Socialist Sweden thrives on black market labor
  172. Opponent denies calling Clinton ugly
  173. Frailty, thy name is Tehran
  174. Strategy vs Mission Statement
  175. Bush at the Brink
  176. Just wanted to share
  177. GOP pushes panic button
  178. Active troops ask congress to end Iraqi occupation
  179. a little PoFo Halloween humor.
  180. NY Times admits that leak was a mistake
  181. Ex CIA and Marine Intel Officer: 9/11 Was An Inside Job
  182. Limbaugh Alleges Fox Didn't Take His Medicine
  183. Alabama Candidate Campaigns on Cleavage
  184. Playboy's cameras focus on UCF
  185. not enough resources for the world?
  186. Radical Islam finds US 'sterile ground'
  187. New Anti-Jim Davis ad
  188. This is getting hysterical...
  189. Makes you think....
  190. Cheney Says Clinton Could Win Presidency
  191. I don't get it *estate tax*
  192. MERGED:N.J.’s highest court to rule on gay marriage
  193. NYC Mayor Admits First WTC Cleanup Was Rushed
  194. Only God Knows Why
  195. George Bush vs. U.S. Constitution
  196. Contractors sitting around in Iraq, billing tax-payers for nothing
  197. Israeli warplanes in 'incident' with German ship off Lebanon: military
  198. Gainesville murderer executed
  199. A Picture of the New Middle East?
  200. Ford Attack Ad Racist?
  201. Judge Rules on Exit Polls in Florida
  202. Infertility only a phone call away
  203. Who are you voting for?
  204. And so it has begun. Online poker in the U.S. is banned.
  205. Wow, these could almost be SNL skits.
  206. A New Campaign Tactic: Manipulating Google Data
  207. Steps to avoid another stolen election
  208. Interview with the Taliban
  209. Fourth Firefighter Dies, Time to Pull Out of the Forests.
  210. Add lying to Porkchop Hastert's record
  211. A right kind of Democrat
  212. Court Rejects Wiccans' Tax Challenge
  213. Court modifies plea withdrawal rules
  214. Allen's Revenge: Exposes Underage Sex Scenes In Opponent's Novels
  215. The Dark Ages -- Live From the Middle East!
  216. Kill Muqtada Now
  217. Current Status of Contested Races
  218. Iran Doubles Nuke Enrichment Capacity
  219. My fellow Americans...
  220. Crist changes tune on Insurance Vote
  221. U.S. foes ramp up media campaign in "war of ideas"
  222. Border fence plan worries Texas ranchers
  223. Border fence plan worries Texas ranchers
  224. Cheney's not for torture?
  225. Enter Barack Obama
  226. Tesco condemned for selling pole dancing toy
  227. Campaign Ad Hypocracy
  228. Let's develop a war game!!!
  229. Everyone turn Green...
  230. Again with the double standard
  231. More 'blame the media' crying from the "out of touch" party
  232. Another top military official: Get out of Baghdad
  233. Bill Maher on Conservative Think Tanks
  234. Bush says U.S. doesn't torture after Cheney flap
  235. Iraqi prime minister: 'I'm not America's man'
  236. First Amendment: Why do we still need it?
  237. U.S. Investigates Voting Machines’ Venezuela Ties
  238. Which government type is preferable?
  239. A question for my fellow Florida citizens
  240. Bill Maher on why Mark Foley is not the real problem
  241. Murtha: Military turning against this war
  242. The Iraqi Insurgency
  243. Religions don't deserve special treatment
  244. Duke Rape Case
  245. Gore to Advise British on Global Warming
  246. About Pelosi again
  247. Chinese Officers to Tour U.S. Bases
  248. Army finds 7 incorrect war death reports
  249. Has anybody been watching the governor debates for Florida
  250. British the most spied-on people in western world