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  1. What do ya know?
  2. ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Can someone explain the ted ginn family joke
  4. fan's reaction to signing Vontae Davis!
  5. Anquan Boldin.................
  6. Draft Decaf
  7. Remember Aj Feely guys....LMAO
  8. QB controversy.....
  9. Pic test
  10. New Logo Via Madden 2010
  11. A poem from my heart, to Dolphin fans!
  12. Cut Fergy bandwagon!
  13. Getting Rid Of Ronnie?!?!?!?!
  14. Which Dolphins QB Would Be the Worst Option This Season?
  15. Delusional Ricky Williams Lovers
  16. New Logos??
  17. Patriots cheated on Dolphins offense also (2001)
  18. I didn't know Jason Taylor played the guitar?
  19. QB Controversy end of 2009 guaranteed!
  20. harrison for the fins
  21. Was the training camp swept?
  22. Merged: A.J. Feeley The Legend
  23. Are you guys mad?
  24. Wild Pat???
  25. if this prophecy is true then the next season should be our year.
  26. The French to blame for Roth's injury?
  27. Radio
  28. what if ...
  29. How in the world did we allow these guys to leave?
  30. Dan marino or john elway
  31. I'm totally smashed(screw you Stephen M. Ross...hey,..hey!))
  32. I love jake long but do you wish we drafted ryan
  33. Could Vernon Davis be our next TE?
  34. So who's balls do I have to tickle
  35. I miss Jay Fiedler!
  36. For fun but also serious
  37. tonight will be Devon Bess' final audition before he loses his job
  38. Tarvaris Jackson is being shopped.
  39. Beck Pummels Henne
  40. Eric Green...
  41. Lady GaGa as a co-owner?
  42. Yesterday Was A Hoax!!!!
  43. Start Pat White and Lex Hillard
  44. Ricky Williams the Greatest Dolphin Since Dwight Stephenson
  45. Half and Half
  46. true but funny
  47. a
  48. Shanahan, Gruden, Cowher
  49. The Hurricanes have better receivers than the Dolphins
  50. Pennington out for 11 weeks!!!
  51. Ginn at safety
  52. Ohhh Spell Check...We Hardly Knew Ye
  53. Ted Ginn > you
  54. Sage Rosenfels should start over Henne
  55. Cowher, Dungy, Holmgren, Chuckie, Shanahan
  56. We should totally pick up that John Beck guy as a QB Reserve
  57. Doctors Claim that they will know Pennington's Arm is Healed when.....
  58. Rehire Jimmy Johnson
  59. Rehire Dave Wannstedt
  60. Blah, Blah, Blah, Yada, Yada, Yada!
  61. ESPN talks about GINN!!!
  62. Ginn will NEVER be a #1...WHY?
  63. Tyler Thigpen......another bad decision!
  64. In Honor of Hennes first NFL start
  65. with the 9th pick miami takes...(07)
