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  1. Suns' Stoudemire signs five-year, $73 million deal
  2. Alston to Houston
  3. Angel fans, YOU SUCK
  4. Top 5 players who could be traded
  5. Golfer Michelle Wie Set to Turn Pro
  6. Proposed dress code doesn't suit some NBA players
  7. Graffanino pulls a Buckner
  8. Marlins get OK to talk to Girardi
  9. Joe Girardi next Marlins Manager?
  10. Pippen enlisted to help Odom follow in his footsteps
  11. Chemistry issues face host of Eastern teams in camp
  12. Shootout?
  13. Braves Are Still Alive
  14. Castillo-Corrales in jeopardy, UPDATE - FIGHT ON
  15. Commentary: What Does the Future Hold?
  16. In the Bottom of the 18th...
  17. Astros Win Longest-Ever Playoff Game
  18. Miami Heat Exibition Game
  19. Phillies Fire GM Wade After Failing Again to Make Playoffs
  20. Game 5: Yanks vs Angels
  21. Wow, this looks beautiful!!!
  22. Suns Lose Stoudemire for Four Months
  23. Coach K to coach Olympics
  24. what is the deepest field in the MLB?
  25. Instant Replay rule in MLB Playoffs?
  26. Exiting Yankees, Stottlemyre takes shots at the Boss
  27. Confusing Call Still Has Baseball Buzzing
  28. Jesuit Magazine Condemns Pro Boxing
  29. A's Hire Fired Manager Macha
  30. Are the Knicks worth $195 million?
  31. Heat-Grizzlies
  32. Hawks Center Collier Dies at 28
  33. Fantasy NBA?
  34. Ortiz vs. A-Rod
  35. Michelle Wie Cheats
  36. Pitching Carries White Sox to World Series
  37. Allan Houston to Retire!
  38. Pujols sinks Astros
  39. NBA Introduces New Dress Code for Players
  40. I Need Heat Info!!! Please
  41. NFL ranks last, WNBA first in diversity study
  42. Marlins Have New Coach
  43. Mazzone to O's, not Yanks?
  44. Player sits in refusal to wear adidas shoes
  45. 2005 World Series: Houston Astros vs. Chicago White Sox
  46. Oswalt Leads Astros Over Cardinals, Into World Series
  47. Fantasy Basketball draft, Owners Needed
  48. Jordan Tells '60 Minutes' He Was 'Stupid' About Gambling
  49. NBA Mulls League-Wide Physicals Standard
  50. Commentary: Ramblings and Rumblings
  51. Sports: To Play or Not To Play
  52. Sox sorry for fan who slapped Biggio's wife
  53. Smush Parker
  54. Bucks trade Mason to Hornets for Magloire
  55. WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes comes out: 'I'm tired of having to pretend'
  56. Lakers Deal Jones to Bobcats
  57. DeBerry apologizes for remarks on blacks
  58. When do they announce MVPs in MLB???
  59. Cashman returning, Bowa new third base coach!
  60. De La Hoya Might Return to Ring Two More Times
