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  1. Revis interview!
  2. J-E-T-S Lose, Lose, Lose!!!
  3. Proud of my Jets
  4. Congratulations for the Jets for going to the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Looks like the Jets just ran outta change...FREE RIDE IS OVER!!
  6. Jet have a very Bright Future ....(BY Boomer Easion)
  7. Ever so thankful...
  8. Funny thing about Jet fans...
  9. Jets lose 4 coaches
  10. Any interest in Kerry Rhodes?
  11. It's nice that Rex can take his Hoveround to games
  12. Optimistic Ryan, Jets proud of surprising season
  13. Vince Wilfork thinks franchise tag is "a slap in the face"
  14. Should the Jets give up on Gholston? Good ESPN article
  15. Vince Wilfork wants to play in MIAMI!!!...or Tampa
  16. MERGED: Rex Ryan says all u dolphins fans we're coming for u/Flips off Dolphin fans
  17. Rex Ryan getting booed like crazy in Miami
  18. Rex Ryan's only regret...
  19. Nnamdi Asomugha wants to play for the Jets
  20. Jet fan on WFAN: "Dolphin fans jealous of the jets"
  21. Jets coach fined $50K over obscene gesture
  22. Patriots eyeing CFL sack leader
  23. Bills Get old Phins Coach..
  24. George Edwards new Bills DC
  25. Attention all fellow Dolphin fans in regards to the Jets!
  26. Edwards installing 3-4 defense in buffalo
  27. MERGED :: Rex was spit on 3x during MMA match
  28. want to get sick to your stomach?
  29. MERGED: Not for the faint of heart/Rex Ryan
  30. La Canfora: Bills new coaching staff worse than old
  31. Marc Bulger
  32. Caption
  33. Bills' Starting RT Brad Butler Quits Team
  34. Patriots Want Julius Peppers
  35. Ranking the AFC East secondaries
  36. Merged: Moss Believes Days in NE are Numbered
  37. ESPN: Parsing the AFC East TEs
  38. Dolfans I have a bad feeling that LT is going to the Pats!
  39. Pats search for new TE
  40. Asomugha - Joining AFC East?? Hope Not for Fins Sake!!
  41. Jets want RB Jones to stay at lower rate
  42. Jason Campbell for Donte Whitner?
  43. Jets to release Jones
  44. Scott: Adalius Thomas wants to be a Jet
  45. Thought this was extremely funny
  46. New Beast
  47. Cards want Rhodes for boldin or third
  48. Merged X 2: Antonio Cromartie is a jet
  49. Patriots starting to make moves
  50. Patriots lose Green..
  51. Sharper wants to play for Jets
  52. Merged: LT to the Jets?
  53. Merged: Pool to JESTS
  54. Welker faces rehab
  55. MERGED: Rex Ryan has weight-loss surgery
  56. MERGED: jets might be interested in marshall?
  57. MERGED: According to rotoworld Jets to sign Tomlinson and trade for Marshall!
  58. Jets thank Thomas Jones in KC newspaper
  59. I hate the Jets But.....
  60. Andra Davis to Visit Bills
  61. LaDainian Tomlinson is bolting for the Big Apple
  62. Does LT add something Jones couldn't?
  63. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has lap-band surgery to fight obesity
