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  1. White House on weak jobs report: Don’t ‘read too much’ into it
  2. Wayne Brady Calls Out Bill Maher Over Obama Comments
  3. Romney's confusing Obamacare flip-flop upsets Republicans
  4. Head of DEA grilled by Congressman on Cannabis policy
  5. Allen West: Social Security is a form of "Slavery"
  6. "Obama pays your bills" scam claims more victims
  7. Jordan politics is so gangsta.
  8. Mass. GOV Deval Patrick vetoes bill that wouldnt allow you to abuse food stamps
  9. A fake conservative says what?
  10. Florida Republicans to Michelle Obama: "Stay Out of Our School"
  11. Romney Says He Knew He'd Be Booed At NAACP
  12. Do you have cofidence in the news?
  13. We need more people like this.
  14. The increased wealth of our politicians.
  15. Bloomberg BusinessweekExclusive: Inside the Mormon Empire
  16. How deep will this rabbit hole go?
  17. Rice Rice Baby
  18. CBS Bob Schieffer Dismayed At Appearance In Romey's Attack Ad
  19. Limbaugh: Dark Knight Rises Villian is Attack on Romney
  20. Sheriff Joe Confirms Obama BC is a Fake
  21. Which candidate do you side with the most?
  22. Bachmann is ********
  23. Mitt Romney in 2007: Porn Filter on Computers
  24. Flat Tax
  25. Suspect Bought Large Stockpile of Rounds Online
  26. Coordinated bombings in Iraq kill 110
  27. Texas Car Accident
  28. Chick-Fil-A Fallout
  29. Ron Paul's ‘Audit the Fed' bill passes the House
  30. Lewis Black: Campaign Fibs
  31. OBAMA Speaks Out: "AK-47s belong in the hands of Soldiers not Criminals"
  32. WorldRomney goes to Europe, causes international stir
  33. People with expensive vehicles
  34. Amazon Founder Pledges $2.5 Mil. in Support of Gay Marriage
  35. "Party-Pooper" Mitt Romney wakes up to scathing UK headlines...
  36. Does billboard comparing Obama to alleged shooter go too far?
  37. military hospital *NSFW*
  38. ACA to cost $84 Billion less than originally thought
  39. Dick Cheney: Picking Sarah Palin for VP Was 'A Mistake'
  40. Congress finally grows a pair
  41. The Republican Immigration Paradox
  42. Romney will fight Medical Marijuana
  43. New Polls Show Obama Has Edge in 3 Battleground States
  44. Romney world tour ends
  45. Seantor Harry Reid:" Mitt, prove that you paid taxes!"
  46. Reality Check: Is Al-Qaeda An Enemy Or Not?
  47. Porn star Jenna Jameson supports Mitt Romney.
  48. Multiple deaths in Wisconsim Sikh temple shooting
  49. Canada Banned Fox News
  50. Cops seize cell-phone, impersonate owner
  51. Cops removes Mom's tampon in strip search
  52. Obama: Let's repeat auto industry SUCCESS?
  53. Paul Ryan to be VP candidate.
  54. Earthquakes kill dozens in Iran
  55. SMART Democrats Should Be Worried
  56. Ryan Destroys Obama, Obamacare in 6 minutes
  57. The changing electoral college map.
  58. Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid?
  59. Free Speech at Military Funerals
  60. Obama big government huh?
  61. My write in candidate.
  62. Good Biden vs. Bad Biden
  63. President Obama three day Beer swing
  64. Brazil Drug Cartels say "No" to crack
  65. Ohio officials may be fired for trying to extend early voting hours
  66. First NDAA Arrest made for Facebook posts
  67. Why Akin Matters
  68. Todd Akin keeps apologizing, but remains defiant about dropping out
  69. 'Super PAC App' Knows When Political Ads Stretch the Truth
  70. Shooting at Family Research Center in D.C.
  71. Bill Clinton Ad Blesses Obama Economics
  72. Romney's Campaign Forbids Reporter from Asking About Todd Akin, Abortion
  73. Who said it: Joe Biden or Michael Scott?
  74. Who said it: Newt Gingrich or Buzz Lightyear?
  75. Shooting outside the Empire State Building
  76. "Obama's America" draws "conservatives"
