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  1. Patrick Turner To The jets
  2. What is going on with the East?
  3. AFCE Positional
  4. Revis and jets come to terms
  5. Jets don't sell out opener LMAO!!!!!
  6. Lee Evans
  7. Patriots' Randy Moss has 'bad feeling'
  8. Boston herald - Brady is signed 19.3/Yr
  9. CJ SPiller Scares me, ANything think we will stop him,?
  10. Turner cut already!
  11. Sunday!!!!
  12. this is why
  13. Did anyone else hear that Tom Brady was in a car wreck
  14. Bills | Three miss practice Thursday
  15. Bills | Opponent expects team to run wildcat
  16. AFC East Rivalry Wager
  17. Bills LB Kawika Mitchell put on IR
  18. Revis at it allready.
  19. What a classless bunch the YETS are....
  20. The official jets will get there ***** handed them tonight vs the ravens.
  21. Tom Brady 911 call leaked,( from car accident)
  22. FINALLY!!!! Their season starts
  23. Kris Jenkins hurt already
  24. jets wildcat!
  25. HAHAHA Same ol' Jets
  26. Seeing Jason Taylor in Green is Making Me Sick...
  27. Jets Offense+Secondary
  28. JT not in the best shape
  29. the jets offense. your thoughts,.
  30. Jets lost to ravens
  31. Sanchez clock management
  32. Important stat from tonights game!!!!!
  33. Official QB Depth Chart for the AFC EAST- Also posted at BuffaloBills.com
  34. Dustin Keller Looked Like Hellen Keller After The Big Hit
  35. Jets could start 0-5
  36. It's the Hard Knock Life...
  37. Kris Jenkins hurts left knee..again
  38. Haha, Jets start the seaosn 0 and 3.
  39. Penalties/Undisciplined Jets
  40. Can you believe what the Jets fans say on ganggreen
  41. (Merged x3) Jets Jenkins torn ACL
  42. Unknown White Substance Found At Jets Practice!!!
  43. Jets Imploding?
  44. With Jenkins done, will Fat Albert Be a Jet?
  45. This is a must read for all the dolphans that love to jets cry!!!!!!
  46. Were the Jets about to cut Jason Taylor?
  47. Meadowlands Stadium - Transitioning from NYG to NYJ in 24 hours
  48. Lawrence Maroney traded
  49. the votes are in and sanchez wins
  50. LeBatard's Rant on the Jets
  51. Mark Zona
  52. more excuses for jet fans
  53. nfl says no to bills fans bowling ball shots
  54. pats sign former jet woodhead
  55. Jets vs. Patriots
  56. Patriots v Jets
  57. It just keeps getting better: First Revis and now Mangold out with injuries.
  58. Rumor: Pats in the market for Vincent Jackson
  59. Who were the people??
  60. AFC East Showdown
  61. "Let's f***in' ball all year long!"
  62. The simplest Jets-Fins preview
  63. Bills bench QB Trent Edwards, name Ryan Fitzpatrick starter
  64. Good luck this weekend guys
  65. Braylon Edwards Arrested
  66. Patriot RB Kevin Faulk has torn ACL
  67. Rex Ryan to Jets: Stop screwing up
  68. Fireman Ed Could face charges
  69. Will the Bills go 0-6 in divisional games this season?
  70. bills v pats
  71. Jets clearly the better team
  72. Glory
  73. Bills cut Trent Edwards
  74. Trevor Pryce Signs w/Jets
  75. The official bills will beat the jets for their first win today!!!
  76. Sitting here watching the Bills Vs Jets game....
  77. Its the Jets turn to dominate the decade
  78. moss to vikings rumor
  79. (Merged x2) Moss to be traded to the vikings.
  80. Report: Pats and Chargers talking trade for VJack...
  81. Pats 2011 Draft
  82. We need to be like the Patriots !
  83. revis talking trash about the slouch
  84. Why did the Patriots dump Moss?
  85. Report: Pats, Chargers talking Vincent Jackson trade
  86. PFT: Pats, Chargers talking Vincent Jackson trade
  87. How many points will Vikes score on Jets?
  88. "you look like a girl." moss said to brady
  89. Sooooo when the JETS lose tonight
  90. Belichick downplays report of Brady-Moss spat
  91. Minnesota Vikings vs New York Jets (Gameday thread)
  92. Deion Branch is a Patriot again
  93. Deon Branch traded to pats for a 4th
  94. did the jets get 3rd anf 15 twice???
