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  1. Bill Maher on why being #1 is not our birthright
  2. Isnt this sooo funny
  3. Davis/Crist/Linn Debate
  4. Britain is turning on the U.S. - at its own peril
  5. Cheney Praises Wife's 'slapdown' Of Cnn's Wolf Blitzer
  6. N. Korea Arees to Rejoin Nuclear Talks
  7. Abstinence message goes beyond teens
  8. Iraqi Opposition Group Joins Conference
  9. Liberal blogger attacked by Allen supporters
  10. N Korea agrees to rejoin 6 party disarmament talks.
  11. And we wonder why Air America had to file?
  12. Kerry shows why he is a giant douche
  13. F-117 stealth fighter to be retired.
  14. Tom Delay: "I Haven't Had No Ethical Problems"...
  15. Judge blocks town's illegal immigration law
  16. Nearly half of Americans uncertain God exists: poll
  17. Kerry's political instincts fail him again
  18. Alleged graft may be too much even for New Orleans
  19. The Immoral Majority
  20. Time: The Secret Letter From Iraq
  21. Suspected Terrorist Claims Military Gave Him LSD
  22. Dead voters still on the rolls in New York
  23. Extracting Water from Air..
  24. Florida legislator quits after voice-mail flap
  25. Bush: Rumsfeld and Cheney should stay
  26. Maryland's curious take on rape
  27. Rebublican or Democrat?
  28. US Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation
  29. HBO's 'Hacking Democracy' debuts tomorrow night.
  30. Al-Qaeda Wants Republicans to Win
  31. South Park on Evolution
  32. Columnist Coulter in hot water over voting
  33. Kerry's '72 Army Comments Mirror Latest
  34. 50 years of fish left
  35. Khatami labels US policy 'a joke'
  36. Is telling the truth about Iraq a crime?
  37. Top Evangelist Resigns over Gay Affair
  38. MERGED: Bus driver fired for telling Bush he's #1/wants job back
  39. When does George Bush apologize for insulting the troops?
  40. Bankruptcy is no longer a financial lifeline
  41. Conservative or liberal? It may be in the genes
  42. More Americans head overseas for health care
  43. The Privilege of Education
  44. What Would the Democrats Do?
  45. Section126's 2006 midterm Election Analysis and Prediction Thread.
  46. Public US web archives reveal how to build A-bomb
  47. Source says lawmaker deal with ex-mistress had silence incentive
  48. Unemployment rate lowest in nearly 5-1/2 years
  49. More massive voter fraud by liberal group ACORN
  50. Prediction Poll: November Surprise
  51. Fantasy Congress
  52. US stops audit of Iraq rebuilding
  53. Vernon Robinson for Congress: Bizzare Political Ad
  54. Jeb gets testy over question about Crist's "orientation"
  55. only idiots think kerry insulted the troops & bush & rove have that monopoly
  56. More proof they really have nothing to say about Iraq
  57. Tonight's Bill Maher lineup:
  58. Prominent neocons say Iraq was a strategic blunder.
  59. Ohio Rep. Ney Resigns
  60. Another Bush nose-thumbing to America and the environment
  61. Papers sold to military: ‘Rumsfeld must go’
  62. U.S. speeds attack plans for North Korea
  63. Multiculturalism is a dirty word
  64. Neocons Turn on Bush
  65. Haunted by the Past
  66. the most straight forward, honest political ad
  67. Rummy Defenders Where R U ??
  68. Cheney visit to Ft Carson
  69. We're All Prisoners, Now: US Citizens to be Required ''Clearance'' to Leave USA
  70. Space Supremacy
  71. Priest burns himself to death over Islam
  72. War simulation in 1999 pointed out Iraq invasion problems
  73. Dolphin with a second set of fins found
  74. MERGED: Saddam Hussein sentenced to death penalty/Saddam to Hang
  75. Halliburton has new competition with a new cronie
  76. Liberal Blogger Taken Into Custody after pushing Allen supporter to the ground
  77. Christians want to ban a book about book burning.
  78. Will there ever be a Non-White president?
  79. Climate chaos? Don't believe it
  80. Nicaragua poll points to Ortega
  81. Google Earth transforms rooftop architecture
  82. O'Reilly abortion report riles Kansas MD
  83. Anyone who does this is, is an idiot...
  84. 3 Calif. schools to fingerprint students
  85. Army/Air Force/Navy/Marines Times Editorial calls for Rumsfeld to resign...
  86. My Friends Video
  87. Hypocrisy, thy name is Obama
  88. Bush Trumpets Iraqi veredict to rally support
  89. Haggert's sermon last week went like this:
  90. Perle: I'll tell the truth if you hold it until after the elections
  91. 'Silent Aircraft' Designed By Scientists
  92. Tomorrow's Election Won't Matter
  93. 109 Reasons To Dump The 109th Congress
  94. MERGED: I just voted.... and you?/ I voted
  95. A New Low
  96. Put your reports of voting complaints here
  97. Sadamm: Iran wants executed, Europea s not
  98. Could Have, Would Have, Should Have
  99. Best Campaign Commerical Ever
  100. early CNN Senate exit polls
  101. Just for laughs: Nelson/Harris battle
  102. DeLay to 110th Congress: "Make my day"
  103. keeping track of races.
  104. Drew Brees threatened to sue his mom for using his image for her political campaign..
  105. Webb/Allen: less than 7,000
  106. Steele not conceding
  107. A nice slap against the administration
  108. U.S. Service Academy Graduates Unite Against Illegal Iraq War;
  109. Dems might take over both the house and the senate
  110. Crist wins Florida gubernatorial vote
  111. Hamas threatens US
  112. Huge victory in fight against eminent domain
  113. Voters Get Wrong Ballots In Central Florida
  114. MERGED 2x : Breaking News: Rumsfeld Stepping Down
  115. Best. Week. Ever!!!!
  116. Hastert to step down
  117. Bush admits Rumsfeld confidence boost last week was for politics
  118. Pelosi Hating
  119. AP: Democrats take control of the Senate
  120. Results of Key Ballot Measures
  121. Need a bit of help
  122. "Republicans" have themselves to blame...