  77. Romney Campaign sets conditions for Ron Paul to speak at convention
  78. New Arizona law: Pregnancy begins 2 weeks before conception
  79. Chris Matthews Explodes At Reince Priebus Over 'Race Card'
  80. Jeb Bush: Obama should "move on," stop blaming George W. Bush for economy
  81. Texas delegates planning floor mutiny at RNC
  82. And people wonder why people assume the GoP is racist...
  83. Some Fact Check On Ryan's Speech
  84. Clint Eastwood speech
  85. SHOCKING NEWS conservatives give more to charity than liberals
  86. Campaigns Play Loose With Truth in a Fact-Check Age
  87. The Other Power in the West Wing
  88. Suspected U.S. drone strike kills civilians in Yemen, officials say
  89. GOP/RNC fascist shenanigans.
  90. Obama Administration’s War On the Constitution
  91. Republicans work to remove Gary Johnson from Iowa ballot
  92. "Occupy" protestors block DNC buses
  93. Hacking group leaks 1 million Apple user IDs
  94. republicans harp on absence.of god from dnc
  95. DNC overrides delegates over Jerusalem issue
  96. Chuck Norris WARNS 1000 years of AntiChrist Darkness If Obama Wins
  97. bill clinton speech
  98. Why I Miss the Old School Republicans by George Takei
  99. Why do atheists love islam?
  100. Clinton Speech and Factcheck.org
  101. Democrats: Let's Ban Corporate Profits!
  102. Zombies and Obama. Keeping gun sales at record highs.
  103. Documents disclose 9/11 warning
  104. Let's not forget
  105. Now Obama is Making Fun of the Fins.
  106. Al-Qaeda now a US ally in Syria
  107. US Ambassador to Libya Killed
  108. Sarah Palin, annoyed at Romneys campaign, gives advice
  109. Romney under fire for embassy comments
  110. IRAN Documentary Yesterday and Today
  111. Federal Reserve announces new round of Stimulus
  112. Obama Has Already Appealed The Indefinite Detention Ruling
  113. 16 Year Old Makes Youtube Video/ Gets visit from FBI
  114. China/Japan ... and the US population is clueless.
  115. Some black clergy see no good presidential candidates
  116. If any of you vote for either of these men. Then you are the problem.
  117. I don't understand Conservative Christians...
  118. New Video Shows Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Burning U.S. Flag
  119. Romney goes after 1998 Obama video
  120. Excellent article from the Economist on the 47% income tax thing
  121. The U.S. is not conspiring with Mexico to invade Canada
  122. My Two Cents on the Election
  123. Voters say they’re worse off after four years of Obama, but Romney is still losing.
  124. The blame game already starting. Ron Paul supporters.
  125. Iran shipping weapons into Syria......through Iraq
  126. Obama "redistribution" Audio clip was truncated
  127. Obama Campaign creates graphic based on US Flag, conservatives go bonkers
  128. Limbaugh: Feminism shrinking penises
  129. Libertarians File Antitrust Suit Against Democrats, Republicans and CPD.
  130. Romney: It’s a “Compliment” to Be Called “Grandfather of ObamaCare”
  131. An Evangelical Back From Exile, Lifting Romney
  132. Voter fraud search discovers little
  133. Video about the U. S. dollar and it's "power"
  134. Media and the DoS, gotta love it.
  135. Ethos
  136. Obama: US will 'do what we must' to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons
  137. Ralph Nader: Obama’s a ‘war criminal’
  138. Fox News overwhelmingly misleading on global climate change
  139. Stupid, stupid, stupid
  140. Scarborough "Sweet Jesus! Romney is a horrible politician"
  141. 100 Reason To Vote For Mitt Romney Or Against Barack Obama
  142. Brad Pitt goes public in support of American freedom to own guns
  143. UC Davis students awarded $1M
  144. Lol at this lady
  145. Samuel L. Jackson creates Pro-Obama Ad
  146. Watched 2016 last night...
  147. Voter registration problems widen in Florida
  148. 99 Problem But Mitt Ain't One
  149. Whistle-Blower Lawyers Throw Support Behind Obama
  150. Bachmann visist Chicago synagogue, people leave and donate to her opponent
  151. 2007 video of Obama praising Rev. Wright surfaces a night before the debates
  152. They Won’t Magically Turn You Into A Lustful Cockmonster
  153. Retired police officer explains how lobbyists profit from Marijuana Prohibition
  154. NFL Owners Love Them Some Mitt!
  155. Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama First Debate Preview
