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  1. Obama and McCain dance off for the election
  2. A letter from the future? :rolleyes:
  3. A Reality Check on Obama's Wish List
  4. Media Ignore Biden Gaffes
  5. McCain Aides Slams Palin
  6. Christian right predicts 'doomsday' under Obama Terrorist strikes on four American ci
  7. Bush on campaign trail: Out of sight but not out of mind
  8. Where Will $700B Bailout Actually Go?
  9. White Support For Obama At Historic Level
  10. "Both are Imperialists" Howard Zinn
  11. Lesser of two evils ensures eternal evil.
  12. Could McCain lose Arizona?
  13. Lieberman is changing his tune.
  14. Obama says McCain 'finally giving us a little straight talk'
  15. Obama Shatters Yet Another Record
  16. Barbara West: The next victim of the left
  17. Is ABC News a good source?
  18. This is kool, check it out.--History Mystery
  19. Anhcorage Newspaper endorses Obama
  20. 50,000 voters purged from Georgia rolls.
  21. Merged 1X Huizenga Wants to Sell Dolphins Before Obama Raises Taxes
  22. The Department of Early Indoctrination
  23. Being a NC resident and NASCAR fan this is my favorite endorsment yet
  24. The Europeanization of America
  25. Presidental Race Tightens.
  26. Obama Interview Invokes 'spread The Wealth' Theory
  27. Ted Stevens convicted.
  28. White man's greed and Obama's salvation
  29. Early Voting Fraud: Rhetoric Or Reality?
  30. Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party
  31. O's Redistribution of Wealth Audio Goes Viral
  32. Obama Attacks Founding Fathers, Constitution
  33. Obama assassination attempt foiled.
  34. Sarah Palin's War on Science
  35. Investors Flee From 'Change' Obama Hypes
  36. Charles Barkley to run for Governor of Alabama.
  37. Senator Obama's Four Tax Increases for People Earning Under $250k
  38. Obama's October surprise
  39. The Race For President: It's Far From Over
  40. Make-Believe Maverick
  41. Expect Fewer Liberties if Obama Wins
  42. Jewish GOP Group Warns of Obama Dangers
  43. the twelve days of the election… (sung to the tune of 12 days of christmas)
