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  1. Early MNF game observations
  2. Come On You BILLS!!!
  3. After Watching Tonight's Game...
  4. Bills blow it versus Patriots
  5. Pick your poison: Pats @ Jets wk 2
  6. Unreal guys
  7. Mayo Injured
  8. New England Patriots
  9. Bills CB McKelvin Front Lawn Vandalized
  10. Jared Mayo out
  11. Week TWO Records.....
  12. AFC EAST GAME DAY THREAD: 9/20 (No Miami Game Today)
  13. I am not impressed w/ either jets or Pats
  14. Patriots
  15. The Jets are a dangerous looking team.
  16. Dolphin's need a punishing attack Defense!
  17. Espn allover Rookie Rex and Sanchez
  18. Bills O-linemen are maulers
  19. Jets CB Darrelle Revis
  20. Jets will win the East
  21. Bills Sign Jamon Meredith OT
  22. Rex Ryan / Jets Article
  23. Week 3 Record Predictions for the East
  24. Sanchez - Rookie of the Week (again)
  25. Brady, can he? will he get back to being GREAT?
  26. Joey Galloway
  27. I'm calling out NYJUNC
  28. Just wondering can we now stop laughing about the idiotic jets
  29. The Jets @ the Saints a Preview
  30. Pats Are Desperate
  31. Galloway Benched
  32. Thank You for getting Dick jauron Fired
  33. Buffalo Bills' Terrell Owens has no answers after another quiet game
  34. LOL Gotta love Jets Fans.. subjects going into Monday Night
  35. mark sanchez should be fined
  37. Avatar Bet
  38. Did anyone catch the Patriots game
  39. Patriots Defense
  40. my favorite jet fan
  41. Braylon Edwards traded to Jets
  42. Ryan to Rebuilding Clubs: How Convenient
  43. Just a reminder to Jest Fans
  44. Patriots leading rusher injured
  45. Patriots visit Broncos
  46. The stat that tells you how wretched the Bills are
  47. New England Should Burn them Jerseys
  48. Bills fans have a great sense of humor
  49. Mark Sanchez nfl's Fernando Valenzuela
  50. Kerry Rhodes Twitter comment
  51. Bills fans Advertising thier Disgust
  52. Bills Fans speaking up about Dick Jauron
  53. Jestards Threaten Boycott of 2010 Miami Home Game
  54. Jenkins injured
  55. Pats/Titans
  56. Tom Brady
  57. The most unbelievable stat I've ever seen
  58. "Sanchize" Getting boo'd by Jersey Jets fans
  59. 5 inteceptions have at it sanchize
  60. I remember a jet fan saying...
  61. From gang green: "If cold = kryptonite to Sanchez then Sanchez in NY = Ryan Leaf"
  62. Merged: Ryan says Jenkins injury likely "severe"
  63. rex ryan "i almost pulled him"
