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  1. Comedians on the political campaign
  2. Church of Satan endorses John Kerry:
  3. John Kerry MURDERS innocent bird with a DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN.
  4. Patriot Act...put up or shut up
  5. Networks aren't completely biased.
  6. 2 Quick Questions
  7. New Poll
  8. Group offers $50,000 for proof of Bush service
  9. Kerry hits Bush on Iraq, health care
  10. Schwarzenegger Bans 50-caliber BMG rifles
  11. Edwards Compares Bush to Enron's Lay
  12. Get ready to laugh your arse off!!
  13. Kennedy to Hit Campaign Trail for Kerry
  14. Dems on Reps: Too soft on taxing the rich, yet...
  15. Another reason that some companies prefer to move away...
  16. 809 DEAD US TROOPS Since W Squealed 'BRING IT ON'
  17. report card time
  18. Vietnam Vet: I Lied About Atrocities
  19. Kerry: Bush created 'more excuses than jobs'
  20. Bush Still Fudging the Numbers on Kerry's Tax Votes
  21. DNC Radio Ad on Terrorism: Accurate (Mostly)
  22. Did Kerry Vote "No" on Body Armor for Troops?
  23. Speeches ignore impending U.S. debt disaster
  24. A Question
  25. The First Rathergate
  26. Hypocrite Alert: John Kerry paid less taxes than MOST of us!!!
  27. DICK MORRIS: Nobody likes Kerry
  28. Jesus vs. Bush
  29. Edwards: No Military Draft if Dems Win
  30. Right-Wing in Three Words?
  31. GOP congressmen demand retraction from CBS
  32. Court denies Bush effort to speed FEC ruling
  33. Pentagon 9/11- Interesting
  34. Intel Officials Have Bleak View for Iraq
  35. I'm a Republican and I just have to say this...
  36. Teresa Heinez Kerry tells hurricane victims to go naked
  37. Kerry: Bush 'living in fantasy world' on Iraq
  38. CBS revisits Bush's Guard memos
  39. Does watching Fox News make people ignorant?
  40. Kerry tries recovering from character attacks
  41. Bush: 'My opponent's programs will expand government'
  42. debates are coming
  43. Okay Break time in here, lets make over the President
  44. Kerry, Bush distort facts on jobs, Iraq and more
  45. New MoveOn.org ad shows defeated US Soldier
  46. NYC Unemployment drops to lowest since 9/11
  47. 'President Bush you killed my son'
  48. Kerry wants to be Kennedy
  49. BUSH BLOWOUT: 14 Point Lead over Kerry
  50. Slime Time Lives
  51. Kerry draws applause, catcalls from VFW
  52. Edwards Mocks Cheney
  53. 2 Polls show Kerry back in the US presidential race
  54. Mandatory drug testing for Welfare recipients is WRONG!
  55. Kerry Supporters attack 3 year old girl:
  56. Kerry Supporter: "Kill Bush and Rape his Daughters."
  57. Laura Bush heckled during campaign speech
  58. GWBush...This is so bad, I AM embarrassed
  59. Drunk Bush video
  60. Anthrax Ice Cream
  61. "I am John Kerry, and I am a Tax cheat."