  44. Palin A "Whack Job," Top McCain Adviser Says
  45. The Palin/Stevens Connection: Closer then you think
  46. Phony flier says Virginians vote on different days
  47. The video that could cost McCain the election
  48. Ballots from U.S. troops risk being discarded
  49. Rich is no longer 250,000, but now 150,000
  50. News Orgs Investigate Possibly Fatal McCain '64 Car Crash
  51. Another Explosive Video - Obama in His Own Words: “Pastor Wright is the best of what
  52. See This Video Before You Vote
  53. Seperate POFO forum
  54. The Law Under Obama
  55. Where is Obama's Birth Certificate??
  56. Palin Accepted $25,000 in Gifts, Alaska Records Show
  57. End Times for Reaganism
  58. What's So Awful About "Spreading the Wealth"?
  59. Joe The Plumber Backs McCain
  60. McCain Vs. Obama: Economics
  61. McCain campaign admits its health care plan basically sucks
  62. Authorities investigate lawfulness of Sarah Palin effigy in West Hollywood
  63. Vote flipping caught on tape.
  64. Joe puts his foot in his mouth....Fox Nails Him On It...
  65. Must read for freedom lovers
  66. Just a thought, want to get some opinions
  67. Obama And Big Labor
  68. NYC mayor not backing presidential candidate
  69. L.A. Times Refuses To Release Khalidi Tape
  70. Obama Affinity to Marxists Dates Back to College Days
  71. What if the tables were turned
  72. .Obama's unsavory ties
  73. Mystery man gives thousands to GOP
  74. Sarah the Socialist
  75. We Are Suppressing Natural Patriotism
  76. AP Reporter Married to Democratic Operative Doesn't Report that Sources are Obama Don
  77. Obama infomercial
  78. Rasmussen Poll
  79. Must do this - Obama's tax calculator
  80. Important Notice!
  81. Change to pofo positon on rules..
  82. AP Fact Check of the Obama Infomercial
  83. GDP shrinks in last quarter
  84. Obama votes with Pelosi????
  85. Obama aunt found in shack in boston
  86. Obama's anti-free speech association
  87. Obama late to hearings
  88. Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations
  89. Obama's 'Change' Is Socialism
  90. Redskins-Steelers MNF game could predict election outcome
  91. The Economist endorses Obama
  92. Proud to be a North Carolinian
  93. Obama and the Power of Belief
  94. Dear Mr. Obama
  95. Obama wants to meet lol
  96. "twas the night before elections
  97. Fox News: Fair and Balanced, heres proof
  98. Where's Joe
  99. Question about policies\position
  100. Ignoring the Constitution.
  101. Just a thought....
  102. McCain to appear on SNL
  103. Just how stupid do politicians think we are?
  104. Obama kicks out newspaper writers
  105. CNN NBC ABC CBS MSNBC Fair and Balanced?
  106. Has anybody prepared themselves for the opposition to win?
  107. Obama starts running ads in Arizona.
  108. Economy causes city to cut back on Police Officers
  109. Middle Class...Is it $250K, $150K, or $120K?
  110. Qaeda wants Republicans, Bush "humiliated": Web video
  111. Half of Americans feel Obama will raise taxes
  112. Does Sarah Palin understand the First Amendment?
  113. McCainiacs in Manhattan?
  114. McCain Calls Americans "My Fellow Prisoners"
  115. Just dont be stunned........
  116. Got the figures
  117. Lawrence Solomon: False hope for global unity
  118. Race really tightening?
  119. The GOP fails the hipness test
  120. Politics of celebrity takes over
  121. Sarah Palin prank called
  122. Cheney endorses McCain
  123. Democrats unlikely to get to 60.
  124. How will McCain get things done if congress is democrat??
  125. Counting On Wal-Mart Women
  126. Obama: Iowa voters 'vindicated' his faith in American people
  127. Nastiest '08 Rumors
  128. Okay, answer this question
  129. A video that shows just how divided we are.
  130. Meet Allen Raymond, republican operative jailed for rigging elections
  131. Maybe Al Franken will win his race afterall
  132. SNL (Affleck) skewers Keith Olbermann
  133. Just how stupid is Sarah Palin??...read this
  134. A Real Election Choice On The United Nations
  135. Arizona: the new Florida?
  136. 18 of 19 pundits predict Obama
  137. Need a job in these tough economic times. Join the IRS.
  138. The Dolphins players have it right.
  139. Merged: 2x...Obama's Civilian Security Force
  140. Rasmussen polls accurately predicted the 2004 election..
  141. Chicago expects 1 millions to show up at Obama speech
  142. Obama's grandmother dies.
  143. Alrite people's.....listen up.
  144. 75 yo First Time Voter Explains her Vote
  145. Could Obama Win Vote But Lose Election?
  146. Florida tops states in concerns sent to pre-election hot line
  147. How will McCain get things done when congress is democrat???
  148. Poll People?
  149. Report clears Palin in Troopergate investigation
  150. Tomorrow is a BIG day
  151. Could voting meltdown history repeat itself?
  152. 527's are Rolling In Virginia
  153. Election Day
  154. 6 Most Insane People to Run for President
  155. From a November 8, 2004 Press Conference
  156. obama gonna pay my mortgage
  157. I voted...
  158. Democrat Rep. Nadler says obama doesnt have courage
  159. The Silent Issue
  160. The Certain Loser In This Election
  161. Poor Aren't Poor Because Rich Are Rich
  162. Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney
  163. Name that Socialist
  164. Rove predicts Obama landslide
  165. what would happen if.......
