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  1. Nappy Roots!
  2. I have proof that the Patriots cheated
  3. Dolphins/Bills Game
  4. Passrush is hungry, what should he eat for lunch?
  5. Spam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Sing with Clumpy!
  7. Patssuck456 needs to defecate
  8. 9,999 Posts
  9. How much will the fins lose by this week?
  10. Imo
  11. Pitt loss IMPROVED our chances of a S-BOWL!!!!!
  12. Paging Ray Lucas.
  13. Dolphins vs. Raiders: Hell of a Game!
  14. im jumpin off the bandwagon, later
  15. Never thought I'd say it..I miss Wanny
  16. Did we accept the Bill's Bet?
  17. Now we know!!!
  18. Cut Ronnie!...he is a backup!
  19. Eating fish with my 5 kids
  20. I just realised something.
  21. This is how I feel about the Dolphins now...
  22. Fire Saban........ronnie Is A Bust, Why Did We Draft Jason Allen?!?!?!
  23. Finheaven girls..
  24. we suck!
  25. Who is the better QB Culpepper or Aaron Brooks
  26. Dolphin fans are some of the worst in the NFL
  27. Dolphin fans are some of the worst in the NFL
  28. Finheaven Main Board Is Rough Right Now!
  29. Long for the days of Fielder
  30. Best Culpepper joke I've heard so far.
  31. Would you...
  32. Dolphins most overrated team?
  33. Dissed for nothing
  34. Since Were Still Not Winning
  35. Both loses came to AFC teams.
  36. Missed call.
  37. Zach Thomas must go!!
  38. FinHell!!!!!
  39. Brett Farve
  40. i propose a ban of
  41. Vick Emulates Young for Dolphins
  42. What happened to Jason Taylor???
  43. NFL Games to Download
  44. Is Saban really any better than Wanny???
  45. tampa is disperate
  46. RoNieBrOOOWN
  47. cAMPY 2
  48. What Is With Us We Need The Fire!
  49. Will we ever win a Super Bowl?????
  50. The only thing were missing is...
  51. Music Artist Robert Randolph Talks New CD, Sports.
  52. We're losing today folks...
  53. We stink
  54. Doomed with Saban...
  55. Where is everyone defending Ronnie Brown now?
  56. Read This!
  57. Why And How
  58. Ronnie Brown=Too highly drafted Tight End
  59. Nonproductive redundant thread...and I don't care...
  60. How Miserable are you ???
  61. Gonna be trouble
  62. No No No!!
  63. I'm done criticizing players.
  64. Easy Decisions
  65. Has Nick lost this TEAM...
  66. Boot Me Now: The Dolphins Suck
  67. Omg The Dolphins Suk!!!!! Why? Find Out Inside............
  68. Welcome to
  69. Frauds.
  70. What This Team Needs
  71. Face it there is no hope
  72. Dejected!
  73. Is Saban working for Kraft ?
  74. HICKS from ALIENS
  75. brady quinn to miami
  76. Ronnie for D'Brickashaw?
  77. Here's a little Therapy folks
  78. saban step it up
  79. We're Done.
  80. New Practice Unis for Players and Coaches
  81. Malarkey
  82. ***official Bench Daunte Fumblepepper Thread***
  83. "Shock and Awe"
  84. Miami Stadium falling apart just like the fans
  85. Who will be the first to get cut?
  86. Concrete Falls on Tom Brady...Dolphins Win!!!!
  87. Increase Vertical jump 14 Inches
  88. With Harrington at the Helm, This Weeks a Lock!!!
  89. Back On The Gus Bus!
  90. Its all Nick's master plan.
  91. Don't Look Now
  92. Cleo Lemon -Harington stinks
  93. How long does Huizenga allow this to go on ?
  94. dierdorf
  95. Perhaps, jus maybe it's not the O line
  96. This Game Exposes the REAL Problem
  97. That's it..
  98. Now that the season is OFFICIALLY OVER....
  99. Woohoooo! 1 sack Harrington is the next Brady, Superbowl Homeboy!
  100. I Got A Solution
  101. BROWN SUX thread
  102. Start Vick!
  103. Tom Brady works for Consumer affairs for Wrigley XD
  104. Would you ever want Dave Wannstedt back as head coach?
  105. Do the have practice
  106. we suck
  107. Secondary+oline
  108. You people make me sick!!!!!
  109. Tell me which qb in this league limps
  110. Let me sign that donkey-donkay
  111. scott linehan
  112. frerrote
  113. What has Houck done for you lately?
  114. Dr Z's Power Rankings
  115. Any news?
  116. Im Calling you out:
  117. Have you ever heard of ...
  118. LBs, DBs, WRs, QBs
  119. I was playing madden and
  120. quick question
  121. donnie jones vid?
  122. Saban .. the worst coach ever?
  123. The worst half i ever seen before
  124. Dave Wannstedt or Nick Saban?
  125. what a godam joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  126. We Need Ricky Back
  127. Removed from: We Need Ricky Back
  128. Fins should consider...
  129. tuesdays practice
  130. I love this team, but ****!
  131. Saban can't even replace the kicker
  132. I loathe to say this
  133. Thanks Pep for ruining our season.
  134. Trade Mare for Rackers
  135. Ok, While We're at it, Y dnt we trade
  136. ray lucas jerseys...great for starting fires...