  95. 2 things I envy of the NYJ
  96. can you get burnt twice and still be the best lol
  97. Hahaha I Love it!!
  98. dont want to hear about sparanos time management anymore
  99. The New York Field Goals
  100. Say what you will about Rex and the Jets...
  101. Chances the Broncos beat NY?
  102. Quote from Rex Ryan...
  103. Getting sick of this
  104. Hey Dolphins, Jets rise fueled by attention to turnovers
  105. revis in the headlines again for wrong reason!!!!
  106. Rating the NFL's Most Overrated. A certain AFCE QB atop the list.
  107. Behind Enemy Lines ( Dolphins/Jets rivalry Funny Vid)
  108. Bills just got jobbed by refs in OT vs Baltimore!
  109. Pats win close games......unlike the Miami Dolphins
  110. Jason Taylor
  111. Why so many Jets fans????
  112. Tired of the lunacy of Jet Fans
  113. dancing queen set to retire after 2010
  114. lol ha ha the jests cant even score 1 point!!!!
  115. LOL! Chiefs And Bill Are About To Tie
  116. A jets fan that's telling the truth.
  117. Patriots kick Vikings ***...
  118. Funny I don't see all those Jets posters today :))))))
  119. Bears vs Bills
  120. Do Moss or Merriman fit in AFC East?
  121. Bills Claim Merriman
  122. Bills acquire Merriman
  123. Phins put in claim on Merriman
  124. Jets institute body language fines for Mark Sanchez
  125. We need to watch out for Vernon Gholston in the future
  126. Patriots waived CB Terrence Wheatley.
  127. Jets and NE lost or loosing.
  128. Don't worry dolphin fans
  129. Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski placed on IR
  130. 8 year old Jets fan tackled to the ground by Browns fan
  131. Jason Allen - Patrick Turner
  132. Jets Blow 23-7 lead in 4th quarter
  133. Jason Allen sucks
  134. jets win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolol
  135. Bills put 49 on the Bengals after falling behind by 21!
  136. Pats/Jets sprint to the finish...
  137. People forget that the Pats and Jets...
  138. Patriot Uniforms
  139. Would you sell your soul to the devil for a winning Dolphin team?
  140. Patrick Turner
  141. Bills LB Shawne Merriman lands on injured reserve
  142. The New England Patriots...A Dynasty since 2001
  143. Patriots coach Bill Belichick downloads entire New York Jets playbook from WikiLeaks
  144. Pat Turner Going to the JETS Helps the Dolphins! (& the Pats, Bills, Steelers, Bears)
  145. ***New York Jets @ New England Patriots MNF Thread***
  146. Jets Week
  147. Scary thought
  148. Rex Ryan thinks of '85 Bears after loss
  149. How the jests and pats can clinch sunday. Ugh!
  150. Brandon Spikes Suspended 4 Games!
  151. Time to man up....... Bills fan here......
  152. the jets storm continues, defense not happy with rex
  153. question
  154. Mort: Alosi suspended for season/fined 25k
  155. Eric Winston on Jim Rome this morning re: the 4 Jets coaches Carroll trip
  156. Mergedx2: Jets announced they have suspended Sal Alosi indefinitely!
  157. jets release patrick turner
  158. Belichick tries to trip Marvin Harrison
  159. jets catch a huge break potentially
  160. Name a teame that hasn't scored a td since thanksgiving
  161. JT just basically won it for the Jest...
  162. I wish our lineman had this talent and speed
  163. Most amazing video for people who haven't seen
  164. WOW - fan suing Shaun Ellis for throwing a snowball at him
  165. I figured you guys would get a kick out of this quote about Rex Ryan
  166. Patriots have beaten all of the top 7 defenses (PPG) in the NFL
  167. Jets' Ryan: Foot-fetish report 'personal matter'
  168. there both just as bad.
