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  1. Bill Will Force Gun Owners to Store Assault Weapons At Government Authorized Depots.
  2. Lupe Fiasco Thrown Off Stage At Inauguration Concert After Bashing Obama
  3. Cornel West Says Why It Bothers Him That Obama Will Take Oath With MLK's Bible.
  4. Surprise: Algerian Hostage Takers’ Arms Came From Libyan Govt
  5. Go on record: YOUR gun control position.
  6. Harry Reid to Reform Silent Filibusters
  7. TSA Gives Obama Supporters a Helping Hand
  8. Paul To Clinton: I Would've Fired You
  9. AP sources: Panetta opens combat roles to women
  10. Article: So what if abortion ends a human life...
  11. Liberals unsettled by opposing views
  12. Obama Urged to Resign Over Beyoncé Scandal
  13. NM Respresentative Trying to Outlaw Abortion After Rape as "Tampering With Evidence"
  14. Learn how the Federal Reserve works.
  15. Military Warned to Maintain Readiness as Women Move Toward Combat
  16. Assault Weapons Ban Lacks Democratic Votes to Pass Senate
  17. Recent Cyber Attacks
  18. The Untouchables: How the Obama administration protected Wall Street from prosecution
  19. 25 Years of Research on Violent Games
  20. A SERIOUS Question for Gun Control Proponents
  21. Office established to close GTMO ... closes
  22. When was the last time...
  23. Treasury approved big raises at bailed-out financial giants
  24. When is MSNBC going to be held accountable?
  25. Jamaica-theme Super Bowl ad: Racist?
  26. Students Propose Redesigned $1 Bill
  27. Congress passes bill to raise debt ceiling
  28. Got 217$? You Have More Money than Zimbabwe
  29. When a cow breaks wind....somebody is murdered in Chicago.
  30. Poll: Government viewed as a threat to freedom
  31. Powerful Democratic Senator in hot water over shady associations and allegedly worse.
  32. Facebook for Conservatives?
  33. IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family
  34. Newtown Votes for Armed Guards In Schools
  35. GOP Legally Barred From Fighting Voter Fraud
  36. Battle Scenes From Damascus
  37. The Government Wants to “Help Manage” Your Retirement Accounts.
  38. White House Warns Not To Photoshop Obama Skeet Shooting.
  39. US military expands its drug war in Latin America.
  40. Amazing political rant
  41. Chicago Murder Rate Far Worse Now Than During Al Capone Era With No Gun Control
  42. Legal Case for Drone Strikes on Americans
  43. North Korea releases video showing US city under attack prior to nuclear tests.
  44. High school teacher suspended for 'fat butt Michelle Obama' remark
  45. Geeks are the New Guardians of Civil Liberties
  46. Rise of Nazi Germany/Modern-Day America
  47. Why the White House keeps missing its budget deadline?
  48. Cleric Who Denounced Al Qaeda Killed By Drone.
  49. States attempting to change voting rules for 2016 election
  50. Chris Christie's Struggle and the Politics of Weight
  51. On this day 39 years ago.......
  52. Christopher Dorner Manifesto
  53. American Citizens Split On DOJ Memo Authorizing Government To Kill Them
  54. Charlie Sheen Tells Fugitive Christopher Dorner ‘Call Me’
  55. Murder Rates Compared.
  56. DHS Approves Seizure of Cell-Phones & Laptops Within 100 Miles of Border
  57. Former Florida GOP leader pleads guilty
  58. Rubio’s ‘Watershed’ Means He’s Ready (or Not) for National Spotlight
  59. Obama Pushes for Higher Minimum Wage on Plant Tour
  60. Bin Laden Shooter Reportedly Speaks: 'That's Him, Boom, Done'
  61. Pelosi on whether US should disclose killing US citizens - "Maybe."
  62. Cost of the Hagel Filibuster
  63. Things like this keep racism alive
  64. Wal-Mart Executive: "Where are all the customers? And where’s their money?”
  65. Animals can't talk
  66. President Obama’s Non Answer on Striking Citizens with Drones
  67. Obama campaign gives database of millions of supporters to new advocacy group
  68. Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail
  69. Domestic Drones
  70. Why are we trying to implement Austerity?
  71. Why Isn’t the Murder of an American Boy an Impeachable Offense?
  72. The TRUTH about Sequestration?
  73. FBI battling "rash of sexting" among employees
  74. Juan Williams interview with the Daily Caller
  75. Acceptable Party Behavior
  76. Sequester cuts will make US more vulnerable to terrorist attack. Time to get scared!!
  77. $500,000 and you get access to the president.
  78. Supreme Court hears arguments over Voter ID laws
  79. Bob Woodward Says He Was Threatened by the White House
  80. Donna Brazile's tweet about Obamacare then and now.
  81. U.S.: $60 million in new aid to Syria opposition
  82. In sequestration's 11th hour, finger-pointing reigns in Congress
  83. Tunisian Ex-Jihadist Tells Tunisian TV Why he Stopped Fighting Alongside the Rebels.
  84. Immigration reform looking to get done sooner rather than later
  85. Mayor Bloomberg and the Infinite amount of money
  86. Joan Rivers Won't Apologize For Joke About The Holocaust.
  87. Joe Biden says women need a shot gun not an AR-15.
  88. The evolution of the nation's 'first gay president'
  89. ‎15 Year Old Invents Early Detection for Pancreatic Cancer- Costs 3 Cents!!!