  62. Air National Guard Colonel Denies Bush Got Preferential Treatment
  63. This just in....
  64. Hagel says U.S. needs creative policy
  65. Bush and Kerry both pepper their standard political speeches with misleading claims.
  66. CBS: Bush Opens Lead Over Kerry
  67. Kerry says Bush hiding mobilization plan
  68. Kerry Criticizes Bush and Cheney on Halliburton's Iraq Contracts
  69. What a Crock!
  70. GOP Mailing Warns Liberals Will Ban Bibles
  71. Bush author says White House applying pressure
  72. Republican Wants to Suppress Black Vote!
  73. Bush Has Secret Troop Call-Up Plan
  74. 9-11 Widows Support Kerry, fight Bush
  75. RATS ad: Subliminal conspiracy?
  76. The New Gilded Age
  77. New info could tie fake documents to Kerry Campaign
  78. Prediction on the EC
  79. Nader back on Florida ballot for good
  80. Curious...new posters as of September 2004
  81. "First They Came..." - A Poem To Remember (For All You Skeptics and Paranoids)
  82. Latest presidential polls vary widely
  83. Navy: Kerry medals approved properly
  84. John Kerry Embarrassment
  85. Gay Marriage ban for Louisana
  86. Many of you seem to think the other guy is "evil"
  87. republicans rip bush on handling of the war/McCain: Bush not straight enough on Iraq
  88. are u a conservative?? take this poll
  89. Hastert: Al Qaeda wants a Kerry win
  90. A Day In The Life Of Joe Republican
  91. CBS to Say It Was Misled on Bush Guard Memos
  92. Iraqi PM: 'Terrorists pouring in'
  93. Reasons to Vote For George W
  94. Hastert's al Qaeda comment draws fire
  95. Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us
  96. I thought Dan Rather wanted to "break the story"
  97. John Kerry's speech at NY University
  98. A vote for John Kerry is a vote for the average man
  99. Tom Shales of the Washington Post...
  100. Kerry adviser spoke with CBS document source
  101. Forget the Liberal/DEM - Conservative/REP debate...
  102. Right...we're the evil anti-environmentalists...
  103. Question for Kerry supporters.
  104. New Yorker quotes Teresa out of context
  105. CBS coordinated Bush bash with Kerry campaign
  106. Kerry: Bush wants debate 'life lines'
  107. Kerry says Bush has lost credibility
  108. 2nd U.S. hostage killed in Iraq
  109. amazed...
  110. George Washington University Battleground 2004 Poll
  111. Million More Americans Would Lose Their Health Insurance
  112. Anti-Americanism Is On The Rise
  113. A Few Facts about our President
  114. Kerry slams Bush
  115. ACLU Ad On "Sneak-and-Peek" Searches: Overblown
  116. Election is turning into a duel of the manly men
  117. Kerry in Action
  118. My take on the CBS scandal
  119. Kerry wears faith prominently, if not on his sleeve
  120. Kerry promises to protect seniors
  121. Bush ad: Kerry shifts with the wind
  122. Osama bin Forgotten
  123. Army to begin deployment of non lethal microwave weapons in Iraq.
  124. Republicans Push Ahead to Extend Popular Middle-Class Tax Cuts
  125. bush's answer.......
  126. The Story That Didn’t Run
  127. Debate on Iraq intensifies in campaign
  128. Bush told he is playing into Bin Laden's hands
  129. Cleveland Ranked Nation's Poorest Big City
  130. Kerry demoralizing Troops
  131. GALLUP POLL: New low at trust in media
  132. Edwards: Let's 'outsource' Bush
  133. Lockhart, McAuliffe Seen As Drowning Out Kerry...
  134. Bush: You'll Speak When I Tell You to Speak
  135. Why We Cannot Win
  136. You struggled within yourself"
  137. The UN was getting the job done in Iraq
  138. Let's Get Real
  139. bush ad
  140. 'Compromised" election in Iraq??
  141. Republicans Admit Mailing Campaign Literature Saying Liberals Will Ban the Bible
  142. Kerry blames Bush
  143. Heinz Kerry--Osama likely caught before election
  144. Did Bush go back to the UN?
  145. Guess Who's a GOP Booster?
  146. F.p.
  147. Are you voting for or against
  148. Dan Rather, the untold story
  149. Catholic group is accuses RNC of Fear-Mongering
  150. Ministers were told premier was seen as stooge
  151. Bush Sr. - "Why We Didn't Remove Saddam"
  152. watch the debates with AWARENESS
  153. Arizona, Nevada, Colorado
  154. GOP Website Uses Misleading Kerry Quote On Abortion
  155. Why is Bush running this country into the ground?
  156. Religion and politics in America
  157. Musharraf: World a More Dangerous Place
  158. Reagan junior warns Bush: ‘stop hijacking my father’s reputation’
  159. still fighting
  160. Powell Says Iraqi Security Situation Worsening
  161. Why Wait? Here's a Pre-Debate Quiz
  162. JESSE VENTURA doesnt plan on VOTING in this upcoming ELECTION.
  163. Conspiracy Or Coincidence?
  164. Mercury in U.S. lakes; cyanide in India – trust the CEOs!
  165. "Mission Accomplished"..........