  64. Jets announcer saying weather was the reason Sanchez had bad game lol
  65. The BILLS are a horrible football team...
  66. Sanchez...Post Game...Crying
  67. Sparano 100x better than Ryan
  68. Jets running a "gimmick?"
  69. 8.3
  70. And Jet fans talk about our attendance...
  71. The Rex Ryan Era.
  72. Record breaking day for Sanchez and the Jets
  73. Why No Jets/Bills Highlights??
  74. Sanchez nominated for Rookie of the Week again
  75. Let's give credit to the JETS- They are still very good at...
  76. Merged: Jenkins Out For The Year!
  77. Ryan's Post Game Comments
  78. Are We Bullying The Jets Fans?
  79. Same Old Jets
  80. Frank Caliendo busts on Jets, Bills, Barkely, Shaq
  81. Most Favorite Loser Jets Fans Quotes of All Time
  82. Roscoe Parrish?
  83. Pats cut LB Tully Banta-Cain
  84. What Did The Jets Do??
  85. Obsession?
  86. Galloway cut confirmed
  87. Pats to trade 2 time pro bowl LB Thomas?
  88. HAHAH Pats just re-signed TBC
  89. Jaba the Rex and Princess Sanchez
  90. Video: Rex Ryan mic'd up
  91. Braylon Edwards charged with assault
  92. Sanchez apologizes for his sideline hot dog
  93. Wes putting some crazy numbers
  94. Jr Seau Ties a Old Dolphin Record
  95. JETS fans?
  96. Jets Sign Justin Miller
  97. Breaking the AFC East huddle
  98. Take your pick: Most absurd AFC East result
  99. Jarvis Green out after undergoing knee surgery
  100. Cryin' Ryan blames staff for Non-challenge
  101. If Rex Ryan were coach of the Dolphins, would you defend his behavior?
  102. Congrats to the Pats
  103. Bills eyeing Vick.
  104. MERGED: Keep an eye on L. Johnson to Patriots
  105. Sorry fellas but this is a COACH!!!
  106. Pats vs Colts: A November Ritual
  107. Dear Jets Fans, You are now where you belong, under the dolphins in the division...
  108. no love for the jags?
  109. patties lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PATTIESS LOST PATSIESSSSSSSSSSSSS
  110. colts take lead with13 seconds
  111. Mark Sanchez post game conference
  112. You guys wanted to know what Pats fans were saying???
  113. Perhaps the best play of the season.
  114. the logic of belichik's decision
  115. Bills S Jairus Byrd highlight compilation
  116. Jets falling apart?
  117. Jets to reach out to Parcells?
  118. So Rex like to cry like a baby...
  119. Dick Jauron Fired
  120. Bills could be one step closer to Canada
  121. MERGED: Bills contact Mike Shanahan
  122. Jets Coach
  123. Brian Brohm to Buffalo
  124. Bills will pay whatever to get Shanahan or Cowher
  125. For once the Bills are wanting a Proven Coach
  126. Bills Lynch carted of Field
  127. Nice of the Jets to show up today!
  128. Pats manhandling the Jets.
  129. Fun Jet quotes
  130. To All Jets Fans Who Were On The Bandwagon....
  131. Who will last longer in New York?
  132. Pats fans pull fire alarms
  133. Lmao At The Jets
  134. Bills lose both starting guards for the season (including one to a gruesome injury)..
  135. This is a moment I agree with Cryin' Ryan
  136. Rex Ryan now becoming more involved with the offense...
  137. Ryan does it again - says Patriots 'disrespected' him
  138. Kerry Rhodes benched
  139. Shanahan meets with Bills
  140. New offence installed for mentally challenged Sanchez
  141. BB and the patriot video tapes
  142. Hey Bills fans, turn on Versus right now....
  143. Pat White was a worse draft pick then Tedd Ginn Jr
  144. This loss stings even more
  145. Belichick Pulls Brady, Starters Before 2min. Warning.
  146. Rex Cryan's new tactic
  147. *** N.Y. Jets @ Bills THNF Game Night Thread***
  148. Trouble in Foxborough?
  149. Damn Sanchez out vs Bucs
  150. Early Reports: Still No Brady at NE practices
  151. MERGED: Patsies' mascott arrested in prostitution bust
  152. Dolphin Related. Delhome is out for the N.E. Game
  153. Has everyone seen this? Bill Belichick Jeopardy
  154. go panthers!
  155. Panthers up 7-0 Over The Patriots WOOT
  156. haha welker idiot...fumbled the ball!
