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  1. Marshall looking like Ted Ginn.
  2. Matt Ryan
  3. When I look at Tony Sprano....I feel dumb....lol
  4. Did anyone know that we could have drafted Randy moss??
  5. Pennington Gets Away With Robbery
  6. HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!! check it out
  7. Marshall not injured
  8. Was Jason Allen Covering That Receiver For Jax?
  9. I'd rather have....
  10. We officially don't have a single good QB in our roster
  11. Haha you people thought Thigpen was a franchise QB?
  12. So WV....
  13. Marshal bent over Thigpen and the Phins
  14. Brandon Marshall is a punk...
  15. You guys got your wish....
  16. This game shows me more about Marshal than anyone else.
  17. Anyone else tired of Brandon Marshall's whole act?
  18. brandon marshall is a pooozeee
  19. I can't believe i have tickets
  20. kind of glad there will be a lockout next year
  21. whos next on the 3 year plan? wheres jim bates?
  22. whoever the qb is needs to get a pair and audible
  23. This Team is a Heart Attack Waiting to Happen!!!!!!
  24. poll: is marshall an idiot?
  25. Channing Crowder is on our team because he...
  26. 0 points
  27. Your Choice For Head Coach(with a different approach)
  28. ONE thing I'm glad about (SARCASM)
  29. Just a thought
  30. Told you Brandon would want out
  31. Brandon Marshall is a quitter
  32. What A Shame!!!!!!
  33. Far fetched theory about Cam Wake and why his contract has not been extended.
  34. Tyler Thigpen reminds me of Ray Lucas...
  35. Can we be "true fans " yet
  36. could someone please explain to me----
  37. POLL: I won't watch any Games next year IF....
  38. Bill Parcells you piece of sheet.
  39. jason allen SUCKS lmao!!!
  40. Dear Jeff Ireland
  41. Time to Wear my Dolphins Jersey With my Chargers Cap!
  42. Now this is a FOOTBALL FIGHT. Check it out
  43. YES, YES, YES, Randy Shannon JUST GOT FIRED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. Chat Room for Raiders Game
  45. chat room
  46. what a start
  47. With a 3 Point Lead in the 1st quarter...
  48. Steve Tasker must be a raiders fan
  49. we may be out
  50. Anyone else for keeping Marshall on the bench.
  51. Just another tease
  52. Congrats BESS-t Homecoming $1.61 for Mama!!
  53. Beating the Raiders = Fools Gold
  54. Waiting for....
  55. Takes 2 years to judge a Pick we say.
  56. to the complainers about todays game
  57. Brandon Marshall was not missed
  58. Question for you smart football nerds!
  59. No playoffs because we can't get a break..
  60. Whos gonna wear Lebron James Gear to the fins game against cleveland to rub it in???
  61. Browns fan talking about playoffs, Playoffs!?!?!
  62. Who assumed official Miami Dolphins whipping boy status this season?
  63. Wanna know why the stands are empty..
  64. 2011 lockout.
  65. Grrrrr....
  66. I Think We are Better Off
  67. if...
  68. Mr. Blank
  69. Henne!!!!!!
  70. Okay, I apologize to Marshall
  71. Jake looks like a pro bowler today compared to...
  72. Brown needs to be on Dancing with the Stars
  73. HAHAHA I love HENNE!
  74. All you Henne Homers!
  75. You want Henne.. you got Henne
  76. Henne appreciation thread (NOT)
  77. the offical I miss Scott Linehand or Mike Mularkey thread.
