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  1. Joey Harrington Font
  2. Joey Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. **** This Team
  4. Get rid of 'me all!
  5. Fire Mularky Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Jason Allen and Derek Hagan officially are both labeled....
  7. Dr. George Caldwell
  8. dfgh
  9. Rocky IV Interview with Actor Dolph Lundgren
  10. Tom Oliva
  11. Brit-spam
  12. Bama reaches again for Saban.
  13. NewEngland @ Miami
  14. Here we go again!!
  15. **** ********!
  16. First place in the AFC with homefield if....
  17. delete this thread
  18. Rocky Balboa Movie Interview with Antonio Tarver
  19. Observation of Saban on NFL Network
  20. Bigger nose Matthews or Fiedler
  21. Spam
  22. Phinz420 Please Read
  23. madison, williams, or culpepper?
  24. JP or Joey
  25. Fire The Darned Mascot!!
  26. Interview with Boxing Historian Bert Sugar
  27. where was chambers at today?
  28. This is embarassing
  29. We need to fire Saban!
  30. Zach Thomas gets london fletchers probowl spot
  31. Well Dolphins fans
  32. We Are Marshall Interview with Director McG
  33. Another NewEra8 drunk spam thread...
  34. :ri:
  35. R.I.P. Pete Rose
  36. times 2
  37. Playoff bound in 06': Here is how fin fans!
  38. Go Finsssss!!!!! - Nt
  39. The official sign Mularkey to an extension thread!!!
  40. Peta Called
  41. Off topic tax question originally asked in the Ask Brett Tessler Thread
  42. We Officially Suck!
  43. i have something very tragic to say
  44. Croation Sensation
  45. chat with ricky
  46. Mularkey for HC
  47. nick saban sucks donkey balls- NT
  48. Finheaven Staff for new Coaching Staff
  49. We just lost the best coach in the world.
  50. New Head Coach: This Just In
  51. head coach? Lets be serious folks...
  52. A girl was walking on the sidewalk....
  53. Scott Pioli for new head coach
  54. Wayne H makes us look clueless!!!
  55. the answer to the traveling question
  56. Rocky Balboa Interview with Actor Burt Young
  57. Whisenhunt will be a Dolphin
  58. Quick somebody tell WH
  59. test
  60. New Forums
  61. Damn! This Sux We Have Until This Day For The Dolphins To Win A Superbowl!!!
  62. To the people who complained at me about the CAPS
  63. The Best Dolphins Scenario!
  64. My IDEAL COACHING SCENARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. radio said jimmy johnson is a private rumor regarding head coach position
  66. Anyone thought of this?
  67. Hey Low Key, empty your mailbox man!
  68. My *** itches
  69. **** The Nfl!
  70. Actor John O'Hurley Interview
  71. Your new head coach is none other than
  72. Chan Head Coach
  73. My DarkHorse.....My DarkHorse.
  74. The problem: the search itself!
  75. Does anyone else use Tivo to watch the games??
  76. Rumor: On Cam
  77. Remember, It's press conference not "presser""
  78. dfd
  79. CBS11 in Dallas Reports: Nick Saban is NOT interested in the Dallas job
  80. Tuna timing w/ Dolphins (no pun intended)
  81. OPINION-Cam Cameron QB
  82. Posts in SPAM
  83. Attn. Everyone
  84. sdgfgsd
  85. dolphins set to hire colts def.quality control coach diron reynolds
  86. take seau back
  87. ABC's The Bachelorette's Jen Schefft Talks Football, New Book
  88. If I say "Jets" off the record, is it less filthy?
  89. Werid Question
  90. Darkmistress
  91. Brady Quinn- Wikipedia
  92. wrong forum
  93. I have very important news
  94. Maybe Cameron Should Hire Marty To Be Head Coach!
  95. VIP membership = Stupid
  96. Fire Cam Hire Marty
  97. dont reply just to get in arcade
  98. What I Love About Valentine's Day
  99. Mic
  100. Hey Philter25...
  101. breaking news good for us
  102. BAD phinfan!! or whatever he was...
  103. Per Schefter: Dielman will command Hutchinson money
  104. Levi brown...man is he old/ugly looking!
  105. Did Ray Lucas ever crap his pants onfield?
  106. fustration with our organization...the raiders in the making.