  157. NFL network Gameday Morning commercial
  158. lol @ Belichick
  159. Are Jets' fans constantly drunk or just plain stupid?
  160. Pat the Patriot **BUSTED**!!!
  161. I guess Sunday will be Buffalo's Superbowl!
  162. A jet fan hating on sanchize
  163. My experience today with Jets "fans"
  164. Bills Clinch AFC East Cellar
  165. wfan
  166. Joe B's Take on the Jets...
  167. Rex Ryan will now be know as...
  168. HOF Farce Drunken Joe Namath Sued By UPS Driver
  169. My thread on a jets forum
  170. this is bull****
  171. The Jets are seriously going to be handed a playoff spot.
  172. Who needs to win to keep the Jets out of the playoffs??
  173. Jets/Cincy moved to Sun night
  174. Welcome back Jest fans!
  175. Bill Cowher "impressed and interested" in Bills head coaching vacancy
  176. Must see video
  177. The NFL Is Crazy
  178. Nix is the Fix
  179. Jets fans can't handle their booze?
  180. Report: Cam Cameron a candidate for Bills HC job
  181. Wes Welker
  182. Jets Handed A Free Playoff Spot
  183. FYI: Wes Welker blew out his knee...
  184. Jets get a tougher schedule, lower draft pick, and more pressure next year.
  185. Bills fire entire coaching staff
  186. could welkers injury be the demise of the pats
  187. Classy end of season AFC East thread
  188. Billick to Bills talk picking up steam
  189. RIP Woody Johnson's daughter
  190. So where are the JESTS "Wildcat is a gimmick" trolls?
  191. WTF...a peen beer bong in Buffalo?
  192. Bills First on the list to Move to LA
  193. Jason Taylor Haters (New York Jets)
  194. Rex Ryan believes Jets should be favorites to win it all
  195. Happy Anniversary!!!!
  196. Buffalo is full of so much FAIL
  197. in less than an hour all dolfans become bengal fans
  198. *Official Crash and Burn of the NYJ*
  199. In a post recently I said I was pulling for the Jets in the playoffs!
  200. Gotta give it to the Jests
  201. Congrats to Jet fans!!
  202. Marshawn Lynch accused of stealing $20
  203. Whats Wrong With You Guys
  204. Jets playoff win v Cincy
  205. The Jets are Team to Beat NEXT Year...
  206. Demise of the NE Patriots!
  207. Cmon Ravens, knock em out today...
  208. For all you in the New England area
  209. Am i the only one rooting for New England?
  210. Jets/Patriots offseason
  211. Watching the Belicheat presser
  212. Patriots Loss to Ravens
  213. Wilfork a Free Agent
  214. Nice watching the Patsies get spanked!
  215. Poor Pats!!
  216. Jets vs. Charger LOL
  217. WR controversy
  218. brady bunch whipped
  219. chance of a jet victory
  220. Jets winning = Disadvantage in Free Agency?
  221. Pats fire there DC pees
  222. MERGED: Groh also a New England DC candidate
  223. I almost want to vomit
  224. Bills offer head coach job to Jim Harbaugh....
  225. Grab the Nearest Trashcan!!!!
  226. wow.. just wow..
  227. I'll Eat My Crow For The 2nd Week In A Row
  228. Anyone Still Doubt That Defense Wins Playoff Football
  229. Funny Phins-Jets thing
  230. I really hate most Jets fans but
  231. Merged: Former Dolphin OC Chan Gailey likely Bills head coach
  232. JETS fan arrested at Charger game for J-E-T-S chant.
  233. Jets vs Colts
  234. Chan Gailey promises Bills will win consistently-HAHAHAHA
  235. I'm getting sick,I have a Problem
  236. Unfortunately, these Jets look like...
  237. Kind of Hard To Not Root for Jets
  238. Armando Salguero "Jets are a mirage" great read
  239. Jets victory would validate Miami Dolphins
  240. Heard something disturbing on WFAN
  241. State of the Bills
  242. Jets selling AFC Champions Gear
  243. Yets already selling championship gear
  244. Bills | Bates candidate for DC position
  245. Oh God no!!! I just thought of something.
  246. Looking For Rex The Hut Pic.
  247. Buddy Ryan says Jets will blank Colts
  248. Colts have themselves to blame!
  249. i want to see some humiliation
  250. I won`t be able to stomach it!