  66. How about a straight up swap
  67. Avatar Test.....
  68. Ricky Williams
  69. wait at the stadium gate
  70. did any of you see this
  71. The Saint game will be Will Allens Ticket out Miami next year.
  72. Not: Breaking News!!!
  73. Carolina sports radio news across their wire
  74. Orange Pants?
  75. Spam
  76. Dolphins sign WR Marvin Harrison to a 2 yr contract
  77. Ted Ginn Crying! - video
  78. Ignor thread
  79. Sick of the Armchair Quarterbacks
  80. Omg Just Found Video Of Sanchez In Locker Room
  81. Do we have anybody on Defense that can can play wide receiver?
  82. Stupid question please don't flame me here !!
  83. All you Sparano supporters what do you say now??!!
  84. Joey Porter
  85. Why can't I make a cry about Ginn thread?
  86. Maybe the mods could delete the 1 star posts??
  87. Im a nice guy til the whistle blows
  88. Think they will be having a Sale??
  89. A question about symantecs
  90. Mia 14, Buf 31 1:20 4q......
  91. Sparano petitions for rule change
  92. Everyone: We Lost To Buffalo!!
  93. What? No Charlie Weiss threads yet?
  94. Bobby Bowden out, should we get him?
  95. O yeah i forgot we passes on Brees for Culpepper,acl mcl pcl
  96. YES! Saints are 10-1 goooo pats
  97. Shhhhh, don't tell Bill.
  98. Ayone have a guess what size shirt Rex Ryan wears?
  99. phins are a joke
  100. Sombody remind me again why we traded Welker? Why? WHY? WHY?
  101. Pat White = JaMarcus Russell 2.0
  102. Anyone Thinks that Pats-Fins Game was Fixed/Predetermined
  103. Dolphin fans watch your backs Goodell is up to no good
  104. Ronnie Brown NOT coming back this season?
  105. Video of me - approaching 4,000 views
  106. Since history of time, Woman behind Man's downfall, Chris Henry RIP.
  107. sweet bday present
  108. Go Jets.
  109. I wish we still had Beck!
  110. I wish we still had Feeley
  111. Real men of genius
  112. oh that terrible ted ginn
  113. Chad Henne's Toughess Questioned? Did Miami Quit On Us?
  114. Professional Sports Betting System
  115. Just came back from taking a pic with a former dolphin. One of your favorites!
  116. Our Next DC: Bill Parcells
  117. Dolphins could have had Brees 2X
  118. Test Poll
  119. Test Poll 2
  120. Nevermind
  121. damnit man
  122. Which is more Dumb?
  123. Ted Ginn is gonna be great, just like free agancy
  124. tedd ginn
  125. gibril wilson
  126. video test
  127. Where's the love for this guy....
  128. Are these guys better than Ted Ginn?
  129. What is Ted Ginn JR favorite color?
  130. Trade Joey Porter to the Detroit Lions or the Raiders for extra towels
  131. Who taught Sean Payton how to win?
  132. Gibril Wilson
  133. Im an idiot
  134. Help Save Martin Grossman before 6PM this evening
  135. here is a realistic posibitity
  136. Will Allen Released today.
  137. anyone who wants ronnie brown traded
  138. nnamdi going to the jets would suck
  139. guns n roses
  140. Jimmy Johnson doing us proud as new Extenze spokesperson
  141. Screw all these rumors
  142. Ronnie brown traded????
  143. Who would win in a street fight, Brian Hartline or Jimmy Cefalo, when he played?
  144. I will call it now! please REAL FANS DONT SLEEP!
  145. Feel Like Im Taking Crazy Pills!!!
  146. SPAMERGED: How about we go after T Owens!!!!!!!!
  147. Ronnie Brown...Ronnie F'N BROWN!!!
  148. While we're at it...Lets sign this guy to big $$$
  149. OMG. The fins are about to sign........
  150. Dansby To Ny
  151. Karlos dansby signed!
  152. Dansby, a Unicorn and Nick Saban are on Waynes plane
  153. What do Finheaven and our front Office have in common?
  154. Eric Berry Kicked a Puppy.
  155. FO hasn't signed every single Free-Agent available due to laziness!
  156. Marshall
  157. Possible New Receiver !!!
  158. Brandon Marshall !!!
  159. We Need To Get Marshall!!!!!
  160. Today on Brandon Marshall
  161. Better Sign Marshall
  162. Advice for Young Dolphin Fans
  163. Roethlisberger on the Block? Rumors?
  164. To all my fellow Dolphins fans
  165. 2012 is the end of the world?
