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  1. Serious: Three MAJOR Kerry Gaffes from the Debate.
  2. Joe Lockhart caught on camera saying: "The consensus is the Debate was a Draw."
  3. Kerry Campaign apologizes for LIE during the Debate...
  4. Politics
  5. So, who won the first debate?
  6. Bill O'Reilly gets OWNED!
  7. Was this Debate a setup? Read these BIASED questions:
  8. John Kerry wants sell Nuclear material to IRAN...
  9. TV tells story beyond the words
  10. The debates: Shifting expectations
  11. Bush and Kerry both have problems with the facts at their meeting in Coral Gables
  12. the next 2 debates
  13. DNC Video - Faces of Bush
  14. More on Bush Guard service..................
  15. Kerry and N. Korea: Am I missing something?
  16. Shocking Image: Enter At Your Own Risk
  17. Bush's Hometown Newspaper Endorses Kerry
  18. Debate pics
  19. U.S. cybersecurity chief resigns
  20. Why Kerry won the debate
  21. FinsNYanksFan13 says that if you vote for Bush, you are a NAZI...do you agree?
  22. Hey Kerry....
  23. Military – Army Lowers Recruitment Standards
  24. President Bush: Flip-Flopper-In-Chief
  25. The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism
  26. Newsweek Poll Bush's lead erased
  27. We're Dodging The Draft Issue - An Article By Jonathan Alter
  28. The Face of Frustration and Incompetence
  29. The Boss' Vote For Change Tour
  30. Ouch!!
  31. When Rumsfeld Was Asked About Even More Violence In Iraq At Election Time...
  32. John Kerry: "Forgainst" the war.
  33. The George W. Bush of Four Years Ago
  34. Gallup Says It's A Tie Again!
  35. If Election Were Today, The Democrats Would Take Control of the Senate
  36. Debate Questions For The President Voters Would Like To See
  37. Influx of Wounded Strains VA
  38. You want your son to get drafted? Then...
  39. Kerry hits Bush on lost Ohio jobs
  40. Fox bitten by reporter's joke quotes
  41. As Deadlines Hit, Rolls of Voters Show Big Surge
  42. g. soros
  43. In the Senate, Raising a (Quiet) Republican Voice Against the Administration
  44. Lands' End Employees Say Tricked Into Seeing Giuliani
  45. Bush, Kerry in a draw, poll says
  46. New Kerry ad says Bush lied about debate
  47. fridays debate
  48. Anybody read Glenn Reynolds?
  49. Kerry's newest constituent has arrived....
  50. Rice defends Bush's debate comments
  51. debt yours & mine
  52. Kerry: Expand federal research using stem cells
  53. Bills sign a new qb. The jets are in trouble
  54. and you call Bush a moron
  55. Poland considers withdrawal plan
  56. Dont Forget Poland!!!!/You Forgot Poland! (merged)
  57. A global test?
  58. Very LATEST polls, just out in last hour.
  59. Teresa HEINZ Kerry on Bush's handling of Iraq
  60. VP Debate
  61. Who could we get to replace wanny nxt year???
  62. Kerry and Bush
  63. Denmark to "liberate" North Pole
  64. Rumsfeld says no 'strong, hard evidence' of Saddam-Qaeda connection
  65. A proposal
  66. Question...
  67. Question #2...
  68. OH NO!!!!! Looks like a BUSH Landslide is coming....
  69. Iraq
  70. Lead Levels in Water Misrepresented Across U.S.
  71. Voter Intimidation and Suppression in America Today
  72. Bush and the 2nd characteristic of fascism
  73. Kerry: Cheney, Bush should follow Bremer's lead on Iraq
  74. Bush calls Kerry's stands 'dangerous' for peace
  75. bush wore an ear piece
  76. White House Silent on Bremer Troop Request
