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  1. Suck for luck!!!
  2. RUMOR :: Philbin a Possible University of Wisconsin Coaching Candidate
  3. tannehill is garbage..
  4. Can't wait till Chad Henne throws for 400 yds vs Dolphins
  5. This loss is on Tannehill!
  6. The Colts will officially finish with a better record than the Dolphins
  7. Only one person turned water into wine
  8. Boner-inducing Dolphin Drive right there!
  9. Hate me
  10. A MUST READ for everyone ... I promise you will not regret it! (for you nyjunc)
  11. 4 Dolphins Make Pro Bowl!
  12. A new angle on the logo......
  13. Vontea just picked off Shaub
  14. Larry Fitzgerald
  15. Call me crazy but ...
  16. I have been married for 25 years!
  17. Tannehill signs contract with Jordan
  18. Teddy Ginn Jr. and his family will be Super Bowl Champs
  19. Brady Quinn if we lose Moore.
  20. It's depressing knowing Ireland will screw up our offseason
  21. Ktfo!!!
  22. test
  23. With the first pick
  24. Go afc east coast!
  25. This forum
  26. Marino makes the news again
  27. The Easiest Way to Improve our Linebacker Corps in 2013
  28. Anyone interested in Django?
  29. Huge trade rumors
  30. Rumor: Logo release date
  31. Unoffical "I am better at life " then Jeff Ireland
  33. Browns offer Wallace $13.5 annually?
  34. Its official!!!!!
  35. report jared cook to rams 5yr/35mil
  36. No TE = Same lack of middle-field threat
  37. RUMOR Karraker says Rams and Cook have agreed to a 5 year 35 million dollar deal
  38. Dolphins Sign OL Daniel Thomas
  39. Jack Long a Ram per
  40. I just heard on WMAQ radio that Stephen Ross is going to move the team to L.A. wtf
  41. Man **** you Ireland! You suck!
  42. That There New Logo Is Ugly!
  43. Hot Steaming Nudity and Sexy Stuff and Stuff
  44. OPINION: new logo is....
  45. Ryan Tannehill is a playmaker
  46. New Dolphins uniform! Love it or hate it?
  47. New logo
  48. New Logo a Fake?
  49. Dolphins sign.....
  50. Breaking News!!! Dolphins Trade For Revis!!!!!!!!!!!!
  51. Inside source on who we will be drafting
  52. Imagine if???????
  53. I just heard from a Facebook friend that Bess has been released...true?
  54. A thought re: the new logo
  55. Link to NFL salaries
  56. spoiler alert...........miami draft
  57. Welcome, Luke Joeckel
  58. The Truth Inside Miami's Two 4th Round Picks
  59. You will hear a weird name
  60. Manti Manti & Keenan Allen in California is that a coincidence?
  61. This is what drives me f'ing nuts...
  62. let's go get Tim Tebow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. Per Adam Schefter
  64. Since the Dolphins are moving, and their will be no more Dolphins. we will go 4-12
  65. Back Due To Popular Demand....
  66. Marvin McNutt is about to McNutt all over the league.
  67. Dion Jordan was in A car accident
  68. Our game with the Saints in September may be easier - Brees in accident
  69. Fins cut Patterson and Carpenter
  70. Dolphins will sign a starter tomorrow
  71. I Just read on NFLAM that Wake could be traded...
  72. The Dolphins certainly aren't doing Egnew any favors...
  73. test
  74. Ryan Tannehill is optimistic
  75. Now that Dee is gone...can we get our old logo back?
  76. Riley Cooper anyone?
  77. Riley Cooper
  78. Lol...
  79. Don't worry about how bad we look! It's only the 2nd preseason game!!!
  80. [Insert your name] Create a new dolphins thread!
  81. View count and reply
  82. Keith Jackson - TE ?
  83. Les Brown?
  84. A montage of the great plays Marshall made for us
  85. Tannahill cut !!!! (False title, not Ryan)
  86. Now that we lost the hall of famer AJ Francis
  87. Bench Tannehill now and insert Devlin or Moore
  88. Week 2 Inactives vs. Colts
  89. Oh no!!!!
  90. The OFFICIAL 2013 "Let's draft Jake Long over Matt Ryan thread"
  91. Phannyhill
  92. delete
  93. Hey!!!!
  94. I think the Dolphins should sign Josh Freeman
  95. Serious question
  96. Thad Lewis 1-0 at Sun Life.
  97. Don't Get Negative Yet...
  98. this site is a joke
  99. Half you idiots need to get a clue.
  100. oh boo hoo..
  101. Have you read this article about the Pats game yet?
  102. Move this team!!
  103. Jeff ireland: "i would trade egnew for marshall 1,000 times over again."
  104. Jeff ireland: " im nice with 2nd round picks"
  105. Gay lover rage
  106. Jonathan Martin: Please make a 4th attempt at ending it and GTFO!
  107. test
  108. Coyle: your defense SUCKS!!!!!!
  109. Get rid of Pouncey.......
  110. Meanwhile...
  111. If Tannehill was sacked so hard..
  112. That Jets game was fattening before the slaughter
  113. Jacoby Jones needs to be suspended immediately!
  114. Would Brett Favre be a good NFL-Dolphins Coach -
  115. Hi Haters
  116. Dum TV peeples
  117. Hi, Hay-turds!
  118. Guys don't give your money to this franchise!!!!1
  119. Trade Cincy our punter
  120. Need help streaming game
  121. Can Someone PM me a link to the game
  122. Cog and Martin to be back tomorrow at practice
  123. Is it Tebow-time yet?
  124. Ross reacts to retention of management and staff!!!!!
  125. Must be nice..
  126. Old Rich Old Guy with A Gal Named Dawn?
  127. Ryan Tannehill threw Jeff Ireland a Going Away Party
  128. Philbin/Aponte have a plan for the new GM
  129. Omar.........................
  130. Just looking back at all my posts, dmn am good !
  131. trade 4 Foles?
