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  1. Pain of terrorism felt in Sinai
  2. Experience Trumps for Clinton; 'New Direction' Keeps Obama Going
  3. Emmitt Smith: Investigators using Vick to get at others
  4. An Examination of Bush Fascism
  5. Hitler, Clinton and Stalin....
  6. In Defense of Genocide
  7. What would Patton say about Iraq?
  8. Welfare Recipients in San Diego Forced To Give Up 4th Amendment
  9. Boys Face Sex Trial for Slapping Girls' Posteriors
  10. Sheehan Arrested in Impeachment Protest
  11. "Disarmed by the Dems"
  12. Liberals against renewable energy
  13. Pakistan 'no' to Bin Laden strike
  14. Is this the real president of the United States?
  15. MERGED: Putting the word 'rape' on trial
  16. Congress in bipartisan agreement against paying subsidies to dead farmers
  17. Clinton: Obama 'Irresponsible and Naive'
  18. 'Second Chance' Bill Stirs Controversy
  19. Children as young as five to be fingerprinted in schools
  20. The human-rights charade at the United Nations goes on
  21. Legacy of Ashes: The history of the CIA
  22. Arab League extends "hand of peace" to Israel
  23. TSA: Terrorists may be conducting dry runs
  24. Lines in the dirt drawn for farm bill
  25. Why?
  26. On Base, a Plea to Give Each Death Its Due
  27. English, Math Time Up in 'No Child' Era
  28. Warning on Cigarette Packs to Tell Truth
  29. Obama: 'Better Judgment' on Foreign Policy
  30. It may soon be safer to breathe in Israel
  31. Dems Face YouTube Interrogators
  32. Documents contradict Gonzales' testimony
  33. CNN does expose on Chinese imports
  34. EXCLUSIVE: Army to Punish Seven Officers in Tillman Case
  35. Obama: Clinton Would Continue "Bush Doctrine"
  36. Analyst counters Bush on Al Qaeda
  37. US Senators back web censorship
  38. Ya just gotta love that race card!
  39. U.S. to Announce Nuclear Exception for India
  40. U.S. Officials Voice Frustrations With Saudis, Citing Role in Iraq
  41. New security arrangement with Fatah
  42. Fiesta Bowl star Ian Johnson says he's hired wedding security because of racist threa
  43. Fox News front page: Marijuana use increases psychosis
  44. The Myths & Facts regarding the H-1B guest worker program
  45. Democrats to propose new minimum wage increase to $9.50 an hour
  46. Canadian universities condemn any Israeli ban
  47. Edwards & Romney Lead In Iowa Poll
  48. A Second Day of Declines Caps Worst Wall Street Week in Years
  49. Cheney under gets new pacemaker battery.
  50. 17 Christians Convicted in Indonesia
  51. Russia's Gorbachev says U.S. is sowing world disorder
  52. One of the Hizbollah captives may have died
  53. Palestinian civil war closing in
  54. Hillary is the Female Lieberman
  55. Edwards Chides Rivals Clinton, Obama
  56. Exclusive: Gangs Spreading In The Military
  57. Nancy Giles Wants New Blood For President
  58. Iran/ Russia Relations Straining?
  59. U.S. House Votes Down Change To End Federal Raids
  60. Is Iran the enemy in Iraq or is it Saudi Arabia?
  61. The New York Times Reports and Distorts a Presidential Address
  62. The Next Trouble Spot - The Arctic Circle?
  63. Gingrich Predicts Clinton-Obama Ticket
  64. Oh! You Mean THAT Hitler...
  65. A War We Just Might Win
  66. What punishment when child dies in hot car?
  67. MERGED: FBI raids U.S. senator Stevens's home
  68. Sex for the Motherland: Russian Youth Camps advocate Sex
  69. Will white America elect Obama?
  70. Dem House Candidate Didn't Pay Taxes For Years
  71. Petraeus: 'A Lot of Soul Searching'
  72. House Seeks Japan's Apology on 'Comfort Women'
  73. Ford and GM post a profit
  74. Energy Bill Aids Expansion of Atomic Power
  75. Sugar and Spice ... but Not So Nice?
  76. Thompson Flip Flops on Taxes?
  77. First Khmer Rouge leader charged
  78. Will black America vote for Obama
  79. Was He right?
  80. NAACP is so hypocritical
  81. Security Council approves peacekeeping force in Darfur
  82. Dems Seek Gonzales Impeachment
  83. Doctor Charged in Transplant Inquiry
  84. Daily Show Satirizes Live Earth
  85. White House Manual for Silencing Critics
  86. Cigarette tax goes up in De.............
  87. Obama to Deliver Bold Speech About War on Terror
  88. House Looks for Answers in Tillman Case
  89. Stealing healthcare from babies
  90. Former N.C. speaker begins prison term
  91. Should Prostitution be Legal?
  92. O, Canada! More Americans Heading North
  93. Congress Scrambling to Expand Eavesdropping
  94. 2008 Race For the Presidential Nomination
  95. Happy Birthday Martin Luther King
  96. Presidential Picker (Quiz)
  97. Good to be back
  98. The Rooney Rule... Is it Fair?
  99. when will marijuana be legalized?
