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  1. The united states of islam’: Muslim brotherhood spokesman calls on arab youth
  2. Arrest warrant for Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy
  3. Soros
  4. Iran to hold 10-day military exercise in response to growing U.S. presence in region
  5. Government plans secret survey on doctor access
  6. Cost of air conditioning for U.S. troops in MidEast more than NASA budget
  7. Enter the dragon 'to save the euro’
  8. Rod Blagojevich guilty on 17 charges in retrial
  9. Guard Chief: Iran Can Build Longer-Range Missiles
  10. Dollar seen losing global reserve status
  11. Obama Will 'Co-Invest' Tax Dollars in Corporate-Government Partnership
  12. Could We Actually See A War Between Syria And Turkey?
  13. Federal Reserve Secrets and Lies
  14. Economic Recovery?
  15. Clinton to Libya War critics: "Whose side are you on".
  16. Louisiana Supreme Court Allows Vehicle Searches on a Hunch
  17. 50 U.S. Health Care Statistics That Will Absolutely Astonish You
  18. If you thought feds wanted to track you before, check out now..
  19. Ahead of talks, NKorea threatens to attack SKorea
  20. President Barack Obama would lose to generic Republican candidate in 2012 election
  21. Glenn Beck: I was almost lynched in NYC
  22. Bachmann’s husband on homosexuality: ‘Barbarians need to be educated’ .
  23. RomneyCare Brings High Healthcare Costs, Calls for Price Controls
  24. The Bank Of America Non-Settlement "Settlement"
  25. Missouri could become the next state to require drug testing of welfare applicants
  26. Smart Meters: We can monitor everything you do in your home (Video)
  27. It's Official: China Is The "Mystery" Daily Buyer Of Billions Of Euros
  28. U.S. cost of war at least $3.7 trillion and counting
  29. Sony backs U.S. cybersecurity legislation after data breach
  30. Iraq War Deaths Exceed Vietnam War Numbers?
  31. Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, and now Somalia.
  32. Senate cancels recess to work on debt ceiling
  33. U.S. supplies drone aircrafts to Uganda and Burundi...
  34. Baby Boomers and their effect on Suburbia
  35. Time editor calls Obama a 'd--k' on live TV
  36. Bill Clinton praises GOPers, but says Obama is the one to beat
  37. 10 Reasons Why Lindsay Lohan Is Right About The Federal Reserve And The Price Of Food
  38. Minnesota government shuts down
  39. President Obama Executive Order 13575 Rural Councils
  40. Will Barack Obama Use The 14th Amendment As A Way To Get Around The Debt Ceiling?
  41. Fed's Massive Stimulus Had Little Impact: Greenspan
  42. The Coming Destruction of U.S. Pensions
  43. 16 Reasons Why The United States Can No Longer Afford To Be The Police Of The World
  44. Celebrating Independence Yet Enslaved To Debt
  45. Our National Anthem (and Happy 4th of July!)
  46. Bill Clinton to Obama: Don't blink
  47. $93,000 Prostate Cancer Drug to be covered by Medicare
  48. Administration Offers Health Care Cuts as Part of Budget Negotiations
  49. UK lawmakers to debate Murdoch press phone-hacking claims
  50. Iceland moves to make cigarettes prescription-only
  51. It's David Duke's Turn To Get Presidential Speculation, Apparently
  52. Maybe MSNBC isn't so bad.
  53. clinton & obama rivals still?
  54. Joe Biden Warns Teamsters Not To Vote For Republicans
  55. ask yourself whos looking out for milllionaires?
