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  1. News Flash! Marino Not Un-retiring!
  2. Jeff Bridges signs for the Phins
  3. Whiny Little Brats
  4. bwahahahahahahahahaha
  5. Panthers game is a lose lose situation.
  6. Taking Names!
  7. Jerseys from China
  8. OMG Sanchez!
  9. Tank Johnson cut by Bengals!!
  10. Chad Henne Poll v12.7
  11. Would you rather....?
  12. Henne >>>> Vick.
  13. Meeting tonight
  14. lendale white a dolphin????
  15. NFL fan free agent
  16. Broncos release TE RICHARD QUINN... let's give him a look
  17. breaking news Palmer released
  18. Solution: Close this team and move to la
  19. Vernon Gholston Released By The Bears. Should We Bring Him In?
  20. Players that could have been had before john jerry.
  21. Something else Colombo is terrible at....
  22. Falcon waive Froman
  23. Pat white`s comeback??
  24. ok look at who the cowboys release as dolphins swoop in
  25. Reggie Bush injured again…………in Madden 2012!
  26. Mark Ingram Stuffed at Goaline.. THATS WHY WE DIDN'T DRAFT YOU!
  27. Suck for Luck
  28. ROFL @ Fireman Ed sitting on some bald man's shoulders
  29. I'm SO glad we ran Ted Ginn out of Miami.............
  30. McNabb
  31. Chad Henne is simply horrible in the Dolphins loss
  32. A team full of WHITE BOYS can make it to the SuperBowl in 1982, but we can't? Why?
  33. Mods please ban posters who are Henne bashing today.. Thank you
  34. Rob Ryan
  35. Miami Dolphins Re-sign LB Channing Crowder
  36. Unreal
  37. Ted Ginn JR as we knew him
  38. Our best loss yet
  39. Timeouts for dummies. The new Tony Moron O book.
  40. I've never seen this in Miami before
  41. Sporano Fired!!! Per.....
  42. This just in!!!!!
  43. Mr. 1 Star rater i am going to 5 star right behind you :P
  44. Prove to me Andrew is the secod coming of Dan Marino
  45. Marshall is a bum.
  46. Were any of you Dolphins fans aware that Tony Sparano is not just an O-line Expert?
  47. Dolphins, Ross and the Major League plan
  48. Guaranteed Stadium Filler!
  49. Surveillance photo - Ross talking to his advisers...
  50. ***** Alabama Crimson Tide vs Miami Dolphins *****
  51. Phuck Luck lets get Painter!
  52. Sign Cleo Lemon!
  53. Im Out Goinn Back To the Saints
  54. Maybe this is why we Stink!
  55. Why are we aiming to draft Luck and not RG3
  56. Confirmed by Prophecy Luck will bring Fins a superbowl
  57. A New Radio Show for guys. . .
  58. Our CEO
  59. Listen close
  60. lyod to rams for a 5th or 6th WTF
  61. If luck says he is staying in school... Do we sfl x 2 next season!!??
  62. Offseason Plan? Cut Bush, Henne, Dansby, Carpenter
  63. Anyone still think.........
  64. Bye Bye Andrew Luck.... Here's to Another Decade of Mediocrity!!
  65. No Longer a Dolphin fan
  66. Gruden wants to Coach again and preferably Miami!
  67. Tony Sparano's next job will be.....
  68. The Dolphins go 6-10
  69. Suck for Trent Richardson.
  70. Tony Sparano to receive extension following today's win
  71. We're going to be mediocre for years without Luck...
  72. Possible Classaction Suit Against Tony Sparano
  73. Henne over Flacco
  74. Matt Kalil
  75. We can now get the young coach we need!!
  76. That Feel
  77. The Fix Was In Polian Son Coaches For Stanford
  78. Official I want Ryan Leaf or Matt Leinart over Matt Moore
  79. dolphins?........right
  80. Andrew Luck, Jones, RGIII, and David Beckham are not the answer
  81. Never-Before-Seen Photos of Stephen Ross!
  82. What if Ross turned to Bellichick and offered him double?
  83. T-Bo Wins!
  84. Worry about yourself
  85. How about we trade some of you fans for some draft picks?
  86. Stop with the dumb threads already!
  87. Sando blogs Fischer to Rams
  88. LaCafora says world to end
  89. How about Mike Tice?
  90. Fisher signs with Jags!!