  132. Do You Watch the Dolphins' Games?
  133. Do you know what team Don Shula coached in south florida
  134. Have you browsed the Finheaven forums?
  135. Hyde : Dolphins to move on from Pouncey
  136. "So this is how liberty dies....through thunderous applause."
  137. Exclusive footage of Hickey arriving in Davie for his press conference
  138. Luck vs Tannehill
  139. ****breaking news****
  140. Could Daniel Thomas be the next Priest Holmes?
  141. Manziel is an icon
  142. Tannehill is not a leader
  143. Do we have a new GM?
  144. Cocaine Cowboys incriminated dolphins
  145. Martin should announce he is gay
  146. Moved per Poster's Request
  147. Once Again, Many Of You Owe Me An Apology !!!
  148. Dolphins should move up in draft to get Bortles or Manziel
  149. Miami Dolphins Will Sign LB D'Qwell Jackson Tuesday March 4th
  150. Miami Dolphins Will Trade for TE Jimmy Graham Wednesday March 5th
  151. Joe Philbin pooped his pants
  152. Dolphins trade jordan and pouncy: In my dream !
  153. It's already starting
  154. a thought about the Martin trade
  155. Pats and ATL in trade talks...involves Julio Jones
  156. Had a dream last night about the fins :/
  157. Dolphins and Eagles finalizing trade for Dion Jordan
  158. Dolphins Lose Draft Pick, You have got to be f!@#ing kidding
  159. Petition to keep Vick out of Cortland
  160. Slow day? This'll cheer you up!
  161. Super Secret Information
  162. If you complain
  163. Wow this page is full of crybabys
  164. Thank you Hickey
  165. Bob Griese Jersey Card For Sale!!!!
  166. Spam is Spam
  167. Biggest Joke in the NFL
  168. Richie Incognito: BRING RICHE BACK TO PLAY CENTER!!!!!!!
  169. Miami Dolphins Consider Trading Ryan Tannehill - Sources?
  170. Anyone have a hard knicks streaming site?
  171. Where is the outrage???
  172. Jets QB's better than the Dolphins
  173. I heard that Brady got popped for Molly just like Welker
  174. Is there anything Lazor can't do?
  175. Fins haven't won since I found this site in 2002, its your fault!!!!!
  176. I will never forget.
  177. Think we found our new......
  178. Wait...wait...wait....
  179. Bring back the fist pump!
  180. Wilson > Tannehill
  181. I hav the inside scoop on the Bears locker room fight - Buddy of mine is an assistant
  182. Can't believe some of the posts here
  183. Hope youre enjoying 3rd place
  184. Miami Will NEVER Be A Dominant Team Until...
  185. Do you like Alex Smith light?
  186. Sanchez >>> Tannehill
  187. Mike Wallace suspended for the game?
  188. People knew the game was on Thursday, right?
  189. the Lions have manginas
  190. I'm so sick of the knee-jerk reactions! Derp!!!
  191. Jeff Ireland is sitting somewhere laughing
  192. Official nyjunc suicide watch thread
  193. Saw this on another site can't find it now
  194. Tannehill BEST QB in the NFL
  195. Fin Heaven is for Vaginas
  196. Johnny Football or Choking Dolphins
  197. I'm done with this organization until...
  198. Time to move on #burnitdown
  199. Miami sucks another week.... Tannehill chokes once again when games count...
  200. Keeping philbin here is smart
  201. How long until WV makes a get real thread
  202. Breaking News: Miami to Change Name and Logo
  203. Seems like Phibin is not a good "coach" at home either
  204. Will Tannehill Ever Be Good Enough For Miami Fans?
  205. Way To Go! Receivers!
  206. So Glad the Fins Made the SuperBowl After All
  207. Breaking SPAM: Miami is Suh's number 1 choice
  208. Ireland in hot water over drugs (article linked)
  209. Suh finally signed!(per nfl.com)
  210. Charles clay offered $9 mil/year, cap space information
  211. John Denney is on my bus headed to Denver
  212. Dan Marino is hitchhiking with me to Aluquerque.
  213. 49ers waive OL Jonathan Martin - Should We Pick Him Up
  214. Take the Wonderlic
  215. Dear Pretend Scouts/GMs
  216. FH is intellectually dishonest
  217. Bears release Ray McDonald - Should Dolphins pick him up.
  218. Jordan Cameron out of shape???
  219. Deflate gate update
  220. Every year it is the same thing
  221. Can't dispute anything i say so, you block me from my own post. Fcuk you btihces
  222. I'm pointless but I miss Vontae.....
  223. If Sporano had this team.......
  224. I told toy
  225. Goodbye Finheaven
  226. The new season of Walking Dead premiered yesterday, wait...
  227. Practice vid shows changes already
  228. Joe Philbin Memories..
  229. The Division is Ours!
  230. Philbin reminds me of
  231. PUNCH Ryan and Lauren Tannehill in the face game!!
  232. "I Talk To The Wind"
  233. Shula
  234. Mike shula mike shula mike shula mike shula
  235. Witness the future, Paxton Lynch!
  236. Just seeing if Rob Ryan threads....
  237. I've seen enough of Tannehill. Start Matt Moore.
  238. Dolphins really disgust me!!
  239. Matt Schaub > Tannehill