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  1. Was it a good idea to go into Vietnam?
  2. Kerry on Iraq video
  3. Was it a good idea to fight in Europe/Africa during WWII?
  4. Terrorist ARE for Kerry
  5. Largest newspaper in Europe endorses Bush
  6. Left, Right, Center? Why The Old Labels Don't Stick
  7. Rob Konrad: "If I were president..I would make it illegal to be a Democrat."
  8. 100,000 excess civilian deaths in Iraq since war started
  9. Giuliani: Blame The Troops, Not The President
  10. Bush campaign to recut doctored ad photo
  11. Need a Haloween mask?
  12. CNN Fact Checks on the Candidates
  13. Trend: As the Redskins go, so goes the election
  14. NAACP in hot water over speech
  15. Marijuana measures on 3 states' ballots
  16. Kerry, Bush campaigns spar over basking in Red Sox win
  17. NYTimes are Lying POS Alert: Military says they removed all weapons in April.
  18. Pre-Election Tensions Mount in Florida
  19. Trail Tales: 'Sick and Tired'
  20. Furor Over Coburn Comment in Tight Race
  21. Bush/Kerry: "Are you ready for some Football?"
  22. Florida GOP: Felons have already voted
  23. ***BREAKING NEWS***Osama releases new tape.
  24. FBI Widens Probe of Halliburton
  25. AP: New Bush Guard Papers Leave Questions
  26. Chronology on Bush Nat'l Guard Service: Shifting explanations
  27. This is one reason why observers are important
  28. http://www.republicansforkerry.org/
  29. Good article on the Colorado amendment that could cause chaos.
  30. Lawyers prepare for the election
  31. Bad News Dogs Bush As Election Nears
  32. Debate Florida's Proposed Amendments
  33. Bin Laden Comments On Bush's Decision To Read My Pet Goat After WTC Attack
  34. Broken Engagement
  35. West Boynton man allegedly threatens to kill girlfriend for backing Kerry
  36. The Revealing Campaign Songs
  37. Electoral-vote predictions as of 10/30
  38. A question
  39. Communism falls in Cuba!
  40. Fuzzy Math
  41. Eight More U.S. Marines Killed In Iraq. Nine Others Wounded.
  42. Where's The Republican Outrage?
  43. Cheney get's a death threat
  44. Why hasn't Kerry gone after Ashcroft?
  45. Kerry Up 54.3 to 41.5 In Miami-Dade County -- BAD News For Bush
  46. Reports Ignore Videotapes that Debunk Administration Claims
  47. New Report Links Offshoring of U.S. Jobs to Bush Policies
  48. Putting It In Perspective
  49. Everybody ready to root for OUR team Sunday?
  50. John kerry is the best choice.............
  51. With 40 hours left until the Election
  52. Moore to Have Cameras at Polling Places
  53. CBS loses weapons story, attacks another Rep. Ashlee Simpson!
  54. The reason why the Minnesota Vikings lost......
  55. Three Quick Questions (Just For Fun)
  56. Bush is going to need help.....
  57. Likely voters choose Bush
  58. HAHAHAHA!!! Check out the typo at http://www.electoral-vote.com!
  59. It's all over my fellow Republicans: The Redskins lost.
  60. HAHAHA!!! www.electoral-vote.com is ridiculous
  61. Screw the Redskins....Remember the Lakers!!
  62. Brett Favre campaigning for Bush....
  63. John Kerry's Step Son says: "Jews have too much power and Bush is a Cokehead."
  64. New York Daily News endorses Bush
  65. Here is what a Kerry war in Iraq will be like.
  66. Outsourcing bad? not if you are John Kerry
  67. Bush: 'Referendum on leadership'
  68. 100,000 Civilian Iraqi's Dead Since Bush's "Mission Accomplished"