  169. Patriots: 3 Picks in top 33
  170. Rex Ryan's WIfe
  171. jets fined $100,000 for sideline tripping incident
  172. Merriman Signs 2 year extension with the Bills
  173. This will make You SICK...
  174. Jets vs Colts
  175. farve,jets sued for sexual harrasment
  176. Interview with Jim Kelly for any Bills or NFL fans..
  177. NYJUNC...good article on Sanchez!
  178. Hate the Jets!Earned respect for Sanchez. Check it out !
  179. Jets confirm they're appealing $100K fine for sideline flap
  180. Congradulations Junc and the rest of the Jet posters who post here
  181. Sanchez
  182. Pick your poison. Jets vs. Pats
  183. What would Buffalo draft with their 1st round pick?
  184. It's Personal
  185. Nnamdi Asomugha looking to join jets 2011 link at bottom of page
  186. Jets' Cromartie rips Tom Brady
  187. Some Good News...
  188. Jets have no chance against Patriots
  189. Wanny to Bills?
  190. Wes Welker Press Conference
  191. Nick Mangold fires back @ Wes Welker
  192. Ex Dolphin good at Shutting up Rex Ryan!
  193. You guys see the skit on Fox about the Jets/Pats?
  194. The Patriots Offensive Line
  195. Official thread for Jets vs Pats?
  196. Ryan v. Bellicheck
  197. I hate the Jest
  198. Bellichoke
  199. Jason Taylor
  200. What's this all about?
  201. Congrats Junc!
  202. Patriots will pick 17th and 28th; Jets will pick 30th
  203. Nothing new to see here.
  204. Anyone catch the stats on the Pats since spygate??
  205. Thanks Tuna!!
  206. Jason Taylor has No Regrets About Joining Jets
  207. Wanny Added to Bills Staff
  208. The fact that Jason Taylor is a Jet makes me root against them more!
  209. Dave Wannstedt to become the Buffalo Bills assistant Head Coach
  210. i have a bad felling
  211. Sanchez vs 13*
  212. F- the Jets, but I will always love JT!
  213. Sanchez just wiped a bugar on the backup!
  214. J.e.t.s. . . . Suck. . . . Suck. . . . Suck!!!!
  215. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 24-0 Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!
  216. Bye bye loser jetsss
  217. Video of Sanchez picking his nose!
  218. .GIF of Fat Rex slamming his headset
  219. Kudos to Sanchez
  220. Feel bad for JT
  221. 2011 Question for Jets fans. Not trash talk.
  222. The infamous Sanchez booger wipe
  223. Going to LOVE New York radio today fellas!!
  224. Headset issues with Mark Sanchez
  225. Jason Taylor and jets vets.
  226. incarcerated bob strikes again.....
  227. Salguero -- Jets Still Have A Bright Future With Sanchez
  228. Mike Berardino: 42 reasons to celebrate New York Jets' Super Bowl shortcomings
  229. Jets are AFC Champs
  230. As horrible as this season has been...
  231. Jets | May move on from Vernon Gholston
  232. Jets Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi Resigns
  233. Looks like Mark Sanchez is in some hot legal water
  234. brady gets all 50 mvp nods..
  235. NYJunc look here!
  236. Buffalo Bills to change uniforms for 2011
  237. pats to franchise tag Mankins
  238. NFL Network: Jets won't make playoffs in 2011
  239. Rex Ryan kicks off 2011 trash talk season
  240. Leading Questions: AFC East
  241. Michael Lombardi: Jets to let Cromartie walk
  242. bills to change playing surface in 11
  243. Vernon Gholston
  244. Jason Taylor released from Jets
  245. Buffalo Bills Shawne Merriman gets owned by WWE Super Star CM Punk
  246. Controversial player's birthday cake puts 'I' in icing
  247. Damien Woody released
  248. Santonio Holmes to hit the Open Market
  249. Jason taylor : "no way in hell he'll play for the dolphins again"
  250. Jason wants to stay a Jet.....