  64. Espn Report - Jets could look at Marshall
  65. If the Jets or Patriots get Brandon Marshall..
  66. Giants win secret coin toss; Jets outraged
  67. ESPN Patriots mailbag
  68. A. Davis signs with Bills
  69. Rodrique Wright signs with Jets
  70. Jets' hosting of Thanksgiving night game means Pats will play Lions
  71. Patriots get Crumpler
  72. Best tackle tandem in the AFC.
  73. Rex "Fat Boy" Ryan trying to lose weight...haha!
  74. Ryan giddy over Revis, Cromartie pairing
  75. Jets to be featured on HOB's "Hard Knocks"
  76. McNabb possibly to Bill?
  77. WGR: Bills Begin Offseason Workouts
  78. All Division Series: AFC East
  79. Mergedx6: Sources: Santonio Holmes to Jets
  80. Roport: 4 game suspension for Holmes confirmed
  81. 2010 Jets=2008 Cowboys
  82. New York Jets, the new Redskins.
  83. Jets are the best team in the AFC East
  84. Revis Island awaits newest Dolphin
  85. Big trade puts Miami Dolphins on equal footing with Jets
  86. Rest of AFC East leaving Bills behind
  87. Revis Welcomes Marshall to the AFC East
  88. Jets might finally beat the phins this year
  89. AFC East Becoming Elite?
  90. PFT: Jets were ready to give up their 1st round pick for Marshall
  91. Can Sanchez handle the heat???
  92. Patriots sign WR Holt to a one year 1.7M deal
  93. PFT: JETS overpaid for Taylor
  94. 2010 Afce
  95. Jason Taylor: I tried everything to stay with Dolphins
  96. Taylor is full of it
  97. Dude burning his JT stuff
  98. JT jet interview
  99. Jason Taylor did the right thing
  100. Taylor is only guarenteed $2.5 mil over 2 years
  101. JT already catching s**t in NY
  102. Ganggreens Brutal Welcome for J.T. Ouch!
  103. Jason Traitor=Jt's new nickname
  104. Source: Miami made Taylor offer
  105. Dolphins and Jets win free agency, Bills win 1st round of the Draft
  106. Patriots get 2011 2nd round pick from Panthers
  107. Per Rotoworld Bills will take whatever they can get for Lynch
  108. Jets get rid of Washington
  109. My Jason Taylor Theory
  110. Gholston being moved to DE
  111. AFC East's undrafted rookies sorting out
  112. Aaron Hernandez failed drug tests
  113. Disruptive Santonio Holmes escorted off of pit flight
  114. More good news from Jets camp!!!!!
  115. Santonio Holmes in trouble again
  116. Jet Releases Santonio Holmes!
  117. Jets rookie McKnight drops passes, vomits, cramps up
  118. Rex Ryan Talks Big
  119. Fat ******* says JESTS will consider Adelius
  120. Holmes was never kicked off of the airplane
  121. Position Break Down for Jets and Dolphins.
  122. How come there's no Patriots threads?
  123. Dolphins @ Bills Games
  124. Jets fans Expect 15-1!
  125. Jets to finish 15-1? AFC East Season Predictions
  126. Article: Are Jets fans dilusional?
  127. How would you rate the AFC East quarterbacks
  128. Free agent ‘recruited’ by Seymour
  129. Merged X12: Ongoing Henne vs. Sanchez Debate...
  130. Schefter: NFL sources expect Gaither to be traded, Bills most likely destination
  131. Does Belichick Get a Pass on Poor Drafts?
  132. Caption Time: What was Mark Sanchez saying?
  133. Rex reveals 'plan' for Jets: East champs
  134. Despite progress, Welker unsure when he can return from injury
  135. Jets suffering from the "THE DISEASE OF ME"
  136. Check out Gang Greens Board On Peter King putting Miami ahead of the Jets. LoL
  137. Kris Jenkins Weighs 390lbs!
  138. No 99 for JT in NY
  139. Jason Taylor to wear #95 to honor Tim Bowens
  140. Kris Johnson on NFL Network
  141. Revis wants $20 million a season
  142. It's May, & Jason Taylor starts talking smack
  143. Bills to win AFC East...... It's true..... check it out!!
  144. Jets boast of the day..... Sanchez opens his big mouth!
  145. Jets Biggest Concern?
  146. Man! You guys are Jets obsessed! I can't believe how much they're in your heads.
  147. Why are Jets fan so obsessed with the phins
  148. All Time favorite "New York JEST Failures"
  149. Jets willing to wait for QB Mark Brunell
  150. The Top 10 most "important/memorable/bizarre" games in the PHINS/JETS rivalry.
  151. Brady's future
  152. NFL.com Revis skips Jets' OTA in contract dispute
  153. Welker runs around, Bricks are shat.
  154. A new JEST cancer : Revis skips Jets' OTA
  155. Lack of Revis extension actually Jets FANS faults?
