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  1. Top Christie Staff Sought Lane Closures as Revenge
  2. Colorado First Week Dispensary Sales
  3. The Federal Reserve Doesn't Fully Understand How QE Works
  4. Fast food workers going on strike
  5. Support your fellow PoFoers
  6. Obama Welcomes Miami Heat to Whitehouse - Full Speech
  7. The DEA Struck A Deal With Mexico's Most Notorious Drug Cartel
  8. Lauren Tannehill leaves rifle in rental car
  9. Regulations,taxes & debt knock the U.S. out of the world's top 10 in economic freedom
  10. Large Percentage of Americans Worse Off Financially Now than a Year Ago
  11. Obama’s Path From Critic to Overseer of Spying
  12. Blogger's Incarceration Raises 1st Amendment Questions
  13. Saying "Thug" is now racist.
  14. This is our media folks......
  15. Which country imprisons more of its people per capita than any other? (Map)
  16. 'How I Met Your Mother' creators apologize for 'racism'
  17. Congress secretly approves U.S. weapons flow to "moderate" Syrian rebels
  18. Amanda Knox found guilty of murder in Italy
  19. Confessions of an ex-TSA Agent: Dear America, I Saw You Naked (and yes, we laughed)
  20. Coca Cola Superbowl ad offends many
  21. Opinion: why Abortions are Way Down
  22. Report: Thousands of Iraqi women illegally detained, tortured, raped.
  23. First openly gay man of the NFL draft.
  24. Top Pentagon Leader Ordered Destruction of bin Laden Death Photos
  25. US Plummets In Press Freedom Rankings
  26. Another shameless atempt to buy votes by the democrats
  27. How The News Really Works
  28. A Brief History of Obama’s Biggest Constitutional Flops
  29. Virginia Gay Marriage
  30. Chevron: "Sorry Our Fracking Well Exploded, Here's a Free Pizza"
  31. One-Percent Jokes and Plutocrats in Drag
  32. Turn the cameras on the government not the public. Cop from Hell!!!
  33. As Kiev Truce Shatters, Rumors Grow That President Will Declare State of Emergency
  34. Anti-drone Activist Kidnapped Just Before Due to Give Testimony in Europe
  35. Mom defends herself and kids from home invaders. Assault Rifle used.
  36. Arizona Legislature OKs religion bill; on way to Gov. Brewer
  37. Obama's Next Assassination Target
  38. ObamaCare Exchange Enrollees Can't Get Doctors To See Them
  39. NFL Expected to Create 15-Yard Penalty for Use of Racial Slur
  40. CNN Canceling Piers Morgan Show.
  41. The Hill: Lobbyist drafts bill to ban gays from NFL
  42. Georgia readies to give itself a cootie shot.
  43. Court Rules Off-The-Grid Living Is Illegal
  44. How Government Agents Infiltrate The Internet To Manipulate And Deceive.
  45. First Video Recording of the SCOTUS
  46. We can't spy on our own citizens, but "they" can. And they share it with the U.S.
  47. Russian parliament approves Putins request
  48. Connecticut : Untold Thousands Flout Gun Registration Law
  49. Obama says Putin violated international law and Ukraine sovereignty.
  50. L.A. to track the exact locations of drivers whether they've committed a crime or not
  51. Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine
  52. Officers Rip Woman’s Clothes Off, Leave Her Naked on Cell Floor (VIDEO)
  53. Best article I've seen yet on Putin/Ukraine situation
  54. The Obama administration persicutes relious freedom.
  55. Is there no end in sight for poor leadership in this country?
  56. Politico: Is Jim DeMint the most hated man in Washington?
  57. Limbaugh claims slave is magic word that brought film oscar
  58. "Jesus Shots" just $300 a pop
  59. Not a fan of the Ukraine coup attempt?? Executive order your a$$!!!!
  60. Ohio continues to cut early voting period
  61. Video: Why Libertarians Are Idiots
  62. Just when things couldn't get anymore PC.....
  63. Why I'm burning my last bridge with Obama
  64. Stop SOPA 2014
  65. Chickens: US>China>US
  66. Fred Phelps is dying
  67. Disarm Americans, Arm Iraqis . Thanks Obama