  90. DHS Buys 2,700 Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicles?????
  91. Wealth Inequality in America
  92. George Zimmerman waives right to "Stand Your Ground" hearing
  93. News reporting at its 'best'.
  94. Holder: No drone strikes in US, except in 'extraordinary circumstance'
  95. North Korea's 'Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike' Vow Fails to Stop UN Sanctions
  96. John Cusack on Filibuster "For God's Sake, Where Are Democrats?"
  97. ObamaCare Tax Increases Are Double Original Estimate
  98. Air Force Erases Drone Strike Data
  99. Corporatism: A System Of Control Designed By The Monopoly Men Of The Global Elite
  100. The Chart That Proves That The Mainstream Media Is Lying To You About Unemployment
  101. On 9/11 Anniversary, Dick Cheney Lies About Obama Taking ‘Sole Credit’
  102. Hugo Chavez killed by dark forces?
  103. Dear Mr Obama: You're Just Like Dick
  104. The cost of the Iraq war: 190,000 lives, $2.2 trillion. Was it worth it???
  105. LBJ tapes declassified
  106. SSDD for the "Tolerance Brigade"
  107. Steubenville Rape Case and Reactions
  108. Pharma Drugs, Soldiers, & Suicide
  109. When I said the rich don't pay enough taxes I didn't mean me!!!
  110. Dems Drop Assault Weapons Ban in Bill
  111. Elizabeth Warren Attacks Republican for Being Soft on Pot
  112. Evidence Shows Chemical Weapons Attack Launched by Rebels???
  113. Costs of US Wars Linger for Over 100 Years
  114. Perils from 'patriots'
  115. FB Photo of NJ Boy Holding Rifle Prompts Raid by Police
  116. Gingrich-Santorum ticket almost toppled Romney
  117. The lost art of democratic debate - Michael Sandel
  118. Ethics panel investigates Bachmann presidential campaign
  119. Bloomberg:Government has right to "infringe on your freedom"
  120. Current gay NFL player may come out in next few months
  121. North Korea Puts Artillery Forces on High Alert, Threatens US
  122. Taxpayers Shell out Nearly $3.7M for Ex-Presidents
  123. Court: Drug Dog Sniff Is Unconstitutional Search
  124. Iowa Murderer's Freedom Could Hinge on Townhall Meeting
  125. Ashley Judd Decides NOT to Run Against McConnell
  126. Obama's Reptilian Secret Service Spotted at AIPAC Conference
  127. Gay Marriage: Justices debate dropping case
  128. Obama signs 'Monsanto Protection Act' written by Monsanto-sponsored senator
  129. House Judiciary Committee seeks to expand already outrageous internet law
  130. Fusion center director: We don’t spy on Americans, just anti-government Americans
  131. Best 7 Minutes on the Web
  132. Future of Currency?
  133. Never saw this in history class!!!
  134. Man tasered while dressed as Lady Liberty
  135. FSA using kid soldiers.