  78. Funny chad Henne video
  79. dolphins must draft cam newton
  80. What a ****ing dissappointing way to end the season
  81. Rob Ryan
  82. Bring back shula!!!
  83. This Team Needs....
  84. They do not Deserve these Fans.
  85. free agents: QB
  86. Even Peyton is struggling with scant talent around him
  87. Clevland Browns Really???
  88. Hire GRUDEN and get KOLB = PLAYOFFS
  89. Where are the Sparano supporters?????
  90. Trade whatever you have to for Andrew Luck
  91. How can a team
  92. Chad Henne and that long haired fool, that dropped the INTERCEPTION, are IDIOTS!
  93. Mr Robot self destrucks again!
  94. The Fins should be commended for being 6-6 right now.
  95. Attention All the Lloyd Christmases at Finheaven
  96. Thank god I missed the browns game cause of work today
  97. Where have you gone, Don Shula?
  98. get your heads outta your butts finally Henne boys
  99. Peyton Manning is bad?
  100. Cut Henne already, would ya!
  101. While Nolan Carroll lost the battle, he may have won the war
  102. Tom Brady just....
  103. This is why Belli is great, this is why Sparano is a you know what...
  104. this is WHY we lose
  105. What is Sexy Rexy thinking about at this very moment? - 11:06 pm
  106. Wish our Wolverine QB was just half of what New England's Wolverine QB is...
  107. gosh watching jets offence thought i was having Deja vue from yesterday
  108. I know one guy who is Damn Happy right about now....
  109. LOL that was great
  110. Is it wrong for me to think this way?
  111. dolphins should trade for kolb
  112. God i wish we had.....
  113. Matchups with NE!
  114. Hey , i just read this.
  115. We get two playoff games this season!
  116. ST Coach
  117. Omg urban meyer quit!
  118. Henne's Problem. He doesnt have "It"
  119. Sorry, Chad, but your time has come...
  120. Trade Marshall this Offseason!
  121. I swear Henning is doing this to us on Spite.
  122. Where is the Junk???
  123. Thanks Hoston Texans- STAY HOT! You guys are the GREATEST...............
  124. The only way we make the playoffs......
  125. Anti J-E-T-S chant for Fin Fans
  126. Ronnie Brown at QB?
  127. Miami Dolphins should sign Matt Leinart
  128. Its Official, the team has quited.
  129. Im rooting for a loss here..
  130. You suck Dan Carpenter
  131. So Long
  132. Let's go Jets!!!
  133. TS is a great motivator and players love to play for him....my foot.
  134. Ross fires Sparano; Henning
  135. Why can't we WIN at HOME? Is it the crowd noise? The old fans?
  136. Flea Flicker for a 12 yd pattern...Are you kidding me?
  137. Vontae Davis thinks everything is a JOKE to him... he's not as good as he thinks
  138. I have a theory..
  139. they should rename the stadium, no life
  140. we might trade for matt flynn
  141. Vince McMahon has just two words for Morono
  142. Nutty SPAM
  143. Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  144. Will Ferrell picks us to win...Sorta
  145. Hey Morono!
  146. What if the Dolphins blew this lead on purpose?
  147. Chucky dolls anyone?
  148. Which cast-off QB will be starting for the Dolphins in 2011?
  149. Anybody heard about Chad Henne going to Afghanistan?
  150. anyone know this Dolphin fan?
  151. Drew Brees, 20 int....
  152. Chad Henne Pro Bowl Snub????
  153. Randy Shannon for GM
  154. Fins to trade for Palmer and more....
  155. Cart Wheel Fist Pumps
  156. Brian Hoyer
  157. SebasMiamiFan: Sparano's Job Is In Jeopardy and Harbaugh Sighting.
  158. No problem at QB, HC or GM the problem is location!!!
  159. Apparently, Sparano has taken a job in Michigan
  160. Any of you guys own a paper bag company?
  161. Carolina will not draft Luck!
  162. Tyrod Taylor out performing luCk? COuld it be system lets get Beamer!
  163. J-Lo needs to start doing "favors" for Cowher in order to get him as our HC
  164. It's been 5mins.
  165. This is insane... Thank God for BK's 2 for 1 chicken sandwich!!!
  166. Don Shula reports he is the new coach of the Miami Dolphins
  167. Dolphins in a surprise move hire Mangini
  168. According to my source, Harbaugh to Miami a DONE DEAL!
  170. Sparano will now use 15th pick for a 70 yard Field Goal kicker
  171. Went to a fortune teller today...
  172. Tony Sparano's contract extended, hire Dave Wannstedt as offensive coordinator!
  173. Peyton Manning contract is now up.
  174. Ross, Sparano, Ireland, Parcells
  175. merchant services loans and cash advances
  176. Teflon Tony Whacking Away
  178. 2010-11 Dolphins will WIN the AFC East AND a post season game
  179. A QB Option I GUARANTEE noone has thought about yet!
  180. Many fisherman wear dolphin caps
  181. i had a bad dream the jets won the superbow.
