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  1. Is Sarah Palin using a racial slur?
  2. Would you like to waste 2 minutes 45 minutes of your life?
  3. At The Last Presidential Debate: Romney Told 24 Myths In 41 Minutes!
  4. Colin Powell Endorses Obama For President
  5. GOP Voter Fraud Accusations Suddenly Blowing Up In Their Faces
  6. Mitt Romney To Fully Disown Richard Mourdock For Rape Comments
  7. Ann Coulter Just Doesn't Get It
  8. FactCheck.org : Obama's numbers
  9. Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama's Policies
  10. Presidential Polls Counter Romney Surge Myth
  11. John Sununu, Suggests Colin Powell Obama Endorsement Motivated By Race
  12. Anderson Cooper: Mitt Romney's Campaign Ads 'Bend The Truth'
  13. Will white men sink Obama?
  14. Ryan Working to Keep Seat in Wis.
  15. Romney: I'm the one who can tackle big problems
  16. Will Romney win the popular vote but lose the presidency?
  17. Economy in U.S. Grows at 2% Rate, More Than Forecast!
  18. 32 YEARS !! Thirty-Two Years Is Enough!! VOTE FOR ROMNEY !!!!!!!
  19. ‘Anti-Business’ Obama Is Best President For Corporate Profits Since 1900.
  20. Romney Makes Closing Argument At Firm That Benefited From Stimulus Funds.
  21. For Those Conservatives Living In The Bubble.
  22. Chevron Donates $2.5 Million To GOP Super PAC In Single Largest Corporate Donation.
  23. Top 10 democratic accomplishments during the 111th congress
  24. 112 th Congress Since Republicans took the House Is Least Productive on Record
  25. Early voting polls
  26. Insurers nervous over possible Romney victory
  27. GOP Rep: Bombing Iran Would Not be an Act of War
  28. The Liberal Indoctrination Process
  29. Hurricane Sandy....
  30. Romney on FEMA
  31. McConnell and Boehner's strategy worked
  32. Mitt Romney Refuses To Talk About FEMA After Hurricane Sandy Event
  33. Romney's Latest Lie
  34. Mitt Romney hurricane preparation plan
  35. Jeb Bush: Obama Acting Like A '10-Year-Old' In Campaign
  36. Why Hasn't George Bush Campaigned for Romney?
  37. Can police dogs sniff your door? Court to rule
  38. Hurricane Sandy: It's President Obama, not Candidate Obama, in time of crisis
  39. Former Colin Powell top aide on Republicans: 'My party is full of racists’
  40. How low can they go....????
  41. Analysis: Why Both Romney and Obama Campaigns Say They're Winning
  42. 5 days out, post your predictions here
  43. Ohio Super Pac urges Black Americans to vote Republican
  44. 6 Bizarre Factors That Predict Every Presidency
  45. Shortest List Ever — Republican accomplishments of the last 20 years??
  46. Economist Endorses Obama
  47. NSA Builds World's Largest Spy Center
  48. Romney calls his campaign a "movement."
  49. Pulpit politics: Pastors endorse candidates
  50. Is the U.S. Senate broken?
  51. U.K. bookie declares Obama victorious
  52. My fellow Americans...
  53. Election day predictions
  54. "Can I go now?" Bloomberg.