  56. Closing the Hedge Fund Manager Tax Loophole would raise 4 Billion annually...
  57. Bill Clinton compares new voting laws to Jim Crow
  58. Obama proposes cuts to Social Security
  59. South Sudan, the World's Newest Nation, Prepares to Embrace Freedom
  60. Since FDR, no Prez has won 2nd term with unemployment over 7.2%
  61. Texas executes Mexican man, despite Obama White House's objections
  62. Michele Bachmann vows to ban gay marriage, porn if elected in 2012
  63. The first Ways and Means FairTax hearing!
  64. U.S. Wants Gaddafi Toppled By September
  65. Fox News
  66. Obama ready to take 'significant heat' from Dems
  67. Obama suspends 800 million in military aide to Pakistan...
  68. Palin: I can win
  69. Juror No. 12 in Casey Anthony case flees Florida over threats
  70. Geithner: We need a deal by next week
  71. McConnell: No real deficit deal until Obama is gone
  72. Slain gay student pushed limits, witness says
  73. Oops (Not!)... Murdoch's Boys Did It Again
  74. Social Security Checks in Doubt Says Obama
  75. $5.5 Million/ year a lot different than $250,000
  76. Defense Secretary Panetta ties Iraq war to 9-11.
  77. Ticker: Bachmann to 'cure' gays?
  78. City Council outlaws saggy pants
  79. Arab world's ratings of Obama, US plummet: poll
  80. When Fascism turns in for the night it looks under the bed for Ron Paul
  81. Ten Years Ago Portugal Legalized All Drugs -- What Happened Next?
  82. Obama Takes Debt Ceiling Case To The American People, Congress Seeks Bipartisan Plan
  83. It's officially gone full ******.... Al Qaeda threat used to pass debt ceiling.
  84. Obama meets with Dalai Lama
  85. Clinton loses World Cup wager
  86. GOP wants Obama's unconditional surrender
  87. Most Americans disapprove of how GOP has handled the debt-ceiling crisis
  88. Gov Waste ( Thread )
  89. Herman Cain backs mosque bans
  90. Bill Clinton: I would raise the debt limit and "force the courts to stop me"
  91. Bachmann criticizes black farmer settlement
  92. Ron Paul raises more money from the troops than all other GOP candidates combined.
  93. EMAIL LEAK: GOP to nix debt deal to hurt Obama, score political points
  94. Tea Party pol to DNC chair: You're 'vile' and 'not a lady'
  95. Audit: Fed gave $16 trillion in emergency loans
  96. Norway hit by deadly blast, shootings
  97. An end to Bush-era tax cuts near?
  98. Obama White House bashes GOP for flip-flopping on debt ceiling
  99. Palin’s ‘Undefeated’ tanks, heads to Pay-Per-View
  100. Boehner backed into corner by tea party, Obama
  101. Deficit deal or not, your Social Security will change
  102. Bachmann for President
  103. GOP use of Ben Affleck movie clip riles Dems
  104. Republican Senator Admits that he wants to Bring America Down
  105. Police in California Beat Homeless Man to Death
  106. Rebel Libyan military leader killed by Islamists on the rebel side.
  107. Peter Shiff: Problem is the debt, not the ceiling
  108. House panel approves bill forcing ISPs to log users’ web history
  109. White House Announces New Guidelines For Women's Health Care
  110. Do you know an Anarchist? Report them to the government.
  111. Bush 2.0: 100 Ways Barack Obama Is Just Like George W. Bush
  112. Cuts to Defense: Be Careful What you Wish For
  113. Tea Party and Republicans called terrorists
  114. "Keiser Report" Apple more cash-rich than US govt
  116. Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves
  117. CA Dem Party progressives explore primary challenge to Obama
  118. FAA chief scolds vacationing Congress
  119. Fox News anchors admit going soft on Palin
  120. Gas tax may be next Tea Party target
  121. Getting Bin Laden: What Happened That Night in Abbottabad
  122. Pentagon chief warns he won’t accept spending cuts
  123. US borrowing tops 100% of GDP: Treasury
  124. Forgetting Lessons of Keynes and FDR Brings On the ‘Obama Recession’
  125. Chris Christie defends appointment of Muslim Judge
  126. Boehners "I got 98%" victory dance just earned us a down grade
  127. US Credit Rating Downgraded from AAA to AA+
  128. GOPers Romney, Bachmann, Huntsman, Santorum blame President Obama on S&P credit downg
  129. China tells U.S. ‘good old days’ of borrowing are over
  130. Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!
  131. Geithner: S&P 'has shown really terrible judgment'
  132. TRENDING: Trump: If I were treasury secretary...
  133. A Lucifer Panini?
  134. Roseanne sets sights on White House
  135. What Happened to Obama?
  136. 'Wave' election in 2012?