  136. $700 Million in Katrina Relief Missing, Report Shows
  137. North Carolina introduces law to establish Official State Religion
  138. 15 year old girl leaves anti-gun politicians speechless
  139. Snoop the Anti-Gun advocate
  140. Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit
  141. Buffalo Bills’ Stevie Johnson tweets North Korea should bomb Foxboro first
  142. Hackers break into 2 of North Korea’s government-run sites
  143. North Korea has moved long-range missile to its east coast: South Korea
  144. Obama to give up 5% of salary in wake of 'sequester' cuts
  145. Lead Sponsor of Federal High Capacity Ban Was Unaware Magazines Could Be Reloaded
  146. Jeremy Irons Slams Bloomberg "Nanny State"
  147. MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry » All Your Kids Belong To Us
  148. The Growing Campaign to Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize
  149. South Korea Bracing for North Korean Missile Test 'Anytime Soon'
  150. Dick Cheney on North Korea: ‘We’re in deep doo doo’
  151. Norman Braman rips Steve Ross and Mike Dee
  152. Out of sight, out of mind - a stunning graphic of drone strikes in Pakistan
  153. IRS: We can read emails without warrant
  154. Explosions at Boston Marathon
  155. Obama Vows 'We Will Find Out Who Did This'
  156. Letter containing ricin sent to Senator
  157. Actor Jay Mohr blames Boston attack on gun culture: ’2nd amendment must go’
  158. Explosion Hits Fertilizer Plant North of Waco, Texas
  159. Obama deserves an Oscar
  160. For Muslim Americans, Boston Bombings Bring Added Anxiety
  161. US May Unwittingly Fund Terrorism in Afghanistan: Report
  162. Clinton, Bush and Obama: US War Crimes over Three Administrations
  163. Lindsey Graham: Obama Should Hold Bombing Suspect as ‘Enemy Combatant’
  164. Glenn Beck goes "full ******". Gives Obama til Monday to admit Boston was inside job
  165. Sgt Chris Grisham Arrested for Legally Carrying a Rifle
  166. No Miranda rights for Boston Bombing suspect
  167. Assembly Passes Leno Bill Taking Illegally Possessed Firearms Off Streets
  168. Looking back at 1993. What happened in Waco?
  169. Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’ After Boston
  170. History's jury is still out on George W. Bush
  171. Homeland Security Secretary says agency knew of Russia trip by alleged Boston bomber
  172. Boston bomb suspect's aunt: Mosque won't bury Tamerlan Tsarnaev
  173. Izvestia (Russian Newspaper): Tamerlan Tsarnaev Attended CIA-sponsored Workshop
  174. Chambliss: Law enforcement agency may have had info about Boston bombing in advance
  175. Lawmakers, aides may get Obamacare exemption
  176. Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price Fixing Scandal Ever