  100. Freedom of Religion????
  101. jurors dont show up, so town grabs random people off street
  102. Amendment 1 for Florida
  103. BET founder apologizes to Obama
  104. Privatize Social Security? Why Not?
  105. A boost for democracy: Thank you Dick Cheney?
  106. Congressional Earmarks and Government Spending
  107. Israeli ministers call for assassination of Nasrallah
  108. Article: We Own The World
  109. Ron Paul
  110. CNN readers respond angrily to 'race or gender' story
  111. Black leader to Bill Clinton: 'Chill' on Obama
  112. Articulate, the new racist complement?
  113. That tolerant man... Rudy G...
  114. Study: False statements preceded war
  115. Military People - Help... bit OT
  116. Disband the IRS!!
  117. 2 Ga. schools to pay students to study
  118. Paul Snubbed...AGAIN
  119. Bush on global warming....
  120. Select A Candidate..
  121. Huckabee Hatin' Could Backfire on GOP
  122. Disabled spy satellite threatens Earth | Shot down by Navy
  123. Prejudice in the Primaries
  124. CNN.com users react to Kennedy backing Obama
  125. Ron Paul to sponsor a car at the 500
  126. Checks from President Bush?
  127. The Lord told Kim Clement that Bloomberg will be the next President of USA
  128. Rudy dropping out/endorsing McCain?
  129. John Edwards is ending his campaign.
  130. What Will Rush, Hugh Say if McCain Wins?
  131. One More Year Living Dangerously For Unsung Commander In Chief
  132. Will Florida victory matter for Clinton?
  133. Am I missing something with Obama?
  134. Should the Cuban trade embargo remain in place?
  135. Ron Paul..cut off
  136. Trophy Wives...
  137. First Gentleman Bill: A Legitimate Issue
  138. Bill Clinton vs. heckler
  139. The Official Bash Sean Hannity Thread
  140. Having trouble deciding ur pick for 2008??? I can help...
  141. Militants turn disabled into human bombs
  142. Coulter wants Clinton over McCain
  143. Mississippi: New bill would make it illegal for restaurants to serve the obese
  144. World Bank Using U.S. Funds To Boost Iranian Industry, Gas Sectors
  145. McCain Backlash is Ridiculous
  146. Ignore pesky members.
  147. Vt. Lawmakers Want Nat'l Guard Back Home
  148. Check out Ron Paul and other canidates on MTV right now
  149. Clinton unveils 'sharpened' closing argument
  150. World Bank Using U.S. Funds To Boost Iranian Industry, Gas Sectors
  151. Iran launches rocket, opens space center
  152. How Islam ends
  153. The Great Betrayal
  154. For once, it is all about electability
  155. Yes, we can...
  156. Don't know who to vote for, this is a nice little tool.
  157. Poland joins Canada in call for more troops in Afghanistan
  158. Proportional Delegates - Pros & Cons
  159. Clinton, Obama, McCain, Romney Battle Coast-to-Coast (SUPER TUESDAY)
  160. Clinton Emotional At Yale Homecoming
  161. A Phinfan wants honest answers
  162. Berkeley Disrespects the Marines
  163. Muslims Protest Wikipedia Images of Muhammad
  164. Inside the mind of cop who stopped you
  165. Money and Momentum. Why Obama will be the Democratic nominee.
  166. Police Swabbing Mouths During Traffic Stops In Serial Killer Hunt
  167. Fate Of Rebate Checks In Limbo After Vote
  168. Romney Out!
  169. Who Is More Electable?
  170. Kidnappings of U.S. citizens on rise
  171. "Charlie Wilson's War" and Iraq
  172. Some interesting reading on Obama
  173. MSNBC's David Shuster suggest the Clintons are "pimping out" Chelsea in campaign
  174. Congress Passes Emergency Stimulus Plan
  175. Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women
  176. Our so called Democracy in action