  55. Barack Obama supports a college football playoff
  56. *** OFFICIAL Election Day Thread - Decision 2012 ***
  57. Lindsey Graham Quote on Demographics
  58. Op Ed: The Real Loser: Truth
  59. I just voted
  60. Urgent message to all Democrats Election date has been moved to Wednesday 11/7/2012
  61. The best ad of the entire election.
  62. Obama, Tearful, Finishes Campaign In Iowa, Where It Started
  63. John McCain To Hecklers: 'Shut Up' (VIDEO)
  64. County by County benchmarks/updates for Obama and Romney
  65. Will the election really change anything?
  66. Eat Your Crow Here
  67. Why you can't vote online yet?
  68. Chris Matthews Goes On Obnoxious Rant Against ‘Idiots’ Who Vote 3rd Party Candidates.
  69. Dan Rather on MSNBC
  70. Man dies, revived at poll...
  71. Oregon election worker fired for altering ballots to Republican straight ticket
  72. Donald Trump Has Gone Off the Deep End
  73. Marijuana has been legalized in Colorado and Washington!
  74. Why the Conservative Media Got It So Wrong! by John Ziegler
  75. George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice
  76. Hold off on the Cheetos, Colorado gov tells potheads after voters back marijuana
  77. Diane Sawyer drunk during ABC election coverage?
  78. Puerto Rico votes to become 51st state
  79. Karl Rove Argues With Fox News About Whether Obama Won Ohio
  80. Offical "U mad bro?" thread .
  81. What Obama's win means for fiscal cliff?
  82. The Winners and Losers of Election 2012
  83. Election Day 2012: President Obama is the new Ronald Reagan
  84. Proud to be a Floridian or the destruction of the conservative right
  85. 31 States Allow Rapists Custody & Visitation
  86. Outside spenders' return on investment! (Non-Partisan)
  87. Beck urges followers to buy guns and move to farms after Obama's re-election
  88. The decline and demise of Donald Trump
  89. Ann Coulter In Despair Over Obama Win
  90. Republicans react to Obama triumph with anger
  91. Assange says victorious Obama 'wolf in sheep's clothing'
  92. And so it begins...
  93. The Richer You Are, The More Tax Breaks You Get! (Non Partisan) Independent Study!
  94. The end of Rasmussen fetishism.
  95. Understaning new swing state definition and future GOP difficulties.
  96. I want opinions.
  97. Ashley Judd Mulling Senate Run Against McConnell
  98. United States of Racism
  99. Solution to the Debt Crisis - Cut DEFENSE SPENDING
  100. David Frum: 'Republicans Lied To by 'Conservative Entertainment Complex' (Video)
  101. CIA's Petraeus Resigns Due to Extramarital Affair
  102. Oklahoma traffic reporter gives Romney supporters quickest route to Canada
  103. Judge Blasts Ohio’s Last Minute Disenfranchisement Effort!
  104. Terrible week for the Dovahkiin family
  105. US to Become the Biggest Oil Producer by 2020, Energy Independent by 2030
  106. Conservatives, Don't Despair
  107. Ben Stein's Opinion on Petraeus
  108. Secession Petitions Grow After Obama's Re-Election
  109. Thoughts on ObamaCare?
  110. GOP voter suppression strategy backfired on election day
  111. Petraeus' 'friend' Jill Kelley asked for “Diplomatic Protection.”
  112. Florida man kills himself after President Obama was reelected
  113. U.S. flag flying upside down in protest since Election Day
  114. Romney Cancels Staff's Credit Cards Immediately Following Defeat
  115. Thoughts on recent study?
  116. What the World Doesn't Know About Healthcare in America
  117. Rand Paul holds up NDAA bill over indefinite detention amendment
  118. President Obama is not impressed
  119. McCain misses classified briefing...
  120. Remember what you said the next time you decide to kill people with drones.
  121. Syrian opposition bloc says they want an Islamic state.
  122. West concedes finally
  123. Romney's final vote tally
  124. Happy Thanksgiving POFO
  125. UN Official Calls for Marijuana Ballot Rollback
  126. Iceland Arrests Bankers Instead of Bailout
  127. Krugman finally comes out and says it: "Print our way out of debt".
  128. Ben Swann: "No Country Would Tolerate Missiles From Outside Borders" U.S. Hypocrisy?
  129. Internet "Hactivist" group Anonymous claims Karl Rove tried to steal election
  130. Pentagon: A Human Will Always Decide When a Robot Kills You
  131. Filibustergate
  132. gun control laws
  133. Pelosi: Give Obama Power to Personally Lift Debt Limit
  134. NSA Whistleblower: Everyone in US under virtual surveillance.
  135. Bob Costas blasted for delivering anti-gun message during Sunday Night Football
  136. Al-Qaeda Key to Fight in Syria
  137. Poll of Obama voters show split on deficit
  138. Poll: GOP to blame if "fiscal cliff" talks fail
  139. Palin apologizes for calling some Republicans 'Wusses'
  140. Bill O'Reily Says Christianity is NOT a Religion
  141. Dennis Daugaard, South Dakota Governor, Rejects Obamacare
  142. Politics "Gangnam Style"
  143. The rich will pay more taxes, Boehner says
  144. Detroit councilwoman to Obama: We voted for you, now bail us out.
  145. Syria loads chemical weapons into bombs; military awaits Assad's order......
  146. Secrets Arms Shipments Ended Up in Hands of Islamic Militants
  147. Anti-Second Amendment Democrat Arrested With Gun at Chicago’s O’Hare
  148. Obamacare architect leaves White House for pharmaceutical industry job
  149. The White House Cannabis Experiment
  150. The Coming Debt Issue- or - Where conversations are turning.
  151. Obama OKs Corporate $$ for Inaugural
  152. A sad day for disability rights as a treaty fails