  123. Dead woman wins county commissioner's race
  124. Gates Nomination
  125. The Lou Dobbs Democrats
  126. Help FinHeaven to support the troops for XMas
  127. What do we know about Gates?
  128. Fox News: Webb wins VA
  129. Democrats are in who would like to back track?
  130. Millions of acetaminophen pills recalled
  131. Allen Concedes
  132. CBS News/60 Minutes reporter Ed Bradley dead at 65
  133. Army to court-martial Iraq war objector
  134. Why the GOP's losses may be a blessing in disguise for Bush.
  135. Gingrich 2008 bid gets tepid support in Ga.
  136. College cancels classes for race seminar
  137. Man gave China stealth tech, feds say
  138. Reaping more benefits: Bolton dead in the water
  139. Dog food served to firefighter costs city $2.7M
  140. Pelosi to be first woman to lead Congress
  141. Mehlman to step down.
  142. Pre Election Poll: Taxes, Spending, Deficit
  143. "Stunning" new Iraqi civilian death count emerges
  144. Mexico City approves Gay Unions
  145. Will the Democrats Become Part of the Problem?
  146. Troops in Iraq Mock Kerry
  147. Are Things About to Get Hotter??
  148. Ford nears milestone
  149. Students at Calif. College ban Pledge of Allegiance
  150. Wrongfully Convicted Man Awarded $450K
  151. He's Out, But Some Still Want Rumsfeld to Face War Crimes Charges
  152. The Inside Story--Voter Demographics
  153. MI5 boss: 200 terror cells in UK
  154. McCain Takes Step 1 To Run, GOP Officials Say
  155. Khamenei calls elections a victory for Iran
  156. Remember our Veterans
  157. Democrats win bigger share of religious vote
  158. Feds pursue case Indian who shot bald eagle
  159. Military service linked to Lou Gehrig's disease
  160. U.S veto's Resoulution against Israel after the murder of 18 palestinian civilians
  161. Arabs Get In-Depth Coverage of Elections, Seem Impressed with U.S. Democracy
  162. We all should be quite eagerly waiting for Baker-Hamilton
  163. TIME: Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse
  164. Syria and Iran: Keys to Iraq Peace?
  165. This kid gives me hope for the future
  166. Ex-presidents keep them laughing in New Orleans
  167. Can Bush Sr. Save Son's Presidency?
  168. Georgia display divides veterans’ names by race
  169. Outrage at London sting by US spies
  170. Jihadists see West’s tragic flaw in blinkered tolerance
  171. Castro does not have long to live
  172. See Gi Jane Taped To A Pole; Troop Video Raises Eyebrows
  173. Elton John: 'I would ban religion completely'
  174. Return to Rubinomics?
  175. Sen. Mel Martinez to Replace Mehlman as RNC Chairman
  176. MERGED: AP: Giuliani Takes Step Toward '08 Bid
  177. Maher's newest new rules
  178. Halloween Came Late in Washington
  179. More Bush excuse making from that damned liberal media machine
  180. Military Widows Sue to Get Wiccan Symbol on Headstones
  181. Chinese Sub stalks US Carrier
  182. Bush leads ceremony for MLK Memorial
  183. China sub stalked U.S. fleet
  184. Rolling Stone on Global Warming: Can Dr. Evil Save the World?
  185. National Review's Rich Lowry on Election Myths