  61. Grant Hill to miss 3-6 weeks!
  62. Jay Mariotta
  63. Jean Van de Velde is taking a stand
  64. Wade and Shaq Show Rolling as Heat Dump Magic
  65. Twelve Mets Eligible for Free Agency, Including Piazza
  66. Review and replays needed in sports, life
  67. Golden Boy Promotions 2006!
  68. UFC-Ultimate Fighter
  69. Ten most feared people in sports
  70. Manny to...?
  71. Fiery Artest Says You Can't Judge Book by Cover
  72. A-Rod, Ramirez Both Win Eighth Silver Slugger Awards
  73. Ranking the NBA’s Best and Worst for 2005-06
  74. Theo OUT in Boston
  75. NBA season opens
  76. ***The MIAMI HEAT 2006 NBA CHAMPIONS thread.***
  77. Maddux leads list of repeat Gold Glove winners in NL
  78. Official "Other" NBA Teams Thread
  79. NBA Atlantic Division: Season Discussion
  80. Ali close to death?
  81. Heat Ready To Sign Latrell Sprewell
  82. Has anyone seen the purposed Marlin stadium???
  83. Rose Jr. facing drug charges
  84. MLB Season Awards
  85. Hot Stove news
  86. Heat Tickets
  87. Cuban interested in Pirates
  88. Do the St. Louis Cardinals need extra money?
  89. Kings Sorry After Controversial Video Draws Pistons' Ire
  90. Dodgers Interview Woman for General Manager Opening
  91. Congress Decides Not to Charge Palmeiro With Perjury
  92. Tysons Troubles Continue
  93. Dontrelle got robbed
  94. College hoops Playboy style…
  95. Pistons (5-0)
  96. Lebron James - The Nicest Shot in Basketball Today
  97. Who's the most likely candidate to...........
  98. NHL question
  99. Jesse Jackson on Owens......
  100. Arenas, Wizards take down Spurs 110-95
  101. Iron Mike Tyson
  102. LeBron Becomes Youngest Player to Score 4,000 Points
  103. New York holds off Kings for Brown's first victory
  104. The Heat are retiring Dan Marino's number...
  105. AL MVP is......
  106. UFC 56 - Full Force
  107. NL Mvp Is
  108. Met's Trade Cameron
  109. NBA's NOK??
  110. Listen to games - HELP
  111. Like Beckett & Lowel To Rangers?
  112. Fight Breaks Out at Boxing Dinner for Tyson
  113. Boxing fans in Miami
  114. Bad Weekend for Miami's College and Professional Teams
  115. **Breaking News**Two Helicopters crashed @ Homestead!
  116. Marbury gets aggressive, scores 27 points
  117. BoSox get Beckett!!!!!
  118. KG Trade Speculations???
  119. Marlins will explore relocation
  120. chances of marlins to newjersey?
  121. Delgado to Mets!
  122. Lets lay this to rest...The Marlins didn't "BUY" a championship in 1997.
  123. Phillies swap Thome for Rowand
  124. Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  125. UNC Tar Heels Basketball Thread