  137. phins need more backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  138. what the deuce?
  139. Afc East Wr Curse?
  140. Marcus Vick starting QB??
  141. Rams On A Bye Week....maybe Linehan
  142. Marcus Vick for QB!!!
  143. Dan Marino for Coach
  144. Vick for QB
  145. Should we cut our Losses with McMike and Chambers..
  146. If we draft Merriweather from the U
  147. Mysterious powder on the field!!!
  148. ricky williams exe file desktop
  149. I want Dan Back!!!
  150. Favre 115 yards more to 60,000
  151. Jets fan here.
  152. Why is Ronnie always smiling??
  153. Daunte Culpepper is starting?!
  154. Refs hate us already
  155. Actress Wendy Raquel Robinson Interview Talks New Football CW TV Show The Game
  156. Recievers Suck Hard!!!!!
  157. Lol at Derek hagan
  158. Official start Jason Allen/Fred Evans thread
  159. We suck, We suck, We suck
  160. Dolphins suck!!!!
  161. New Thred
  162. Saban promote Jack Hunt & Norman Lejeune!!!
  163. Next up after bye Da Bears
  164. The season is almost over
  165. Cheer up because we are a shoe in for....
  166. Turn Out The Lights
  167. Bye week favored over Phins by 7 points
  168. McMichael: US Olympic Volleyball
  169. We could still win out and make the playoffs !
  170. IF.. IF Nick Saban were to get fired....
  171. my evaluation
  172. Make a strike!
  173. Wanny? 6-2!, Rick?, 4-2! Linehan?, 4-2!
  174. I predict ! We do NOT lose this weekend !
  175. Wannyspeil mortgaged the future
  176. Two Candidates for our next head coach!!!
  177. We are the Cardinals
  178. Hilarious!!!!
  179. cigar is back
  180. jimmy johnson
  181. How is the Chill Out and be PATIENT bandwagon doing these days?!?
  182. The dolphins won't lose another game...
  183. Can We Cahnge Our Td Song?
  184. Best Worst Team?
  185. 100 Days Till Victory!
  186. The Worst Football Season to EVER hit South Florida!
  187. O-Linemen can't wear Speedo's so they avoid South Florida!!
  188. Wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhoooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhh
  189. Can we just forfeit next week?
  190. we will get killed
  191. our organization... the worst in football
  192. Practice cancelled
  193. solutions for this team
  194. Let's have some fun with the rumors.
  195. Dolphin Stories
  196. What happened to all of the.....
  197. everyone who wants saban out post here
  198. Miami Dolphins Joke I Received
  199. Talk About Really Dynamic Stuff
  200. I'm Glad Kooch Spoke Out!!!
  201. LIVE Soldier Field WEBCAM
  202. Jason Allen Making A Play Wooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  203. Why The **** Do You Blitz!!!!!!!!!!!
  204. Please Saban release Will Allen.... PLEASE I DONT WANT HIM PLAYING FOR THIS TEAM EVER
  205. Can't we give Cleo a shot?
  206. Culpepper Likely Done for the Season
  207. Leftwhcich/ Calvin Johnson
  208. With Miami Winning Sunday
  209. I have no where to post.
  210. Randy Mueller
  211. Caption this picture
  212. Fun Fact
  213. Hold on if we had a.j. feely
  214. Which dolphin gets the most action?
  215. Saddam Escapes!!!
  216. where can i get...
  217. 3 Games Out
  218. no more joey
  219. ENUFF!!!!!! with the Trick plays!!!!!!!!!!
  220. Bell will be a probowler one day
  221. our new OC candidate
  222. Why have we not resigned JT?
  223. i forgot about larry chester
  224. Ronnie Brown workout..
  225. I knew it....
  226. ~! Ok if Ronnie/Chambers bust post here!~
  227. Big News!!!
  228. Steelers Ike Taylor Interview
  229. same old team
  230. Our Defense Sucks Today!!!
  231. Accepted: Fins have NO, Nada, None, field goal kicking ability
  232. What would have been hilarious....
  233. Shut Up John Mellencamp!!!!
  234. Los Angeles and Orange County poker players...
  235. Lavar was on ESPN and said he would have a decision by THIS AFTERNOON
  236. Why did we do this????
  237. I don't like this AJ Feeley acquisition
  238. do players fart on the field?
  239. our playing sucks !!!!!!!!!!1
  240. If a team were to play in LA wouldn't they have to play in a dome
  241. Woooooo yeahhhhhh
  242. Captain Eo
  243. HAHA AJ FEELY Wut a Joke!!!!
  244. Fire Saban
  245. Least Favorite Ronnie Brown Overthrows???
  246. Keith Traylor listed as BACKUP QB
  247. Hey, Remember Those Urlacher vs. Thomas threads...
  248. An Open Letter to Nick Saban
  249. Eagles Vince Papale Interview
  250. Yatil Green