  166. Dear Red States....
  167. Just a Thought About Election Day
  168. One Thing Obama and I agree on.............
  169. Lost On This Election Day Is....
  170. Black Panthers Block White voters.........
  171. First Exit Poll: American Voters in Israel
  172. Official Obama Victory Appreciation Thread
  173. Election night thread
  174. The Official "What's Next For Us" Thread
  175. Obama will (likely), be my President
  176. Obama Victory!!
  177. God help Joe Lieberman
  178. Conservitives Regroup Thread
  179. I will say this for Obama
  180. Miami Dolphins Fans: Barack Obama Will Save Your Team
  181. What's with you people?????
  182. Dear America,
  183. Rahm Emanuel for Chief of Staff?
  184. Socialism?
  185. Byproduct of Obama Election = 2016 Olympics?
  186. Commentary: Will Obama Be Able to Deliver on His Promises?
  187. Gay marriage - inevitable?
  188. America's History Gives Way to Its Future
  189. Will a Black President Really Heal the Racial Divide?
  190. Obama Picks Emanuel as Chief of Staff
  191. Obama winning will be worth it if....
  192. Question...Obama and the media
  193. Fox News: Governor Palin not sure what Africa is
  194. joke for you Obama fans...
  195. Are Rahm Emanuel and Tim Mahoney covering up a bribe?
  196. Rahm Emanuel Was A Freddie Mac Board Member
  197. Rahm Emanuel (son of a terrorist bomber) the next president of the United States?
  198. Could Gates stay in the Cabinet?
  199. Why Obama is the new Regan
  200. Democrats in Congress wary of overreaching
  201. Breaking News, Obama take NC
  202. Troops focus on length of stay, future policy
  203. GOP faces identity crisis in months ahead
  204. How ready is Iraq for Obama plan?
  205. Taxpayers may pay legal bills for mortgage execs
  206. U.S. To Speed Up Troop Removals In Iraq
  207. Trashing Palin
  208. What Obama's Win Means
  209. US clamps down on Iran
  210. Chet Edwards For Obama Cabinet?
  211. Even ON THE BRINK OF CHANGE....
  212. Guns sales are up.
  213. Funny take on the election.
  214. Byrd Steps Down From Appropriations Post
  215. Obama to tackle economy 'head-on'
  216. Obama wins Nebraska electoral vote.
  217. Obama apologises to Nancy Reagan
  218. Panel set for Saudi-initiated Interfaith Conference
  219. Al-Qaeda's 'mild' message to Obama
  220. ACLU: Undercover Cops Staged Confrontation Amid DNC
  221. More Bailouts coming.
  222. New Must See Obama Video
  223. Obama moving to undo Bush policies
  224. Gingrich 2012?
  225. Bush's Failing Final Grade
  226. Palin Takes Aim At "Cowardly" Critics
  227. Obama vrs... the economy
  228. Meet America's first transgender mayor.0
  229. What does it mean for black America?
  230. Obama positioned to reverse Bush actions
  231. Obama building new team with veterans from Clinton era
  232. lets move forward with something postive.
  233. Government provides record aid package to AIG
  234. NY Times: Bush OK'd Global Secret Raids
  235. Frontrunners for Secretary of State
  236. Dean to step down from DNC chair
  237. Obama says: Spare Lieberman!
  238. New Administration to Possibly Shutdown Gitmo
  239. Obama urges Bush To Bail Out Automakers
  240. Palin Blames Bush Policies For GOP Defeat
  241. MSNBC Taken in by hoaxer on 'Palin doesn't know Africa is a continent' lie
  242. Palin Smears Hurt McCain
  243. What's next for the American media?
  244. 52 percent of McCainiacs thought Obama was or is Muslim
  245. Ashville N.C. School teacher browbeats student over being a McCain supporter
  246. Obama likely to escape campaign audit
  247. Paulson says US bail-out working
  248. Minorities press Obama
  249. Disgraced Congressman Foley Breaks Silence
  250. McCain Says Loss Is Not Palin's Fault