  91. Dolphins should hire Sparano as OC.....
  92. JIMMY Clausen
  93. We need to ge this guy
  94. I'm going...
  95. jets are going to be fist pumpin
  96. Jeff Fisher
  97. Look like what could of been our franchise QB
  98. another dash of salt in the wound
  99. Miami signs mike zimmer!!!!!
  100. Here's how the Dolphins will pick their new coach
  101. Miami Coach interview transcript
  102. Ross may be on his way out anyways
  103. Henning is back, evident by this stat last week
  104. Something fun to do to pass the time waiting for a New HC
  105. Breaking News The Head coach is going to be......
  106. Sid just said Ross might be selling the team!!!!!!
  107. Fins should do everything in their power to re-sign Colombo
  108. im getting scared to face the jets now
  109. Trade with the Colts for Warfield.
  110. Inside Info on Ireland's Moves - Wow, this is happening FAST
  111. Manish Mehta on 660 am//// manning favoring cardinals,jets,broncos
  112. Manning notifed Arizona gm he will sign with the Cardinals
  113. You heard it here first...
  114. My sources say.......
  115. Denver is out
  116. My sources confirm Manning to the Italian Spaghetti Warriors
  117. A source said that Manning is...
  118. Breaking news!!!
  119. Tomorrows Meeting Location
  120. Philbin is the new Cam Cameron
  121. ACORNBALL a New Movie by the creators of Moneyball
  122. Does Stephen Ross have any heirs?
  123. Redskins penalized picks rams trade maybe voided
  124. Manning Contacts Dolphins?
  125. Jay Fiedler To Visit Miami.
  126. Breaking news:Garrard prefers sitting on couch
  127. Bring back chris chambers!!!!!!!
  128. I Blame Obama!
  129. OFFICIAL Blow For Barkley 2012!!!
  130. Tebow, tebow, tebow!!!
  131. Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebow. yes please
  132. Dolphins are moving to Lockhart Stadium?!?!
  133. Dolphins are moving
  134. The stupidity on this board has become UNBEARABLE!
  135. Lmao
  136. Report: Miami trades for Fran Tarkenton..
  137. David Garrard was the guy I targeted all along...
  138. Jesus Christ lands in HELL
  139. Now that sob can have gator day and fill the stadium with jet fans!!
  140. bob is back...
  141. Please ban all IncarceratedBob threads
  142. According to Incarcerated Bob...
  143. FAKE STORY: Per Adam shelter Miami trying to trade bush
  144. Oh No!
  145. Superbowl
  146. Vince Young 2009-10 highlights
  147. breaking news! sanchez traded to miami
  148. New GM idea
  149. Miami may trade for dreww brees: Third time is a charm ?
  150. We have to sign newly released Qb Rudy Carpenter.
  151. Drew Brees to be traded
  152. E.J. Henderson
  153. i'll miss you sid rosenberg
  154. Since when did we sign E.J. Henderson????
  155. Rumor: Stephen Ross proposed a new rule for quarterbacks during the owners meeting
  156. testing
  157. Tannehill's a bust
  158. Taylor Thompson trade
  159. Dolphins sign T. Gattling. shrewd move by Ireland , includes press conference
  160. New York Jets Playbook Leaked
  161. Has Channing Crowder joined the Jets yet?
  162. Rex Ryan hiding out at Dolphins OTA's
  163. NFL.com front page picture of Tom Brady (with a very obvious holding of a Dolphin)
  164. Just a thought guys .. A good idea for a great pickup
  165. Colt McCoy trade idea
  166. Well...
  167. Should we change our name and logo from miami dolphins to miami.....
  168. Tanny at WR?
  169. Why isn't Jonathan Martin further along?
  170. Video of PSU players reaction to announcement of penalty-free transfer
  171. I miss the Rick Spielman Era allready
  172. Mark Sanchez Rumor
  173. Miami Dolphins Wish 'Hard Knocks' Crew Would Stop Talking About How Bad They Are
  174. Where's the guy who bet me CJ would have a better year than Brandon Marshall?
  175. chad johnson to the jets?