  69. Check this Out!!!! MSNBC edits out Kerry remark!
  70. Curt Schilling makes surprise campaign stops...
  71. Futures Markets predict a Bush win.....
  72. Reguardless of who you plan to vote for
  73. This November, the only election during our lifetime that will truly matter!
  74. Judge bars Ohio challengers
  75. CAMEC Election Projection.
  76. Osama Bin Laden: "Any state that votes for Bush will remain a target."
  77. BCS predicts Electoral College Outcome...Yep...that BCS.
  78. Swing State Averages
  79. House races may produce some surprises
  80. Retired general backs Halliburton whistleblower
  81. Oil prices decline as speculators bet on Kerry victory
  82. Merck shares plunge after report it had Vioxx risks
  83. DNC deputy Chair attacks Bush Twins.
  84. DOW Jones indicator predicts Bush WIN!
  85. Mel Gibson is against Stem-Cell Research !
  86. Who do you want to win the election?
  87. Collin Powells, we're losing the war in Iraq
  88. Michael Moore's election message
  89. Sources Matter
  90. to litigate or not litigate
  91. If Bush gets elected....If Kerry gets elected
  92. FOX News has Kerry ahead in Florida
  93. Electoral Count from RCP
  94. How will you be voting on your whole state's ballot?
  95. For all the Bush supporters......
  96. Are the Dolphins sucking this badly....
  97. The Official Election 2004 Thread
  98. Official Kerry WINS Florida thread
  99. High court clears way for Ohio poll challengers
  100. Bin Laden: Goal is to bankrupt U.S.
  101. Election 2000 redux?
  102. Navy Contradicts Kerry on Release of Military Records
  103. Tires Slashed on GOP Vans in Wisconsin
  104. The Politics Of Piety
  105. High Stakes For Church and State
  106. Cost of 2004 elections: $4 billion and counting
  107. Astronaut is first to vote for president from space
  108. zogby
  109. more of the same vs change
  110. I have to share this
  111. Own a piece of political history
  112. Electoral-vote.com gets even more wierd
  113. Exit Polls
  114. Free Ice Cream
  115. First numbers are in
  116. does anyone know who is favored to take california's 55 electoral votes?
  117. 147 votes seperate New Hampshire!
  118. Marion Berry is back in DC!
  119. Bush Wins !!!
  120. HAHAHA Take THAT you Libs!!!
  121. What is our next war?
  122. I've lost all respect for the intelligence in this country
  123. My wrap up
  124. Tom Daschle, YOU'RE FIRED!
  125. Bush's secret weapon
  126. Washington DC
  127. The people have spoken
  128. wheres Neo and Nzone?
  129. An absolute Republican BLOWOUT!
  130. Bush breaks all-time Popular Vote record!
  131. Okay...I take it back..the Republicans had one thing go wrong......
  132. PA is closer than Ohio..yet they called PA early for Kerry?
  133. John Kerry's vote is invalid...
  134. Merged: Kerry Concedes
  135. Fox news just reported that kerry called bush to concede...
  136. nevada in the bag.. bush wins!!!
  137. Betty Castro concedes to Martinez...
  138. Final Nail in Media Bias Coffin: Kerry concedes BEFORE media gives election to Bush.
  139. Some perspective on the election (particularly good for those who are bummed)
  140. Democratic Party 04 = Dolphins 04?
  141. The Democrat Party is Out of Touch with Reality
  142. This is funny, check it out
  143. The battle of the pollsters...Who won?
  144. demint={deminted?}
  145. A look to '08
  146. I fell asleep at 5am and just woke up 15 minutes ago. Question:
  147. The difference
  148. John Edwards declares victory....
  149. I talked to two soldiers just back from Iraq (LONG)
  150. "They have F'D' with the Hornets Nest." Assault on Fallujah imminent.