  156. Merged: Bills Sign LB Reggie Torbor
  157. Jets Hate Justin Beiber
  158. Brady will do Pats no favors
  159. Tony's
  160. Mark Sanchez...
  161. Unhappy Revis sits out some plays
  162. Logan Mankins wants out of New England
  163. How Long Will the Ryan Show Play in New York?
  164. Revis stunt smacks of immaturity...
  165. Can we play the photo shop game with Rex Ryan and Jet players?
  166. Revis island is sinking!!!!!!! Lol
  167. One play helps Sanchez "salvage" practice,
  168. Jets and Pats have big contract problems
  169. Video: AFC East 2010 preview
  170. Jets to make Revis NFL's next $100 million man?
  171. WHat have we been telling Jet fans? This......
  172. Kirwan: Jets #2, Bills #5 secondaries in NFL
  173. LT to win Super Bowl with Jets...
  174. Taylor: I was never offered a contract by the Dolphins
  175. Jets after JaMarcus?
  176. Tune to NFL Network if you want to know why Fins are scouting North of the border
  177. Antonio Cromartie's Facebook updates during playoff game vs the Jets
  178. Position by Position Ranking of AFC East Top 3
  179. Heat Analogy to Jets Offseason: Differences and Similarities
  180. Who is going to watch Hard Knocks?
  181. Top Ten position battles in the AFC East
  182. DB rankings: Here’s why Jets top the Pack
  183. AFC East Debate: Dolphins RBs or Bills RBs?
  184. Rex Ryan Convinced Kris Jenkins Not To Retire
  185. Jets targeting T.O.
  186. Florio Thinks Terrell Owens might go to the Jets?
  187. Jets interest in TO feels like classic Rosenhaus
  188. SI: NFL power rankings. Guess who's number 1?
  189. Revis Island
  190. Fitzy's Webcast the day after 18-1.
  191. Rex Ryan extra driven to beat Dolphins
  192. Report: Bills to make Schobel a free agent
  193. Are the Bills A Threat?
  194. Source: Erik Ainge being treated
  195. Soon to be Champs
  196. JT on NYJ "Everyone is treated like a man"
  197. Pete Prisco says Jets won't make playoffs
  198. Nick Kaczur in danger of missing 2010 season
  199. Too Many Crackrock Doughnuts
  200. Interesting NE Patriots news I did not hear of lately...
  201. Jets reject offer from Revis
  202. Good News for 'Phins, bad news for Jets
  203. Braylon Edwards rips Cleveland
  204. Hard Knocks
  205. This Just in... Buffalo Sucks!!
  206. Ty Warren-Out for the year
  207. Just watched the local Bills game broadcast
  208. Jets trying to copy the phins/run wildcat with LT!
  209. Hardknocks: Impressions and Issues
  210. AFC East inury report
  211. JT in a Jets uniform
  212. MERGED: Sanchez still the same player
  213. Jets Looked Good: Or Giants were bad
  214. Tony Dungy says he wouldn't hire Rex Ryan
  215. Not that there is anything wrong with that............
  216. Jake Grove why isn't he starting
  217. To all the Jets fans on this board (RE. Hard Knocks)
  218. Spiller Looks good...
  219. Aaron hernandez
  220. Do not overlook Buffalo
  221. Cromartie blames 'Hard Knocks' producers for kid-naming trouble
  222. Report: Pats OL Kaczur's season in jeopardy after back surgery
  223. Anybody Else Catch The Jets Game Last Night?
  224. Jets fan's want to make a movie
  225. Tim Cowlishaw is reporting Jets Have Signed Revis!
  226. Bills secondary rejuvenated
  227. Gailey: Wildcat must feature passing threat
  228. Chan Gailey can't handle the truth
  229. Jets' Mangold gets 7-year, $55M deal
  230. Revis or not to Revis?
  231. Revis: I make more than the GNP of France, $152 Million
  232. Lookout Bills unveil wildcat in practice
  233. Jets beating each other up
  234. Rex Ryan: world class or donkey's ***?
  235. Rams are flogging NE
  236. Rex Grossman ownes the Jets!
  237. At least the Jets look like Total Crap!
  238. Jason Taylor starting against Miami
  239. Rex sit's down for dinner
  240. This Just In.....Miami Will Get Beat Week One
  241. Jason Taylor's dance card suddenly full
  242. IQ of the Jets?
  243. Patriots lose Legh Bodden startng CB for the season
  244. Patriot film study.....
  245. Bieber gets another fan
  246. REPORT: Revis May Not Play For Jets ‘Ever Again’< Buuuuuuahhhh!!
  247. rex ryan on the soup
  248. What? No one reporting on the CFL!!!!!
  249. MERGED: Patrick Turner Claimed by Jets
  250. Dolphins will see David Matin Week 1