  107. You guys want Brian Griese from my Bears...Rightttttttt?
  108. cameron seeming a bad choice
  109. That Impressed?
  110. New Pats board
  111. After all this time!
  112. Moss leaning toward signing with Miami?
  113. Cam and randy on 790 the ticket now
  114. Phinfan Q&A
  115. The Greatest Plan Ever To Be Proposed On The Internet
  116. A Campbells Moment
  117. Admins... help a brotha out!
  118. Chris Chambers at Safety...
  119. Marino!!!
  120. Is Az Hakim this years David Boston
  121. well guys
  122. this website
  123. Lets trade Mare to the Patriots for......
  124. I found us a QB
  125. Rumor: Trade up to #1???
  126. Come on people
  127. look at this
  128. Identity report: Britain
  129. thomas retiring
  130. CB Solution?
  131. The Official "Cut Dan Wilkerson" thread..
  132. CPep + Zack for Lions 1st!! LINK Inside!!
  133. Here you are Fin Fans maybe Philly would trade for Culpepper.
  134. Randy Moss to Miami April Fools Hoax (Merged)
  135. Fin get QB, Release C-Pep
  136. What station is My cousin vinny on
  137. RUMOR: TRADE TALK with Oakland and MIami are steaming
  138. UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMOR MIAMI neogotiating for Moss
  139. Jay Feely= Dilema?
  140. Speculation: We Never Went to the Moon
  141. marino should never have Gotten a chance to wear #13
  142. Head, shoulder, knees, no toes yet
  143. you guys all need a pep talk
  144. long night
  145. Thomas Jefferson's brother...
  146. Raiders agree to contract with Brady Quinn
  147. JETS fans have no freaking class...
  148. After passing on Quinn, I am no longer a phin fan
  149. Its Official Cameron Is Worse Then Saban And Wannestant
  150. Lay off My son!
  151. For all those who thought that Randy Mueller was a good GM
  152. Monkeys Pushing Buttons
  153. Moss a Pat + Cams/RM bad Draft = No east titles in several years
  154. Miami's future
  155. Sad News
  156. Dont read this only way i could transfer it to be able to print school blocks email
  157. Beck stars!!!!!! Quinn struggles!!!
  158. Ok I"m a dolphins fan but I have met the most......
  159. Reason b/c Fins didnt take Quinn
  160. I wish.........
  161. Cant Catch On
  162. favre or green
  163. I cant take any more of these What If's!!!
  164. Miami Dolphin cheerleaders are HOT!
  165. any NBA fans?
  166. Would you cut off your finger?
  167. Rick Astley just had sex with you...
  168. Ricky Williams=Paula Abdul of NFL
  169. Ted Ginn Family
  170. 55.65 posts a day!!
  171. What Is It???
  172. Ted Ginn (Cleveland)
  173. Trent To Miami
  174. Randy Mac Smack!
  175. Alcohol Ban...
  176. well I 'll be DON SHULA
  177. Most recent picture of Trent Green
  178. since the clouds are gone and i am back to abormal
  179. Brady Quinn Needs to Catch Up
  180. iNFLuence
  181. craziest place you've taken a dump
  182. Free Daunte!!!!
  183. does anyone miss randy mcmichael's infinite wisdom
  184. Dolphins Add New Drink
  185. Another good write up on the Fins' POTENTIAL this year...
  186. Hadnot needs the "Bro"
  187. Trent Green vs Tom Brady Comparison
  188. Hopefully this is a sign of a tougher team this year!
  189. Gave my Jerseys to goodwill........
  190. What makes Fin fans superior to all others AFC East fans??
  191. well i survived the weekend
  192. any dolphin player on this board
  193. trent green and I
  194. Good Riddance
  195. Madden 2009
  196. culpepper cut
  197. Farewell Daunte this is to you we now pass the roll on to some other team!!!!!!
  198. Culpepper got a raw deal
  199. This pic symbolizes the Dolphins invesment in Daunte
  200. i will donate 2k phindollars to the first person to post in this thread
  201. Victor Shapiro ranks the Dolphins #1 in 2007!!
  202. Clip of Dan
  203. trippin balls dood
  204. Test
  205. McFadden!
  206. Awesome Brady Tribute
  207. Caption time!!
  208. Wayne Huizenga
  209. My name is Jar-Jar.
  210. Opinion; BECK will not be the starting QB for the Tunas fins
  211. More reason to hate the Patsies (article)
  212. Since a lot of people are getting tired of the trade scenarios....
  213. Merged 4x: Chris Berman goes off...
  214. I hate the Pats Official Thread
  215. Lol!
  216. lmaoo funny video n very true
  217. Congrats on the Patriots on their perf......Wait.
  218. The Housing Crisis in Perfectville
  219. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Choke Ha Ha Ha Ha
  220. something heartfelt for the Patsies
  221. please ban "only happens in madden" talk this offseason
  222. 18-1 = FAIL (video)
  223. Rumor:Brown to not be ready till 2-5 weeks into the season...
  224. Hypothetical-Would the 72 Dolphins root against an undefeated Dolphins team in the SB
  225. Merged: What If Wayne Was Running The Show,And Parcells Wasnt Here?
  226. Who is stil jacked up?
  227. Patriot fan reaction lol check it out
  228. Ill! I just got done watching the John Beck games, the guy was god awful!
  229. John Beck's arm is so strong that....
  230. A Tom Brady Chant
  231. Chris Berman, Hillarious!
  232. The Best Draft Day Scenerio
  233. Thanks!!!
  234. Dolphins - Cheaters?
  235. For all FinFans who know or are friends with Ratriot fans
  236. anyone else see the Palm Beach post this morning?
  237. A Great Way to Ruin the Patriots!!!
  238. 1
  239. ESPN First Take: Dolphins #1
  240. Bad News About Matt Ryan he doesn't like Bill Parcells
  241. something different
  242. will we always suck?
  243. We Should PASS on the No.1 Overall Pick
  244. wake and bake is the bessst
  245. Let's trade every pick in the draft and Jason Taylor for Tom Brady.
  246. OT: Met Randy Yesterday
  247. Dolphins on espn first take again
  248. Go To Bed!!!!
  249. teams are being active
  250. Anybody else hate this?...