  151. Gay "Marriage" Banned in 11 States - A Clean Sweep
  152. Popular vote creeping toward 60 Million!!!
  153. Clearly, we are a Christian Fundamentalist Nation.
  154. A Letter From John Kerry To His Supporters
  155. Funniest thing happening this election.....
  156. How could Bush not win??
  157. My Fellow Americans
  158. Michael Moore is moving to France!
  159. Wow...I didn't know he still HAD any!!!
  160. ALERT: Contact Senator Dodd NOW, we need a STRONG Democratic leader like Sen. Dodd!
  161. White House: Debt Ceiling Must Be Raised
  162. Regret, no remorse in Kerry's call for unity
  163. HOw many posters have already put RUMMY on ignore?
  164. someone who will say anything
  165. BREAKING NEWS: John Ashcroft to resign.
  166. The "How the hell did they win?" Thread
  167. This is the type of guy who Blitz/neo/nzone will never understand.
  168. Quotes the Democrats don't want you to see
  169. Red vs. Blue Map.....
  170. My Election Assessment
  171. Something I find funny.
  172. The Competence Just Keeps On Coming... LOL!
  173. Here's something brilliant Bush Said
  174. Specter urges caution for Bush
  175. Hastert seeks Democratic cooperation
  176. Will Bush Unify the Country???
  177. Democrats debate what went wrong
  178. CNN Forgot to Hide Their Liberal Bias - Website Calls Bush "A--hole"
  179. Smartest State Rankings
  180. Elizabeth Edwards diagnosed breast cancer
  181. Kerry 'That's It': A Two-Year Quest Ends
  182. funny if you are Open-minded
  183. Two Nations Under God
  184. Kerry's French Connection Embarrased
  185. America is a very Conservative place
  186. Can anyone tell me the differences between..
  187. Official "Who gets invaded nest thread"
  188. Thought Some Might Enjoy This
  189. Bush WON Pennsylvania.
  190. Newsweek set to run an expose on Teresa Heinz Kerry.
  191. The Republican's secret weapon.....
  192. Job growth soars
  193. Alabama faces recount over segregationist laws
  194. Here is why Bush Won.....
  195. Yet another article bashing the red states
  196. cspan last night & the jay leno
  197. President to Consider Changes for New Term
  198. The Domestic Agenda
  199. WAIT....Bush got an extra 3K votes in Ohio
  200. Why I think Bush won
  201. political related books
  202. Best President ever poll
  203. Democrats Skeptical of Bush Offer
  204. A funny letter to President Bush
  205. Kerry for Breakfast?
  206. Kerry and his Hollywood Pals on a Carnival Cruise
  207. For those who say the French do nothing.......
  208. Victory for Creationism
  209. For all the "gracious" winners....you know who you are !!
  210. Man comits suicide because of Bush
  211. State of Emergency
  212. Bush sticks it to the gays
  213. Rove's Revenge
  214. U.S. Moves Toward a New Conservative Era
  215. What Bush's second term will mean to your wallet.
  216. Some Bush Wins humor....(cartoons)
  217. I Told You So......Liberal Mental Illness:
  218. Evangelicals Say They Led Charge For the GOP
  219. Don't Rig the Iraqi Election
  220. DOCUMENTARY: The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear
  221. Making the Right Real
  222. Why Americans Hate Democrats
  223. When the Personal Shouldn't Be Political
  224. Bush orders a draft!!!!!!
  225. Kerry could be strong voice in Senate
  226. Bottom line...BOTTOM line about gay marriage/civil unions
  227. Ashcroft Resigns Officially/ Don Evans also steps down
  228. This is very interesting, Ohio people want to know:
  229. Media Blames Bloggers for Election Prediction
  230. Youth Vote
  231. PROs and CONs of legal prostitution.
  232. Bush announces new Att. General will be a Democrat
  233. bush was defeated in.........
  234. Democrats Vow to Hold Bush Accountable
  235. Bush looking anew for Alaska refuge drilling
  236. 'Soft money' issue may go to courts, Congress
  237. Test for Blair-Bush relationship
  238. Elitists backed Kerry
  239. Some Say U.S. No Longer Feels Like Home
  240. Kick out the Blues...
  241. hello to Alberto good riddance to ashcroft
  242. The Politics of Self-Esteem
  243. State by State avg IQ...and who they voted for
  244. Another opinion on the IQ of Bush-Kerry supporters
  245. Did God Intervene?
  246. A Moveable Feast of Terrorism
  247. Real Moral Values
  248. The FCC has gone too far...
  249. This guy wants to get rid of the liberals
  250. Mr. Bush's Challenge