  137. China scolds US government: Learn to live within your means
  138. Conservatives howl over Newsweek's 'crazy eyes' Bachmann cover
  139. Wisconsin Citizens Say "Thank You"
  140. NATO Humanitarian Intervention To Support UK Rebels.
  141. CNN Poll: Majority want tax increase for rich and deep domestic spending cuts
  142. A positive Muslim story for once.
  143. Spokesman says Gov. Rick Perry is running for president
  144. Romney to Hecklers: "I'm Not Going to Raise Taxes!"
  145. Obama Team Leaks Strategy: Romney And The Jeans He Wears Are "Weird"
  146. Ron Paul kicked a$$ last night.
  147. Amen brother...
  148. the balls off of Fox News
  149. Bachmann Victorious In Ames.. LATEST UPDATES
  150. My Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Story
  151. Ayn Rand was right
  152. Thank you for giving us the Truth Mr. Buffet
  153. Is America Going To Elect This Man As President?
  154. Stop It B! OBAMA PAY YOUR F*ckin BILL
  155. The greatest political video I have ever seen in my life.
  156. Stewart: ‘How did Ron Paul become the 13th floor in a hotel?’
  157. Christine O'Donnell: Witch ad a mistake
  158. Obama takes heat from Tea Partiers at Iowa town hall
  159. Michele Bachmann lied about attending family reunion, says her own mother
  160. Did Michele Bachmann Buy Her Iowa Straw Poll Votes to Win?
  161. Wall Street firms donated $11.2 million to members of debt ‘super committee’
  162. Keynes Vs. Hayek: The Showdown
  163. Jon Stewart on Fox News' Class Warfare Claims
  164. Rick Perry's "Texas Myth"
  165. Obama on Libya
  166. "Tea Party can go 'straight to hell'- Rep Maxine Walters
  167. Fox news cuts of Karl Rove for criticizing Palin
  168. Paul Ryan locks out jobless constituents after refusing to meet with them
  169. Perry signs pledge on anti-gay marriage amendment
  170. Al Qaeda No. 2 killed by U.S. in Pakistan
  171. Despite Rick Perry, consensus on climate change keeps strengthening
  172. Bachmann: "Hurricane was a message from God to Washington about spending"
  173. Powell says Cheney taking 'cheap shots' in book
  174. Qaddafi's family flees from Libya to Algeria
  175. Rick Perry says Social Security is a "Ponzi scheme" and a "monstrous lie"
  176. Ron Paul: We don't need FEMA
  177. Bi-partisan website that details every candidate's stance on every political issue.
  178. 98% of Welfare Applicants Pass Drug Test
  179. $30 Billion wasted in recent wars due to bad contracts
  180. Cheney: I don't think Iraq war hurt U.S. reputation
  181. More U.S. Muslims feel targeted by gov't
  182. Ex-Powell aide: Dick Cheney fears prosecution for war crimes
  183. How al-Qaeda got to rule in Tripoli
  184. House Speaker John Boehner Rejects President Obama’s Request for Joint Session
  185. GOP: Obama Loan Program 'Wasted' $535M
  186. Condoleezza Rice blasts Cheney's "attack on my integrity"
  187. Forbes: Obamacare is working
  188. Former OT and Present US Rep Jon Runyan (R) Equates Bachmann To Terrell Owens
  189. Government to sell back foreclosers to Goldman Sachs and other bank cronies.
  190. Jihadists plot to take over Libya
  191. both parties have changed
  192. Iran offers full supervision of nuclear program
  193. Orlando police shoot man and lie about it. No charges by the State.
  194. Obama preparing $300 billion jobs package
  195. Feds tout largest Medicare fraud bust ever
  196. Cheney talks up a 2012 Hillary Clinton campaign
  197. John Boehner to House Republicans: Please attend Obama’s speech
  198. Rick Perry aggressively confronts Ron Paul
  199. Are we getting the truth about Qaddafi?
  200. Egyptians break into Israel Embassy in Cairo
  201. Warfare Between The Classes
  202. Obama to Congress: Pass the jobs bill now! Sends $447B plan to lawmakers
  203. Republican Wins Democratic District in NY Race to Replace Weiner
  204. The War Against the Young: Detroit Edition
  205. Obama Signs Patent Reform
  206. Obama: Rich should pay 'fair share' to reduce debt
  207. Op-Ed: Egghead and Blockheads
  208. Here comes the new boss. Same as the old boss.
  209. Bill Clintons opinion on US economy...
  210. Happy DADT repeal day Finheaven
  211. Tony Bennett, delivers rant about 9/11 on Howard Stern show: "We caused' it"
  212. The truth about taxes
  213. Troy Davis Execution Incites Twitter Outrage, Protests in Black Community
  214. Rhode Island School District to begin Microchipping Students
  215. The Extinction of Subway, Bill o-Reilly, and the Super Rich
  216. Rick Perry worries GOP
  217. nothings going to change
  218. The Nation: Black President, Double Standard: Why White Liberals Are Abandoning Obama
  219. elizabeth warren +Rush= interesting things
  220. Finally somebody said it out loud.
  221. The Hypocrisy Of Our Foreign Policy.
  222. Whatever Happened to the American Left?
  223. Fiat Money
  224. Affirmative Action Protest: Diversity bake sale at UC Berkeley stirs criticism
  225. Fast and Furious
  226. Obama's 'stop grumbling' speech prompts some grumbling
  227. Senate to vote on FEMA funding as government shutdown looms
  228. NYPD Can Shoot Down Planes, But With What Weapon?
  229. Why Our Government is Broken
  230. Taxes
  231. news of the strange:Heckler calls Obama the Antichrist
  232. Jon Stewart To GOP:
  233. Libyan Islamists must have share in power, warns leader
  234. Obama proposes letting the jobless sue for discrimination
  235. Iran Planning to Send Ships Near US Waters
  236. Chris Christie
  237. Minimum Wage...
  238. Debt and our Nation
  239. Libya blowback continues.......
  240. Herman Cain: Black voters 'brainwashed' into supporting liberals
  241. Fidel Castro mocks Obama, calls him "stupid"
  242. Al Awlaki Killed In Yemen
  243. Joe Biden blasted for saying Admin. is to blame for economy
  244. Sarah Palin rambles on about GOP hopeful Herman Cain on Fox
  245. Syrian Toops Engageing Armed "Defectors" in Central Syria
  246. Project Gunrunner/Fast-Furious
  247. If you have HBO...
  248. Snapshot Of WTF Is/Was Wrong With The US Auto Industry
  249. Obama: "America Has Gotten Soft"
  250. Uh oh! Florida Shenannigans!