  77. Bush Mischaracterizes Kerry's Health Plan
  78. Kerry Calls for a White House with a Commitment to Stem Cell Research
  79. East Mt. Zion Baptist Church
  80. UN Timeline Leading up to Invasion of Iraq
  81. What did the oil companies know, and when did they know it?
  82. Finheaven Presidential Poll!!!
  83. 50,000 trapped by Israeli assault on Gaza
  84. skull & bones
  85. Joke
  86. Pretty Much A Draw - Hard To Say How The Pundits Will Call It
  87. What a TOTAL BLOWOUT By Cheney.....
  88. Edwards Father story is a FRAUD...
  89. Debate fact Check... boths sides mislead...
  90. Odd, all the polls say Edwards won 80% or more
  91. WHO will make willing sacrifices for America?
  92. Does Cheney's LIE bother anybody????
  93. House votes down the DRAFT 402-2....Take that....
  94. Meeting Was Not First for Cheney, Edwards
  95. CIA Report Finds No Conclusive Zarqawi-Saddam Link
  96. Bush Record: Americans Set To Pay $500 More to Heat Their Home This Winter than Durin
  97. Fox News Poll Indicates Edwards Won The Debate
  98. The Big Lie revealed
  99. More Evidence of Mass Deception
  100. Eisenhower: A vote for Kerry
  101. Limbaugh Loses Appeal In Court
  102. Gallup Polls
  103. Ask 1 question of each candidate
  104. The "I want to punch Howard Wolfson in the face" thread.
  105. Job losses bush's fault?
  106. Brought back from the dead: what are political and personal opinions you hold?
  107. Kerry now only 11 votes behind..............
  108. Report: No WMD stockpiles in Iraq
  109. Edwards: Bush 'out of touch with reality'
  110. Glenn Reynolds: Kerry's Case Collapses
  111. CIA Details Oil-for-Food Scam
  112. Army: Environment Spending Cuts Hurt Training
  113. Ethics Panel Admonishes DeLay Again
  114. House Opposes Military Draft Bill
  115. Hatch: End Ban on Foreign-Born President
  116. Asia, Europe Brace for U.S. Troop Realignment
  117. House Members Clash on 9-11 Bill
  118. Bush, Kerry have similar postwar strategies
  119. Stupid facts!
  120. "Dishonest Dumbya" Action Figure
  121. Operation American Repression?
  122. Christians for Kerry. Christians against Bush.
  123. A Father Teaching His Son About The Us
  124. The George W. Bush Loyalty Quiz & j.kerry Quiz
  125. Cheney & Edwards Mangle Facts
  126. AP Poll: Kerry has a lead over Bush
  127. electoral-vote.com has been haked?
  128. Bush sticks to his guns, but...
  129. Robert Novak: No Victory In Iraq
  130. Do You Want The Supreme Court To Be Ruled By The Bushies For Thirty Years?
  131. Bush, Cheney Admit That Iraq Had No Wmds!!!!
  132. ROFL!! Anybody buy this?
  133. Pat Tillman Anti-War Poster
  134. God is Not a Republican. Or a Democrat.
  135. John Kerry Supports a DRAFT!!!! Source? HIS WEBSITE!!!!
  136. Why Did James Baker Turn Bush Into Nixon?
  137. Politics - Military Service
  138. U.S. Job Growth Weaker Than Expected
  139. Republicans Funded Smear Attacks on Kerry "Backing" Nader
  140. The new RNC race-baiting campaign ad
  141. JibJab puts out another Great Flash Cartoon!
  142. If true, this is too funny
  143. What If...
  144. Michael J. Fox Films Stem-Cell Campaign Ad For Sen. John Kerry
  145. Question On My Mind
  146. Bush coming out swinging...
  147. Kerry Won! No, Bush Won! Who Won?
  148. tehMicks' uncanny predicition thread: MSNBC poll
  149. It's all about expectations....
  150. "So youre like me when the guy you like loses you call it a draw."--Chris Matthew