  177. First openly gay athlete in a major american team sport comes out
  178. MERGED: Mike Wallace tweets about homosexuals
  179. CPS Takes Baby After Mom Asks For 2nd Opinion From Doctor
  180. Obama: Guantanamo must close
  181. Why You NEED Standard Capacity Magzines: Multiple Home Invaders
  182. Anybody here about new government lesson plans that's forcing teachers to quit?
  183. Gunfire and moments of fear as a rural Oregon school tests its readiness
  184. People Petition to Confiscate Guns From Tea Party Supporters and Repeal 2nd Ammend.
  185. Liberal Chick Gets College Students to Sign Pressure Cooker Ban!
  186. Obama moving toward sending lethal arms to Syrian rebels, officials say
  187. Al Qaida-linked group Syria rebels once denied now key to anti-Assad victories
  188. Mock DHS News Report Depicts Gun Owners as Terrorists
  189. MSNBC Guest Blows Credibility
  190. US Army Warns of May 2nd Terror Threat
  191. White Dude Gets a Free Pass to Say the N word.
  192. South Carolina Passes Nullification Bill To Make Obamacare A Crime
  193. NRA president Jim Porter still fighting war against 'Northern Aggression'
  194. New Republican ad mocks Obama for comforting Sandy Hook victim families
  195. Pelosi: "I pray" that Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016
  196. Karzai: CIA Promises to Continue Cash Payments
  197. Clarence Thomas: 'The elites' had to approve a black president
  198. Potential terrorist attack prevented in Minnesota
  199. First 3-D printable handgun under fire
  200. Kansas SB102 vs Eric Holder
  201. The US Government Is Monitoring All Phone Calls, All Emails And All Internet Activity
  202. More Americans trust Judges Judy and Joe Brown than any Supreme Court justice
  203. Floridians Encouraged to Report Neighbors Who “Hate Government”
  204. Hospital Price Disparities Made Public
  205. FBI may be reading emails without a warrant
  206. IRS admits targeting conservatives for tax scrutiny in 2012 election
  207. Montgomery County asks residents to hand over their guns
  208. FBI surrounds house of Saudi student following sightings of him with pressure cooker
  209. Benghazi lies finally come to light for everyone to see
  210. Supreme Court sides with Monsanto in major patent case
  211. Justice Department Secretly Obtains AP Phone Records
  212. Gosnell Convicted
  213. Rep. Steve King slams Obama for not calling Tebow
  214. No One is Coming for your Guns!!!
  215. Obama's Arctic strategy sets off climate time bomb
  216. French Taxation tops 100% for thousands
  217. The one time when we all should stand together....
  218. Nestle: Water Should Be Privatized
  219. President Narrows Scope of Terror Fight
  220. Boston Teen Arrested for Referencing Bombing in Rap Lyrics
  221. Undercover Cop Befriends Special-Needs student, Convinces to sell pot, Arrests Him
  222. PA Judge Sentenced to 28 Years for Selling Kids to Private Prisons
  223. GMO Labeling Bill Voted Down In Senate
  224. China cyber spies access major U.S. weapons systems
  225. FPS Russia raided by Feds.
  226. Russia Warns Obama
  227. President Obama Targeted in Third Threatening Letter
  228. Fox News: Rise of Female Breadwinners Sign of Societal Downfall
  229. Medicare trust fund to last to 2026 as health costs drop
  230. The Problem of Automation: How can a jobs crisis be solved?
  231. U.S. tax dollars promote Monsanto's GMO crops overseas: report
  232. Cheerios ad with mixed-race family draws racist responses
  233. Supreme Court says police can take DNA swabs after arrest
  234. IRS spends $50 million at conferences
  235. Joe Biden Wants Tax on Violent Media
  236. Phil Bryant: Mothers In The Workplace Prompted Educational Problems
  237. NSA tracks all US citizens via phone and Internet records
  238. NY Senate proposing law that would make annoying a cop a felony
  239. EPA employees setup 'man caves' on taxpayer dime
  240. Obama: "Nobody is listening to your telephone calls
  241. The Monsanto pay-off list...
  242. 10 findings from Republicans Report on Young Voters
  243. Petition for Obama's Resignation
  244. Obama Administration Weighing Damage From NSA Disclosures
  245. House Speaker John Boehner: NSA Leaker a ‘Traitor’
  246. California on the Brink: Pension Crisis About to Get Worse
  247. Bill Clinton: Obama Risks Looking Like A 'Wuss,' ' If He Doesn't Act On Syria'
  248. Michele Bachmann, Jeb Bush Clash On Immigration
  249. Eric Holder: NSA Leaker Will Be Punished
  250. Locke. Requesting your input.