  182. The Fibbing Fin: Stephen Ross Interviewing Sue Henne for GM Position
  183. This is our guy
  184. Caleb Hanie?
  185. Haines > Henne
  186. test
  187. Ways to improve the dolphins (funny not serious)
  188. Is Uncle Rico available for a tryout at Q.B.?
  189. A message from the E Trade baby :)))
  190. Fool Proof first pick next year:
  192. What ever decision the phins make in the off season will be the "Wrong" one!
  193. JCane CONFIRMS....
  194. Could a name change be in the works for dolphins Omar Kelly reports..
  195. The next great Dolphin Moko aggresive 260 pounds known as too big and strong
  196. Carson Palmer..likely trade??
  197. Rumor: Dolphins and Bengals discussing Henne-Palmer swap
  198. Pat White retirement
  199. Lock out Great News!!!
  200. Lockout=superbowl
  201. Fans crying
  202. Jake Long was a useless pick
  203. Have faith in Sparano and Henne..
  204. Built2Win Spam Pics
  205. This whole mess makes no sense!!!
  206. Sparano Says defense cannot rest! So does that mean the offense cannot stay awake?
  207. Dolphins are better off going on STRIKE, because we will only win 5 games, this year.
  208. Henne Accosts South Beach Diners About Win Over Jets
  209. SPAM! I have found Omar kellys Gas Face concerning the fins #1 pick
  210. Basically the funniest video ever.
  211. Looks Like Luck will be on our side
  212. With the first pick in
  213. draft winds from inside the gate
  214. Is anybody really excited about next season?
  215. Has the Wolf Died?
  216. Why didnt Brandon Marshall have a gun?
  217. BREAKING NEWS!!! Chad Henne traded to...
  218. The Question IS.....
  219. Blaine Gabbert's hair
  220. If you you love the dolphins
  221. Tony Sparano-Offensive Line Genius
  222. Does Lex Hilliard inspire you to be a fan, fathead, or stalker? Giuseppe says ...
  223. Who REALLY has a FOOT Fetish?
  224. Pictures of world leaders in their twenties?
  225. Hey Cleo Lemmon still paying the bills playing football
  226. breaking news
  227. You know just becuase the lock out may be ending that doesnt make the Dolphins better
  228. Orton or Young and this team is a 10+ Game winner.
  229. If Pat Riley ran the Dolphins who would the Fins sign?
  230. cam newton..was he really the 1st pick?
  231. olindo mare still making good money i wish he was still our kicker.
  232. FALSE REPORT: Orton has left Colorado and is on his way to Miami
  233. Fish fry, fried fish, fish stew, etc....
  234. Teams are wheeling and dealing while we sign trusnick and an injury prone rb
  235. After the pats and jets?
  236. Over Under On Mooranos season
  237. Big Signing
  238. Omar Kelly: Henne looks terrible.
  239. only good thing about getting moore is that...
  240. Matt Moore was the best choice. He's totally PROVEN.
  241. I just spoken to my buddy Omar kelly and he told me....
  242. Let's send a #2 to Carolina for Clausen
  243. State of the Franchise: A Joke
  244. I just got a great idea
  245. The Offical Bring Back Pat White thread
  246. The perfect job for you ! Must see openings available.
  247. As long as Ross owns this team we will be awash in mediocracy!
  248. Lol
  249. Video Of Tiki Barber Working out with the Phins
  250. We are becoming a joke!