  68. Murdoch: Irish should boycott Gunness for supporting equality
  69. MIA vs. NFL
  70. NYC Gay Pride Parade Welcomes Bill Donohue and the Catholic League
  71. If you happen to be in the neighborhood
  72. Ukraine Crisis - What You're Not Being Told
  73. Russian economy suffers
  74. Fifty Years Ago American Evangelicals Didn’t Care Much About Abortion. What Changed?
  75. Leland Yee, Anti Gun Senator/Illegal Gun importer
  76. Frank Zappa for president 2016......hoping for the ZomPoc.
  77. Supreme Court Strikes Down Overall Political Donation Cap
  78. Bill Clinton: Aliens Could Exist
  79. Richard Sherman's Column on Eagles, DeSean Jackson.
  80. George W. Bush: A better painter than a president
  81. Red Skelton's pledge of Allegence
  82. King Obama strikes again
  83. Family Values
  84. Pakistani artist targets predator drone operators.
  85. RAND Comes Clean Obamacare's Exchanges Enrolled Only 1.4 Million Previously Uninsured
  86. One thing Bush was better at.......
  87. This will get ugly.
  88. And while we're on the subject of psychos...
  89. Kim Jong-un kills top minister with flamethrower
  90. When you thought people couldnt get any worse
  91. The myth of small government conservatism...
  92. There is no conspiracy theory too nutty or too ridiculous.
  93. Al Qaeda, I mean "Syrian Rebels" get US-made missiles.
  94. Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine
  95. More news you didnt know.
  96. Explain Why It's OK To Rain Death From the Sky, Court Tells Obama Administration
  97. Tsa pat down 2 & 6 year old
  98. Christie on Marijuana Legalization: ‘Never, as Long as I’m Governor’
  99. Who Gets Rewarded for Stiffing the IRS? IRS Agents!
  100. “Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014”
  101. U.S. Government Killed OUR Internet Today
  102. Top 10 Ridiculous Quotes by Senator Mitch McConnell
  103. Once again the "law" was wrong.
  104. Cigar City founder Joey Redner considers leaving Florida if bill passes
  105. U.S. Armed Al Qaeda to Topple Libya’s Gaddaffi
  106. Donald Sterling receives lifetime ban
  107. Sarah Palin : "Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”
  108. FBI stops another bombing they where assisting in. Merica!!!
  109. Senate Democrats plan vote to reverse Citizens United decision
  110. The next president of the U.S.
  111. I hope this is a chance for real aswers on Bengazi.
  112. Supreme Court Allows Prayers at Town Meetings
  113. Joel McHale remarks at 2014 Correspondents Dinner
  114. Dont we have a couple of extra tomahawks laying around ?
  115. Emails reveal close Google relationship with NSA
  116. 29 of the 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average index companies have given money to her.
  117. Theory proven : Don't like Obama then you're a racist.
  118. FBI investigating Bundy supporters in BLM dispute
  119. Don Jones fined and suspended for tweet
  120. Signs Stolen From Playground Honoring Sandy Hook Victim
  121. Put this under the "Protecting the S out of you" category.
  122. Ann Coulter's Hashtag Hijacking Of #BringBackOurGirls
  123. Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans From Polar Melt
  124. Joe Biden’s Son Appointed to Board of Directors of Ukraine’s Largest Gas Company
  125. Focused on football, Michael Sam signs reality show deal with Oprah
  126. Ammosexuals Need Your Support
  127. The States Most and Least Dependent on the Federal Government
  128. Christie calls for more aggressive foreign policy
  129. What the frack???
  130. Greenwald: Liberals & Progressives Cheered Everything I Was Doing Before Obama
  131. Elliot Rodger
  132. Stephen A. Smith strikes back at ‘Uncle Tom’ charges after defending Mark Cuban
  133. Judges Gone Wild
  134. A movie that every American should see after May 30, 2014
  135. 40 senators and 1 independent ready to vote to pull the 1st amendment!!