  126. Artest Shuts Down LeBron as Cavs' Streak Ends in Rout
  127. Red Sox might not replace Epstein
  128. B.J. Ryan, a Blue Jay?
  129. Yankees 2006 Schedule is out
  130. Commentary: Marlins Future Up in Air
  131. Castro criticizes Cuban players who defect
  132. Grey Cup- CFL final
  133. The Elite franchises in all of sports: Agree?
  134. Wagner a Met! Sorry Roman!
  135. Yanks shouldn't ruin infield defense just because they didn't plan for future
  136. Anyone want tix to the Penguins/Flames game on Saturday?
  137. Konerko Gets $60M for 5 Years From ChiSox
  138. Somebody from Miami or a marlins fan...
  139. Joe Thornton traded...
  140. Giles Reups with Padres for 3 and 30
  141. LOL, Jermain Taylor takes Trash Talk to the Next Level
  142. Rugby League (NRL)
  143. Manny for Abreu
  144. High School Coach Suspended for Moving Field Marker
  145. Red Sox file suit to keep World Series ball
  146. Giles Still a Padre!
  147. Barry Bonds,
  148. Philly: gives Gordon 3 year deal
  149. Kobe Bryant is just not a able to carry the Lakers
  150. UGH!!!!! Castillo Traded for Prospects!
  151. Juan Pierre going to Yanks probably
  152. NBC vs FOX
  153. Kevin Garnett Trade Rumors
  154. Zito on the market
  155. Jermaine Taylor Defeats Bernard Hopkins Again
  156. Shaq reportedly hopes to play Wednesday
  157. Lo Duca getting traded
  158. Yankees lost $50 to $85 million for 2005 season
  159. VERY important warning, re: judging the draft early
  160. Huizenga's Intriguing Comments re: Marlins
  161. Clipper Jerseys?????
  162. What do you coach?
  163. Peter King Names Chris Chambers/Lee Evans Offensive Player Of The Week
  164. Shaq coming back soon...this begs discussion
  165. Sean CAsey to pirates for a nobody
  166. Juan Pierre to Cubs
  167. Congrats to Pippen
  168. Marlins president visits San Antonio on relocation tour
  169. White Sox cut ties with Thomas
  170. Astros don't offer Clemens arbitration
  171. Soriano a Nat
  172. Boston must trade Manny this time
  173. Red Sox trade Renteria to Braves
  174. World Cup Seeding today!!!
  175. Ouch US seed in the group of death
  176. Official 2005/06 NCAA Basketball Thread
  177. people that live in florida
  178. According to SportsCenter...
  179. Theo!
  180. Toronto Blue Jays
  181. The Miami Floridians!
  182. Ron Artest Wants To Be Traded
  183. JJ Reddick
  184. BREAKING NEWS: Stan Van Gundy is expected to step down
  185. Nomar to Yanks?
  186. U.S. sprinters receive two-year bans
  187. Atlanta Braves May Be for Sale ???
  188. Bird's gambling problem
  189. A-Rod leaning toward playing for Dominican Republic
  190. Real Life Drago: Ruiz to fight seven foot russian
  191. U.S. won't allow Cuba to play in Baseball Classic
  192. Armstrong possibly could be jailed in Italy
  193. Monmouth 41 Princeton 21
  194. Eddie Olczyk Fired!!!!!!!!!!
  195. Come on Indiana and Miami...PLEASE!
  196. Learn the Lottery First
  197. A sign you have a good agent
  198. Hockey Question....
  199. Nomar joins the Los Angeles Red Sox
  200. Rose Says He Bet on Reds 'Every Night' While Managing
  201. predict the marlins record
  202. Commentary: OT: The Baseball Offseason So Far
  203. USA Olympic Hockey Team Announced
  204. Yanks sign Dotel
  205. US Calls Up 30 for World Cup Warm Up
  206. Damon signs with Yanks
  207. Kobe rippin the Mavs
  208. Which one is worse.........
  209. Hey George......
  210. Canadian Hockey Olympic Team
  211. Commentary: The Return of Riles
  212. Argentina's Ayala Out Until March
  213. Happy Holidays
  214. Heinze Set to Miss Out of WC Action
  215. Definitely need a HEAT win today
  216. I've always had good sportsmanship..
  217. Payton, Not Shaq, Puts Heat on Lakers
  218. Parker cited for impeding traffic with Longoria
  219. MLB stars named in alleged phone card scam
  220. Riley may sic sumo wrestlers on Shaq
  221. Arenas Outperforms Kobe as Wizards Edge Lakers
  222. Castro Calls Bush 'a Fool' for Keeping Cuba Out of WBC
  223. Report: Bird feels 'betrayed' by Artest's trade demands
  224. Palmeiro Said Not Sure Why Test Positive
  225. College Basketball Forum?
  226. Tejada on the move: Cubs or Red Sox
  227. Anyone up for a fantasy NBA league?
  228. Kobe Bryant doesn't play dirty?
  229. Michigan vs Nebreska Bowl Game
  230. Lance Armstrong AP Male Athlete of the Year...Again!!
  231. Reyna Out For a Few Weeks
  232. Lets go Pistons
  233. Go Heat!! Beat the Pistons!
  234. Ron artest to the T-wolves?
  235. Despite 47 from Arenas, Heat stop Wizards
  236. 4-Way Manny Trade in works
  237. Stars shine as Heat torches Timberwolves
  238. Pat Riley Signs Contract Extension
  239. Hearns accused of assaulting his son
  240. Dominique Wilkins > your favorite Player
  241. What's Karo's role in TUF3?
  242. Mets trade Seo to Dodgers
  243. Official Sports video thread
  244. KG is truly a great person
  245. Manny wants to stay in Boston now
  246. Canada Gold Medal Champions!
  247. tejada to stay with o's
  248. Coming to a BIG time college near you in 2008......................
  249. FIS wants U.S. team to address Miller's comments
  250. Anyone know anything about TMac?