  177. 20% of Sderot's population have abandoned the town
  178. I just got push polled
  179. China seeks to contractually gag foreign Olympians from speaking against Govt.
  180. Gotta love how the Speaker is keeping up on 'stuff'
  181. MERGED: Amazing speech by Obama. I LOVE this man!
  182. Huckabee challenging Washington caucus.
  183. Not pimping eh?
  184. Is Obama Really the Liberal Reagan?
  185. Florida Deputy Dumps Quadriplegic Man From Wheelchair
  186. Another war on the horizon?
  187. Egomaniac Thug Cop Assaults 14 Year Old Kid
  188. Hizbollah #2 assasinated
  189. Edwards Weighs Clinton Endorsement
  190. question for follow union members
  191. McCain supporters
  192. Obama Announces Economic Plan (MERGED)
  193. So, is Bush going to officially endorse torture?
  194. A German's point of view on Islam
  195. Candidates' Earmarks Exposed
  196. Death Penalty... Do you support it or not?
  197. The seminal decision
  198. Cash payments to Superdelegates being made by Clinton and Obama
  199. al qaeda burning people alive
  200. Hilary's Big States Mistake (also known as Guiliani's BSM)
  201. American College of Physicians Speaks Out for Medical Marijuana
  202. Bush Jabs Congress Over Spy Bill Impasse
  203. Bush family swinging behind McCain
  204. Kosovo Declares Independence From Serbia
  205. Barkley calls conservatives "fake Christians".. Will run for Alabama Gov in 2014
  206. Bush arrives in Tanzania bearing gift to fight poverty
  207. Man Arraigned in Therapist's Knife Slaying; Judge Orders Psychiatric Evaluation
  208. Did Bill Clinton smack an Obama supporter?
  209. If this doesn't wake the Sunni's up in Iraq nothing will
  210. Mrs. Obama: 'For the first time in my adult lifetime I am really proud of my country'
  211. Obama .....Plagiarist? (Edited)
  212. Roger Stone says Obama will "sit down with terrorists"
  213. Fidel Castro retires
  214. Google silences UN critic ?
  215. Clinton: More liberal?
  216. Report: Clinton Aiming to Draw Pledged Delegates From Obama
  217. Angry White Men
  218. Air Force: We're At The Breaking Point
  219. Voter fraud in NY primary? Bloomberg thinks so
  220. Obama planning to run as an Independant?
  221. Al Gore to the Rescue
  222. Chris Mathews pwns Texas state senator, Obama supporter
  223. Can McCain sneak in?
  224. Colbert Report or Daily Show?
  225. Powerful teamsters union to endorse Obama
  226. An Independant after my own hear..both Dem's and Repub's will love this.
  227. For McCain, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk
  228. McCain Loan Raises FEC Questions
  229. US embassy in Belgrade attacked
  230. History will never absolve Castro
  231. Obama wins Democrats Abroad contest
  232. Obama and Healthcare: An Observation
  233. Diane Sawyer hails Castro
  234. IRAQ: Al Sadr extends cease fire
  235. Police concerned about order to stop weapons screening at Obama rally
  236. NY Times: Clinton's spending, mismanagement to blame for campaign woes?
  237. Obama Rolls On
  238. Ron Paul's foreign policy
  239. GOP Operative: Rove Sought To Smear Dem
  240. Poll shows Voters Bailing From Voting Party Line
  241. The Real Barack Obama
  242. Iran Could Have Enough Uranium for a Bomb by Year's End
  243. Superdelegates are leaving Clinton.
  244. Dog tracks his new master in Iraq
  245. McCain Knocks Bush Signing Statements
  246. Should Our Democracy Evolve into Socialism?
  247. Angry Clinton Rips Obama Over Mailings
  248. Ralph Nader enters presidential race
  249. Parody: Huckabee overstays his welcome on SNL - Signs of things to come?
  250. NYT ombudsman thinks McCain story should not have run