  166. R. Williams,Best 3rd String RB?
  167. Irving Fryar Coming Out of Retirement
  168. Why not Juan Huron??
  169. Stop Making Threads about every player that gets released.
  170. Brandan Marshall
  171. moving a post
  172. *HOT* Dolphins Free Agent Signing
  173. Incognito Vs Roth
  174. The mastermind!!!!!
  175. Could this regime be shopping....HENNE?!?
  176. Tom Brady to the Dolphins?
  177. Source:dolphins bringing in Brandon Marshall for a visit/evaluation????
  178. Brown suspended to November!
  179. Dolphins trade Ronnie for chargers' first round pick.
  180. relatively unknown WR runs fastest 40 ever at combines
  181. Miami Trades 1st Pick for Marshall
  182. Ted Ginn Best WR in the NFL
  183. Does anyone know who Dannyboycane13 is?
  184. Sean Smith "F*** the Jets in getting Santonio Holmes..."
  185. Could someone pull Marshall aside and tell him "Revis Island" isn't an actual one?
  186. Jeff Ireland: Shave your "beard"
  187. JT for Prez...
  188. Should the Dolphins...
  189. just a thought on jt to new york
  190. I'm Noticing a Trend here will the Tuna's picks
  191. thigpen traded
  192. My 98-year-old grandma gave the phins draft a D
  193. So is sharper on our team?
  194. Ronnie Browns thinking superbowl per twitter.
  195. Bmarsh?
  196. BREAKING NEWS: Mark Sanchez tied his shoe!!!!
  197. Poor
  198. for the love of god his isnt a phin anymore
  199. found in freezer
  200. Marshall #19 JERSEY new arrival
  201. Patrick Turner had a “Procedure”
  202. where is finheaven
  203. rotoworld has marcus vick a dolphin pppffffff...
  204. Post Pics of Miami Dolphins Players New, or Old
  205. 2010 Dolphins primed for the second eve 0-16 season
  206. Miami needs to stop getting rid of their tough guys, if they want to good again.
  207. Merged: Reports of Channing Crowders demise seem to be incorrect
  208. Guess we found a new nickname for Hartline...."Crash and Dash"
  209. Huge Fantasy Football Leagues
  210. Might as well pick up T.O. We seem to have a team filled with felons anyway
  211. ted ginn jersey for sale lol
  212. Sean "cream puff" SMITH roasted today eh?
  213. Favre has the records/rings, Marino has the class
  214. Is Ted Ginn coming back????
  215. Above all else
  216. ATTN All of those wondering about lack of info on Clemons training camp
  217. PS3 Madden 2011 Pirze Franchise *SIM-Style*
  218. Mike Nolan, why all the hype?
  219. Chad Henne's a better QB than that Marino guy
  220. Connecting the Dots
  221. Report: Chad pennington taking reps at safety in afternoon practice
  222. Saving some cash for my fellow Dolphans
  223. Rain, rain go away! Dolphins are playing in a DOME Friday!
  224. Rumors on CB Will Allen?
  225. Beaten By The Bills Already
  226. Sitting some starters against Buffalo...
  227. Reward: Lost Doggy Pass Rush
  228. Why didnt we sign Brees?
  229. Moved threads, Mods????
  230. VJax traded tot he Vikes
  231. Guys, I'm scared of this Jets game...
  232. RUMOR: Braylon Edwards Released!!!!!
  233. Breaking: Braylon Edwards released!! to DirkDiggler's house. they r happy 2gether
  234. Who Is more Disappointing?
  235. David woodley, winning percentage is better than dan marino, and j. Fielder, wtf?
  236. Miami Dolphins acquire WR Malcolm Floyd from the San Diego Chargers
  237. Dwayne Jarrett Released
  238. Pennington for HC 2011!
  239. Practice news
  240. 9/11
  241. No "it" for Henne
  242. Trade For Kevin Kolb
  243. anyone gonna wear a cheesehead to the steeler game
  244. Worse than JILLS? Looks like it....
  245. cuccu
  246. This just in!!!
  247. 38 year old dolphin fan has had enough
  248. Shut up
  249. So I'm pretty sure Carl Peterson is in next year...
  250. Marshall's talent being wasted?