  176. Chad beats a second woman just two days later...
  177. any iphone 4/s users?
  178. Trade Brandon Fields for a 1st round pick?
  179. They Should Have Kept Henne
  180. 0-16 here we come
  181. With the #1 pick of the 2013 NFL Draft
  182. Dolphins have been suffering from Ireland cancer for 4 years now...
  183. Interesting... Stephen Ross is...
  184. Celebrating 12 years of mediocrity.
  185. We should pick up Aaron Rodgers or Andy Dalton
  186. Brandon Marshall touchdown
  187. Ross Looking to Sell Dolphins
  188. If Matt Barkley is availiable next year, we have to take him.. with the top 5 pick
  189. Oh great football gods that reside in Valhalla
  190. Hurricane Issac is the real one to blame
  191. How bout Seahawks WRs on the bubble?
  192. Fire Packers GM Ted Thompson
  193. According to Sid Rosenberg Matt Moore has been traded.
  194. Do you guys realize how rigged the Wes Welker trade waS?
  195. MC Nutt and Britt cut by eagles and Titans
  196. Matt Moore is currently at the Georgia Dome....
  197. When Gerrard is healthy, START TANNEHILL AT WR!
  198. fickle fans cut and available to be claimed on waivers
  199. Dumbest player on fins now that Vontae is gone?!?
  200. Dolphins 2012 Games Will Not Be Cancelled
  201. David Garrad was just released, should we try to sign him?
  202. Jackie Long HK Snub
  203. I think Root Faked that Injury
  204. I got it!!
  205. Devier Posey??
  206. I cant friggen stand this guy...
  207. tank for barkley
  208. Chat Box on http://www.Maddenfootballleague.com
  209. SHould have traded down for RG3
  210. So where are all the team employees today?
  211. 15-1
  212. Quiters!
  213. Moderators of finheaven
  214. Dolphins fans are Hall of Fame fans!
  215. On Philbins comment how Tannehill is good in practice.
  216. Vince Young: some numbers
  217. BRADY THROWS PICK ON FIRST PLAY and it was tipped!!!!
  218. Anyone still prefer LONG to RYAN?
  219. Reggie Bush
  220. What happened to wake?
  221. F___ Mike Florio!!!
  222. how rigged was the wes welker trade?
  223. Official Suicide Watch Thread
  224. Prater just kicked a 53 yarder
  225. i think its a good time to call chad johnson
  226. Gotta to love the refs
  227. Karma's a B****
  228. Tannehill doubtful for Sunday's game
  229. Tebow starting for Jets against Houston.
  230. Sanchez IS the Devil
  232. FALSE: Via fake tweet: KC agrees to send Bowe to Miami for 3rd and 7th rd pick
  233. what's your take on the mother****ing rigged wes welker trade?
  234. Mobilizing all FinHeaven members!
  235. Omar Kelly bein' Omar Kelly!
  236. Ryan tannehill, bad news!!!!
  237. Do you understand how rigged the freaking Wes Welker trade was?????
  238. Man, what is wrong with the iggles???
  239. lol
  240. tewbow anybody ?
  241. Tannehill sucks, hes still injured, bench him start moore in 2nd half.
  242. smith lol
  243. what a BS rule
  244. Chad Hennehill
  245. Seriously...Tannehill Is Starting To Remind Me Of Ryan Leaf
  246. I know I'm going to get drilled for saying this....
  247. To all you so-called experts
  248. Whose blowing Kraft more?
  249. philbin = failure
  250. the Official stand up thread.