  156. First Presidential Debate thoughts and discussion
  157. Over 132 million of our tax dollars have gone to these douchebags.
  158. Oh YEA! ITS ON!
  159. Obama and Romney play fast and loose with the truth in debate on economy
  160. Obama wanted to try Bin Laden in federal court if he was captured
  161. Pa. student who wore Romney shirt: Teacher 'told me to get out of the classroom'
  162. Obama leads Romney by 50 points with Latinos
  163. Romney: I Love "Big Bird"
  164. Secret Cold War tests in St. Louis cause worry
  165. Obama Supporters Concede Debate
  166. Who won the debate? Big Bird
  167. Obama Blasts Mitt Romney's Debate Candor: 'You Owe The American People The Truth'
  168. Reality Check: The Real Numbers Behind Romney and Obama's Deficit Plans
  169. A Jobs Report Conspiracy?
  170. Comedian Richard Jeni: 'Why The Left & The Right Suck'
  171. Some People NEED to have their votes suppressed
  172. The Debate Everyone Actually Wanted
  173. Romney Cheated in Debate?
  174. OBAMA Has Secret Proposal with the Russians ?
  175. Obama Breaking The Law Again ?
  176. Arkansas GOP: solve "the Muslim Problem" and slavery "a blessing in disguise"
  177. Stacey Dash met with racist tweets after endorsing Romney
  178. Obama Says He Wants to Debate Civil Liberties With Romney LOL!!!!!
  179. Romney now against Abortion Legislation
  180. OBAMA Responsible for Death of Ambassador and 3 Others ?
  181. This Week with George Snuffleupagus
  182. Florida billionaire warns employees about voting for Obama, I may have fire them
  183. Oops! Florida governor accidentally gives out phone sex number instead of meningitis
  184. The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Policy
  185. GOP voted to cut funding for embassy security
  186. FDR Speech "Let Me Warn You"
  187. Stuff Liberals Say
  188. Stuff Conservatives Say
  189. Obama wastes another 400 million in bankrupt company
  190. Another Instance of Union Impropriety
  191. Romney: Genn back is a statesman
  192. NDAA: The Biggest Election Issue No One's Talking About
  193. What Obama & Romney Won’t Talk About - Six questions for a real foreign policy debate
  194. Romney's Tax Plan
  195. Anyone else see Will Cain destroy that environmentalist on Real Time?
  196. Stonewall paul: Ryan mum on tax details
  197. Best PSA EVER!!!!!
  198. Woman Gets Called Out For Calling Obama A Communist
  199. Love him or hate him, vice presidential debate was all about Biden
  200. Clinton needles Ryan the day after the VP debate
  201. Ron Paul Refuses to Endorse Romney
  202. Just when you think you got all the answers
  203. 7,000 Millionaires Paid Zero Taxes Last Year
  204. Feedback on BENGHAZI
  205. The FIRST most obvious sign of the PROBLEM!
  206. Drone Strikes Killing 1 Terrorist to 49 Civilians
  207. Obama administration arming al-qaeda in syria / n.y. Times
  208. Making sense of the election, 3 weeks away.
  209. The wrong issue for the wrong candidate!
  210. 8 Important Economic Questions For The Presidential Debate!
  211. Got my mail-in ballot today... Opinions wanted
  212. At Last Night’s Debate: Romney Told 31 Myths In 41 Minutes
  213. Threats to assassinate Romney after debate
  214. Did Romney mistakenly endorse affirmative action during the debate?
  215. Paul Ryan Mistook Colt McCoy For Brandon Weeden!
  216. Romney vs Obama Rap Battle
  217. Five key issues omitted from first two debates
  218. Booked my inauguration trip this morning!
  219. The Recovery Is Better Than Romney Would Like It to Be
  220. Blue States are from Scandinavia, Red States are from Guatemala
  221. Bruce Springsteen: "Obama is our best choice"
  222. Tagg Romney says he wanted to ‘take a swing’ at Obama during the debate
  223. Ann Romney Tells ‘The View’ ‘I’m Pro-Life’
  224. DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional by Federal Appeals Court in New York
  225. Obama-Romney word of the day: binders
  226. 7 Phrases You Can't Say In Presidential Debates.
  227. Go Ahead, Give Me The Spin.
  228. 2012 Alfred E. Smith Dinner
  229. Latest Gallup Poll tough news for Obama...
  230. Congressman declares abortions never necessary to save womans life.
  231. Obama diagnoses GOP nominee with 'Romnesia'
  232. FINALLY! The Romney tax plan details....a must read.
  233. Romney as a Manager: Unhurried and Socratic
  234. Survey: 40 Percent Of Americans Have $500 Or Less In Savings
  235. Ohio voting machines tied to Romney
  236. The Student Loan Bubble: Unintended Consequences of Federal Student Loans
  237. Soledad O'Brien To Rudy Giuliani: 'Stop Putting Words In My Mouth'
  238. Libertarians are not corporate apologists
  239. Am I Free to Go?
  240. Non-sports related but did obama just kicked romney;sass or what??
  241. Romney blimp crash lands in Florida
  242. Do We Believe Anymore?
  243. Obama on size of Navy: "We Also Have Fewer Horses And Bayonets"
  244. Penny for your thoughts?
  245. Donald trump surprise.
  246. Vote Obama IF.........
  247. Warren Buffett: Economy up even if Mitt Romney wins
  248. Donald 'Bombshell' Fails to Blow Up
  249. Our political allegiances could be hard-wired into our brains!
  250. Indiana Republican Senate Hopeful: "Pregnancy by rape a gift from God"