  166. kerry closing the gap ??
  167. Dave Wandstadt IS John Kerry!!!
  168. Trial Ordered in Fla. E-Ballot Lawsuit
  169. Next Looming Republican Bailout!
  170. Carter fears Florida vote trouble
  171. The Unfeeling President
  172. Echoes of a 1972 Loss Haunt a 2004 Campaign
  173. Political Ignorance Is No Bliss
  174. Bush Ad Twists Kerry's Words on Iraq
  175. A Spring retirement??
  176. Bush: Kerry could end up debating himself
  177. Kerry pulling back on negative ADs
  178. A Primer on Fascism
  179. Jimmy Carter Is Right
  180. The great Nostrdomous
  181. Comedy Central Refutes O'Reilly's Claim
  182. Remember Baghdad Bob? They found him
  183. Edwards Slams Bush Campaign's Ad 'Lies'
  184. I've come to a realization.
  185. Consumer Confidence Dips Last 2 Months
  186. Flood of New Voters Signing Up
  187. Crawford Texas Newspaper Endorses Kerry
  188. Sometime you have to cut your loses
  189. Repub's may not receive Military backing in Election
  190. Baghdad Year Zero
  191. Gallup Poll fraud?
  192. Former soldiers slow to report
  193. Chew On This
  194. The false balance of Hannity & Colmes
  195. The investor class favors Bush
  196. Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change
  197. GAO: White House Violated Law on Medicare
  198. In the Northwest: Bush-Cheney flip-flops cost America in blood
  199. The President's Comedy Routine
  200. The "Willie Horton" Ad Of 2004?
  201. John Kerry's Journey
  202. Candidates' positions on key issues
  203. The Detection of Sixteen Dead Bodies in A mass Grave in Falluja
  204. Europe to Bush: Go away
  205. False Ads: There Oughtta Be A Law! Or -- Maybe Not
  206. Russia to OK Kyoto Ratification
  207. Did anyone see the latest Kerry interview?
  208. Growing Pessimism on Iraq
  209. Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry
  210. Iraqi schools turn away from secular teachings
  211. Anyone Notice GW and Wanny Similarities
  212. Yep...Democrats NEVER do anything underhanded
  213. Andy Cohen/ Good Stuff as Always!
  214. U.S. votes to lift Washington gun ban
  215. Bush's top 10 flip-flops
  216. Dems not counting on Kerry coattails
  217. Supreme Court rejects Nader appeal
  218. Ten Ways to Beat George W. Bush
  219. threatened with deployment to Iraq if they do not re-enlist???
  220. Judge Rules Against Patriot Act Provision
  221. Check out KerryOnIraq.com
  222. Kerry Says Bush Broke Promise on Oil
  223. Son of GOP President Supports Kerry
  224. After the election, most people will say they voted FOR John Kerry....
  225. George W. Bush Pep Rally
  226. John Kerry Pep Rally
  227. Turns out Bush Memos were typed afterall
  228. Bush supporters vs Kerry supporters: Who knows their man best?
  229. US Vet in Iraq says we cannot win
  230. Shocking Image: Enter At Your Own Risk
  231. A funny voter registration site....
  232. Judge blocks part of Patriot Act
  233. The next president could tip high court
  234. Son of Republican president announces support for Kerry
  235. Cheney: Kerry reflects soft approach on terror
  236. Cameron Diaz: "If you think rape should be legal, then don't vote."
  237. 32 Pages Of Rules For Presidential Debate
  238. The Wink
  239. Edwards Notes Cheney Warned of Getting 'Bogged Down' in Iraq
  240. Guess what John Kerry did after lunch today
  241. Presidential Debate - Come to the Political/War Forum!
  242. Kerry Clobbered Bush
  243. John "Care Bear" Kerry did succeed in one facet...
  244. What is the one quote Bush will be remembered by?
  245. Kerry flip flopped in the Debate!!!!!!!!!
  246. Bush Clobbered Kerry....
  247. Get Ready To Hear About This
  248. Let's please stop with the blind hatred remarks against BOTH parties.
  249. Begala On The Debate
  250. Yes Virginia, Rednnecks DO run South Carolina!!