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  1. If you hate the patriots...
  2. Merged: (UPDATE) WR Henderson mistake by NFL Network, not a Dolphin
  3. Something real BIG is about to go down!
  4. Rumor: Pace back in Miami!!!
  5. Who is a better coach Parcells/J.J???
  6. Merged: miami dolphins have two first round picks!!!
  7. new signings or rumors on signings
  8. Joey Harrington, now that Atlanta has released him...
  9. Dolphins\' Beck creating headaches for Parcells
  10. Who was the WORST QB to play in Miami after Marino?
  11. Our Only Win
  12. Miami Dolphins make trade offer to Cardinals for Fitz
  13. RUMOR: WR Roy Williams to Eagles
  14. Marino over Montana
  15. Peyton Manning A Fin!!!!!!
  16. The Dolphins are still the worst team in the NFL
  17. cheating?
  18. dolphins on SC
  19. What about this Trade? Taylor to Pats!
  20. Thread For Every Player Who Gets Released That Someone Says We Should Look At
  21. William Joseph=Raiders Eugene Wilson=Bucs Hall=Raiders THANKS BILLY
  22. I liked this pic...but....
  23. Hey Guess What ?!
  24. Jason Taylor traded APRIL FOOLS!
  25. Breaking News: Fins trade the #1 overall pick and Jason Taylor to the Vikings
  26. Barack Dropping out of race (Arpil Fools)
  27. Merged: Jason Taylor Retired/Retire tonights dancing show
  28. Jason Taylor trades???
  29. Taylor announced as new host of "Survivor"
  30. Jason Taylor traded to Jacksonville
  31. Tony Sporano Resigns as Coach of Dolphins
  32. Breaking News Fins Trade #1 Pick
  33. JT traded to the 49ers
  34. Jason Taylor Traded
  35. Sign Chris Henry Please!!!!!!!!
  36. Jason Taylor Traded To Jacksonville?
  37. Brett Farve A Dolphin
  38. Jimmy Johnson Man Love Pics
  39. Making your own player
  40. Check This out
  41. cybernations.....check it out
  42. I'm right and yall wrong!
  43. mafia family
  44. According to Wikipedia Jason Taylor is traded for Rudi Johnson??
  45. T.O. spotted in Miami Beach through pornographic site photos
  46. Jake Long signing is just a Smokescreen
  47. Jake Long and Dolphins Fighting
  48. Oh no we are picking Merling... :(
  49. 6-Team Trade Rumor
  50. Taylor To Parcells The Packback
  51. merged: time has expired for u ppl with non dolphins sigs
  52. Help me choose an avatar....
  53. Henne won the starting QB position today
  54. John Beck won the starting QB position today!
  55. Henne congradulations ...
  56. You have got to be kidding. We do not need this political garbage. Long vs Ross...
  57. Abe Wright signed by Patriots!
  58. How about JT for Zach Thomas?
  59. Gold Line Blitz
  60. Edit: Terrel Owens in MIA with women
  61. Thurman, Henry and JT
  62. Seth McKinney re-signed: Bad Dream?
  63. Should we sign him? What do you think?
  64. My good deed
  65. caddyshack
  66. Ricky's manboobs
  67. very rare Tony Sporano video!
  68. The Dave Wannestant Appreciation Thread
  69. These forums have been really annoying the past few weeks
  70. Player released that the Dolphins may want to take a look at...
  71. Sports betting
  72. Does anyone think we should pick up Dave Rayner!
  73. I was at mini-camp today working for the Dolphins!!
  74. I was at mini-camp today working for the Dolphins!!
  75. Juan Huron is still available!!!
  76. Ovechkin called up by the Dolphins
  77. Edolphins
  78. Spygate
  79. Off season
  80. Tom Brady arrested!!!
  81. test
  82. Henne Chokes in the 2 Minute Drill
  83. 2008 Free Pickem pool - $200 for first place!
  84. question???