  186. I actually agree with an O'Reilly article?!?
  187. Will Mexico be ready when oil runs dry?
  188. Plutonium Found in Iran Waste Facility
  189. Ironic thought about Boston
  190. Murtha as House Majority Leader
  191. MIT Sketching
  192. Rape as a Weapon????????
  193. MERGED: Fox News reporters freed for $2 million
  194. Wow... even South Africa allows gay marriage
  195. Another genius Fox News internal memo
  196. Strategy 101 for American defense planners
  197. Now this is interesting
  198. Abramoff Reports to Prison Tomorrow; Offers Testimony on Democratic Senators
  199. Should smokers & the obese pay more for health insurance?
  200. White Guilt Doesn't Help Blacks
  201. James Baker and the Desert Storm Legacy
  202. Athalie Range passes away
  203. Murder Confession on the Radio
  204. Trent Lott is back... hooray!
  205. White House displays wrong Vietnam flag
  206. CONs eat their own.
  207. N. Korea has fuel for 9 nuclear bombs
  208. Steny Hoyer new Majority Leader
  209. Bush: No retreat to isolationism
  210. Better watch what flag you fly in Pahrump, Nevada
  211. Hoyer another Pork Barrel King
  212. Big Dem Lie to Montana
  213. Little harm to economy seen from minimum-wage increase
  214. Some Americans Lack Food, but USDA Won't Call Them Hungry
  215. Don't gripe when civil disobedience carries consequences
  216. O'Reilly.... O'Really?
  217. CIA Acknowledges 2 Interrogation Memos from Bush and Justice
  218. Soldier gets life in rape/murder case
  219. Wireless Power
  220. Eva Longoria: Too Sexy for Politics?
  221. Unimpeachable - A Brief Argument Why
  222. Carville calls for ouster of Dean
  223. George Bush. In Vietnam. On Iraq. "We'll succeed unless we quit"
  224. The war, part II is coming
  225. Putnam Wants To Know: Where Were The Rednecks?
  226. The American Trance
  227. Wal-Mart accuses ex-senator of cutting in line for PS3
  228. Nanoweapons: Israel developing anti-militant "bionic hornet"
  229. Dutch government seeks to ban full-length veils
  230. Iran: Nuclear program will be operating by February
  231. REPORT: Karl Rove May Be Leaving The White House In ‘Weeks, Not Months’
  232. Not that there's anything wrong with that
  233. Costs of Iraq/Afghanistan set to top Vietnam War
  234. 5 Myths About the Midterm Elections
  235. Chavez still leads the polls, but advantage reduced
  236. So You Think You Want to Impeach?
  237. Conscription??
  238. Aetna Facing Boycott Threat
  239. Fascism the American Way
  240. Motivation of Street Preachers?
  241. New Israel Deputy Prime Minister: Kill Hamas Leaders
  242. Is Fox Flatlining? CNN, MSNBC Gaining Post-Election
  243. CIA acknowledges Bush signed secret directive on interrogating terror suspect
  244. Will the French Indict Cheney?
  245. Who benefits most from a minimum wage increase?
  246. A Renewed War Over 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
  247. Embittered insiders turn against Bush
  248. China admits using organs from executed prisoners
  249. Former Professor calls for extermination of all white people
  250. CIA analysis finds no Iranian nuclear weapons drive: report