  151. Paul Begala On The Debate
  152. Holy crap!
  153. Did Bush say that he wouldnt appoint judges that would overturn Dredd Scott decision?
  154. NEW POLL: Kerry Takes One-Point After Debate
  155. Well..so much for Australian support if Kerry wins
  156. Gallup: No Clear Winner Of Second Debate
  157. Question: Had a Democratic President invaded Iraq on the basis of liberation..
  158. Bush had a higher SAT score than Kerry and....Clinton.
  159. Man urinates on Bush sign
  160. Gas Hits $1.99
  161. Washington Post--Bush 51%, Kerry 46%
  162. Kerry stumps for black vote
  163. Sean Penn is such an ***..
  164. C.i.a.'s Bin Laden Unit Is Weaker Today Than On 9/11
  165. Anti- Kerry Film
  166. Distortions Galore at Second Presidential Debate
  167. Bush's Pivotal Decision: I Haven't Made a Mistake
  168. polls even
  169. Bush aides scoff rumors about bulge in president's back
  170. Exposing Karl Rove
  171. Diary of a Political Tourist\ retro vs metro
  172. 2 John Kerry quotes from the SAME debate Friday night
  173. Kerry raps Bush on OPEC, Saudi links
  174. Britons fear spiders more than terrorists
  175. Middle Class Said To Pay Higher Tax Rate Than Heinz Kerry And Kerry
  176. Nude President Bush Painting Pulled From Museum
  177. Major assaults on hold until US votes
  178. 1 final push for Swiftees
  179. Washington Post/ABC News Poll: 51 Bush 45 Kerry.....(Kerry is toast ALERT)
  180. Kerry-Endorsements Still Rolling-In
  181. Who Could It Be
  182. Gallup Poll: Kerry Holds On To Post-Debate Bump
  183. Mark Shields: Ignore The Point Spread
  184. Dred Scott was a code!
  185. Bush debate bulge explained
  186. Shameful...and most likely illegal.
  187. Democrats calling Republicans demons
  188. Get terrosrism BACK to when it was JUST an annoyance?
  189. How has Arnold done in California so far??
  190. Sinclair under fire for Kerry film
  191. Edwards mocks Bush for not naming mistakes
  192. A Bush flip flop???????????
  193. Oil Jumps Over $54 a Barrel
  194. Why are republicans distorting what Kerry said?
  195. Bad timing
  196. A most disgusting Kerry Lie......
  197. John Edwards says that Kerry will cure paralysis.....
  198. Proof that this race truly is too close to call..
  199. All about Bush
  200. Should have Known American Oil companies were involved.
  201. Reeve On Kerry/Kerry On Reeve
  202. Log Cabin Republicans Suing Pentagon Over "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy
  203. Latest Polls Find A Dead Heat On Eve Of Final Debate
  204. George W. Bush a man of morals
  205. Republicans Change Mascot from Elephant to Condom!
  206. If you could pick ANYONE to be president...
  207. Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 260 Bush 274
  208. Pro-Bush Puffery on Economy, Medicare
  209. Bush a girly man
  210. Bush's approval rating slipping
  211. bush propaganda!
  212. The Bush Record vs. the Kerry Plan+ uphold the Constitution
  213. Bush special envoy embroiled in controversy over Iraq debt
  214. Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 228 Bush 291
  215. Frist knocks Edwards over stem cell comment
  216. Edwards ribs Bush in Leno appearance
  217. Falwell says evangelicals control GOP, Bush's fate
  218. Republican front group trashing Democrats voter registrations in Nevada
  219. Bush-Kerry and the truth
  220. U.S. sues over overseas ballots
  221. Networks to test new exit polling system
  222. Florida voters to see few big changes to voting process
  223. Cheney: Iraq could have been arms source
  224. NRA endorses Bush for president
  225. Time to Vote!!!
  226. Tennessee Dems Compare Republicans To Special Olympians
  227. Fox's O'Reilly Sues Over Alleged Extortion Scheme
  228. Jewish Democrats run cartoon ad depicting Cheney Beheading
  229. Bodies of Babies found in Saddam's killing field
  230. Voting Poll
  231. Kerry's Undeclared War
  232. Election 2004
  233. O'Reilly hit with sex harrassment charges
  234. Six More U.S. Troops Killed
  235. What Makes George Tick?
  236. Tony Soprano?
  237. Kerry just screwed up (Redux) / Debate thread
  238. Kerry Beats Bush: Sweeps Debate Series 3-0
  239. An open letter to Blitz about his allegations
  240. What is the mysterious Bush back bulge?
  241. Conservatives consider abandoning Bush
  242. Bush has a 55% lead over Kerry among MILITARY voters....
  243. Gallup.com Lead Story: Kerry Wins 3rd Debate
  244. What should this election be about?
  245. DNC Election Manual: Charge Voter Intimidation, Even if None Exist
  246. Prices Skyrocket on Scarce Flu Shots
  247. Drudge alleges DNC will cry voter intimidation no matter what
  248. Lynne Cheney indignant over Kerry remark
  249. 4 Americans and 6 Iraqi's killed in Iraq's "Safest Place"
  250. California within 8 points?