  85. ADD Pennington to the line of bums that have been the dolphins qb since Dan left
  86. when RICKY retires
  87. **** You! Brett Favre and Chad Pennington
  88. Breaking News: Dolphins hire Dr James Andrews to
  89. Ok, here it is.....
  90. Troy Smith > Chad Henne
  91. space mountain
  92. I say when MIKE VICK is "released" we SIGN HIM
  93. Checkdown Chad
  94. John Beck
  95. Cedric Benson A Dolphin?
  96. Just want everyone to know about Beck...
  97. Say goodbye John Beck
  98. Brady Quinn v Ted Ginn preseason week 3
  99. Brown to Receiver
  100. breaking news!!! beck released
  101. Dan Marino > Chad Henne
  102. Marino come back?????
  103. how times have changed
  104. What A Joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  105. did any of you see the postgame interview
  106. Marques Colston was a 7th rounder....
  107. 0- 5 Start
  108. I think Ginn will be quietly BENCHED! Finally!
  109. test
  110. Farewell Fins
  111. Reasons we will beat the pats next week
  112. Marino Should Start
  113. Why Not Jeff George?
  114. New England Bandwagon Nation
  115. Can we trade for Mcnabb or Romo?
  116. Those of you with a somewhat sick side.....
  117. Trade Ronnie for Roy Williams!
  118. Ts
  119. Sparano = Wannstedt
  120. Oh no! Alyssa Milano picks us to lose. We're doomed!
  121. War bonds lighters World war two lighters
  122. Demonpenz is made in germany
  123. MikeO
  124. MERGED- Chad Henne is a bust?
  125. Brett Favre takes a page out of D-day's fashion book!
  126. I have a burning question....
  127. Celebrity Raider Fans at the game...
  128. Anybody catch this on 790?
  129. Disappointed in the Fans
  130. New England Dynasty @ Miami Oneandfifteeners
  131. Fairweather Fans Go Too Far
  132. Move Ricky to 3 WR
  133. Wes Welker woke up today...
  134. Link to listen the game for tomorrow?
  135. Chad as the QB
  136. CKParrotHead, I NEED you to POST MORE.
  137. As a dolphin fan I wanna know
  138. To a girl.........
  139. No more "realism"!!!!!!
  140. Why hasn't anyone commented on my sig!
  141. Help Me
  142. Whiners.
  143. Clothed streaker is a great FAN
  144. i predict miami loses out :(
  145. How sweet would it be
  146. Chad has to have the worst hair in football
  147. Miami Dolphins :No words only pictures
  148. Huizenga questions Crowder's toughness
  149. Well kiss it goodbye!
  150. Yup, Channing Crowder is Just AWFUL!!!!!!!
  151. J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!.....
  152. train of thought
  153. Did Stoyanivich Shank that kick on purpose?
  154. Wow
  155. I'm Spam
  156. Ronnie Brown Should Wear His Darth Vadar-visor For Big Jets Game
  157. WOW. Has anyone listened to Teddy Ginn speak?
  158. Pennington out for game :(
  159. Wtf Is Going On With Directv We Always Get F***** Over
  160. My calculation.
  161. Ou...
  162. I would let Pennington bang my wife...
  163. I DO NOT want to see Ray Lewis do his idiot dance in our house!
  164. Ray vs. Joey
  165. Who do we play if Colts game ends in a tie??
  166. I will start it in typical fashion...TRADE BROWN, SPARANO SUCKS, CHAD is washed up
  167. All that teal and orange in the stands!!
  168. Change the name of this site to FinHomer.com
  169. Die Hard dolphins fan!!
  170. Stfu
  171. In Defense of Scottydoodles
  172. Wanted teachers for international/local students
  173. Why is a boring, unwatchable sport like soccer the most watched sport in the world?
  174. Dolphins should pick up Pacman Jones!
  175. Our first draft pick for Matt Cassell??
  176. Be Honest: Who is a better QB, Pennington or Spergon Wynn?
  177. im drunbk and i love th dolphins...
  178. College Football CRACKHOUSE
  179. What do you think?
  180. we'll sign TJ Housh & trade our 1st and Ted Ginn for Boldin watch!
  181. Dolphins have ALREADY signed "Pat White"....
  182. Now that he is available maybe we should
  183. pacman
  184. Donald Thomas Info On Sirus
  185. alright i have a question
  186. Will Joey beat up Brandon Marshall in Hawaii?
  187. Anything new yet???
  188. the Delvin Williams trade, was it worth it?
  189. manny ramirez
  190. This is awesome
  191. More on Cameron Wake & Videos
  192. Manny Ramirez would take our entire salary cap.
  193. will the dolpphins play any games outside the usa ?
  194. Tom Brady anyone?
  195. Would Parcells trade John Beck/Wilford and our 4th RD pick to DAL for Terrell Owens?
  196. Marty Booker was cut... Bring him back????
  197. even more Ernest Wilford highlights
  198. Just curious..
  199. dewayne robertson
  200. players who get cut?
  201. Distinguished Road
  202. random thoughts..
  203. 1st game
  204. My balls is hari!
  205. Beck to Dallas for DeMarcus Ware, Bobby Carpentar, & a 2nd round pick
  206. Top 7 Dolphins questions after today free agent signing?
  207. Heys guys my name is Cam Cameron and I know football skills!
  208. Video highlights of "Joe Berger King" playing ball
  209. McFadden
  210. TO talking with Parcells
  211. TO to Miami?
  212. Dolphins Fans Question 4 U
  213. Breaking News: To a FIN
  214. whos better cadillac willams or ronnie brown
  215. the dolphins should trade for Daunte Culpepper
  216. T.o Sighting In Miami
  217. Boldin
  218. Can we take "Eric Green Visits Dolphins" off the front page?
  219. The Official sign Paymah now thread
  220. Trade Pennington for Cutler??
  221. Dolphins Rumor!!!!!
  222. I'm just gonna go ahead and make the thread because I know it's coming.
  223. Who is most likely to become a Dolphin via Rumors
  224. Rumor: QB Ray Lucas to come back to the Fins
  225. Rumor: One Day These Pointless Sign This Player Threads Will Stop
  226. The Official Pol Pot Thread
  227. Cutler AND Boldin
  228. Neooooconns!!!!
  229. The most hilarious offseason trade ideas by fans
  230. Follow me on Twitter
  231. John Beck threads (suggestion)
  232. Losman#1 bestows upon FH more inside information
  233. the greatest thread with the most links
  234. Merged: Taylor signs 2 year deal!! April fools
  235. The Buffalo Bills no longer suck
  236. Verified SPAM: taylor signs deal with link
  237. This JUST IN!! CUTLER To the JETS!! =(
  238. Boldin!!!
  239. Fins trade Pennington and 1st for Cutler.
  240. Possible Addition at WR
  241. Have you guys ever gone double pits to chesty?
  242. do we need to have a ,do we need a wr threads
  243. sick and tired..we need a new long snapper
  244. Should Ronnie Brown be Cut Before Trainning Camp?
  245. this COULD be VERY BIG!!!!!!
  246. Dead Dolphin Found Near Bon Jovi's house
  247. Boldin_is-not-more-than-a-4th-Rd.
  248. Henne trade in the works?
  249. Who let Dave Wannstetd into the Dolphins draft room?
  250. Stop Criticizing Parcells and Our FO!