  153. Our society exposed
  154. Newt Gingrich: If Hillary Clinton Runs In 2016, Republicans 'Incapable Of Competing'
  155. Marijuana officially legal in Colorado as of today
  156. Supreme Court takes on Gay Marriage
  157. Cold War Experiments on Guinea-Pig Soldiers
  158. Fox News Caught Faking Marijuana Driving Test Results
  159. REPORT: The US Is Openly Sending Heavy Weapons From Libya To Syrian Rebels
  160. US Debt - Visualized in physical $100 bills
  161. Michigan set to become Right To Work State
  162. Obama: US recognizes Syria's main rebel group
  163. Prison labor booms in US as low-cost inmates bring billions
  164. The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation
  165. One Small Step for Kim Jong Un
  166. U.N. Ambassador withdrew her name from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton
  167. Secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016.
  168. Hey Pelosi, Boehner and every other Congress-person, GET BACK TO WORK!
  169. A Sad Day For Censorship as UN Treaty Fails
  170. 27 dead, including 18 kids, in CT elementary school shooting
  171. Huckabee - CT school shooting due to God being removed from schools
  172. Man in Romney mask robs bank
  173. Remind me again how this administration is different
  174. America Has A Morality Problem, Not A Gun Problem
  175. Firearms in your home?
  176. Westboro Baptist plans to picket Sandy Hook Elementary
  177. Dianne Feinstein To Introduce Assault Weapons Ban On First Day Of Congress
  178. FINALLY, Someone Who Gets It
  179. Guns, Gestures and Steel
  180. Connecticut Police Spokesman Will Prosecute Independent Journalist Whistleblowers
  181. Obama threatens 'State Secrets' If Case Continues on assassinating US citizens
  182. South Carolina House of Representatives Start Bill to Arm School Employees
  183. Obama: NRA Members Could Use 'Self-Reflection'
  184. Remind me again whot the obstructionists are....
  185. What an assault weapons ban won't do.
  186. Judge: Louisiana woman has right to display middle finger in holiday lights on home
  187. Obama asks Americans to help with gun law changes
  188. WHY does anyone NEED an ASSAULT RIFLE?
  189. NDAA Passes Senate
  190. Tax Dollars At War
  191. 8 Craziest Tax Deductions Apporved by the IRS
  192. An opinion on gun control
  193. Newspaper Posts Gun Owners' Names
  194. Fox News: Westboro is a Left-Wing Cult
  195. F"Im No"einstein to introduce Assault Weapons Bill
  196. Demand That Celebrities Go F Themselves!!!!!
  197. Sotomayor refuses to block morning-after pill rule
  198. R.I.P. Stormin' Norman
  199. You Know You're a Gun Control Hypocrite IF...
  200. Bush vs Obama
  201. My letter to Congress
  202. OF COURSE The Liberal Media isn't biased
  203. Obama/Republicans reach deal on new budget before Fiscal Cliff
  204. NY Times op ed: End The Constitution
  205. Video: Dianne Feinstein Says Her Goal is to Disarm All Americans
  206. White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars
  207. Newspaper that ran addresses of gun owners hires armed guards
  208. One more view on the gun debate
  209. Bailout Money Really Paid Off!
  210. Flipping Off Police Officers Constitutional, Federal Court Affirms
  211. Obama signs NDAA again.
  212. Reality Check: GE and Citi Bank get huge tax breaks out of fiscal cliff deal
  213. Rand Paul: Fiscal Cliff Bill Was Brought to Floor at 1:36AM, We Voted at 1:39AM
  214. Fixing the debt with a $1 trillion dollar coin????
  215. Um, Yeah..About Cash For Clunkers....
  216. The Four-Year Honeymoon Will the press ever give Obama tough coverage?
  217. Obama supporters shocked, angry at new tax increases
  218. What 2 party system?
  219. One of the Most Helpful Parts of ObamaCare Just Kicked In
  220. GOP preparing for '14 primary fight
  221. WSJ: The Education of John Boehner
  222. Something to Chew On
  223. Meet your NEW Treasury Sercretary
  224. Obama signature conspiracy
  225. Biden: Obama Considering 'Executive Order' to Deal With Guns
  226. Biden's gun control speech interrupted with news of school shooting
  227. Piers Morgan's Anti-gun Argument Destroyed in Reality Check
  228. The solution to the gun problem
  229. First Hindu American Congress Women Takes Oath on Bhagavad Gita
  230. Obama Signs Bill Giving Him Armed Protection For Life
  231. Are you SURE Obama supports gun rights?
  232. So how do you people feel about the tax increases?
  233. Wyoming Bill Would Nullify Obama Gun Control, Jail Feds
  234. Congress doesn't have the votes to pass gun control
  235. Journal News gun permit map used by burglars to target White Plains home?
  236. Obama to gun-control foes: Examine your conscience
  237. Sandy Hook, part true, part hoax?
  238. How to stop mass shootings
  239. Interesting conservative qoutes
  240. Al Qaeda attacks gas field, take US hostages
  241. Oregon sheriff: I won't enforce new gun laws
  242. Gun laws in the US: seven things you need to know about the data
  243. NRA ad brings Obama kids into gun debate; White House fights back
  244. Obama's 23 executive orders and gun control
  245. Revealed: America’s Arms Sales To Bahrain Amid Bloody Crackdown
  246. Violent Games Legislation Introduced to US Congress
  247. House offers to lift debt ceiling if Senate passes budget
  248. House GOP ready to raise debt limit for three months
  249. Judge Napolitano: “Either We Have a 2nd Amendment or We Don’t”
  250. How the Obama Administration Defended DEA Agents Who Put a Gun To A Girl's head