  136. History Channel's The World Wars
  137. Congress forbids the Pentagon from working on Climate Change solutions
  138. Federal Court upholds “First Amendment” right to film police
  139. Father faces child cruelty charges for teen's punishment.
  140. Denver Murder Rate Cut in Half After Pot Legalization
  141. House Votes to Stop Medical Marijuana and Hemp Prosecutions
  142. House's Pro-Medical Marijuana Vote Shocks Even Longtime Supporters
  143. An Almost Perfect Summation of the Net Neutraility Issue
  144. Teen Confronts Nancy Pelosi On NSA Spying (Video)
  145. Baker forced to make gay wedding cakes, undergo sensitivity training.
  146. Shocker: Ohio Police Chief Admits To Profiling & Quotas
  147. Government Defies Court Order & Destroys Evidence of NSA Spying
  148. Jindal kills lawsuit of oil & gas companies.
  149. White House pursuing plan to shorten sentences for Drug Offenders
  150. On Iraq It Is Amazing What This White House Does Not Know
  151. NSA: Our systems are so complex we can’t stop them from deleting subpoenaed data
  152. Whooping Cough Epidemic Declared in Cali
  153. I Love Early
  154. Understanding Syria's War - What ISIS & Al-Nusra's rise to power means
  155. Rick Santorum finally comes out.
  156. Report: One third of California female inmates sterilized done so illegally
  157. Judge Who Sentenced Saddam Hussein To Death Has Been Executed By ISIS
  158. FAA Bans Delivering Packages With Drones
  159. Poll Watchers target minority voters in Mississippi primary
  160. Cops Need Warrant to Search Cellphones, Court Rules
  161. Boehner plans to sue Obama
  162. America has gone too far this time! Its an Act of War!
  163. Anne Coulter is still alive. Her views on soccer: leads to moral decay
  164. Hobby Lobby: A company that offers 16 types of contraceptives and $14 hour min wage
  165. Religious groups want exemption from hiring LGBT after Hobby Lobby ruling
  166. Days after ruling, SCOTUS expands Hobby Lobby decision
  167. Only in 'Merica.
  168. My Thoughts on Citizens United and Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Decisions
  169. Some times the good guys win.
  170. Medical Marijuana Passes in New York
  171. Ukraine Rebels Call Putin a Coward
  172. Not one post about the Illegals crossing the Southern Border???
  173. The Future of South Florida looks bleak
  174. At least 80% of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US
  175. China's Economy Continues to Defy Gravity
  176. FINALLY a KY Senate Candidate I can Get Behind
  177. Elizabeth Warren, Hypocrite, Supports Ex-Im Bank.
  178. MERGED: 400 Pound Asthmatic Dies After Police Put Him in Choke-hold
  179. Climate change popping up in unexpected places.
  180. Oliver Stones Untold-history-of-the-United-States
  181. Conservatives/Libertarians/Liberals should worry about the militarization of police.
  182. Rick Santorum Basically Announces He’s Running for President in 2016
  183. The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist
  184. The dumbest person on earth
  185. The grotesque nature of Hillary Clinton.
  186. American Suicide Bomber
  187. N. Korea threatens nuclear strike on White House
  188. Mom arrested for allowing son to walk to park alone. Felony!!
  189. Paying a Price For Bias? MSNBC Drops to Fourth Place in Crucial Ratings Demo in July
  190. Obama just bombed Iraq.
  191. Humanitarian Food Drops and Airstrikes as Needed Authorized in Iraq
  192. Russia Caught Filming Propaganda In Crimea?
  193. Sarah Palin still keeps giving.
  194. RIP Robin Williams
  195. New Jersey veteran says he was denied entry into Six Flags theme park for shirt
  196. Humans need not apply.
  197. America not for Autistic peop
  198. TX governor Perry booked on two felony charges
  199. Column defending cops in Ferguson sparks online fury
  200. America is not for homeless people
  201. High schooler arrested for writing about shooting dinosaur.
  202. America is not for Bacon
  203. Promote principles instead of putting out fires
  204. The irreversible reality of climate change.
  205. Proof Ferguson Protesters Are Having The Wrong Conversation
  206. 9 Year Old Kills Instructor With Uzi
  207. U.S. official says 1,000 Russian troops enter Ukraine
  208. The Irony of the "Ice Bucket" Challenge.
  209. Guess Which Party Says Rand Paul 'Blames America' (Seriously, Guess)
  210. Medical Marijuana Amendment Gets Green Light From Florida Supreme Court
  211. Nationalize the police?!?!
  212. Islamist Pool Party. The 2014 U.S. Embassy edition!!!
  213. The Power of Advertising
  214. Tourism Not Tuna
  215. Current data seems to support societal collapse prediction from 70s' research
  216. Man Stands Up To Police Asking to Enter Home Without a Warrant
  217. Wannabe Jihadists
  218. IRS says it has lost emails from 5 more employees
  219. Dear Voters...
  220. Foreign governments pay millions for influence in non-partisan groups
  221. Remember those "Moderate" rebels?? They sold Sotloff to the ISIS.
  222. Why I Think The World SHould End
  223. Scottish Independence Referendum
  224. Watch Each of the Last Four U.S. Presidents Announce That We're Bombing Iraq
  225. Male Birthcontrol, without condoms will be here by 2017
  226. Yahoo $250,000 daily fine over NSA data refusal was set to double 'every week'
  227. U.S. Backed Syrian Rebels Sign a Ceasefire Agreement with ISIS in Damascus
  228. Gawker: If You are a White Woman, Let Black People Steal Your Phone
  229. PepsiCo CEO: Violence 'Casting Cloud' Over NFL Integrity
  230. Odierno: More Troops in Afghanistan May Get Pink Slips
  231. Another war.
  232. Florida Man Fatally Shoots Daughter and 6 Grandchildren
  233. Never thought I'd see the day.
  234. Fire burns down Big Mike's makeshift memorial
  235. Censoring History
  236. US Creates Largest Protected Area in World, Marine Reserve
  237. 2 Different Cops Shoot 2 Different Black Guys for No Good Reason
  238. Female UAE Pilot leads the attack on ISIS
  239. US Troop Presence at Ukrainian Exercise Sends Message to Russia
  240. Kim Jong-un is So Fat He Fractured His Ankles
  241. It's a Moral and Strategic Mistake to Exempt Airstrikes From Civilian Protection.
  242. Is this Muslim Day Parade real?
  243. Is Kim Jong Un no longer in charge?
  244. Inmate reports threats by guard, turns up dead
  245. Teen shot by cop in St louis
  246. Once you’ve dehumanized drug offenders, it’s easy to steal their identities
  247. DEA steals and uses a woman's identity
  248. Ebola is racist
  249. Gwyneth Paltrow On Obama: ‘Give This Man All The Power He Needs’
  250. How cops take millions from motorists not charged with crimes.